The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father Chapter 1: You ate my child!

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Boom–! !


The thunder that shook the sky seemed to sound in my ears, and Mu Yan woke up from the trance.


The burning pain from her body made her groan painfully.


She opened her eyes slowly, only to realize that she was lying in a small, dark enclosed space.


There was a faint smell of medicine on the tip of the nose.


Where is this?


Mu Yan is trying to run the profound energy in the body–


Innate warriors can see things even in the dark.


However, suddenly, a piercing pain hit.


The meridians of the whole body, as if torn by some hot force, will break at any time.




Mu Yan let out a painful cry and fell down. The intense pain made her whole body wet with cold sweat.


What happened?


She remembered that she had just reached Innate Dzogchen.


My friend Gong Qianxue found a body-building pill for her to help her step into the first realm of the path of cultivation-body-building.


Qianxue accompanied her to the Thunder Peak, and under the rotation of profound energy time and time again, nine days of thunder tribulation came.


Mu Yan clearly remembered that she withstood eight sky thunders.


You only need to block the ninth sky thunder to advance to the forging state.


But then, she felt a sharp pain all over her body and passed out.


Could it be that she failed to cross the catastrophe?


Mu Yan was panicking, suddenly a dazzling light came on from above.


She reluctantly opened her eyes to look, and when she saw the beautiful face that appeared above, she immediately said in surprise: “Qianxue!”


However, Gong Qianxue did not greet her with a smile as usual, but looked at her contemptuously.


Mu Yan felt something was wrong, she forgot to look around, only to realize that she was in a pill furnace.


The face of Gong Qianxue came in through the hole above the pill furnace.


“Qianxue, what’s going on? Is it because I failed to cross the catastrophe, so you are trying to treat me?”


Gong Qianxue was startled at first, and then couldn’t help laughing: “Jun Muyan, you are really stupid than a pig? Even now I think I am doing it for your good.”


“What do you mean by this?”


“What do you mean? Haha, do you think I gave you the bodybuilding pill to help you survive the thunderstorm? Idiot, tell you the truth, the bodybuilding pill can really help you survive the thunderstorm, but it’s mixed in. Very poisonous. When you experience nine heavenly thunders and begin to train your body and soul, the poison will attack.”


“Stop kidding.” Mu Yan struggled to get up, her voice hoarse and eager, “Qianxue, I know you like to play pranks with me. This is fake, right? You don’t mean that I am your best Friends?”


“Best friend? You are worthy of being a lowly woman from an inferior country?!” Gong Qianxue sneered, “Why do you think I’ve tried my best to use the best mysterious medicine to make you reach the innate? Dzogchen? That’s because your body contains a trace of immortal essence, and that immortal essence can only be stimulated after experiencing the ninefold thunder tribulation. Haha, just like you now, is my best alchemy Material.”


“Alchemy materials?” Mu Yan was cold all over, feeling that her world had collapsed at this moment.


Since that incident, she doesn’t believe in anyone in the world.


But he regards Gong Qianxue as his best friend and relative.


For Gong Qianxue, she learns to configure mysterious medicine and learn medicine.


For Gong Qianxue, she was born and died to break into a dangerous secret for her, just because she said there was something she wanted in it.


But now, Gong Qianxue tells her that all this is fake!


She treats herself well, just wants to use her body to refine pills? !


At this moment, a gentle voice of a man came from outside the furnace.


“Junior Sister, the mysterious medicine is ready.”


“Brother trouble!” Gong Qianxue’s voice immediately changed from acrimonious to a soft grateful gratitude.


Jun Muyan saw the face exposed from the hole above the pill furnace, changing from Gong Qianxue to a young man.


She knows this man!


He is Gong Qianxue’s senior in Tiandaozong, Jianfeng, is a genius alchemist.


I saw Jianfeng throw the profound medicine in his hand into the pill furnace, and gave her a sneer and pity.


“Brother, will the alchemy this time be the same as it was when the immortal fetus was refined ten years ago? The immortal power is too abundant and the fryer will eventually allow me to absorb and consume only one ten thousandth of the immortal fetus. Power.”


“Hehe, sister, don’t worry, with the previous experience, she will definitely not fail again this time. What’s more, she is just the mother of the fairy fetus, and the power of the immortal essence contained in her body is still incomparable to the fairy fetus. “


Listening to the conversation between the two, Mu Yan’s bloodshot pupils widened a little.


The fairy fetus, ten years ago, the mother…


No, it won’t be what she thought, the immortal fetus used for refining medicine could not be her child!


However, there was a voice in her mind clamoring wildly to tell her–


That is her child, her child was refined into a pill by Gong Qianxue!


“Gong Qianxue——!!!” Mu Yan abruptly stood up from the pill furnace, struggling out like crazy, “Gong Qianxue, where did the immortal tire come from?!!!”


Gong Qianxue’s bitter gaze swept across Jun Muyan’s beautiful face, and the jealousy in her heart almost overflowed.


She didn’t understand why Jun Muyan, a lowly woman from an inferior country, could be pregnant with a fairy?


The immortal baby is so powerful, it shows how the child’s father is supreme.


Jun Muyan, why? !


However, it’s okay!


Anyway, this fairy fetus has been eaten by her, and now even Jun Muyan herself will become her stepping stone.


Gong Qianxue showed a malicious smile and leaned close to Mu Yan’s ear and whispered: “The fairy fetus, of course, was cut out of your abdomen ten years ago! Haha, the seven-month-old baby, from You were still alive when you dug it out of your belly! When I was thrown into the alchemy furnace, you would make a scream, just like calling your mother!”


Mu Yan listened blankly, as if the child’s heart-piercing cry sounded in her ears.


The pain of piercing and eroding bones spread from her heart to every meridian in her body.


Her child, the child she thought was killed by the best relatives, the real murderer was Gong Qianxue!


Then what burned up was a bone-wrenching mad hatred: “Gong Qianxue! Gong Qianxue!! I’m going to kill you——! I’m going to break your body into pieces!!”


“Waiting for me to refine you into a pill and swallow it in my belly, then I will be able to achieve a faerie body that is rare in thousands of years. You want to kill me, next life! Hahahaha!”


The top cover of the pill furnace was closed, and a raging pill fire ignited under the entire pill furnace.


Gong Qianxue looked forward to Jian Feng, “Brother, please!”


“Don’t worry, Junior Sister.” The affection in Jian Feng’s eyes flashed away, “I will definitely let you get what you want.”


At this moment, a loud bang suddenly came from the alchemy furnace.


Gong Qianxue let out a scream, but she felt severe pain all over her body and was thrown out heavily.


Vaguely, she seemed to hear Mu Yan’s stern and crazy cry: “Gong Qianxue, even if it turns into a ghost, I will never let you go!!”


The flames exploded, and the entire alchemy room collapsed after shaking violently for a few times.




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