The Sovereign’s Ascension Chapter 1997: The storm is not over



The first thousand nine hundred and ninety-seventh chapter


As soon as Feng Yu let go, Feng Wuji dashed forward and fell towards the Zangjian Lake. At the same time, four figures fell down, carrying away the severely injured and unconscious Feng Shaoyu.


Although Lin Yun’s last blow was terrifying, the Ancient Seal of Heavenly Dragon saved his life after all.


Feng Wuji didn’t deliberately restrain his breath, the powerful Sheng Wei spread out, which brought pressure to others.


This is to give me a chance to win, Lin Yun secretly said in his heart.


He put all the sword intent into his body, tried his best to resist the opposing coercion, and then did not humble and bow.


“I have seen the owner.”


Lin Yun said softly.


While speaking, he handed out the Tianlong Seal booth, and his eyes remained on it involuntarily.




Before he had time to look more, Feng Wuji stretched out his hand and directly snatched the ancient seal of the Heavenly Dragon.


“This is the sacred treasure of the mountain villa. Even if you really take it away, you will definitely not be able to use it without the corresponding secret technique.” Feng Wuji looked at Lin Yun.


That’s hard to say, Lin Yun muttered in his heart, I’m afraid that only he has heard the voice of the Eight Fiends acknowledging the Lord.


“Also ask the owner to give the sword.” Lin Yun retracted his thoughts.


The purpose of this trip, after all, is the Supreme Sacred Sword. The other party values ​​the Tianlong Ancient Seal so much, and he doesn’t want to cause trouble.


Feng Wuji did not continue to be embarrassed, and directly patted it with a palm between his hands.




The thousand-bladed great sword hanging in the air shattered, and a holy sword shining with golden flames appeared abruptly like the sun.


The light was so brilliant that many people squinted their eyes involuntarily.


“It turned out to be inside.”


Lin Yun’s eyes condensed slightly and looked up. The sword was hidden in the sheath and was not really out of the sheath. Even so, its Shengwei was so powerful that it was shockingly powerful.


“Is this the oven sword?”


“The method of casting the Supreme Sacred Sword has long been lost. After this sword is lent out again, Cangjian Villa does not know if there is any Sovereign Sacred Sword.”


“I heard that the casting method has not been lost, but it requires a profound master to cast successfully, and Kunlun has no such master.”


“This sword is extraordinary. It is not an ordinary Supreme Sacred Sword. It can be combined with Chi Xiao to be comparable to a magic weapon!”


There was a lot of discussion from all sides, countless eyes fell on the furnace sword, and the eyes were full of greed and envy.


The Supreme Sword!


If this is obtained by any force, a top powerhouse will be born in an instant, and it can exert all its power in the hands of the Great Sage.


With the oven sword in hand, if his own kendo background is strong enough, even if the emperor realm comes, he can barely contend.


“What a great sword, I actually gave it to an outsider.” Above the sky, Zao Wou-ki looked at the Oven Sword, his eyes showing a deep greed.


Above the Heavenly Fault, many leaders of the Sword League showed a look of sorrow, and his words expressed the aspirations of many Sword League Holy Land.


“What? Do you have an opinion?”


At this moment, a cold voice came, and Zao Wou-ki shivered involuntarily.


He looked back and found that it was the woman next to Feng Wuji who was talking before, and the other’s eyes had a cold killing intent, which made him shudder.


Zao Wou-ki was terrified, and he quickly said that he didn’t dare to dare, but he was quite angry.


What’s the origin of this woman? She looks like a direct line of the Hidden Sword Villa, but she is facing outsiders from beginning to end.


What is the charm of Ye Qingtian!


He was very angry, but he didn’t dare to show it, so he was very aggrieved at the moment.


Feng Yu coldly hummed: “Don’t make bad ideas, otherwise, this lady won’t let you go.”


Zao Wou-ki’s pupils shrank sharply, and he didn’t dare to look at this person’s gaze again. How could she even see through my thoughts.


On the Lake of Hidden Sword.


Feng Wuji took the Oven Sword, the dust-covered sword for thousands of years, and the Holy Light came in with a little bit of restraint. All the holy light finally entered the simple scabbard, making the sword look extremely heavy, and there was a breath of time flowing.


“The name of this sword is the oven, not in vain. Once the sword is pulled out, the vision of the prehistoric sacred furnace can be born, and the light of the sun can be released from the sacred furnace.”


“It is said that a part of the metal magic material of this sword is taken from the depths of the core of the sun.” Feng Wuji played with the oven sword with love, his eyes full of reluctance.


Lin Yun was anxious, but he was too embarrassed to urge the other party.


After Feng Wuji slowly read it, he sent the sword to him very reluctantly. Lin Yun did not reach out to catch him politely.




After catching it, he immediately felt a sense of resistance, and the other party hadn’t completely let go.


Lin Yun looked up and said: “What does the owner mean? I have already returned the ancient seal.”


“Don’t get me wrong, little friends.”


Feng Wuji said in deep thought: “Can you tell me why you can manipulate the eight evils of the ancient times? My Feng family does not pass on the secrets of the ancient times. Could you do it too?”


Lin Yundao: “Yes.”




Feng Wuji’s eyes lit up.


Lin Yun smiled and said: “You lend this ancient seal to the junior for one year. After a year, the junior will tell each other all the secrets.”


Feng Wuji’s complexion changed. Just when he was about to get angry, he saw the other person’s rather determined look, and couldn’t help but secretly say, is there really a secret that I don’t know?


Lin Yun thought about how to flicker in his heart, and said without moving his face: “In addition to the four major congenital astrological signs, there are also supreme astrological signs in the heavens and the earth. From ancient times to the present, the number is no more than one hundred.”


“In fact, in addition to the one hundred supreme astrology, there is also a supreme astrology, which was born in the ancient years, but it is extremely secretive and few people know.”


This is true or false, and Feng Wuji is uncertain about it. Is this astrology related to the eight evils of the Primordial Age?


If there is such a supreme astrology, it is impossible for my Hidden Sword Villa to not know.


But if not, then how to explain that the other party can control these primordial evils.


“You are right, this astrological aspect can indeed manipulate the eight evil spirits, and the eight evil spirits are only the tip of the iceberg.”


Lin Yun seemed to see through the opponent’s thoughts, and when the opponent was in a state of uncertainty, he fiercely used his force to **** the Sacred Oven Sword.


“Thank you.”


Lin Yun smiled.


Feng Wuji woke up in shock and looked at each other angrily.


Lin Yun didn’t rush, and smiled: “If the owner is interested, you can contact me at any time. I only need to borrow for one year.”


Feng Wuji sternly said: “Do you think I will believe it?”


Lin Yun smiled and said: “Believe it or not, it doesn’t matter, what about other things?”


“What is it?” Feng Wuji asked.


Lin Yun said sternly: “The Heavenly Gang Sword and the Sun Sacred Pill, which is rewarded by the champion, I said three days ago. I want them all.”


Feng Wuji took a deep breath, this guy is so crazy, he still remembers this.


“It will take some time to recast the Tiangang Sword, you can stay for another half a month.” Feng Wuji gritted his teeth.


Lin Yun pondered for a moment, and said: “After half a month, the owner sent someone to Tiandaozong to bid farewell.”


After speaking, he turned around and left without giving the other party a chance to think about it.


If the oven sword arrives or leaves early, the Heavenly Dragon Seal and the championship reward are both open to question.


The Supreme Sacred Sword is too hot, Lin Yun didn’t want to stay for a moment.


“Ye Qingtian…”


The Master of Purple Thunder looked at Lin Yun, who was holding the Sacred Sword of the Oven, with an incredible expression in his eyes.


He couldn’t even dream that Ye Qingtian actually got the Oven Sword. This would surely be a great event in Kunlun.


“Go first.”


Lin Yun winked at him.




Peak Master Zi Lei woke up, the two accelerated, and walked towards Jianzong Station as quickly as possible. Others haven’t fully reacted yet, and for a while, they can’t accept the fact that the oven sword is just gone.


“Perhaps you can really lend him the Tianlong Seal to try.”


Feng Wuji was looking at Lin Yun’s back, and Feng Yu’s voice rang in his ears.


Feng Yu continued to laugh and said: “Brother, maybe there is this astrological sign, the old man also appeared before, I think he might see something coming.”


“Really?” Feng Wuji asked in surprise.


Feng Yu said: “It is mostly true, otherwise you think about it, why does the old man become so happy?”


Feng Wuji is thoughtful, if he can really grasp the secrets of this supreme astrology, even if he borrows the Oven Sacred Sword, it won’t be too bad.


Furthermore, the Tianlong Seal is only loaned out for one year. With the secrets of the Tibetan Sword Villa, I am not afraid that the other party will not return it.


Suddenly, he woke up, if this was false, his Supreme Sacred Sword and Heavenly Dragon Seal would have been given for nothing.


“Sanmei, what is the relationship between you and him?” Feng Wuji lowered his voice.


If something goes wrong, there must be a demon. The third sister is a bit too good to this kid, maybe it is for him to come back alone.


The third sister is so temperamental that even the old man can’t control it.


“What does it matter?” Feng Yu smiled, and said playfully in his heart, I won’t tell you!


“Should not…”


Feng Wuji thought of a certain possibility, and his expression became subtle.


“Nothing?” Feng Yu’s face turned red, and said angrily.


Feng Wuji lowered his voice and said, “Isn’t it your bastard…”




Feng Yu was angry and angry, gave him a fierce look, and walked away.


Is it right?


The more Feng Wuji thought about it, the more he felt it was possible, and then he secretly said that if he is really the illegitimate child of the third sister, he has an explanation for his talent in kendo.


If you think about it this way, it doesn’t seem to be a loss. Turning around the Supreme Sacred Sword is still in our Feng family’s bloodline.


Go to Heaven.


Zhao Wuji looked at Lin Yun’s leaving back, his eyes were vicious, and his face was extremely gloomy and terrifying.


Jiang Yunting and Gu Zijing are quite calm, they are still immersed in Lin Yun’s amazing kendo talent.


“It’s a pity, I didn’t see the complete Firefly Thirteen Swords.” Gu Zijing sighed softly.


Jiang Yunting nodded and said: “I really want to see, in his eyes, the thirteen fireflies swords enter the holy scroll, what is the true meaning.”


Gu Zijing smiled and said: “But it’s worth it. It’s worth seeing Double Sword Star.”


Jiang Yunting said: “You are too easy to be satisfied. Ye Qingtian said that there are three ways to defeat Feng Shaoyu. I am really curious. What are the remaining two.”


The two talked softly, only thinking that the trip was worthwhile. Although the championship was lost, they were still convinced.


“The Supreme Sacred Sword is lost, and you two can still laugh. This kid doesn’t know how arrogant he is in the future!” Zao Wou-ki despised.


Gu Zijing frowned slightly: “He must not use this sword himself. There is a Heavenly Jade Sword Sage in the Tiandao Sect. This sword must be obtained for this Sword Sage Master.”


“With the status of the Heavenly Jade is enough to be worthy of the Oven Sword. In the future, the Tibetan Sword Villa will be in trouble. The Heavenly Jade Swordmaster will certainly not stand idly by. Brother Zhao need not be too narrow.”


Tibetan Sword Villa has always been doing this business, which is why the Tibetan Sword Villa is so appealing.


It’s just that this time, I didn’t lend it to Jianmeng.


“Oh, that would be fine if he can take it back.” Zao Wou-ki snorted coldly, not paying attention to the two of them, glanced at them, and several people immediately followed him.


Jiang Yunting and Gu Zijing looked at each other, and then said: “The matter is not over yet. Ye Qingtian is going to take the sword back. It may not be easy. Maybe… it will be extremely happy and sad.”


Gu Zijing said calmly: “Zao Wou-ki had grievances with him before, and he will definitely not let it go, but wait and see, this night Qingtian dared to ask for the sword alone, by no means without support, if Zao Wou-ki bears it down Well, if you can’t bear it, hehe, I’m afraid the gods can’t save him.”


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