The Throne Under the Starry Sky: Red Rock Fort War


In the beginning, everything was black.

Then, the first light appeared, and the solidified water dripped towards the sea, and the silent creature opened its eyes. 94,670,778 seconds in the chronograph passed quickly, and the hands of the world moved past 2248, 4 months, 6 days, and 13 hours. The sun rose and the moon fell, the hourglass was silent, and the cry of the newborn came from the tomb. All history has become history. Is happening now.

“The servants have already lost four thousand men, my lord of the legionnaire.” The blood-stained scout in light armor fell from his horse with a plop, and then immediately struggled to stand up and report the battle to the commander. .

The captain sitting on the back of a tall four-legged riding beast casually raised his eyelids, **** a peeled grape in a delicate porcelain plate, watching the crystal clear green fruits rolling around in the plate. “Four thousand people? Report to me when the loss reaches 6,000 people.” He waved his hand lazily and motioned the soldiers to retreat. The scout bowed deeply to the high commander, and hid his hands into the crowd with his hands on his chest.

“That… the lieutenant?” The captain hooked his finger. An officer riding a ground walking dragon immediately appeared beside him and took off his helmet: “The ladder and the battering ram are ready. The south gate and the north gate are each equipped with 22 heavy trebuchets and 104 The bed crossbow, the ghoul engineer has dug 550 yards, and the siege tower can be erected in 15 minutes. Legion commander.”

One of the four elite forces of the Zavi Empire, the commander of the Raven Legion, the lord of the southern colonies, and the second-class empire hereditary Ephraim lightly sighed, waving his hand and holding back the heavy lieutenant, while turning to the person next to him. Red-robed mage: “It seems that you have no chance to make a move, old friend. There is no decent resistance in the Redstone Fort. The consumption rate of the servants is half slower than I expected. Please tell Lord Zaruh, A Central Army can withdraw from the Red Earth Plain and continue to march south. Redstone Fort and Queen St. Boren are the trophies of my Raven Corps. I can’t wait to taste the taste of Her Majesty, hum…”

The red-robed magician stared at the battlefield expressionlessly, “It’s not up to me to decide. Lord Zaruch’s instruction is that as long as the ravens can’t break through the gates of the Redstone Fort, it’s the battle caster. Casting the siege magic’Lazi’s Anvil of Destruction’ completely wiped out the city.”

Forty-four-year-old Ephraim raised his eyebrows: “Sunset? There are still four hours before dusk. Let me add a bit of fun to this boring game. Bring our poet over here,— Don’t forget his ukulele.”

The crowd dispersed, and the old bard was taken from the knight to the legion commander. The white feathers on the old man’s felt hat were stained with blood and were no longer stiff, but the strings of Du Zhuola in his arms were not stained. Reflecting the noon sun. “Sing a poem, the bard of St. Boren.” The captain looked down at the tiny civilian, “Add a beautiful footnote to my victory.”

The old man tremblingly replied: “I only have a narrative poem, my lord, all the bards of St. Boren will only have such a narrative poem, my lord, it is the first poem and the last tribute. Boren still exists, it will never end.”

The Red Robe Master said with interest: “I’ve heard that the forty-four6,000-line epic “Sila Sakya” is about the lord God Sila showing miracles on the red soil plain to help local residents build The history of the Kingdom of St. Boren. Over the years, the bard has continued to add new chapters to the epic.”

“Is that so?” The legion commander sat up straight and looked into the battlefield. “Then please choose any chapter and start singing, poet. Before the sun sets, the Red Rock Fort will be captured, and the history of St. Boren will be on my mind. End in the hand, and you, will be fortunate to be the finisher of “Sirasagar”. Today, you and I will draw the rest of this epic poem that is too long.”

The bard lowered his head and held the ukulele with trembling hands. The moment his shriveled fingers touched the strings, his tremor disappeared miraculously, and the clear chords flowed in the jungle of ceremonial and gun-riding , The old man opened his **** and dry lips and began to sing an ancient poem:

“The creator of the world created the world and created the seven main gods;

The Lord God Sheila is his spirit, his flesh, his courtier and lover;

His little daughter, his pride, messenger of words and paintings;

The heavenly rose shining in the moonlight, the profound and loving garland spirit.

Her brother, protector of war and blacksmiths, **** of fire, angry Lacy;

Envy mankind’s love for the main **** Sheila, lift up the hammer of flames, and bring disasters;

The sea is boiling, the mountains are melting, the war of the seven gods destroys the world;

The creator of the world was finally furious. He raised the cane that could summon thunderclouds and rainstorms, and divided the world into four continents, separating east, south, west, and north forever. “

The song of the bard spread throughout the army, and Ephraim moved his ear slightly and nodded appreciatively. He waved his right hand, and the lieutenant of the ravens and the commanders of the Dragoon Battalion, the Equipment Infantry Battalion, the Heavy Infantry Battalion, the Longbow Battalion, and the Spearman Battalion immediately appeared in front of him, “The rules are still the same. Take it within an hour. Go down to the Redstone Fort and allow you to slaughter the city. Be careful not to hurt Her Majesty’s face. Her head needs to appear on the gate of the Redstone Fort. This is my only warning.” After hundreds of battles, each officer’s armor is covered with blood stains and deep arrow marks, “End a six-year war, end the oldest kingdom in the Western Continent, and end an era.-There is better than this. Is it something more glorious, the creator of the new Zavi Empire, the greedy executioner, my old lads?” He pointed his finger forward, his eyes blazing.

“No, the commander of the legion!” the officers shouted in unison, “chickenly” buttoned the knight’s helmet and visor, and drew out the sword and spear. Like Moses splitting the Red Sea, where the legion commander’s right hand pointed, the Zavi soldiers neatly separated left and right, exposing the red ground that was trampled on by tens of thousands of pairs of army boots like granite. Ephraim’s gaze was unhindered. Spanning a distance of 3,000 yards, throwing into the place where the sun is shining, on the boundless red soil plain, stands an extremely tall crimson castle, a monument of the history of the St. Boren dynasty for two thousand years, and the highest achievement of architectural civilization in the Western Continent. Red Rock Fort.


The captain smashed the grapes in his palms severely.

The sound of war drums shook the earth, and the black and crushing formation of the Raven Corps suddenly bloomed like a flower. The cavalry made a roundabout assault. Under the cover of the shield infantry, the equipment infantry pushed the heavy siege hammer forward slowly, and the light infantry carried the ladder and stepped over. Layers of the corpses of Zavi servants ran forward, “Boom! Boom!” Amid the loud noise of the cowhide line breaking, the huge trebuchet threw the 500-pound boulder into the air, the rock spinning and falling in terror. The soldiers of Saint Boren on the wall raised their heads in horror, but they were violently penetrated by the crossbow shot by the heavy bed crossbow, “Boom!” They were nailed to the red sandstone wall bricks.

A torrent of Zavi soldiers rushed past the bard, and the old man’s figure resembled a dead leaf trembling in the wind, but the verse of “Sila Sakya” continued to play:

“His anger changed the shape of the world, with unsurpassable peaks appearing all around, and an impassable ocean in the center;

The four holy rivers divide the four continents, and the gods can only look into the distance;

Sheila and Lacy, the supreme brothers and sisters in the Western Continent, can no longer come to the world to speak to mankind;

The devout believer of the Red Clay Plain, finally learned to look up.

It is the ancient king named Casfield who ignited the fire of civilization;

But the farmer’s daughter named Wenger, listening to the Lord’s words day and night, carrying a dog, a pitchfork and a basket of dry bread, established the glory of St. Boren in the center of the earth;

‘Build the city wall, in the promised land flowing with sweet springs’, Sheila lowered the metaphor;

——‘The one who builds the first wall brick will become the king of the red soil plain. Build a castle with red stones, three hundred feet high and two thousand yards wide, and then worship the spirit of heaven, which looks like a palace in heaven. “

“Let it go!”

One hundred and four heavy crossbow arrows rushed into the sky, covering the sun in an instant. One hundred yards in front of the heavy bed crossbow, two thousand Zawi longbowmen are shooting out overwhelming rockets in three-round formations. The rain of locust-like fires landed on the Redstone Fort. Although they could not shake the solid sandstone walls, it took a short time. The tents, baggage, equipment, and clothing of the guards were drawn into the flames.

The figure screamed in the fireball, and the rolling stones and boiling oil on the wall were temporarily sparse. Taking this opportunity, the equipment infantry quickly built two two hundred and fifty-foot-high wooden siege towers with hammers. , The springboard and the siege tower of fifty archers immediately descended from the height to pour a rain of arrows towards the 180-foot-high city wall.

“Zizi…” The purple thunder and lightning suddenly fell on the Zawi infantry group. The electric snake flew between the steel and the flesh like alive. Countless heavy infantry knelt to the ground, each of their helmets. The crevices are emitting scorched black smoke. At the same time, a huge boulder thrown by a heavy trebuchet was lifted by the strong man on the wall and threw it towards the siege tower. As soon as the arrows of the Zawi archer left the bowstring, the boulder covered all their vision, “Boom! Squeak…” The wooden siege tower that had been hit hard broke apart from the center, swayed, and finally dumped in the center of the siege force, splashing a **** spray.

“Pagans who believe in Lacy, the king of Zawi surrendered to the first step of the Redstone Fort and promised the farmer’s daughter a full three hundred years of peace;

‘There are countless executioners living in the blood of the butcher’s son’, the Lord God Sheila is worried for the believers in the sky;

But the queen inherited Sheila’s gift of love and beauty, and used culture and art to shape the golden Saint Boren;

God bless Wenger, the best queen, the people of the red earth plain.

But on the windless and moonless night six years ago, Zawi’s Landing Dragon turned the small town of Sandosttan to ashes;

The vassal country turned to each other, the first guard of the Saint Blessed Guards on the border was collapsed in a battle, the precarious Saint Boren, the fragmented northeast border;

Year after year of fighting, lush wild strawberries grow in the barren fields. With the watering of blood, the fruit looks very bright;

God bless Saint Boren! Let the invaders’ land-travel dragoons face the peasants’ pitchforks and fall into the dual dilemma of tactics and beliefs. “

While the bard spit out the bleak syllables about the Zawi invaders, his eyes widened. The Redstone Fort began to burn, and a large number of rockets passed the walls, igniting the buildings in the city, and turning the majestic ancient The castle turned into a furnace of purgatory.

“Swish!” Numerous golden light bands passed over the old man’s head. They were golden land dragoons with wings on their backs, the elite of the elite Zawi Empire. “Assault!” Under the guidance of a dragon knight wearing a black steel armor, the Golden Land Dragoons fluttered their wings and flew into the sky, swiftly shuttled in the arrow rain of the guards, like golden carps upstream in the flood.

The powerful man on the city wall roared wildly, took off his shirt, revealing rock-like muscles, he picked up one huge boulder after another and threw it at the Zawi, “Bang!” A 500-pound boulder hit After hitting the Golden Land Traveling Dragon, the half-dragon mount that could fly for a short time wailed and fell to the ground, smashing a dozen soldiers and his master into mud.

“Shoot!” The black-armored knight shouted again, and the dragoons flying in the air all threw their spears. Fifteen flying spears penetrated the body of the strong man from different angles, and the blood all over his body instantly disappeared. Thirty wounds erupted, and the eyes that stood wide open without falling down suddenly turned into heroic souls on the execution frame. The purple lightning that wiped out a large number of Zavi soldiers also disappeared, and the flying spear of the black armored knight shot into the narrow window of a lookout, harvesting the life of the magician hiding in it. The Golden Dragon could no longer keep flying, and fluttered its wings to the ground. “Pop! Papa! Papa!” The light infantry who stepped on the corpses of the servant soldiers put the hook at the top of the ladder on the wall and began to climb one hundred. Eighty feet high wall.

“The flames of war burned every corner of the Western Continent, and the statues of Lazi, the **** of war and blacksmiths, were erected everywhere;

At this time, the Lord God chose to be silent, and Sheila no longer gave the farmer’s heirs wisdom guidance, Wenger III bravely clenched the spear;

‘I know that this day will finally come’, the queen disperse the residents of Redstone Fort, leading three thousand guards to stand on the heights of the heavenly castle…”

At this point, the old bard has no strength to compose the next verse. He kneels on the ground panting, his turbid eyes reflecting the outline of the burning red stone fort.

This is not a close battle at all. The 100,000 well-equipped soldiers of the Raven Corps, plus the 150,000 First Central Army soldiers who watched from afar, and the 3,000 members of the Queen’s Guards who refused to leave the Red Rock Fort’s defense system is simply a touch. Broken soap bubbles.

“Boom!” With a loud noise, the siege hammer slammed into the fifty-foot-high heavy city gate against the rolling logs and arrows. The triple gate bolt and hundreds of St. Boren soldiers behind the gate fought to death. Stayed for this attack, but riots broke out in the city next.

The ground suddenly trembled strangely, and then floor tiles and red soil poured into the sky like a fountain, “Wow…” A 30-foot-wide hole suddenly appeared inside the city wall, swallowing dozens of guards completely. With the screams flying out of the cave, there was also a severed arm with a vicious bite mark. Countless pairs of blood-red eyes appeared at the bottom of the dark cave, and the ghoul engineers kept by the Raven Corps dig directly into the city with their sharp claws, launching a surprise attack.

The defenders were in chaos, “Boom!” The second swing of the siege hammer completely knocked down a city gate. The door leaf pressed dozens of St. Boren soldiers underneath, without waiting for them to push away the plank. , The dragoons galloped heavily past the door, and their sharp spears took away the lives of every rebel in the way.

On the skyline, the Redstone Fort was reflected in a black silhouette by the blazing flames. The gray torrents mixed with golden light spots were pouring into the city gate. It was a cavalry team led by the Golden Land Dragon Knights. “It only took forty minutes, old friend, if the servant team composed of prisoners of war and slaves can support a while, the time will be shorter.” The legionnaire seemed unsatisfied, leaning on the back of the seat and gently Shook his head.

“No, it has already impressed me.” The red robe mage said blankly.

“As for you, my poet friend, have you figured out what the ending sentence of “Sila Sakya” is? It must be rhymed.” Ephraim looked down at the kneeling bard.

“…You can’t destroy the glory of St. Boren…” The old poet gritted his teeth, and just said half a sentence, a big hand appeared on his temple with a crisp “pop”. The legion commander crushed the old man’s head into pieces like a grape. “Enough, it’s rhyming, haven’t you noticed it?” He shook his brain, ignored the riding beast behind him, and walked straight to the burning castle.

“What are you going to do now, Ephraim?” the red mage asked.

“Enjoy the victory.” The captain waved his hand.

The red-robed mage squinted his eyes and watched the man slowly walking towards the purgatory of blood and fire in the warm sunshine of the spring afternoon. He couldn’t help but reminded: “Don’t forget the secret order of the Great Yelizawitan! About the need to eradicate Blood…”

“A beautiful day has just begun.” Commander Zavi walked forward briskly, without looking back.


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