The Sacred Ruins Chapter 1661: Take your own way (free)

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The kid who used to only scream now has grown up. He has already understood what the scene ten years ago represented. The grandfather who was lying in the corner of the street awake and awake actually died. He was lonely and ignorant at that time. He was ignorant and didn’t understand at all. Looking back now, he was sad and thankful and grateful.


If you hadn’t met the gray-haired young man with tears in that , he might have starved to death and froze to death by the roadside for many years.


Chu Feng is getting more and more peaceful. although has a heartache and blood has been poked, but after so many years of recuperation and adjustment, he has adapted.


Moreover, his eyes are getting brighter and brighter, as if a fire is burning in his heart, reflected through his eyes, to burn all .


That is his unyielding fighting spirit, the light of his surging soul, burning blazingly, becoming more dazzling and dazzling!


This is also the majestic and majestic fighting intent that was raised in the ruin of the mind and the world. Although he is silent, he is ready to go on the road at any time!


The boy of the past, Chu Kang of now feels that his adoptive father is different. There is thunder in his body, and there is lightning dormant, and eventually a will bloom.


In those days, Chu Feng was so sad that he adopted him with tears. He is not old, but his heart is already great changes, so the children can feel his sadness.


Over the years, Chu Kang found that his adoptive father’s eyes became more and more peaceful, until occasionally a lightning beam flashed across his eyes. He realized that there were many “stories” in the adoptive father’s past, hurt, tired, and now The recovery has awakened the strong belief inherent in my heart!


“Good boy!” Chu Feng is very fortunate to meet such a child. The child was kind, fragile, timid, and sensitive at first, and he could detect his mood when he was young.


He can change, and has a lot to do with the little mute who used to be only screaming. He treats him as a parent and child, makes up for a shortcoming in his life, and realizes the affection and affection that seed father and son can have.


So, his cold heart and decadent spirit are constantly changing, because he doesn’t want a child to be infected by his gloomy emotions. He must laugh, be peaceful, and be sunny. He wants to be by his side. Of children can grow up physically and mentally and happily.


Chu Feng has no reservations about him, as a parent-child, dispelling the gloom and taking care of him as he grows up.


This is an era of utter spirits that is even more terrifying than End of Law Era. It has ruined the path of all practitioners. Few people can practice. Even if they barely entering the Sect, the final words are just low-level Evolver.


Chu Feng cultivated Chu Kang with heart. Although limited by the dry land of and the incomplete world, children could not make rapid progress, but it still made him embark on a solid road.


However, Chu Feng sighed slightly, even if he did his best to pave the way, in Chu Kang’s state, he could not set foot in the realm of longevity.


This land is not suitable for evolution at all, and it has completely eliminated everyone’s prospects.


Even if it is Chu Feng himself, it is not mortal world immortal yet. In this age of extraordinary spirits, if you can’t make great efforts to cross the moat, you will end up in the loess.


This is the “remaining ruins years” more terrifying than End of Law Era.


Nowadays, all roads are broken. After the First World War in the past years, the Dao collapsed, Order was torn apart, and three more high creatures cut out the Will of Heavens with a single knife, splitting the destiny, and burying Immortal King, the remaining knife marks are still rippling. , Many times have passed, I am afraid they will have an impact.


Chu Feng sometimes sighed slightly. Even if he has a magical method, it can help Chu Kang embark on this road, but this heaven and earth is lacking, the law does not exist, the spiritual energy is dry, everything is ruined, and Chu Kang exhausted most of his energy. It is difficult to get through the road ahead, and at most it can only live for one or two thousand years.


In the past, this was unthinkable. Many Evolvers that are not very strong have life essence for thousands of years.


For those with advanced strength, it takes tens of thousands of years.


Not to mention, there are old monsters that have survived from prehistoric times, and their lives are too long.


Chu Kang is very open. He is not old at although, but he is very open-minded. In his own words, he is a little dumb and little beggar who will starve to death on the roadside. He can live well and grow up smoothly. Adults are much luckier than many people, besides, he never thought about longevity.


Chu Feng can only nod his head silently. This is no longer his era. In this superb land, what else can you expect?


Besides, everyone’s mood is different.


In recent years, Chu Feng has discovered a terrible fact. In time, in the years, silently, the legends of the old heroes have been dimmed, blurred, and finally… wiped out!


Take Chu Kang as an example. This is a young Evolver cultivated by Chu Feng with all his hard work. It is extremely rare in this ruined world. I am afraid that there will be no such person in the same generation.


However, he can’t remember the names of those former wise men.


It should be noted that when he was very young, Chu Feng began to be used as a story over and over again as a myth, telling him the songs and tears of the people.


In his childhood, Chu Kang used to be very fascinated. He haunted him every time, wishing to let him talk all night, telling the past of the heroes and the heroic spirits of die several times.


However, as time went by, the hero’s past that Xiaotong could even recite in his childhood was gradually forgotten by him.


During his growth, Chu Feng tried and told the true stories many times. although soon attracted Chu Kang’s mind and was very interested in listening, but before long, he would still be ignorant. Forget about it.


Now that Chu Kang has grown up, in the Age of Absolute Spirit, he is already a rare and extraordinary Evolver, but those people, the heroes who have existed in history, can only stay in his mind. For a short moment, when Chu Feng finished speaking, those memories would soon disappear from Chu Kang’s mind.


Even, in recent years, even Chu Feng itself has a little strangeness to some brilliant old silhouette.


It made him horrified, scared, how could he forget those people?


On one night, he once held the wine jar and walked alone among the broken mountains and rivers, reminiscing about the former hero, he told himself that he would never forget.


In the end, even though the silhouette in the bottom of my heart was slightly dim, he still kept those pictures, and those people and things that made him sad, will always hide in his heart.


He knows that it should be related to stone jar. If he didn’t have it, he might have forgotten everything.


The terrible Ertu, the ancestor of terror, the ruthless Immortal Emperor’s the Will of Heavens with a knife, they buried the world, not only the mountains and rivers, but also the splendor in people’s hearts, are buried in the past, and the scenes are tragic and magnificent. The past is obliterated, and the last traces left by those who can be sung and weep are also erased.


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In the following years, Chu Feng was convinced that everyone in the entire world had forgotten those who had guarded the starry sky of Katayama, and forgotten that there used to be a group of silhouette that had turned into blood and light. People remember them.


No need to think too much. Although Chu Feng can’t leave this broken Greater World, it can be guessed that the same is true among other creatures Greater World.


Those people who shed tears when they think of it, those heroic spirits, have been completely forgotten by the world, disappeared from the entire ancient history, and were completely wiped out.


This , Chu Feng is extremely sad, carrying wine, alone in the ruins.


At the same time, he thought of the broken worlds and the bleak voice of all heroes die’s on the battlefield: “Who can write and write the heroic deeds after the ages, I’m afraid that after the ages, the autumn wind will sweep thousands of hills. There is only a ruin left, Sage has no trace in the world, and there is no way to remember…”


Thousands of years have not passed, there will be no trace of them in the world. Chu Feng has the urge to cry for seed. This is alone among the broken walls and looking up at , sitting alone on the rubble, and has not moved for a long time. .




Chu Kang is married and is a smart and charming girl in the small town. In fact, they have known each other a long time ago, and they often interacted and interacted with each other when they were young.


Chu Feng had begun to teach this girl’s evolutionary method in the early years. He observed and recognized her behavior, and hoped that she could accompany Chu Kang for a long time in the years to come.


Years have flew, more than a hundred years have passed, Chu Feng‘s gray hair has completely turned into gray hair, time has not left much mark on his face, on the contrary, judging from the hair color, it seems that he is younger.


Chu Kang and his wife are steadily moving forward on the road of spiritual practice, but they are in the wrong time after all. With the full help of Chu Feng, the road although has not been broken, but the bright side cannot be seen.


They know that, after all, they are just the losers fighting for mortal world, and they will die in the end.


However, they have no regrets. There are many children and grandchildren. In this era, they are far better than ordinary people, and even better than countless Evolver.


Chu Feng has not reached the level of the legendary mortal world fairy, unable to tear this Greater World, which means that this piece of is always inseparable, and it is impossible to walk around in the old place.


He was convinced that he had never been to this world before.


At the end of World War I, the Empress took action and sent a few people away. It was an unpredictable way. Chu Feng doesn’t know what kind of Greater World this is now.


Obviously, when the empress took advantage of the ancestor to retreat into the plateau, she just did her best to create some random ways of life, and she couldn’t predict where the end would be.


Over the years, Chu Feng watched Chu Kang grow up. He began to leave the small town often, and the time was getting longer and longer, walking among the mountains and rivers, searching among the ruins. He wanted to find more traces of the past, and he was also comprehending. My own method and path appear in the cities with living creatures from time to time, and I feel that seed seed in mortal world is real and vivid.


Thousands of years later, Chu Kang’s wife has grown old and is no longer supported. In this era, this is a rare longevity in Cultivator.


In the last time, she was very reluctant, and took Chu Kang’s hand. The once smart and bright girl is now full head with white hair, very old, and wrinkles on her face.


Chukang took her hand and comforted: “Don’t be afraid, I will be with you soon.”


They have deep feelings, and there is no fear in the face of death. Some are just reluctant. They have long agreed to be buried together after death. They are also husband and wife underground, and they will not be separated.


“No, you will come later.” The former young girl, now the aging and obscure old woman, had tears in her muddy old eyes, her eyes softened, and told him not to rush, don’t rush, she doesn’t allow him See you in advance.


Chu Feng is here. Looking at this scene, he once again feels that this is the parting of life and death in mortal world. In fact, it has a little similarity with the death of their generation back then. It is the supremacy of human beings. It’s the ego that makes one suffocating, and makes his mood fluctuate.


More than a thousand years later, Chu Feng‘s gray hair has turned into black hair, and he seems to be in better shape.


Finally, Chu Feng cuts his wrist and uses his own blood as medicine to extend the life of Chu Kang’s wife.


The effect is amazing. In the age of this heaven and earth, where the medicinal properties of all herbs were degraded, his blood queen was already regarded as the most precious medicine.


Chukang’s wife survived and even became a lot younger.


Chu Feng also prepared blood for the old Chu Kang, but he hesitated, only drank a little, then knelt in front of Chu Feng, and said: “Father, I…have no ambitions. I never thought about it. To live a long life and to be able to meet you is the greatest fortune of my life…”


He was kind and grateful since he was a child, but found that there is nothing to repay Chu Feng. It seems that he can only be with his father to be the only return.


However, he knew that he could not go on for a long time, after all, he was going to accompany his wife to die.


Chu Feng nodded, he didn’t force to stay, because he couldn’t keep it. In this era, even he has to fight for it, and he will have the chance to achieve the mortal world fairy status with all his strength, and he will have to experience death.


He has no way to let Chu Kang, who is determined in his heart, accompany him on the road. In fact, he can’t help people change their lives against at this stage.


More than eight hundred years later, Chu Kang and his wife finally reached the end of their lives. Finally, the Chu Feng rushed back to see them off. They struggled to get up and kneel down, but they were immediately stopped. On that day, the two of them left with a smile and peacefully.


Chu Feng is sad. In this era, the two are already regarded as the most important people to him, and are regarded as biological children.


He buried the two in the chosen cemetery with his own hands, staring at them for a long time, not willing to leave.


mortal world refines the heart. He doesn’t want to involve his family, but he can’t avoid it. He just wants to accompany his children through his life, respect their choices, and finally still have to face this sad picture of seed, see With two children slowly dying of old age.


although he didn’t want to face it like this, but it was naturally in line with the course of mortal world asking immortal roads, deliberately defeating, genuinely successful, and born naturally.


In this dilapidated land, there is no spiritual essence to be absorbed, and the essence of is thin. Only by crossing and understanding in this mortal world can you become the strongest body, and with the once broken heart, it will be immortal The beliefs, such as the formation of the pearl in the shell, the entanglement of flesh and sand, and the bloody, can the strongest will be tempered, and only then can it surpass other fairy-level Evolver’s Dao Fruit.


The last family member passed away, the whole world is vast, independent, Chu Feng sighed, really can never see his contemporaries again.


Chu Kang has many descendants, but after many generations, they don’t know Chu Feng, and Chu Feng doesn’t want to have too much intersection with those young faces. It’s sad.


After sending away his relatives once, he doesn’t want to experience it a second time.


After that, Chu Feng completely left this small city and walked towards the boundless depths of the earth, passing by the kingdoms of the seed clan one after another, and walking through endless mountains and rivers.


During this process, Chu Feng never used the only remaining seed child in stone jar. Even though he sometimes found the rare mutated soil, he just kept it away and did not try to make the seed child take root.


The battle for mortal world has just begun. He must go on firmly, break the shackles by his own strength, and achieve mortal world cents.


As for the seed son, he did not give up, but waited until he broke through on his own, and then went to experience the pollen road, to see if he could make up for himself and even improve in the same Realm.


Because he wants the most powerful Dao Fruit!


His enemy is too strong. If he can’t reach the extreme in every realm, then his practice is meaningless.


The road ahead is terrible. The several ancestors in Ertu gave him a boundless sense of pressure. Even Huang and Ye died in battle. How can he go to a decisive battle alone?


At this stage, he hasn’t had any way to kill the ancestors, and some can only be down-to-earth, steadily moving forward, and taking the strongest path!


No matter which evolution system it is, mortal world cannot be bypassed. This is a necessary node, so he put down the seed child.


Even, he is already trying to figure out his own path. Anyone who wants to reach the pinnacle and truly invincible under must have his own unique path.


“Those who learn from me live, those who resemble me die.”


This is among the dead heroes. If someone warns future generations, it is passed down from generation to generation. Chu Feng feels that it is indeed very reasonable and priceless.


No matter how high your is, no matter how good your aptitude is, if you can’t get out of your own way in the end, it’s just a clumsy imitation of others and you can’t get to the highest point.


Only oneself can understand what is the most suitable for oneself. One’s own perception and the path of spirituality is the strongest one.


Pre-learning the human method, reading the scriptures of the sages, that is accumulation, that is the initial path, and finally, you must have your own way.


Over the years, Chu Feng has been groping forward in order to take the strongest path.


The method of the pollen road, he has various seed methods, in addition, the scriptures of the demon Monster General empress also passed to him, this is a priceless treasure, you can understand, you can learn from it, and look back and improve your own path.


Thinking of Yaoyao, even if many years have passed, he felt a moment of congestion in his heart. He felt sad, it was a pity, it was a pity, such a woman who shines in the world, if she was given time to grow, what field would he go to? Unpredictable, her gift is too amazing, there is no upper limit.


“Actually, I already have a direction.” Chu Feng whispered softly. Over the years, he has roughly determined the way he wants to go.


However, at this stage, it is still mainly based on accumulation, and it is not time to fully embark on one’s own path.


All of this will have to wait for him to become an mortal world cent, and then go to in-depth research.


Accumulate, continue to consolidate the mortal world road, study each seed scripture, and build the strongest foundation before opening up its own road in the future.


When Chu Feng was approaching ten thousand years old, his black hair was completely white. He touched the snow-like hair, and there was a moment of silence. He is getting old in this fabulous age.


He has not yet become a fairy. If this continues, he will inevitably experience the death of mortal world recorded by his predecessors.


He didn’t want to avoid it, and he couldn’t avoid it.


“Back then, although used the time Supreme Treasure to practice, and life essence was somewhat depleted, but in that era, I survived from the heyday of blood energy. Compared with the present world, the loss of life essence is not a lot.”


After all, in that era, many powerful Cultivators could easily live millions of years.


Chu Feng deduced that according to his physical condition, in this era of utter spirit, he can live more than 10,000 years, at least there are more than a thousand years to live, and if you are more optimistic, maybe thousands of years of life.


The path of pollen evolution, there are many scripture left by predecessors, and there is even the path that the female emperor has walked. The invincible brilliance seems to be transmitted through the eternal time and space.


Chu Feng studied and began to prepare for the death of mortal world.


He firmly believes that he can succeed, and at the end of this road, before he is old, he can live a new life.


Thousands of years later, Chu Feng‘s whole body blood is dim, and the whole body is extremely aging, almost sitting in the middle of the years, but there is a ball of light in his body that does not extinguish, it is a ball of blood essence, which is soft at first, and becomes more and more in the end. The brilliance.


This is the first mortal world death he has experienced. He has already been boldly trying, preliminary exploration and stepping out of his own way and method, using the body as the mountains and rivers, portraying Domain, and nurturing the blood medicine.


The aging body is the soil of mountains and rivers. A group of blood essence, which was specially intercepted in the early years, was cultivated in the body Domain. Now, the fragrance of medicine is tangy and the life is blooming.




In the end, Chu Feng‘s body was shattered and disintegrated, but it was still in a **** state, with vigorous vitality, remodeling of flesh and blood, and recombination of the body full of vitality. He glowed with a new breath, powerful The new force surged towards the limbs.


Chu Feng came back to life, thick black hair was scattered, strong and like the flesh and blood of immortal gold flashing with crystal luster, full of amazing power, at this time his Essence, Qi and Spirit was unprecedentedly abundant and powerful!


“I have lived a second life!” Chu Feng muttered to himself, as confirmed by the records in the ancient book, he was very clear about his own state.


He is very strong and initially succeeded, but the mortal world immortal status has not been achieved yet. In the Age of Absolute Spirit, he is only living a lifetime now, not immortal in the true sense.


In the following years, Chu Feng figured out all kinds of evolutions scripture, and spent more time studying Domain. Obviously, his way fell on Domain.


Someone told him a long time ago that his Fu on Domain is better than the practice Fu.


However, becoming a leader in this field of Domain has never been his goal, and it is still the case now. He is only using Domain to create a different evolutionary path of his own.


Time passed, and another life was coming to an end. Chu Feng was old again, and this time the lifespan was longer than the previous one, which is extremely amazing in this age of utter spirit.


In this life, Chu Feng uses Domain to combine the spirit to construct each seed Domain rune in the soul firelight, so that he can face the mortal world death of this life.




When this life is close to the that sits on, the soul sea of ​​Chu Feng exploded, but a crystal-clear soul seed was reborn from the fire, grew in the exhausted flames, became stronger, and then attached to the old body. , With a bang, in the fierce and dangerous transformation, he got a new life.


As the years go by, Chu Feng sees the sadness and loneliness of the great world alone. In this big land where he is, I don’t know how many generations have been changed.


He worked hard to live, constantly fighting against the death of mortal world. Many thousands of years have passed. Every time he completed the transformation with difficulty and thrill before sitting, he finally lived out the fourth life.


When there was an , Chu Feng walked to the small town again, and wanted to see the place where Chu Kang once lived, he found that everything had changed, extremely strange.


Many tens of thousands of years have passed, and he is a fourth-life rebirth for him, but the world does not know how many times have passed. One crop after crop of people die of old age, and the original city has long been in ruins, farther away. , There is a powerful human kingdom dominating this territory.


In fact, this seed country has changed too much, and there are simply too many to count.


For tens of thousands of years, the world of ordinary people has changed the blue sea turned into mulberry fields. The world has gone up and down, all of which are different, and it is difficult to find traces of the original.


Chu Feng walks in a huge city on this land, which is not known how many times larger than the small city of the year. The city is full of traffic, people come and go, and shoulders are rubbing shoulders. It can be said to be prosperous to its peak.


But in this mortal world, Chu Feng walks alone, and all he feels is the incomparable dejected, the world is silent, as if he is the only one alive. The people in the rolling mortal world passed by him, and then quickly went away. He sighed and walked alone.


Time advances in an unstoppable trend. Chu Feng himself almost forgot how many lifetimes he has experienced. In the end, he used mountains and rivers as rice paper and large land as the background to splash ink on his own life picture.


Shanhe was engraved with Domain and became the “mother” that gave birth to his new life. In the end, he succeeded. He walked in with an aging body and walked out with a new immortal physique!


In this new life, he did not age any more. He knew that he had lived for many consecutive lives and continued to resolve the death of mortal world. In the end, he succeeded. The first life was stronger than the first, and he was completely promoted to the mortal world fairy realm. Strong Dao Fruit.


“I’m standing at a new starting point, and I will finally take my own way!” Chu Feng muttered to himself, having already swept away all the decadence, now he has a strong belief, even if his own strength is not enough, but Make up your mind early to wipe out the bad soil and destroy the strangeness!


It’s just that, looking back, he also sighed slightly. After all, he couldn’t find a companion. There are no contemporaries for a long time, and the whole world is vast. He is the only one who is still on the path of evolution. Long, no newcomers!


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