The Urban Successor of God of Gluttony Chapter 2266:



In the temporary camp of Jiandou.


The team including Lianyi has come here. At this time, they can’t give each other a chance. Otherwise, the good situation they occupy can really be reversed by the other party. However, the temporary victory banquet will still be held, Jiandou I want to get closer to the jumpsuit.


“It’s all thanks to Mr. Jian this time, otherwise it wouldn’t have been a big win.”


There were only the two of them at this banquet, and the others were in other places outside. Lian Yi raised the wine glass in his hand and said that he was in a good mood, and he didn’t have the nausea he had before looking at the other party.


“Where, where, it’s just that the other party is too stupid. Anyone can do it. It’s just a little worse than what I do, haha!” Seeing the other party’s appearance, Jiandou can naturally distinguish The other party really praised himself, which made him feel good in his heart. In addition to being humble, he did not forget to praise himself.


“That’s right, Lord Jingma doubles it.” Lianyi drank the wine in the glass very boldly.


Jiandou naturally raised his head and swallowed it. Just as he was about to pour the wine, a jug beside him was handed over to help him fill it up. Just doing this made him float a little.


“There is still a little distance from the reinforcements now. When I was fighting just now, I suddenly had a feeling that I wanted to strike while the iron was hot and see if I could gain anything.” It was just that Lianyi said apologetically after not much time.


“Lian Yi, you’re wrong. How could such an important thing be delayed? If I knew I would not celebrate, hurry up now, maybe I will break through in one fell swoop.” Jiandou said deliberately.


He doesn’t believe it, the other party will break through just a little bit, and his own favorability is the most important thing.


“Then I would like to thank Mr. Jian for your blessing. I feel full of motivation and will definitely succeed. In this case, I will retire first.”


This short celebration feast ended abruptly here, but it made Jiandou feel that it was very worthwhile, but at the moment when it was beautiful and had an end, she reluctantly sent Lianyi away, and when she went back, she was still thinking about everything just now. , After thinking about this in my heart, I asked the other party to go out together.




After leaving Jiandou’s camp, the pale young man walked out like a ghost.


“Are you ready?” Lianyi’s eyes flashed with excitement.


“It’s all ready, just wait for the adults to pick it up.” Guangzhuang nodded.


“What are you waiting for, I have a hunch that this time it will be a success.”


Lianyi followed the other party to a barren place, and no one knew that there were dozens of corpses under this, and another follower was already guarding here.


“You bring these corpses with me.”


Lian Yi’s eyes glowed when he looked at these corpses, and immediately ordered.


The two of them will naturally not disagree. Even if these are corpses, there are also demon companions they know, and they don’t care. They quickly suspended one by one and left here with Lianyi. There is a hidden person nearby. The cave has already done everything here.


“You two are staying here, no matter who you are, you can’t come in, and no one else is allowed in.” Lian Yi commanded to the outside, and after seeing two nods, she walked into the cave.


Under normal circumstances, if you are in seclusion, it will take dozens or hundreds of years to break through. However, under this quick operation, if you succeed, you can directly cross the countless hours in between, just like unleashing all your countless potentials, of course. This kind of strength is naturally not comparable to that kind of natural cultivation, but she is very satisfied with her.


Or, if anyone does it this way, willing to try it.


At this time, the cave is full of corpses, and in another place, there is a purple-gold jug filled with pure souls that have lost their minds. In the middle, there is only a simple giant gathering spirit formation. Law.


Lianyi stood in the middle with a stride, took a deep breath, and calmed down her excited heart, and then slowly controlled it.


I saw a soul being pulled out of the jug by her. At the same time, a corpse also flew past the place where the corpse was stored. Under her control, the two slowly flew to her body. before.


The corpse was fixed in the air, and the soul was squeezed by her into a colorless transparent ball the size of a baby, and began to rush towards the corpse. Just blinking, the ball passed from the opponent’s body, and then Go back and forth again, keep going back and forth.


It seems to be doing useless work, but in fact, every time the ball is shuttled, it will be refined. After 10,000 times, the remaining vitality of the entire corpse completely disappears.


You must have fresh and powerful corpses. The fresher the corpse, the better the effect, otherwise she wouldn’t be so impatient.


Only half a stick of incense, the head-sized ball was only as small as a baby’s fist, and at this time, she put the ball by her side and continued to the next game.


This is repeated over and over again. Three days have passed in a flash. After all the corpses are used up, there are still five souls. Naturally, this cannot be wasted. It’s just that it can be clearly seen that mana refining is one-third larger than corpse refining.


She looked at everything in front of her with satisfaction, and then the broken corpses were not thrown away, but gathered in front of her. At the same time, nearly fifty spheres were scattered around her, surrounding her in an even more bizarre formation. stand up.


The **** are fixed in the air and do not move. From the front, it looks like an enlarged version of the seven-pointed star array, with the two corners facing each other, and finally the middle drops slightly, which seems to point to the corpse below.


After finishing this step, Lianyi did not start directly, but took an elixir and rested quietly for a day to adjust his situation to a perfect state, because this spell was not 100% successful.


But she didn’t know, just in the corner of this cave, an uninvited guest had come, quietly watching the formation completed by the other party in front of her, thoughtfully, and finally smiled and continued to wait.


After the rest, Lianyi began to carefully activate the formation, only to see that each transparent ball turned gray, and a gray line connected all the gray **** in series, and finally converged to the unicorn below, In the end, it was divided into two lines, one was connected to the forehead of Lianyi, and the other was directly pierced into the pile of corpses below.


Lianyi closed her eyes, and a huge soul force rushed directly into her body. At the same time, a more powerful force filled her body, making her groan comfortably.


What she didn’t know was that another gray silk was extracting the corpse and temporarily transformed it into her power, and those soul powers transformed the spiritual energy in the air, and there were countless soul powers floating in the sky. Her body surged.


In the feeling of the jumpsuit, my mind became clearer and clearer, especially the boundary in my mind that blocked me. The protection turned into a door, getting closer and closer to me, as if there was a force behind me pushing me , This feeling made her extremely excited, as if everything seemed to be about to realize her wish.


But is it actually that easy?


As time passed, Lianyi felt that the power behind her was getting weaker and weaker. The limit that was close at hand was as far away as the end of the world, which made her very anxious. She knew that if she crossed this limit, she would definitely touch the limit. Within the range of saints, she will be able to advance to the quasi-holy.


But it’s useless when he’s in a hurry. He feels that he can touch it as soon as he reaches out his hand, but he’s stuck here, all his strength is exhausted, and he doesn’t get close to the other party. At this time, his whole body is extremely stiff, and he can’t move at all. , and the power behind it is minimal.


“Are you going to fail?”


Just when she was in a hurry, suddenly a phantom shadow floated out from the jug next to her. Seeing the scene in front of her, anyone could see the ecstasy on the other’s face.


He took a few steps forward and was overjoyed at the soul power that was constantly being gathered in the void. His whole body became much firmer, and then he looked at Lianyi next to him, and a cruel smile appeared on his face.


“I didn’t expect it, you really believe it, but I can complete your body and enter the Quasi-Holy.”


Then it turned into a phantom light and entered Lianyi’s body.


“You are!”


Lian Yi looked at the figure that suddenly appeared in her mind and exclaimed.


Because she recognized this person, the senior who had died, but how could he appear here.


“Oh yes, thank you very much for your help, it’s beyond my expectation that you can still be fooled, but thank you too.”


Compared with Lianyi’s inability to move, this man who looks a little old can move at will in Lianyi’s brain, as if this is his brain.


Just thinking about it, Lianyi understood the reason. The other party had been hiding in the jug, and immediately roared, his eyes wishing to tear the other party, “This is a fake formation, you are lying to me! You want to use me resurrected.”


“You’re smart, but I didn’t lie to you. This method can indeed be forced to advance, but there is one more condition, that is, there is one thing missing, you are really well prepared, and then leave it to me. .”


The man laughed, then grabbed it, and Lianyi’s body flew out of the spot, and he came to Lianyi’s position leisurely.


“You have to die, you liar.” Even though he wanted to scold the other party in his heart, after only a sentence or two, he was stunned to find that he couldn’t speak.


Her strength is maintaining the outer formation, and her soul strength is consumed too much in the previous advancement.


“Liar? You can feel the power of the Quasi-Saint, I’m telling you to die.” The man didn’t care, he still figured out this method from the jug, and now there is one more chance.


The jug outside exploded out of thin air for no reason, and a thumb-sized gray gas quickly flew out from the inside. It fused all the gray **** that had shrunk in half to itself, and finally turned into a gray ball the size of an eyeball. The small ball rushed directly into Lianyi’s mind, and then appeared in the palm of the man’s palm.


“Open it!”


The man threw it forward, the gray ball in his hand rushed forward, and a gray thread was held in his hand, leaving a gray thread in the air, until the ball was linked to the mysterious At the time of the advanced stage, there was hardly much on his body, and he penetrated into it.


The man pulled it, smiled, and then relied on this silk thread to pull him directly past. The door that was never approachable, actually began to slowly approach this, and finally actually came to the door.


“I see, as long as we open this door, we can enter the realm of quasi-sages. This method does not belong to this world, only I know that I was dying and despaired, thanks to you for giving me Opportunity.” The man glanced at Lianyi next to him, and said with some enjoyment.


Of course, the ability to maintain this passage is the constant stream of soul power behind you. These powers are turned into nutrients to push the opponent forward in places you can’t see, but just pushing the power level to the past is just a matter of time. The jumpsuit of the feet, naturally, it is easy to see the door, and it is still approaching.


And the last step is the experience of that kind of state of mind. If you can’t get through, you can’t get through. If you can’t push it, you can’t push it away. But under a rule engraved on the jug, you are directly tied together and forced to let her come here. level.


The former is less difficult, mainly because of the last engraved rule, but the old man didn’t reach his limit before he died, and he couldn’t use it if he wanted to.


The next moment the man pushed open the door directly, and an extremely powerful force emerged from the door.


Whether the man or the jumpsuit, they all feel the baptism that comes from the soul, from the whole body, and the whole world seems to be different.


Opening this door, both souls began to transform towards the quasi-sage. Naturally, the body outside did too. Even if it wasn’t for one person’s preparation, this mighty aura would be incomparably conspicuous.


“At this time, you finally understand, so let your soul die. In this way, the side effects of this will not be my turn, haha!”


The man grabbed again and grabbed the jumpsuit in his hand. Although the latter had the strength to resist, it was still not enough in front of him.


At this moment, a young man suddenly appeared not far away and snatched the jumpsuit from the other party at a very fast speed, which made the man startled and angry, and couldn’t help but ask.


“Who are you.”


This time it’s his turn, but his power is useless in front of the other party. Could it be that the other party must be at least a quasi-sage or a quasi-sage master to guard him? flashed quickly.


“It doesn’t matter who I am, it’s important that you come out first.”


As the voice fell, the man felt a flash in front of his eyes, and then he was pulled out of the opponent’s body. At this time, Lianyi regained control of his body and was still recovering quickly.


“Who the **** are you and why are you sabotaging my plan.” The man didn’t run away immediately, because in his condition, he was already tied to the jumpsuit and could not survive outside at all.


“My name is easy to remember, Gu Zheng, so your role is gone, you can die in peace.” Gu Zheng said lazily, a golden light flew out of his hand and directly passed through the opponent’s mind , completely kill this seemingly strong but actually extremely weak soul.


“This senior, thank you for saving your life.” Lianyi tried her best to maintain her expression and thanked Gu Zheng.


Gu Zheng walked slowly to the other side, staring at the other side’s eyes, “Stop pretending, it’s impossible for you not to know my name, in this case, what else are you pretending to do.”


Lian Yi’s body trembled, because she did know Gu Zheng’s name, and it was impossible to forget, so she spoke bitterly.


“Does your lord want to avenge your subordinates? It’s your people who provoke us first.”


“Life or death, whatever their choice, they must bear the consequences. If I trouble you, you think you can still talk to me.”


Gu Zheng’s words made Lianyi startled, and his face immediately became much better, “I don’t know what the adults have to do with me.”


“Originally I came to tell you that now the other party is my subordinate, no matter what problem you had in the past, it was solved in the previous battle, and I will not let them go out. Now it seems that we have another chance. We talked.” Gu Zheng glanced at each other up and down, and suddenly laughed.


Although Lianyi doesn’t know what Gu Zheng’s specific cultivation is, but both of his subordinates have mid-stage quasi-sages, they must be strong and not weak, but they don’t quite understand Gu Zheng’s words.


“What do you mean, the little demon, the little demon is stupid, please make it clear, but the little demon will never forget this kindness for saving one little demon.”


“It’s very simple, I’ll help you to comfort me through this hurdle of being a quasi-sage. You have to do things for me.” Gu Zheng said neatly, “Don’t be in a hurry to speak, wait until I finish to see if you agree, no. Agree and I’ll leave immediately.”


This made Lianyi swallow her words. She wanted to know why Gu Zheng said that. Now she can feel the power of the quasi-sage, which is countless times stronger than before, and it is impossible for a hundred herself to overcome and recover. This is because of the forced breakthrough, not a complete Quasi-Saint, and the combat effectiveness is greatly reduced.


“In fact, I know that this breakthrough method is nothing more than taking a shortcut, it looks very beautiful, but you also know the sequelae of this thing, almost cut off your future, and make your soul forever into sin , as long as the way of heaven is a little stricter, you will wait for the disaster to come from the sky, you can hide for a while, but you can’t hide for a lifetime.” Gu Zheng said slowly.


The reason he knows this method is because it is a vicious method that has been circulated in the real prehistoric world. In fact, behind it is to kill each Because this method kills more people , the more souls in the mobile phone, the more people can have the power of quasi-sage forever in cooperation with the specific rules handed down.


It was a sensation at the time. I don’t know how many people were killed. The position sought the quasi-sage power, but it turned out to be a joke later. Even that little loophole was filled by Heaven, and then it was slowly lost.


But in fact, as long as the millennium is less than a thousand years, even if you are careful, you can’t escape death. Because of the loopholes in itself, you can’t escape at all. It looks beautiful, but there are some excessive actions in the middle, then Heavenly Dao will naturally punish you directly, and there is absolutely no place to die.


First of all, to steal a specific law, this law is actually not difficult, as long as the peak can have a way, it was a genius to find this at the time, but unfortunately it went wrong.


This law is engraved on a specific instrument, and it is hidden. It will only appear when it is used. The sacrifice will be swallowed up, and then it will come to the caster. In fact, this law is supporting, the more sacrifices there are. , the longer it lasts, but the upper limit is no more than a thousand years.


This incomplete law itself is incomplete and naturally cannot support it.


But when he was browsing books, he specifically asked his master this question. In fact, he finally found a solution. Of course, it couldn’t be a complement. Instead, he took this law back and replaced it with something specific. , the hidden danger is naturally eliminated.


And now, he just happens to have the right thing in his hand.


“What do you mean, my lord, I can do it.” Lien Yi naturally didn’t know at this time, and then asked.


Gu Zheng smiled slightly, then said a few words to her, then turned and left.


“I will wait for you for a month, then I will leave. If you are willing to make a deal with me, come to me.”


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