The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 282: Final ending


Two of the only three female saints in the Taisu Empire were captured alive by Yang Qiqi in the territory of the Chidu Empire.

This is living evidence of Taisu Empire’s wild ambition and provocation against Chidu Empire.

This is also the first time that the female Saint Yang Qiqi of the Chidu Empire has intimidated her neighbors, declaring her strong combat power and her unswerving stance in protecting the Chidu Empire.

Lou Yuan took the remnant of his troops and escaped Chi Du’s pursuit. After sacrificing Yuan Ying and most of his followers, he finally returned to Tai Su’s palace.

Standing under the torture rack, holding the hanging leather rope with one hand, naked from the waist up, gritting his teeth and enduring the whipping. The thickest part of the specially made whip is only as thick as a little finger. It is black and shiny, but extremely tough. Every time the wound was pumped on the back, thin lines would be left, and then the wound would become red and swollen, and the blood would be wrapped under the skin and would not flow out. Such wounds destroy not the flesh but the muscles and bones. The pain reaches the bone marrow and penetrates deep into the soul.

Loulang sat on a chair and watched the execution in person, his face sinking as he looked at the criss-crossing scars on his only son’s back.

Twelve lashes, and if you continue to hit them, it will really damage your foundation, and it will not be easy to recover through nursing.

The torturer quickly took a look at His Majesty the King’s face. When he saw that the other party had no intention of stopping him, he really wanted to cry.

Being able to kill many brothers and sisters and become the only heir to the throne, there is no doubt about Lou Yuan’s ruthlessness and scheming. And no matter how big a mistake he made, he would still be Taisu’s next king. And for me, the thug who crippled the future His Majesty will definitely end up quite miserable. If His Majesty doesn’t watch the execution, he can let him go and make a good deal to his future master. Now, it can only be done.

Who did he provoke? ! If possible, he would be willing to be whipped on behalf of the Ninth Prince. Even if it is disabled, it is better than being chopped into pieces later.


Lou Yuan is tough, but when it comes to twenty lashes. Finally unable to hold on to the leather rope, he knelt on the ground. The breath he was holding was released, and he slowly fell forward. But people. But he still didn’t faint. He tilted his head and looked at his father on the seat.

He was the one who came up with the plan, and he also took the people away. The two female saints were captured, and he has an unshirkable responsibility. In particular, when Chi Du’s letter of guilt was delivered to Taisu before him and offered a ransom of twenty cities, the whole empire was in an uproar. Lou Lang faced criticism from civil and military officials and petitions from people everywhere. The same forceful suppression as in the past is no longer effective. Only Lou Yuan could stand up and bear the anger of the people and calm their grievances.

On the plate at hand, there is still the guilt letter. The tone inside was tough and the content was arrogant: If the ransom of twenty cities was not paid, the two female saints would be auctioned off to the Lanlu Empire and the Fengjian Empire like goods. And officially declared war on Taisu.

Once upon a time, Chi Du still acted based on Tai Su’s face. Even if they were bullied into the house, they would not dare to say a word as long as they did not expose their faces.

Just like the poisoning of Lou Ming back then, just like the subsequent collusion with the black market to kidnap Lingwu Hall Master Yutang in Heisha Mountain to lure Yang Qiqi out. Even if Chidu knew that Tai Su was in it. After that, it all came to nothing.

That’s because the Chidu royal family did not have enough cohesion at that time, the officials in the court were distracted, and the weak conservatives prevailed. In the Purple Level Saintess Church, the three female saints are too old. There was no successor, so the entire empire was not confident enough to dare to confront Tai Su head-on. However, since Yang Qiqi became a saint. Everything is different. As he said before, she is a flag that can unite everyone in Chidu around her. She gave Chidu the courage and courage to face Taisu head-on.

Lou Yuan is a hot potato now. He really wants to throw him to Chidu and kill him at will, as long as he can wipe out those twenty cities.

Unfortunately, no. Not to mention that although Chidu resented Lou Yuan, he would never think that he was worth twenty cities. Otherwise, he would not have been mentioned in the guilt statement. The most important thing is that Lou Lang is not too old, but he was injured by a female beast that he raped a few years ago. Doctors asserted that he had lost his animalistic instincts and his sowing career ended prematurely. In other words, now, if you want the bloodline of the Taisu royal family to be passed on, you can only rely on Lou Yuan.

So, Lou Yuan cannot die.

“Stop, the sentence is over.” The waiter understood the meaning of the expression on Lou Lang’s face and spoke quickly.

The thug quickly put down his whip and wanted to step forward to help the **** prince on the ground, but was beaten first by two of his attendants.

“Take it back to the palace and rest well.” Lou Lang’s voice was as cold as ice.

“Father…” Lou Yuan, who was sweating profusely from the pain, lay on the waiter’s back and shouted weakly as he passed by him. Lou Lang looked at him with a strange look in his eyes, filled with resentment, irritability, worry, anger, and other things at the same time.

Loulang didn’t respond, just nodded towards him. After they disappeared at the end of the dungeon, he said to the attendant: “Find ten fertile female beasts to enter the palace.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” This valet really knew him well and immediately understood his plan. “When will it be scheduled?”

Did you have such a plan during the execution? Therefore, there was no concern at all about whether it would hurt Lou Yuan’s muscles and bones. Because, from now on, there is no need for him to continue on the martial arts path. From then on, he will be a caged bird whose only function is to sow seeds and give birth to the next generation of the royal family.

“Three days later.” Lou Lang closed his eyes and gently placed his fingers on the guilt sheet.

Three days later, the Ninth Prince’s palace——

“Get out! Who let you in! Get out!” Lou Yuan lay on the bed, with his upper body bare, looking at the five female beasts filing in from the door, his face immediately turned black.

With the use of good medicine these days, the injury healed quickly, but the pain under his skin was still tormenting him. He knew that kind of whipping, and his body was destroyed after so many whippings. On the surface, the redness and swelling have all disappeared, leaving only a few invisible pink marks, but the foundation is damaged on the inside.

No matter whether it was a doctor or a waiter who came into contact with him, he could not get any useful information. When he was able to get out of bed in the morning, he wanted to go into the courtyard to take a breath, but was stopped by the waiter guarding the door. He knew that he was under house arrest. But now, when he saw these female beasts, he finally knew what his father planned to do with him.

Although he has no concept of chastity and has had **** with many female beasts before, taking the initiative to go to the bed of a female beast is completely different from being forced by several female beasts. It’s also a completely different mood. Moreover, the female beasts he had **** with before were not as stunning as Qi Qi. But at any rate, he has good facial features and is young and promising. They were all like these now, they all looked to be in their thirties or forties, and their looks were not chosen, and just looking at them was enough to make him sick.

Moreover, once he lets Lou Lang get his way, it also means that there is no value in using him.

But, can he resist? Of course not. The injuries were still serious, and they were outnumbered, and among them there was actually a yellow-ranked wood-type female monarch.

“Hey, Your Highness the Ninth Prince. We are here to prostitute you on orders. Your Majesty said that as long as we can successfully conceive your baby, there will be a reward of 5 million suo.” The female monarch tied him with a cane. The binding was strong, he turned over, and then touched his face obsessively. “However, I don’t care about the money. I’m just here for you. To be able to be obsessed with the handsome Aoi Aoi of Chidu to that extent, I think that her ability in that area must be quite outstanding. Let’s not talk about the skills first. This face alone is worthy of its reputation.”

She said regardless of his hatred in her eyes. She pinched his cheeks and forced her tongue inside.


With a “chirp” sound, the other female beasts tore his pants open, and then shouted in surprise: “It is indeed the name of a person, the shadow of a tree. The fame of His Highness Ninth Prince is not earned in vain. Capital It’s really amazing. Tsk tsk, it’s thicker and longer than the ones I have.”

Several hands struggled to rub his lower body, and someone touched the red cherry on his chest.

Lou Yuan struggled, and the wound on his back hurt even more, as if it was being burned by fire. The great shame in my heart could not stop my body’s instinctive reaction. Amidst their exclamations again, someone stepped on top of him, and with a heavy push on his hips, he sank into a sticky place.

“Holy shit…” As soon as the tongue was inserted out of his mouth and he cursed two words, his mouth and nose were blocked by a huge mass of black flesh.

The female beast who stuffed the **** rabbit into his mouth smiled extremely lewdly: “Fuck? Don’t worry, there are five sisters today, you can **** them. Hehe, it is said that there are ten of them in total. Oh, let’s take a break. Our sisters will definitely drain you dry today, leaving no food left for the five of you tomorrow.”

The female beast on the side looked at Lou Yuan and rolled her eyes, and quickly pushed her black flesh, exposing his nostrils: “Be careful, you can make people unable to breathe.”

“Oh, I was so excited just now that I didn’t pay attention.”

The female beast that was rising and falling on Lou Yuan was so happy that she screamed: “I have played with so many beautiful male beasts, but this is my first time riding a prince. It is so exciting.”

The obscene sounds and gossips were endless, Lou Yuan endured the physical torture, and in his mind he thought about asking for something but not getting it, like Yang Qiqi in the clouds. He also thought of Aoi, who was chasing him that day, with a determined killing intent on his face that was neither sad nor angry. And there was Ye Ji who died tragically after being penetrated by a wedge of earth. At the last moment, was her head turning around, right? She wanted to take one last look at him, but because Lou Yuan was behind her at that time, she was unable to do so.

Both Aoi and Ye Ji are the ones who truly love him.

Is he in this situation the retribution for taking the oath of allegiance as a joke and toying with the feelings of one female beast after another?

When Lou Yuan reflected on his actions for the first time, he sowed his own seeds…

After ten days of court meetings and discussions, Taisu ceded twenty cities near Chidu within the final time limit. But after picking up the two female saints Chengguang and Qing, they immediately launched a sneak attack, hoping to take advantage of the fact that the people of the twenty cities were not yet stable and Chidu was unable to control them all, so that they could get them back. Unexpectedly, Chidu had already prepared, and Yang Qiqi’s personal visit made the people of the twenty cities surrender in a very short period of time and became real Chidu people. Therefore, the scene imagined by Taisu officials to cooperate inside and outside to drive out the invasion did not happen. As for the military confrontation, the hawks represented by Cheng Zongwu in the Chidu Empire are not vegetarians, and are even stronger than them. At the end, Taisu’s three female saints all went to the front line, but were defeated by Yang Qiqi alone, and Cheng Guang was seriously injured.

Cheng Zongwu led the Chidu army to advance towards Taisu’s the fleeing troops, they were unstoppable along the way and conquered eight cities in a row.

Taisu proposed peace, but Cheng Zongwu refused and captured two more cities.

Lou Lang had no choice but to surrender and pay tribute every year from then on.

Two years later, Lou Yuan died on the bed in the palace, emaciated. Lou Lang’s only son died, but he was not sad because one of the ten female beasts who killed Lou Yuan was pregnant. This posthumous child can finally escape the tragic fate of the children of the Taisu royal family, and no longer has to fight for his life with his brothers and sisters. As the only bloodline, no matter male or female, genius or fool, when the old king Loulang kicks his leg, the throne will be his or hers.

Fifteen years later, Lou Lang died in depression, and Lou Yuan’s posthumous son succeeded him. The first thing the new king did was to bring the empire’s territory and civil and military officials to join the Chidu Empire. (Complete book)


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