The Urban Successor of God of Gluttony Chapter 2264:


“Ape Chief, Ape Chief!”

A hazy voice rang in the ears of the ape clan chief, and there were constant shouts of killing and explosions around him.

“What now, Chief Ape.”

Looking at the Hua Patriarch who was looking anxious in front of him, the Ape Patriarch shook his head and ordered to go down immediately

“You tell everyone to gather towards me and get out of here.”

Originally vowed to give the opponent a sneak attack, but nearly 200 people fell into the trap that the opponent had prepared for a long time. At the beginning, they killed more than a dozen Daluo with a low cultivation base, and the others were also attacked by the formation. I was stunned, and countless white mists also rose in this world, as if everyone was isolated, facing countless attacks alone, even the moonlight could not dispel them.

At this moment, he doesn’t know how many people he has lost, but he knows that if it goes on like this, the loss will only get bigger and bigger.

“Everyone come here to gather! They shouted loudly at the same time. If it wasn’t their own voice, they would all attack.”

Hearing this, the Hua Patriarch immediately sprinkled it into the air, and countless fluorescent powder-like things dissipated in the air, and as his voice continued to spread out around him.

All the people who were trapped here began to gather here one after another, and the advantage of the number of people was immediately exerted. The ambush enemies hardly dared to resist head-on, and could only harass them from the side, but they could not stop their gathering.

Soon everyone gathered together, the white fog seemed to gradually dissipate, and the battlefield began to calm down again.

“Get out of here with me.”

Feeling the looming camp behind him, he still didn’t make the decision to continue attacking. With a roar, his whole body swelled rapidly.

An ape with golden hair all over his body and arms as thick as thighs appeared in front of him, and a black barrier was not far away. He raised his fists and smashed it hard.


As the barrier trembled, in the center of the contact point, large cracks continued to spread rapidly towards the surrounding area. An extremely strong barrier was forcibly broken by his punch. Seeing this scene, other people Also took a breath.

Everyone knows that the ape patriarch is powerful, but there is no chance to see that the barrier that everyone attacked just now was broken by him alone.

“What are you waiting for, hurry up.”

When the ape patriarch saw the back, he immediately shouted, and everyone seemed to come back to their senses and left here one after another through the gap.

“Lord Jian, are we chasing?” In the camp behind him, a subordinate asked Jiandou.

“Don’t chase, the other party planted a trap that I specially prepared for them. After three days, everyone’s strength will drop a lot. At that time, we were in the past.”

Jiandou also knows that if the opponent pursues at this time, if the opponent only flees, at least a dozen people can be left behind. Unfortunately, there are not many of them here, half less than the opponent. If the opponent counterattacks them, Then the loss here will be big. For the sake of insurance, let the other party go directly. Anyway, this side has already killed a lot of people on the other side.

After the other party had completely escaped, they were about to take care of the battlefield when another group of people came in the distance. Jiandou took a closer look, and it turned out that Lianyi brought a group of people here, and he felt a little happy.

“I found out that the other party was attacking before, so I came to support. It seems that I came here for nothing.”

Lien Yi, who really covered up the nonsense, had been watching from the side for a long time. After putting away the souls of these people, he hurried over again.

“No, the other party has already run away. If you had come earlier, you might be able to leave many of the other party behind.” Of course, Jiandou didn’t know, and said moved.

I wondered if my performance moved the other party, for fear of my own problems, I immediately rushed to my side.

“Don’t hold on, you guys dragged these corpses out and burned them, and the others were on the spot.” Lian Yi said as she walked towards Jiandou.

She sneered at his idea in her heart. If she really wanted to kill these people, the other party would definitely find her. Maybe Jiandou didn’t see it. She felt that the last protection regulation was just a statement, but she was keenly aware of it. , maybe the other party is also using their own side, if it crosses the line, it will be really miserable.

Seeing Lianyi coming, Jiandou didn’t care about the corpses, and felt that his heartbeat quickened a lot.

“Are you really all right?” Lianyi glanced behind, then asked suspiciously.

“It’s okay, the opponent fell into my trap and planted my poison. Three days later, when the poison strikes, the opponent’s strength will drop a lot. We can directly defeat the opponent without waiting for reinforcements. Kill the vast majority of the other party.” Jiandou raised his chest excitedly.

“Okay, it looks like you’re all right, so I’m relieved, but don’t we really have to wait for reinforcements? I’m worried about you.” Lianyi said deliberately.

“No problem, many of these people are still injured, and the other party needs protection. As long as we are faster and don’t give the other party a chance, we can definitely succeed in one fell swoop.” Jiandou said confidently.

Although the number of people on their side is small, the number of odd-numbered masters is more than the other side, which gives him more confidence.

“Since you think it’s okay, then I will follow your instructions, and I will go back and prepare first.” Lian Yi rolled his eyes and said softly immediately, as if everything was following the other party’s actions.

This made Jiandou feel that he was masculine and majestic, and said directly and boldly.

“When the time comes, you will follow me and let our people help you find a way.”

“Thank you very much. If I can help me solve the other party this time, I will invite you to dinner alone.” Seeing the other party’s sperm on the head, Lianyi became more and more disdainful in her heart, and she felt more and more in her heart. Only then can I meet my wishful husband, but I said so in my mouth, and I glanced at the other party with affection, and then turned around and left,

“Looks like a show.”

Watching Lianyi’s team disappear into the distance, I feel that my efforts have paid off, and it seems that I have taken a step further.

After the ape patriarch and his party went back, they started all defenses one after another, for fear that the other party would take advantage of the situation to kill them. That would be miserable.

After letting some of the wounded go down, the ape patriarch looked at everyone, and some people were slightly injured, but at this time, their key people could not rest.

“How about the casualties now?” The ape patriarch asked in a fit of spirit.

“We have killed a total of 23 people, and it seems that only a few of the other party were killed, and we were injured as many as 50, and half of them were incapable of fighting for a short time.” The patriarch of the statistics is a little sad. said.

“It can only be said that the other party is too cunning and has calculated everything for us. Perhaps this is the real purpose of the other party. Although the previous explosion was powerful, it could only cause harm to Da Luo. Jin Xianqi is not at the center. There is no serious problem, for our masters, it can be completely resisted.”

The air was silent for a while, and finally Patriarch Suo said.

Because this time I couldn’t be the Patriarch of the Ape, everyone unanimously wanted revenge, and ended up stepping into each other’s trap.

“Everyone should not do anything these days. Go back to recuperate immediately. The other party will not give up this opportunity. It is estimated that they will come here soon. That is the most difficult time for us.” The ape chief was startled. Startled, then said helplessly.

Now a good deck of cards has been beaten to pieces by them, but they don’t know it will reach this point. They can only say that the demon clan is worthy of being a demon clan.

Everyone was also silent, and then said goodbye to the ape clan leader one by one, but after they went back, most of the clansmen began to enter the sanctuary, so that they could feel at ease.

Three days passed in a flash, and while they were still trying to recover, Jiandou and Lianyi had already brought the army and came here without hesitation. A family to discover.

“Would you like to try the Terran over there? The defenses on it look good.”

After coming here, Jiandou looked at the city not far away, and a trace of greed flashed in his eyes.

“That’s the magic weapon of the quasi-sage, let alone you, we can’t break it together, so I’ll save some effort and deal with these people in front of me.” Lian Yi glanced at it and stopped paying attention. there.

“You said that the other party protected these ordinary people, but let these monsters out, isn’t it wrong.” He had some reactions and looked around.

“No matter what the other party thinks, they provoke us first. As long as we don’t cross the border, the other party will not do anything to us. Don’t you want to avenge your nephew, I want to avenge my subordinates.” other side.

The other party’s nephew was indeed killed by the other party. Originally, she had no intention of looking for trouble here. Later, she caught someone and saw the agreement and the connection between Jiandou. Then she had an idea. At this time, her subordinates, Got her order long ago.

Now it only needs about 30 casualties to reach the minimum level, and there will be no problems. It is better to take the opponent first, and maybe not to sacrifice Jiandou.

“Then wait, wait until the other party is uncomfortable, we are launching an attack.” Jiandou cast his eyes on the formation that rose not far away, and there was a trace of disdain in the corner of his mouth.

Such a rudimentary magic formation, I am afraid that it can be completely destroyed in a single stick of incense. You bastard, you were careful before you lost yourself, I’m afraid you don’t even have many magic weapons.

Jiandou, who is aware of this, has more confidence in this battle.

“They are here. It seems that some people will die in this battle. Hey, why bother, it’s your blessing to follow Young Master Gu.”

In the human city, many people, including Kaohsiung, are flying in mid-air and watching outside, and even ordinary people are also concerned about it, because they have been informed that there will be no danger here, naturally very curious.

Now that the older generation has basically passed away, the birth of the new second generation occupies the main force, because the second generation is also almost old, they have lived here since childhood, they do not know the previous hardships, but they also know the risks of the outside world , and even a stable life, they had to build a city for them to live in.

Gu Zhengdu began to prepare to send these people away, after all, living here is not good for them.

“It’s starting, Mu Lian, you can go there, and if the situation is serious, you can intervene at any time.”

In Xiaoqian World, Gu Zheng looked at the pictures from outside, and also ordered to go on. He just wanted to subdue them. It’s okay to die a little, but if you die too much, it’s impossible to subdue them, especially those of various ethnic groups. Leaders must never die.

Mu Lian nodded, and the next moment the figure disappeared in place, lurking on the battlefield, ready to shoot at any time.

The patriarch of the ape also flew everyone in the air at this time, facing each other from afar.

“We still have this layer of defense, which is enough to buy us a month, so that the wounded do not need to come up first, but they must be ready to support at any time.” The ape chief instructed the people behind him.

“My Healing Game”

They thought that their painstaking defense would buy them more time and kill the enemy’s spirit by the way.

Because there are countless rays of light rising into the sky on the large and small islands, all of which support the outer barrier, which greatly increases their confidence.

“It’s really naive, just defending merely, I really thought it was a good thing, in an hour, break the defense in front of me.” Looking at the time, Jiandou felt that it was almost the same, and immediately gave his order.

At the same time, Lianyi started to attack at the same time. Nearly 200 people were scattered in the air, and they all took out their weapons and started bombarding in front of them.

The originally confident gaze here soon became a little suspicious with the shaking of the barrier. If you look closely, you can still find a touch of horror in the depths.

“Up to now, we can only fight with each other, just want to escape, do you think it’s too late?” The ape chief gritted his teeth and said behind him.

Most of the people nodded their heads in succession. If you can’t even get past the front and talk about free development, you will encounter more dangers in the future. Only a few feel that it is too dangerous. If it is not for face, I am afraid that They want to go back, because they don’t want anything to happen. The entire ethnic group relies on them. If something goes wrong, I’m afraid there will be no support. Sooner or later, they will decline and be swallowed up by others.

He made up his mind to try not to put himself in danger.

The high-anticipated defense began to shake during the opponent’s stormy attack. They knew that not to mention a month, it was impossible to support it for a day now, and it would be completely broken in half an hour at most.

It’s not that they don’t work hard enough, it’s that the original foundation is there, and the materials they have are low-level, it’s just that they figured out these methods by themselves. The people from Baimeng are not willing to teach them, and they accept them. The subordinates who were confidants had disappeared one after another, otherwise their number would have more than doubled. At that time, even the number would have scared the average person to death.

“The fun begins.”

Gu Zheng also straightened his body and began to observe carefully. Although these people from Xiaoqian World have a lot of problems, they have a good foundation. In addition to the other party’s previous affairs, they have been subdued by Baimeng for so long. There is no protest against the attachment of the whole body, it is simply a perfect subordinate.

In the past, he wouldn’t do this at all, but the current situation makes his sense of crisis even higher, not only the monster clan, but also the terrifying power outside, especially the last time he entered Xiaoqian World Before, the two enemies he encountered by chance, and the words of the other party, made him even less resistant.

And if you are stronger, you will have nothing to do with yourself. Even if it is just to protect some people, it is impossible for you to stop and stay in place.

As his thoughts drifted away, the scene in front of him also changed.

The outer defensive barrier has been broken, and it may break at any time.

However, the ape patriarch did not have the confidence he had before. This time, everyone’s face was clearly frightened.

“I’m poisoned!”

“I’m poisoned too!”

“Who can poison our crowd, is there a traitor?”

Everyone shouted in a panic, because most of them found that their strength had dropped inexplicably, at least by more than 20%, and the whole person had become weak.

“How can this happen, how am I all right?”

There are also some people who are weird because they don’t have the status they say they are.

“It’s those white mists we attacked before.” The ape clan leader soon found the trail and immediately shouted behind him, suppressing everyone’s voices.

Including him, the strength of all those who launched the sneak attack began to decline inexplicably, obviously there was a plot.

At this time, everyone also found something wrong, and it was true, but they didn’t have time to make other decisions, because the defense in front of them was finally broken.


On the demon clan’s side, there were huge shouts of killing in their mouths, and then they killed the opposite side. People arrived first, and dozens of attacks in the air were already suppressed.

“Repel the opponent’s attack first.”

The ape patriarch roared at this moment, and immediately turned into his own body. Only in this way can he make up for the loss of his strength. Moreover, in this case, those influences will continue to be weakened. After he told everyone this information, he immediately rushed up.

The people behind them launched attacks one after After smashing the attack on the top of the head, they also rushed up, because there were more people here than the other side, and half of the other side’s troops were besieged by two people here. One opponent, and the remaining powerhouses let the powerhouses on this side fight.

Among them, the ape patriarch brought several other powerful patriarchs and directly killed Lianyi and Jiandou. The thief was captured first, and the king was captured. Everyone knew about it.

They all changed back to their original bodies one after another. The Fierce Bull Clan is a fiery red bull with dense layers of lines on its body, and its head horns are extremely hideous. When you step in the air, a huge sound wave can be splashed, and the momentum is huge.

In almost the blink of an eye, the two groups of people slammed into each other, and the explosion of the attack continued to rise in the middle. If Mu Lian hadn’t shot, the islands below would have been greatly affected.

In the beginning, except for a few figures that fell from the sky into the sea, others found their opponents, especially Xiaoqianjie’s side, which launched a fierce attack, and the whole sky had been immersed in strange waves among.

Even if Jinxian Peak enters, it will be torn to shreds by invisible forces. At this time, some people with poor strength have been forced out of the outer battle, and they can’t stay inside for a long time, otherwise they will just resist in all directions. Whoever fights the aftermath, don’t mention the attack anymore.

Mu Lian has begun to secretly take action in the air, hiding a few people who were seriously injured for the first time, and even left their broken bodies around in order to be realistic, or sinking under the sea, or even creating themselves The traces of self-destruction, let’s break away from the battle for the time being. Even so, a few Daluo with low cultivation base died here at the beginning. On the other hand, the opponent did not die except for injuries.

The battle was intense from the start.


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