The Elysium Across Deep Space Chapter 37: No regrets in this life


“Practice is really slow.” Wang Xuan sat at the table by the window, and didn’t move his chopsticks much for the famous specialties on this planet.

He took a few sips of a drink squeezed from the bark of the tree. It was slightly bitter at first, and then a faint fragrance flowed slowly in his mouth, bringing out a little sweetness.

It has been nearly a hundred years since the Daoist paper was thrown behind the life soil. He practiced in the decayed world, and he deeply felt the difficulties of the extraordinary in such a big environment.

The mythology of the old center is completely over, including the struggling immortals, and those powerful gods and demons who stayed in the past are almost all dead.

The environment of the restaurant is very good. It is located on the 152nd floor of this building, overlooking the beautiful night view of the whole city. The neon lights are flashing, the fountains on the square are changing, and the mist and lights are intertwined with various beautiful scenery.

Sitting on the uninhabited meteorite in the cold universe for a long time, Wang Xuan felt that he was too far away from the fireworks in the world, so he re-entered the world for a walk.

In the distance, a sparkling river passes through the city. Under the night, the lights are flickering, some big boats and yachts are floating, and many children are putting wishing lamps by the river.

This bustling city night did make Wang Xuan slightly distracted, but it was only for a moment. There seemed to be a layer of veil, a layer of mist between this world and him, and there was a sense of isolation after all.

Just imagine, once he stomps his foot, the starry sky will go out, and with a flick of a finger, the nearby stars will be shattered,

This is no longer a world suitable for a foreigner like him to live in.

He was thinking about his own path, and felt that it was really slow to practice step by step.

“According to this speed, at least I need more than a thousand years, or even 1500 years, to enter the 7th Heaven of Yiren.”

The level of aliens is a very high level on the path of transcendence. The more you go backwards, the more difficult it is to practice, especially in this big environment.

This is not only the reason for the complete depletion of extraordinary factors, but also the collapse of rules, the collapse of order, and the increasingly blurred sense of Tao.

Of course, Wang Xuan is still able to practice. As a strange person, he is walking in the era when mythology has completely ended.

“I am used to standing in the bright and pure land, and now I am stepping into the decayed and extraordinary end of the world, walking alone in the barren soil of mythology, it is indeed a bit uncomfortable.”

It was like all kinds of exotic delicacies on the table. Although the store praised them as top-quality ingredients, to ensure freshness, they were airlifted from all over the world in exclusive spaceships, but Wang Xuan only ate two bites.

Being used to seeing all kinds of fairy banquets, and even being entertained with holy banquets in the demon court many times, he really has no feeling for all kinds of delicacies in the world.

Soon, Wang Xuan reflected and shook his head. He felt that his morality had improved too fast and too violently in the short term.

He thinks of his parents, but that is really tolerable. In the decaying mother universe, he sinks his heart, and has been ups and downs in the fireworks of this world for several centuries, and he never stays away from them.

Even their opponents are willing to lie dormant in the decay, seemingly innocent, and regard the bland and lonely remote universe as the best place to sharpen.

“When I was young, the old man selling wontons was once a strange person. He cultivated his mind in the world of mortals and was willing to realize it in the ordinary. This…how persevering, inspirational, and for the future Extraordinary guides the direction.” Wang Xuan said to himself.

“Unfortunately, he couldn’t go on. My father used the thunderstorm to cover up, and he was struck to death by a thunderbolt.” Wang Xuan shook his head.

If there are extraordinary people here, they will probably complain secretly when they hear this turning point.

Afterwards, he ate all the exotic delicacies, and decided to integrate well into the present world, so that the field of practice would “end its prosperity” and settle down.

“There is nothing in this world that cannot be changed.” Wang Xuan walked in the night scene of the city. Back then, this place was still a mythical planet, retaining various original features.

247 years have passed since the Great Migration of Mythology, and 184 years have passed since the Eternal Silence Black Umbrella expanded outwards. For more than 400 years, the world has been turned upside down, interstellar trade has developed, and spaceships have frequent exchanges.

It is reported that there was a celestial master here who missed the change of the source of the myth.

Extremely introducing scientific and technological civilization and developing the homeland, it is what it is now.

Some time ago, the respected old man passed away.

“The old center, the traces of the immortals are completely over.” Wang Xuan felt that in the past, he himself sent a generation away, and this time he went to see it by the way. As a result, he discovered that a group of descendants of that very accomplished old man were fighting fiercely for the inheritance.

“The extraordinary ends, and everything returns to the vulgar.” Wang Xuan went away. Since then, he has been practicing in the present world, calming his heart and living the life of ordinary people.

“Old Wang, although you have a tender face, it must have been more than ten years since you came here? After all, he should be close to 40. Let me introduce to you what’s wrong with that partner, what is his match Not for you, he has a car, a house, and a lovely child. Although you are young, you are actually an old bachelor. Don’t worry about it. If it weren’t for the girl, you are really in good health, good-looking, and have no bad habits. The temperament is not bad, why would you find an old man like you?” At the end, the woman laughed herself, making daily jokes and being a matchmaker.

This is a neighbor that Wang Xuan is very familiar with. Pi Li Pa La gave him a lesson, telling him that he should start a family. Although the words were slightly offensive, it seemed to be out of kindness. Seeing him alone for many years up.

“I regret it. When you first came here, I took the initiative to invite you to dinner and a movie, but you refused. Look, my daughter is about to go to college now, and you are still alone. , alone for so many years. Oh, that damned youth.”

Wang Xuan looked at the traces left by the years on her youthful and beautiful face in the past, sighed a little, and then saw that she was still so optimistic, he smiled again.

“Still laughing? You are really old.”

Wang Xuan smiled and shook his head. He knew that his life in this place should be over.

He said: “Zuo Qing, this is a gift contract, it has been notarized, there is no legal problem, I will give you this house.”

“Ah, what? I already have a family, what do you want to do?” Zuo Qing originally thought he was joking, and laughed along with him, but found out that he was serious, so she hurriedly asked: “What do you want?” Are you terminally ill?”

“No, I’m leaving. I’m going to end my peaceful city life and go where I should go. I wish you all the best in the future.” Wang Xuan stuffed some documents in her hand and turned back into the mist.

He stood on the boat, entered the boundless starry sky, traveled through the darkness, crossed the icy cold, and once again practiced alone on the edge of the universe.

15 years later, he came to Haichuanxing and met Su Tong and Ling Xuan. As he expected, the efficacy of the life-extending fairy fruit was greatly reduced compared to the rumors.

He felt it last time, and this time is no exception. It’s only been 35 years. The two of them are entering their old age again, and they can’t last long.

People who have experienced life and death really have a different state of mind. Their old age is very peaceful, quiet, walking with each other, always smiling.

It was not until Wang Xuan appeared that their emotions became very turbulent and they were very excited.

“Qin Cheng!”

“Old friend, you are finally here!”

“Having experienced death and seen darkness, are you going to continue on the road of immortality this time?” Wang Xuan asked.

“No, we feel that life has been completed.” Both of them shook their heads at the same time, with smiles from the bottom of their hearts.

This kind of answer was really beyond Wang Xuan’s expectations. He thought that the two of them would go through life, old age, sickness and death, and finally lie in the cold darkness. This is not the case.

“Longevity is not an inevitable choice for everyone. After living the life of ordinary people for so long, we have never been more peaceful and calm, and let go of all the burdens of immortality in our hearts. Although we can no longer fly into the sky and escape from the ground, we can’t set foot in the clouds and mists of the sky. The majestic golden palace is far away from the mythological dojo outside the sky. You can’t see auspicious beasts, sacred trees, and fairy treasures. Look, this peaceful world without **** battles is indeed a little less exciting

Intensely exciting, but there is also a kind of true beauty. “

“If there is a way in the world, this is our way. After experiencing the glorious era of immortality and the life that ordinary people should have, let’s just end the curtain like this. We are satisfied. We have had sorrows and joys in this life There have been ups and downs, but looking at it now, those regrets are not regrets anymore, we have no regrets in this life, and our path has come to an end.”

A gray-haired couple expresses their choices, expresses their state of mind, and speaks their way.

Su Tong and Ling Xuan had a last request, to take a photo with Wang Xuan, and the years are frozen in this photo.

“Goodbye, my old friend.” Wang Xuan got up, and this was the last time he saw the two of them.

“Goodbye, our best friend.” The two looked into the distance, waved their hands slowly, and whispered softly: “Time is infinite, life is limited, there are many things that have been lost and gained, and the soul is infinite. Our figures in different periods, Still living in the infinite years, there are beautiful pictures, in the past, in the present, at the end of the front. Old friend, take care, walk your way, find your way, may you stand on the top of the myth.”

“Longevity is not the choice that everyone wants. Ordinary and supreme, everyone has a different path and their own way…” Wang Xuan stepped into the sea of ​​stars, alone in the cold universe. Walking alone, looking at the end of deep space.

Although he really wants to keep those warmth and beauty, those old friends, the beauty of the past, and not let the years take them away, but this is not based on his will, the torrent of history is surging, what should be dispersed Still have to leave.

In the end, what is left after the shocks of the century after century? Perhaps, under the interweaving of endless time, there is only one old photo in his heart, engraving all the past. At this moment, Wang Xuan felt some emotions of the strange things in the mobile phone.

28 years later, a big dark umbrella that only the extraordinary can feel has expanded and gradually spread, covering the once incomparably prosperous and brilliant extraordinary central world.

Since the Great Migration of Mythology, where countless superhumans fought for the way, leaving here to the old center covered in ice by the **** umbrella, a total of 494 years have passed if calculated by the corresponding clock in the lifespan of the monk’s primordial spirit.

Time flies, and after 500 years, Wang Xuan felt that his Taoism had risen to the middle stage of the 6th Heavenly Heaven. In this age of eternity, even he felt the heavy pressure. After practicing all the year round, he felt a little tired.

Ordinary people don’t realize it, but this is an extraordinary winter night that suffocates mythical creatures.

Although there is no black snow falling here, it is also destroying the law, and there is a thick black fog flowing, submerging Chaofan.

Mythological if there are a few people who have miraculous medicines in their reserves and have great fortune, they will live to the end of this year, and their hibernation means death, because there is no extraordinary source of nourishment here.

Maybe only a rare and strange person will still be alive, but they will also fall into a deep sleep, which will be a very difficult time.

During the hundreds of years, Wang Xuan practiced in the universe and lived on the planets inhabited by humans. He has experienced a lot. Of course, he strictly abides by the principle of no more than 20 years in each place.

“Perhaps, I should go to the other shore to have a look.” On the road of a person’s mythology, he felt that it was too quiet, and he felt very bad in this vast environment with no one to communicate with. Moreover, under the umbrella of Eternal Silence, he really felt quite tired.

Occasionally, some special black wonders surged downward from the big dark umbrella, which was specially aimed at the surviving extraordinary creatures, making him a little sleepy.

Wang Xuan wanted to retire, the years of eternity, all kinds of extraordinary scenes of collapse, and the inexplicable suppression were more serious than he imagined!

“I should think about getting out of here,” he said to himself.

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