The Urban Successor of God of Gluttony Chapter 1: Heirloom inheritance


   “Suddenly like a spring breeze coming overnight, thousands of trees and pears bloom.”

  Young people in twos and threes, walking among the pear trees in full bloom, breathing deeply with the sweet air, and some girls occasionally picked up the pear flowers that fell on the ground and sniffed gently in front of their noses , With an intoxicated look.

  Northwest of Shencheng, a new thousand acre pear garden was opened, which attracted countless young men and women just after the spring. Although 51 tickets are not cheap, there are still many young people who take out their pockets and enter the pear garden to admire flowers ,rest.

  The fast pace of life in the metropolis makes it difficult for them to enjoy such a chance to relax. Even if the location here is farther, it is a little bit more, but the young people who come here are still incessant.

   “It’s beautiful, it would be nice if I could live here forever!”

   Among the many young people, there was a young man with long hair in his early twenties who stretched out his hands and faced with the garden full of pear flowers.

   “It’s not easy, just bring your artboard and just stay here!”

   As soon as the young man finished speaking, his companion around him answered the sentence. The young man with long hair likes to paint and learns art, but his job is interior design. It is impossible to have this time and bring a drawing board Wherever I want to go, even on holidays, I often have to work overtime.

   Sure enough, the young man with long hair complained as soon as his companions finished speaking: “Guzheng, you stand and speak without backache, we all want to be like you, have a good father, and a good job, nor As for hard work, I can’t even afford a house!”

   “That is, the old contend, we have this time for you, we can think where we go, we can’t!”

  Several companions around me support young people with long hair. The man who talked before smiled and shook his head: “Good place, one time is enough, if you get more, you will lose your freshness!”

  guzheng, twenty-three years old this year, occupation is a food critic, in simple terms, is a taste of food everywhere, and then write an article to write reviews, published on some travel, food websites and magazines, his job but let Countless people envy jealousy and hate. Every day they have delicious food and can make money.

   work is good, but the income is mediocre, only enough for him to spend on his own time, but they have a good father. Gu Zheng’s father works in France and is a Michelin Samsung chef. The annual income is millions of euros, and the income is still second. Yes, the taste of the food made by Guzheng’s father is indeed not ordinary, or he can’t raise the tricky mouth of Guzheng. Guzheng’s food reviews are famous for their spicy sharpness, otherwise his income is definitely more than that.

   “What is this?”

   Guzheng suddenly lowered his head and picked up a dirty stone. The stone was covered with a layer of black mud. The problem was that there was no such black mud. If it was not picked up by Guzheng, everyone thought it was this It’s a bad brick.

   Gently wipe off the black mud, and the black stone surface is exposed below. The whole stone is not invisible, a bit like an animal, but the specific animal can not be seen, only to give people an abstract feeling.

   “Who knows, it is estimated that it is a broken stone from the mountain!”

  The young man with long hair first responded, and he said that he would not look at the stones of the ancient contenders. For him, the white pear flowers here are more attractive.

   “It may also be a meteor that dropped yesterday. If that’s the case, you can just post it, don’t forget to invite us to dinner!”

   Another companion said with a grin. Last night they had a barbecue and beer together. At 9pm, they saw a meteor flying in the sky. Everyone made a wish yesterday.

   “Meteor is a meteorite, even if it falls, it will not be here, nor will it be covered with dirt!”

  The old contention laughed and said happily, his friend made him very happy, but also knew that it was impossible, but the more he touched the stone, the more he gave him a novel feeling, as if something in the stone attracted him .


   Guzheng suddenly covered his hand, the stone also fell to the ground, a trace of bright red blood quickly rushed out of his fingertips, the young man with long hair and several other companions hurried forward, no one noticed, on the ground That kind of animal-like stone mouth, a drop of blood is quickly blending in, the whole stone slowly becomes transparent, and finally disappears.


   “Guzheng, how do you feel when you wake up?”

   Guzheng slowly opened his eyes, the white ceiling, the white wall, and the strange smell of medicine around him. He turned his head around twice, and he finally determined that this was the hospital.

   “Huang Tao, I’m fine, why am I here?”

  Guzheng asked the young man who called him, that is, the young man with long hair, who likes to paint.

   “You were scratched in Liyuan and then fainted. We couldn’t wake you up and sent you to the hospital. This is the emergency room!”

  Huang Tao answered quickly and said anxiously: “How do you feel now? The doctor said you are fine, but why the coma is unclear. You need to do a detailed examination. Du Yang and Zhao Yongkui The money is gone!”

  Huang Tao said that Du Yang and Zhao Yongkui were the other two of them together this time. The four are good buddies. This time Huang Tao proposed to come to see the pear blossoms. Finally, they came together on the weekend, but no one thought of Gu The fight will be injured, and he has been comatose for so long, from his coma to now has passed two hours.

   “I’m fine, you call them, I don’t need to check.”

   Feel your body, Gu Zheng shook his head hard, there was no discomfort on his body, the wound on his hand was also very small, it was already stuttered and bandaged, this would not even feel the head.

   “Gourd inheritance, officially launched!”

   A dull voice sounded in Gu Zheng’s mind, scared, he suddenly sat up straight, shouting angrily: “Who, who is talking?”

   “Guzheng, what’s wrong with you, no one talks, I haven’t called my phone yet!”

   Huang Tao hurried forward again, grabbing Gu Zheng, his eyes full of anxiety, Gu Zheng’s eyes were rounded, and he kept looking around. At this time, the voice in his head just sounded again.

  ”This gluttonous immortal is the supreme food immortal in the immortal world. This time, the chaos of 33,000 years in the immortal world, this man is a person who should be robbed. Cut off, I will send my lifelong cultivation experience and collection into the gluttonous immortal order, fly out of the flood, and give it to those who are connected, and those who get the gluttonous immortal inherit the gluttonous immortal inheritance!”

   This time, there was no shouting, but his eyes were still wide. Not only did he “hear” the sound in his head, but also “see” something, a three-dimensional picture that appeared directly in his mind. See more clearly.

  He saw a quaint beast like a bronze, a sheep face, a tiger tooth claw, a big mouth and a big face, and the strangest thing was the eyes under the armpits.

  The monster kept spinning and suddenly turned into a white awn, and Gu Zheng’s “eyes” also turned into a pale, making him hurry to cover his head.

   “Guzheng, I think you still listen to the doctor. Under a good examination, we are more worried about you like this!”

  Huang Tao put down the phone and said very worriedly, without the joy of Gu Zheng waking up.


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