The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 284: Xiao Yun’s Extra – Lost Love 2


When the first ray of sunlight in the morning penetrated the darkness, the two heavy ebony doors of the Yang family with nearly a thousand years of history were opened.

Xiao Yun had not slept all night and looked at the Yang family disciples who were filing out in blue training uniforms with bloodshot eyes.

As an ancient martial arts family, morning exercises that have been practiced every day for nearly a thousand years are an unbeatable project. The first item of morning exercise is morning running.

On one side of Lu Jing’s body, her head hit Xiao Yun’s waist who was about to open the door and get up. He shook his head and rubbed his still confused eyes. The first thing he felt was that his throat hurt and his mouth was so dry, like a dry pond about to burst. Blinking, looking at the place where he was now, he finally remembered that he had spent several hours last night trying to persuade his friend to stay away from the wrong path. I talked until my mouth was almost filled with smoke, and I actually fell asleep at the end.

Oh~ My waist is making a “crunching” sound. Compared with what is said in ancient books about “throwing a knife at your friend’s expense” or something like that, this act of righteousness by the young man is no different.

Lu Jing, who was about to say a few words, felt that the wall of flesh against which his head was resting seemed to be leaving, and quickly grabbed her: “Ayun, what are you doing?”

“Go to morning exercise.” Xiao Yun opened his friend’s hand, looked at the figure that he had been dreaming about for two years, and ran decisively towards the girl.

The waist-length black hair was **** in a high ponytail, flying and swaying with every movement, making his heart rise and fall. Flawless and jade profile, perfect outline, serious and firm expression. The cyan training uniform was no different from anyone else’s, but it wrapped around her slender body and made her look charming and energetic.

How blind was he in his previous life to be able to turn a blind eye to her?

The young girl’s silhouette illuminated his dark eyes little by little with the sunshine, and together with the morning breeze blew his withering heart.

The disappointments of the previous life and the unrequited desires of another life have all turned into obsessions in this life.

Yang Qiqi is his, and he traveled back in time just to make up for his mistakes. This is an opportunity given to him by God, this time. He must hold her in the palm of his hand, treasure her in his heart, and take care of her carefully.

“Ah~ why the **** do I have to worry about this brat!” Lu Jing rake her hair manically, her originally stylish and beautiful hairstyle has become a bird’s nest. But he no longer cared about it. “Damn! I’m not his wet nurse, so don’t care. It’s all their old Xiao family’s business anyway.”

Lu Jing sat on the driver’s seat, and after a “boom”, the Thunderbird M5 flew away under the surprised eyes of the Yang family’s children.

Thunderbird m5 is a top-notch car.

When they went out, they immediately saw this lemon-yellow car parked under the opposite tree, and they couldn’t help but be surprised.

Even if it was amazing, I only took two more glances. The Yang family, who comes from a top family, is not a country bumpkin who has never seen anything. Therefore, they were more interested in the young man in a black shirt and white trousers who got out of the car.

“Huh? My guess is indeed correct. This Thunderbird M5 is the car of the second young master of the Xiao family.”

“Speaking of which, why did Mr. Xiao come to us? It looks like he stayed out all night. Did he spend the night in the car?”

The Yang family’s children are very familiar with Young Master Xiao. Who told him to run to the Yang family when he was caught unawares? During the winter and summer vacations, they depended on the Yang family, who looked more like a child of the Yang family than they did. but. This Second Young Master Xiao, however, has little intersection. His circle is different from Yang Qiqi’s.

Everyone looked at Xiao Yun running towards their eldest lady, Yang Qiqi, with strange expressions.

It can’t help but be weird, because Xiao Yun’s expression is so abnormal.

The blazing look in his eyes and the smile he couldn’t help but raise were so similar to the look on Young Master Xiao’s face when he looked at their eldest lady!

Everyone rubbed their eyes. Then it was confirmed that the young man running beside Yang Qiqi excitedly was not Xiao Zong pretending to be him.

So, is this going to be a romantic drama about brothers competing for a girl?

Xiao Yun ran to Yang Qiqi’s side in a nervous and excited mood, ignoring the Yang family’s children in front, behind, left and right. Walk alongside her. Under her curious and doubtful gaze, two words appeared on the tip of her tongue that lingered in her heart countless times.

“Qiqi.” These two simple words contain too many emotions.

Sweet, happy, cautious. Ashamed and looking forward to…

“Hello, Xiao Yun. What’s the matter?” Yang Qiqi was very familiar with Xiao Yun and had some understanding of him, but he didn’t have much contact with him. He was in the same circle as Lu Yue and Lu Jing. However, he likes to associate with older people such as Xiao Zong and Zhu Jianhang. She didn’t understand why this person appeared here at this time and looked at her like this.

“Qiqi, I want you to be ready. From today on, I will officially pursue you.” Xiao Yun looked into her eyes and said every word.

The people running around screamed “Oh~” in unison.

“It’s not fun at all for you to make such a joke.” Yang Qiqi was stunned for a moment, then rolled her eyes and didn’t take it seriously at all.

Xiao Yun grabbed Qiqi’s arm, pulled him out of the team, crossed the road, and reached the opposite tree.

“What are you doing? Let go and talk it over.” Yang Qiqi frowned, put her fingertips in his mouth, and easily broke away from his hand. Then, she looked up at him with some displeasure.

“I’m serious, Qiqi. I’m here today to prepare you mentally. I know that Xiao Zong is several years ahead of me, but you will find that I am better and better than him. .” Xiao Yun stretched out his arms to support the tree pole, held her in his arms, and breathed in her body fragrance almost greedily.

“I don’t know.” Yang Qiqi pushed his arm away and ran back to the team.

“Qiqi, you will be mine, Xiao Yun, and you can only be mine.” Xiao Yun put his hands to his mouth and shouted to the person who was leaving.

The Yang family’s children did not dare to tease their future clan leader, so they all whistled at Xiao Yun.

Several people who were friends with Xiao Zong secretly recorded videos and sent them to the same number – Young Master Xiao, your cousin is trying to steal your corner~

So, Xiao Zong, who was running on the playground in a vest and sweatpants, took out the vibrating communication device from his pocket. Looking at the numbers that were all sent from the Yang family, his heart tightened and he quickly dialed Come on. Then, the more he looked, the darker his face became.

“Zhao Yue, I have something to go home for. You can ask the teacher for leave later on for me.” He casually caught a boy in the same class and ordered.

“No problem. Feel free to go back.” It’s an honor to serve Young Master Xiao~

Xiao Zong returned to the dormitory and hurriedly took care of himself before driving home.

Because the Thunderbird was driven away by Lu Jing, Xiao Yun had to take a taxi back home. Because it’s after breakfast. My grandfather and father went out to work, but my mother was at home. She kept nagging whenever she saw him.

“Mom is young and beautiful. It’s great.” Xiao Yun changed from his usual nonchalant attitude. Today he listened patiently to his mother’s words and then stepped forward to hug her in his arms.

Mrs. Xiao was stunned. After a while, she blushed in embarrassment in her son’s arms. As a “young and beautiful” mother, of course it is not easy to nag like an old lady. Thinking she understood her son’s plan, she clenched her fist and tapped his back gently: “Cunning bad boy. I won’t say anything more. But, don’t stay up all night in the future.”

“Yes, Mother.” Xiao Yun’s eyes were a little wet.

You don’t know how precious it is until you lose it. During the two years in the animal world, my grandfather’s crutches, my father’s scoldings, and my mother’s wordiness were all precious memories.

Have breakfast. He went back to his room to catch up on his sleep. The long-lost room and the familiar big bed made his heart settle down, and he fell asleep quickly.

When I woke up at noon, I saw a familiar stranger in the hall downstairs. The two entered the study room with a tacit understanding and had a secret conversation.

Sleek black short hair. Broad forehead, thick sword eyebrows, high nose, narrow and sharp eyeliner, sharp chin and thin lips. There is a shadow of the cousin who died young in the memory of the previous life, as a cousin. His appearance is also similar to his own. However, he looked old and steady, without the frailty in his image. It seems that he has strengthened his body over the years. The sequelae of poisoning were completely overcome.

This is the variable in this life, my biggest love rival, my cousin Xiao Zong.

“I know where you come from.” Xiao Yun said, observing that the other person’s expression remained unchanged, but his pupils shrank instinctively, and he knew that his guess was correct.

“Of course I am from T Alliance University.” Xiao Zong looked directly at the other party, “Xiao Yun, I know you went to Yang’s house this morning. However, Qiqi is mine, and I don’t want you to take it to her Confused.”

Xiao Yun put his hands in his trouser pockets and looked down at the man sitting on the chair: “You have been here for 11 years and you seem to have adapted well. Is this a paradise for you? Look at the streets. They are all beautiful women, why do you need to hang on to Yang Qiqi? This is not the beast world, and allegiances are too funny. As the eldest grandson of the Xiao family and a top student at T Alliance University, what do you want? Don’t have any women? You can even have several women. And Yang Qiqi should have been mine.”

“What are you talking about?” Xiao Zong thought about how this cousin knew his biggest secret, but he would not be stupid enough to admit it. “No matter how many women there are out there, what does it have to do with me? I only have seven or seven in my life.”

“What a stubborn guy.”

That afternoon, the Great Elder Xiao Zhongping arrived angrily upon hearing Xun, followed shortly by Xiao Yinlong.

Each person was given a few canes and then punished to kneel in the ancestral hall.

Two got into a fight over a woman. It was so embarrassing.

The reason why Xiao Yun was punished was because he insisted on stepping in even though he knew that Yang Qiqi and his cousin were in love, which was absolutely unforgivable.

The reason for punishing Xiao Zong was that he was four years older and practiced martial arts with the head of the Yang family, and actually attacked his own brother. Fortunately, it was still a bit measured. It looked scary, but it was just a flesh injury, not a muscle or bone.

After Xiao Zhongping punished his two grandsons, he then beat Xiao Yinlong to vent his anger.

The son’s failure to teach is the father’s fault.

If a son wants to steal his brother’s lover, it would be a dereliction of duty for a father.


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