The Three Kingdoms Online Overlord Chapter 1: Reentry game



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Yang Rui cleaned up the fish stand and received the only one mandarin fish, two carp and one turtle in the fish basket behind. The carp was intentionally left by Yang Rui. He was going to make an pickled carp for younger sister at dinner. She had a better bite.


Little Yang, do you want to close the booth so early?”


When Yang Rui bowed his head to clean up, there was a string of old-style bicycle bells behind him, and then Yang Rui knew who was coming! It’s Old Li with Yang Rui‘s 7~8 neighbor!


“Oh, Uncle Li!” Yang Rui turned and moved forward.


Little Yang, bring a carp to Uncle Li, which is a bit bigger, isn’t it?” Old Li 50 years old, but already bald early, is a very good person, these years have taken care of Yang Rui older brother and younger sister.


“Hawat.” Yang Rui smiled slightly and agreed readily, turning around to take out a larger carp in the fish basket, knocking the fish homeopathically, and scraping the scales away after a while.


Actually, the remaining two carps are similar in size. Yang Rui gave the big one to Uncle Li without hesitation. On the one hand, his personality is so. On the other hand, Old Li has taken care of Yang Rui older brother and younger sister in these years. And Yang Rui knows that something will happen to more than a year later Uncle Li


Yes, it is more than a year later!


It ’s a bit weird to say, but it really happened to Yang Rui’s-not long ago, Yang Rui was in a very dangerous situation, and suddenly returned to more than two years ago, that is, to return to the present. time frame!


Yang Rui was really born again! This matter is a long story, and until today Yang Rui has not fully accepted this fact …


Uncle Li walk slowly!”


After a few chats with Old Li, he quickly walked off the car and left, leaving the Yang Rui to pick up again. After draining the water tank, scrubbing, the brackets were removed, the ground was cleaned, East West Capital moved After going out, I finally looked around the facade of more than 20 square meters, and suddenly pulled down the shutter!


This store on the first floor was rented out by Yang Rui a few days ago, and the contract will start to be executed tomorrow. Yang Rui and younger sister are squeezed in a small flat of two layers20. This facade house is almost the only property left by their parents to older brother and younger sister.


Yang Rui is still very fond of fish stalls from deep in the heart. Although they ca n’t make much money, but after their parents passed away unexpectedly a few years ago, Yang Rui only operated fish stalls to maintain their livelihood, while also caring for younger sister paralyzed in bed!


Therefore, Yang Rui is very affectionate about the fish stall. It can be said that after the parents left, Yang Rui resolutely chose to leave the school, and quietly left his girlfriend, all relying on this small fish stall to depend on younger sister!


“Come on, Little Hui, try my specialty, your favorite-pickled carp! dāng dāng dāng dāng!” At dinner, Yang Rui was playing around with the pickled carp terminal that will be busy for a while In front of younger sister.


Difficulties in life and hard-pressed motivate Yang Rui, can only live so stubbornly and happily, at least for younger sister.


“Oh, brother, I already smelled the fragrance! Take the chopsticks, take the spoon!” Little Hui rubbed his hands and looked like he was impulsive.


The next is the “homework” of the two older brother and younger sisters, which is like a hurricane of wind. Since Yang Rui sells fish almost every day, it gets up early and stocks late, so it is almost the happiest time for older brother and younger sister at dinner.


“By the way, brother, the 18th birthday gift you gave me, is that game helmet really as magical as you said? Can you run freely after entering the game?” After the dinner was almost the same, Little Hui could not bear Just ask Yang Rui, and after two more hours of game open service, the helmet will come in handy!


“Relax, Little Hui, I have a classmate who belongs to this game company. He has long told me that this” War of Worlds “virtual reality is 100%, almost the same as the normal world!” Yang Rui Quite sure.


To ask who knows the game best, it must be Yang Rui! Yang Rui itself was reborn because of this “War of Worlds“, with a year and a half game experience!


And it is precisely because Yang Rui inadvertently mastered a valuable message in the game, it was actually realized by to chase to kill, so this rebirth! It can be said to be unforgettable!


brother, do you seem to be from a medical university? Do your classmates switch to the IT industry?” Little Hui muttered, puzzled.


“Ah ~ hehe, my high school classmates, high school classmates!” Yang Rui’s words can’t bear to scrutinize after all, and said, “Anyway, there are two hours to open service, I will know after a while, hehe …”


“No, brother, this game helmet is so expensive, I am worried …” Little Hui said half without saying down.


Yang Rui certainly understands what she wants to say. In the previous life, Yang Rui only spent a huge amount of money to buy a helmet for Little Hui to meet the hope of free walking and running in the game, while resolving her frustration in reality. Yang Rui entered the game himself after more than half a year after open service!


Yang Rui, who was born again, knows the business opportunities in the game, so he almost spent entire ’s financial resources and even bought himself a helmet, so Little Hui is a little worried about life problems!


“It’s okay, Little Hui, if it’s not what I imagined, I will quit the game as soon as possible to seek other ways!” Yang Rui comforted, but his eyes were full of firmness.


If it is placed before rebirth, Yang Rui will certainly not be desperate.


“Well, I believe elder brother!” Little Hui replied readily. She didn’t actually worry much about this issue. Who made her own big brother has always been very opinionated, consider very comprehensive!


The time soon came to open service. Yang Rui helped Little Hui wear a helmet and adjusted a comfortable posture. After taking a deep breath, he slowly and firmly put on the helmet.


“In this life, my Yang Rui is back! I am sure to be solved by the suspicion of reality to chase to kill!”


Everything is black and then bright, Yang Rui enters the game interface.


At this time, the characters in the Yang Rui game are in a loft, and the workmanship of the loft is very exquisite, carved beams, beautiful, and ancient China fan of full, which makes the Yang Rui that has long been away from this game also feel bright.


However, Yang Rui did not waste time to pay attention to these. He knew that the next step was a series of promotional videos and a question answering session. Yang Rui, who is familiar with the game, chose to skip directly!


The player participating in the answering session has a certain probability to obtain an talent, and can affect the allocation of attribute point! However, some people have done statistics in the previous life, and the player people who obtained talent are scarcely tens, and the basic attribute point of each character is no matter how it is distributed, the total value is the same, all are 30 points, otherwise the attribute point reward will affect the game Balanced?


“Welcome to” War of Worlds “, you are in the background of China Region Three Kingdoms, please name your game character!”


After Yang Rui chose to skip a few interfaces, a beautifully dressed npcbeauty appeared in front of him, worthy of 100% virtual body sensation, Liu Yao, crisp chest, fat buttocks, it is simply beautiful! It is completely impossible to see that it is npc!


Fierce Sun!” Yang Rui replied casually.


“Identify the game, start the identity binding, please wait …, dna confirmation is completed! EEG frequency locking is completed! attribute setting is completed …”


“Your character message is as follows:


Title: Fierce Sun


talent: None


profession: None


prestige: 0


Identity: commoner


merit: 0


rating: zeroth level


martial power: 6intelligence: 7politics: 9commander: 8




Money: 100copper coins


Are you sure? “


“OK!” Yang Rui answered quickly without wasting much time.


In fact, each character has three opportunities to randomly assign attribute point. Yang Rui randomly glanced at the four-dimensional attribute point and found that the martial power item is a bit low, but at the beginning, martial power6 was barely enough, but the blood volume would be a bit Just thin, in order to save time, Yang Rui did not choose random attribute point.


The scene in front of me is changing again. Yang Rui appears in Newbie Village. At this time, Newbie Village is still quiet, I believe that most player is still dealing with the guide npcbeauty!


Go to village chief quickly, Yang Rui is reported, and then find the boss of medical shop under the guidance of village chief. Here is a gather quest. By the way, come to the booth of butcher and pick up a quest that collects rabbit meat. Run outside Newbie Village.


Although the previous game Yang Rui has more than a year of game time, Newbie Village is a Special Dungeon. There are not many message that can be remembered. There should be many newbie strategies and the like in the previous forums, but who will care about those after the newbie period Something!


Recently, Yang Rui also recalled and compiled some newbie rush leveling information, but I remembered a few small quest. He remembers a few classic quest of the big map, but that has to wait until Newbie Village after level 10.


Even before the peak of Newbie Village player, Yang Rui rushed out of the Newbie Village East Gate mouth and rushed towards the scattered white rabbits. By the way, “Gather” was used to collect quest items of rabbit meat.


The system gave newbie only a wooden stick of attack power1-2, a small bag of gold wound medicine and an almost defenseless cloth. If you want to leapfrog, it ’s just yy, so at the beginning of this stage, the most cost-effective The way is to fight rudimentary or even mob.


In “War of Worlds“, except for humanoidnpcmonster, other monster rarely drop valuable things. Fortunately, no player character has a basic Gather to collect some materials. In addition to completing a small quest, you can also Sell ​​it to the system shop for a few small money, but the profit in the middle is very small.


10 has passed in the past minutes. With a big white rabbit falling under the Yang Rui’s stick, Yang Rui quickly rose to more than first level, and the quest collecting rabbit meat has already been completed, so while still near the door, the distance Newbie Village is relatively close, and quickly returned to the village to find butcher‘s booth and collect quest.


There are not many exps provided by such quest. If you wait until the level is higher, then quest will not play much role!


Sure enough, after handing over the rabbit meat collection quest, the Yang Rui’s experience has already reached the position of first level and 70~80 percent, I believe it will not be long before it can rise to second level.


At this time, there are already scattered players in Newbie Village, some ran around to find quest, some ran directly outside the village to bully the big white rabbits, and some were still standing there left Looking at the right, you may not have reminisced from the high-virtual shock of this game.


“Do n’t know the Newbie Village of lil sis now?” After Yang Rui handed over quest, he thought while running out.


However, there are so many Newbie Villages in the game. Yang Rui knows that there is almost no chance of being in the same Newbie Village as younger sister. If you want to join her, you can only wait until the big map.


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