The Legend of Futian Chapter 2688: God’s eyes peeping



Outside the mountain range where Mahuraga is located, many powerful people gather here. They have all been expelled. Their mood is still not calm. What happened before is too terrible. Mahuraga wakes up and devours the world. I don’t know how many spiritual practitioners lost their lives in an instant.


Many of them are sect forces and have suffered heavy losses.


“Disappeared.” When Mahoruga’s will dissipated, they could clearly perceive that the sense of horror disappeared. Could it be that Mahoruga was sleeping again?


Also, why didn’t Mahuraga swallow them completely before?


“Does the meaning of Mahuraga contain spiritual wisdom?” someone whispered.


“If there is spiritual wisdom, why did you choose to let us go?” Someone asked, somewhat curious, puzzled, and wondering why Mahuraga let them go so easily.


It seems that something is not normal.


“Huh?” The Supreme Sword Venerable looked for him, but found that Ye Futian and Xichi Yao, who had fought with him before, had not come out. They were trapped in it like themselves, fighting against the will of Mahoruga, but It shouldn’t fall into it, right?


“Where are the practitioners in the Ziwei Imperial Palace?” Someone asked, as if they had discovered that the practitioners in the Ziwei Imperial Palace had disappeared. They hadn’t seen them, which made them feel a little weird.


“I saw all the practitioners in Ziwei Imperial Palace and Xidi Palace before. I should be waiting for Ye Futian and Xichi Yao, but why haven’t they come out yet?”


Ye Futian and Ziwei Imperial Palace were quite attractive. After all, that road was originally broken by Ye Futian, but now he didn’t come out and naturally attracted attention.


The Supreme Sword Master’s eyes flickered, his eyes penetrated the space and looked inside, then his figure flickered, turning into a sword light, and even entered the mountain range again, he wanted to see. Why haven’t the practitioners of Ye Futian and Ziwei Imperial Palace come out?


“Huh?” Other cultivators saw this scene with a strange look in their eyes. The Supreme Sword Master entered, and other strong men hesitated and hesitated.


They, do you want to go in too?


It didn’t take long for the Supreme Sword Master to enter, and the horror of Mahuraga came to life again. Inside the mountain, there was an extremely terrifying aura that made the hearts of outsiders beat, and the thoughts just now were instantly suppressed. If the Supreme Sword Sovereign enters, can he come out alive?


At this time, the Supreme Sword Master stood in the mountains, shaped like a sharp sword, and looked up at the illusory figure of Mahuluga above the sky.


A huge phantom of Mahuraga gathered together and appeared directly above his head, staring at him.


The Supreme Sword Master did not have the slightest sense of fear, his eyes were like sharp swords, staring at the huge figure above his head, this space was suppressed to the extreme.


“Xiaoyou Ye?” Taishang Jianzun asked in a low voice, somewhat uncertain, tentatively.


There is a possibility that the previous doubt can be explained, that is, Ye Futian controls the will of Mahuraga, and therefore, controls this world.


The huge face of Mahoruga stared at him, and then, there, a white-haired phantom condensed appeared, looking at the Supreme Sword Master and said: “Senior has good eyesight.”


Seeing Ye Futian’s appearance, the Supreme Sword Sovereign was quite shocked, and said: “Awesome, I didn’t expect that Ye Xiaoyou actually controlled the meaning of Mahouluojia, I admire it.”


“Senior, please come in.” Ye Futian said, and then the phantom disappeared, and the terrifying will on the sky also disappeared.


The Supreme Sword Master glanced inward, walking inward, and continued towards the direction of the ruins.


Outside the world, the cultivators have not waited until the Supreme Sword Sovereign returned. After the terrifying will dissipated, the Supreme Sword Sovereign did not come out, which made them show a strange color.


Sovereign Sword Master, he won’t offend Mahuraga and be swallowed by Mahuraga, right?


No one dares to take risks anymore. Although there are many doubts, if the practitioners of the Ziwei Imperial Palace and the Supreme Sword Sovereign are really swallowed because of the anger of Mahuraga, wouldn’t they be a dead end if they enter?


They can only wait outside.


In the space inside, where the ruins are, Supreme Sword Sovereign entered it and saw Ye Futian.


Before they were fighting for the inheritance of the Three Gods Sword Emperor, Ye Futian took over the sword of the Supreme Sword Emperor, and the Supreme Sword Master kept his promise and ceded the inheritance of the Three Gods Sword Emperor to Ye Futian. Therefore, Ye Futian was right The Supreme Sword Sovereign still has some good feelings. It is not a simple matter that the Emperor can still keep his promise in front of the Great Relics. After all, if the Supreme Sword Sovereign must inherit the inheritance, they are not easy to deal with.


“Senior.” Ye Futian said with a smile.


“You surprised me.” The Supreme Sword Sovereign walked forward and walked towards Ye Futian and said: “I have felt the meaning of Mahaluga. It’s hard to resist, but I was swallowed by you, although I was swallowed by you before. I have heard of your name, but I have never taken it too seriously. Now it seems that the potential is endless. It coincides with the great changes today, and there is a chance to walk the way of God.”


“The predecessors are absurd.” Ye Futian said: “There are many inheritances here, and there must be suitable for the predecessors. As the predecessors said, if the land changes today and the ancient continent appears, the will of the gods will find successors. I hope that the predecessors can also inherit the meaning of the great emperor and take that last step.”


“Why did you let me in?” Taishang Jianzun asked. His coming means that at least one emperor-class inheritance must be taken.


Ye Futian controls the meaning of Mahoroka, if he wants to deal with him, he is afraid he will not be able to enter here.


“Senior and I have a good relationship, and admire the demeanor of seniors. Now in this troubled world, I naturally hope to make more friends.” Ye Futian said, don’t mind flattering Taishang Jianzun.


“You know how to talk.” Taishang Jianzun nodded and said: “In that case, I have made a friend of Ye Xiaoyou. I am much older. Calling Ye Xiaoyou is not too much, right?”


“Of course.” Ye Futian smiled and said: “Senior, please do it yourself.”


“En.” The Supreme Sword Sovereign nodded: “I wait for the practitioners who are not born to the emperor-level forces, and it is inevitable that I will suffer a bit. The stronger you come, here Xiaoyou Ye is able to seize the site of the Mahaluga ruins, which is one of the eight tribes, but it is also commendable, so you should hurry up and practice.”


“The predecessors are extremely true.” Ye Futian nodded: “Now that the world is about to change, time is really pressing.”


“Cultivation.” Taishang Jianzun’s figure moved in one direction, and Ye Futian looked over there.


Nowadays, there are cultivators in the Ziwei Imperial Palace, experts in the Western Imperial Palace, and the Supreme Sword Sovereign. The lineup is also very strong. Although there is a gap with the imperial powers, it is based on Mahuraga. The implication is that there is no problem in controlling here, unless the emperor-level forces in the future invade.




The surrounding area of ​​the Ruins of Mahoruga became extraordinarily quiet, and no practitioners dared to set foot in it. The powerhouses can only go to other places to practice. They still have places to practice, and the seven emperor-level forces have found them one after another. After completing the eight ruins, allowing them to enter the ruins to practice, although the core area is controlled by the emperor-level forces, there are still the ruins of the great emperor in the periphery.


In addition, on this ancient continent, there are many other places where there are ruins.


As time passed day by day, eight ruins were born one after another, and they were found. As many people expected, they were actually divided up by the emperor-level forces.


The forces of the celestial realm, they found the relics of the celestial beings, the ruins of the ancient heavenly court, which was extremely shocked. Some people wanted to go to practice, but they were stopped and defeated by the cultivators of the celestial realm, and even killed many practitioners.


Makai, they ruled the ruins of the Garuda tribe, where there are the ruins of the demon lord.


The ruins of the Ashura tribe were found in the Dark God’s Court.


The human world has found the remains of the **** of music Gandapo.


Shenzhou found the relics of the dragons


Sky God Realm found the remains of Yasha.


The Buddhist realm found the remains of Kinnaruo.


Finally, the remains of Mahuraga is the only one that has not been controlled by the emperor-level forces. It is said that no one has ruled it so far, and the will of Mahuraga has revived.


As everyone knows these last eight relics are controlled by Ziwei Imperial Palace.


Because the top forces have found the relics, they are temporarily busy practicing and enlightening, and there is no time to invade other relics. But as time passes, people in the spiritual world begin to spread across this ancient continent. I don’t know how many people. Once here, the major relics have been occupied one after another, or inherited by practitioners.


However, there was no conflict between the emperor-level forces. After all, you had to digest the ruins you controlled before you could invade other places.


This kind of calm lasted for a year. After the relics of the eight parts appeared, this ancient continent seemed to have formed a delicate balance, but in other places outside, the continent still remained constant. Terrorist battles broke out and never subsided.


On this day, outside of the remains of Mahaluga, a powerful practitioner came. This practitioner was shrouded in Buddha’s light, and his cultivation was terrifying. He was indeed a Buddha-level figure in the Western Heavenly Buddha Realm, God Eyes. Lord Buddha.


He stood outside the ruins of Mahoruga, and a divine light shot out from his pupils. Above the sky, there seemed to be a pair of eyes. The horror reached the extreme, passing directly through the boundless space, towards the depths of the ruins. Go, he wants to see what’s in this ruin!


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