The Legend of Futian Chapter 2847: Congenital fetish



However, Ye Futian is happy to see the situation at hand.


Before, countless eyes of the Six Realms were staring at Ye Digong, and they also stared at him. Now, Ji Wudao has attracted the attention of the world, and the practitioners in the Land of the Seven Realms are talking about Ji Wudao, even , Ready to deal with the heavens.


As a result, the gaze focused on Ye Digong was shifted, which was equivalent to buying time for him to practice.


Now, what he lacks most is time. Because of the difference in the flow of time in Xiaotiandao, one or two years outside is very precious to him.


This is also the reason why he rejects the human world. He believes that even though he is now able to deal with the emperor, but is not yet qualified to participate in the ultimate game, he is still the first in practice.


The practitioners of Yedi Palace continue to enter the Xiaotiandao, and at the same time order the people of Yedi Palace to report news at any time, and Fang Gai decides whether to report to him.


In the outside world, despite the turmoil, it is not so easy to take action and it takes time.


In Ye Futian’s Little Heaven’s Dao world, the rules and order of this Fang Xiaotian Dao are becoming more and more perfect. Everything between heaven and earth begins to operate in its own order. Become complete.


At the same time, in the process of practicing in this world, the rule and supernatural power they feel will feed back to Xiaotiandao, so that Xiaotiandao will give birth to corresponding rules and orders. This is self-evolution and creation ability. Ye Futian was also extremely surprised.


Ye Futian has not practiced recently, but has been observing the operation of the world. He found a very interesting situation. The operation of the whole world is full of various disorder, but there is order in the disorder, as if Following a certain supreme law, this law may be the born consciousness itself.


Ye Futian is able to directly affect the existence of Heavenly Dao consciousness. This heavenly Dao consciousness was born because of him.


Therefore, Ye Futian began to think about another thing, how to apply this discovery, and perfect Xiaotiandao to make it stronger?


Ye Futian closed his eyes and wandered in the world of heavenly path. At this moment, he seemed to have entered a state of no self. Without himself, in the dark, he turned into heavenly path and became one with heavenly path. .


All cultivators can see clearly, and even feel the flow of any ray of breath in them, and he can also feel the meaning of any ray of the world in this world.


He saw everything in the way of heaven, perceived various orders, such as Yin and Yang, the Five Elements, etc., he saw space, and even vaguely saw time.


He even wondered, if one day he can completely control the time order and see time directly, before him time is not illusory, but real, then whether he can intuitively see the past and the future, or even enter To a certain time point in the past and the future.


Among the Buddhist classics, he has read many Buddhist scriptures, some about time, and even the past Buddha, the future Buddha, and the present Buddha.


What is the ultimate goal of practice?


Is the ultimate state pursued in different ways of practicing the same?


The avenues are connected, and he faintly feels that the end of the practice should be the same. No matter what the way, Buddhism says, we are just choosing which way to reach the other side.


So, what is the end of practice?


Is the ultimate realm the way of heaven?


What is the way of heaven?


These seem to be a bit obscure, and Ye Futian’s realm is still unbreakable.




The outside world has been turned upside down.


Not long ago, a battle of conquest broke out in the heavens. The four realms joined forces. Many imperial powers attacked the heavens, unimpeded all the way, but in the heavens, outside the ninety-nine heavens, they were in trouble. Can’t even enter the ninety-nine heaven.


Until the four emperors made a move, breaking the ninety-nine layer of barriers and attacking them, but Ji Wudao used the power of heaven to enter the practitioners, and Ji Wudao directly obliterated and swallowed them. Several great emperors stayed forever. When the powerhouses withdrew, they were almost intercepted and the entire army was wiped out. The four emperors used the supreme divine power to forcefully break the ninety-nine heaven and rescue people, but they were outside the ninety-nine heaven. Hesitated and did not go in.


After stopping for a month outside the ninety-nine layer, the army retreated. After all, the four emperors did not appear and entered the ninety-nine layer.


They are not afraid of Ji Wudao, but the heavenly path. No one knows how powerful the heavenly path is. No one knows what will happen if they enter, whether they will be left forever like the fallen emperor. ?


This battle shook the seven realms, and all the worlds were unable to obtain the Heavenly Emperor Palace. This battle also means that the Heavenly Realm will return after all, and it is unstoppable. Ji Wudao dared to kill a great emperor in the first place. Strong confidence.


After this battle, it also means that if you want to break into the ninety-nine heaven, only the six emperors of the current world can do it personally~ Renzu officially invited the five emperors to enter together. In the ninety-nine heaven, Ji Wudao was killed, lest he messed up the world.


The Buddha Realm still does not participate, and Emperor Donghuang still refuses to participate in the war.


The gap between the human world and the Shenzhou is getting deeper and deeper, and even, they have already joined forces with the devil world, and no one knows how they will go in the future.




Such a big event happened outside, but Ye Futian knew nothing about it. He was still immersed in his own practice. After Fang Gai learned the news, he still chose not to disturb Ye Futian’s practice. He and Ye Futian thought that Consistently, recuperate and grow stronger, this is Ye Di Palace’s first priority.


As for how the outside world changes, it has nothing to do with them for the time being. Even if it is related, it is not eligible to participate in it.


At this time, in Ye Futian’s heavenly world, he is still immersed in the state of selfless practice.


Unconsciously, time seemed to have passed for a long time. A light appeared between the heavens and the earth, and practitioners in different places in this world saw this light, and it fell down along with this light, penetrating infinitely. Space runs through the entire world.


Everyone’s hearts are beating violently, looking up at the place where the light is. It is a sword, a divine sword forged by the rules of heaven.


“This…” Taishang Jianzun and the others were beating, and Xidi couldn’t help his pupils shrinking, staring at the sword.


They have all experienced the ninety-nine layer of heaven, and the scene before them is so similar.


“According to the legend, when the heaven and the earth were born, due to the rules and order, some congenital supreme fetishes were born, bred from the heaven and the earth.” Xidi murmured, making the hearts of those around him tremble.


Is Ye Futian’s world also giving birth to innate fetishes!




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