The Delicate Lady Coroner Chapter 213: Ten kinds of flowers 27

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Chapter 213 Ten Flowers 27

Halfway through the hour, Bo Ruoyou suddenly woke up from the nightmare. She was panting rapidly, her heart was still beating wildly, but she couldn’t recall the scene in the dream. She only felt anxious, extremely anxious, as if she was urging someone. Who are you worried about?

Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Bo Ruoyou’s mouth was dry. He opened the curtain and stood up. When he saw a shadow falling on the window lattice, Bo Ruoyou was startled, “Who is outside?!”

The shadow moved and came towards the door, and soon I heard Huo Weilou’s voice, “It’s me.”

Bao Ruoyou suspected that she was dreaming. She stayed for a moment, then hurriedly got up to change clothes and opened the door. As soon as the door opened, snow was falling outside. Huo Weilou’s shoulders were covered with frost and snow, and everyone was frozen. But his eyebrows were gentle, and there was worry surging under his dark pupils.

“Master Hou?!” Bao Ruoyou quickly pulled the person in.

“It’s still dark, why is the Marquis here?” Bao Ruoyou took off the wet cloak for him and hung it on the screen while asking, “What happened?”

Huo Weilou’s body was filled with coldness. He rubbed his hands first and waited for the earth dragon to dissipate the coldness from his body before he stepped forward and said, “Feng Qinzhao.”

Bo Ruoyou’s eyes were slightly bright, but when he glanced out the window, he still felt strange, “Is this why the Marquis came so early?”

“When you and Lan Zhou were kidnapped, you asked Lan Zhou to hide in the cabinet and wanted to lure Feng Qin away so Lan Zhou could escape. But Lan Zhou was too timid to run away. Feng Qin chased you. I was stabbed by you for a while, and when I saw that you were alone, I realized that I had fallen into the trap, so I returned to the ruined temple and captured Lan Zhou. Later, you were too frightened by the rain and fell seriously ill, so I forgot about it.”

Huo Weilou continued: “Youyou, you never threw Lan Zhou away. You are very smart. You took the risk to distract Feng Qin. If Feng Qin’s target was not Lan Zhou, then you would be the one who got into trouble.”

Bao Ruoyou was stunned. She remembered what she saw in the fake temple outside the city. She thought at that time that the cabinet was so cramped that it was impossible for both of them to hide in it…

“Li Shen’s confession was from Professor Feng Qin, and he was trying to kill someone.”

There was no nonsense in Huo Weilou’s neat words. He thought that if he had told Bao Ruoyou earlier, she would have been freed from the guilt of “abandoning her brother”.

Bao Ruoyou moved her lips, but didn’t know what to say. She only felt depressed in her heart, and she didn’t seem to feel much relieved. The truth couldn’t change her brother’s death, and she still couldn’t remember what happened that night.

The confusion in her eyes moved Huo Weilou. He raised his hand and took her into his arms.

Bao Ruoyou blinked, hugged his waist, and slowly buried her cheek in his chest. It turned out that back then, she did not abandon her brother out of fear, and she also wanted to give him a chance to survive.

“Even though Feng Qin knows that you have forgotten the past, you are working as a prisoner in the yamen, and you are most likely to re-investigate the case from that year. In addition, you have recovered from illness, and you may think of it again one day. Therefore, he thought To stimulate you, if you are as sick as you were when you were a child, he will be able to sit back and relax.”

As he spoke, Huo Weilou stroked the top of her hair, feeling sorry for her suffering for the rest of the month.

Slowly, Bao Ruoyou felt that the tip of his nose was sore. When he raised his eyes, there was some moisture in his eyes, “Why did Feng Qin do evil?”

Huo Weilou took her hand and sat down, telling the story of the chaos in Feng Qin’s family when he was a child, and finally said: “He had inner demons, and he wanted to practice black magic, and he wanted to be better than Feng Yuan and become the real heavenly master. Holy Lord, it is truly deplorable.”

“It turns out that this was his motive for the murder.”

The truth is always cruel and pale. Feng Qin had a father who was a religious cultivator, and he also witnessed his mother being tortured to death. It was indeed miserable, but so what, there were countless people in the world who were more miserable than him.

Thinking of his brother dying in the hands of such a person, Bo Ruoyou felt a sharp pain in his heart. People who practice evil arts have extraordinary ambitions. When they are ruthless, they deny their relatives. Bo Ruoyou really doesn’t dare to think about what kind of crimes his brother suffered before his death. , and she almost died at the hands of Feng Qin.

“Where are the others? Has he made it clear?”

Huo Weilou shook his head, “Revealing the old stories about his father and mother, he is a little mentally disturbed. When I left the prison, I ordered Lu Ke to ask the imperial doctor to come. It will take some effort to fully interrogate him.”

Bao Ruoyou nodded and looked confused again. The case had not been fully explained, but as Bo Lanzhou’s only close relative in the world and the victim of that night, what she wanted to know most was already clear. The murderer was Feng Qin, she never abandoned her brother.

After a while, she asked: “Is Feng Qin Ding a capital crime?”

“Yes.” Huo Weilou held her hand, “Even if you die, you will never be able to atone for your sin.”

Bo Ruoyou’s heart ached again. The murderer would be punished, but the deceased could not survive. The pain caused by this would never be healed. She could only seek a result, but even if it was just a result, it was extremely important.

Bo Ruoyou didn’t say anything for a while, and Huo Weilou didn’t say anything immediately. After a moment of silence, he held her on his knees and said, “It’s the Chinese New Year. I’ll go to Fengming Mountain another day and tell them about this. They If there is knowledge under the spring, you can find comfort.”

Bao Ruoyou met his eyes, and his eyes were full of tenderness. It was obvious that he wanted to give her more comfort, but he was not really a eloquent person. He would rather use fancy words than He held her in his arms like a child.

Bao Ruoyou took a deep breath and exhaled all the pain in her heart. She grabbed Huo Weilou’s shoulder and said, “Okay, Mr. Hou wants to accompany me.”

Huo Weilou smiled and said: “Of course.”

On a dark night in winter, it was still dark outside the window, and the wind and snow were still howling. Bo Ruoyou felt much relieved. Suddenly, she wondered: “There is no light outside, and Uncle Liang is still resting. Who can help me?” Did the Marquis open the door?”

Huo Weilou hesitated for a moment.

Because he climbed over the wall and entered the house.

The ridiculous things I never did when I was a teenager, I did today.

Bao Ruoyou is so smart. She looked at the cloak hanging on the screen in the distance, and sharply remembered that she had seen a mud stain on the edge of the cloak. If my adoptive father knows about this matter——”

Huo Weilou didn’t give her a chance to say anything. He kissed her softly, delicately and affectionately, and placed his big palm on her waist, bringing her closer to him. He didn’t bring any desire, and he just tasted the kissing technique. , but it made her cheeks turn red. He separated from her for a moment, and then whispered: “I wanted to tell you earlier, and didn’t want to waste a moment…”

Bo Ruoyou laughed, “I know.”

She put her arms around Huo Weilou’s neck, raised her head, and took the initiative to touch him.

Huo Weilou did not stay until dawn. After he left, Bo Ruoyou sat there for a while looking at the paper boat on the desk. When it was daybreak and Cheng Yunzhi and the others got up, she went to the room to inform them of the outcome of the case. .


Although the imperial doctor was invited, Feng Qin’s mind was still on the verge of collapse. When Huo Weilou returned to Tianlao, others were still talking nonsense. Huo Weilou was not in a hurry and ordered the imperial doctor to give heavy medicine to revive Feng Qin.

It took two days to examine the details of Feng Qin’s kidnapping of five boys, including Ming Guilan and the murder of Bo Lanzhou. The case of instigating Li Shen to murder Wen Jin was also revealed.

The case was presided over by the Zhishi Department, with the Jingzhao Yi Yamen coercing the case, and because it was merged with the Buddha Treasure case, it was also widely implicated. Huo Weilou first brought the evidence to face the Holy Spirit, which attracted the attention of Emperor Jianhe and the Empress Dowager. Angry, Huo Weilou was ordered to conduct a strict investigation.

In order to find out all the links, in addition to Feng Qin’s testimony, he also needed to find as many witnesses and physical evidence as possible. Huo Weilou was not in a hurry to finalize the case, and only let the Zhishi Department and Jingzhaoyi Yamen continue to sort out clues to find the person. Evidence, and the case here spread like wildfire, no one in the capital’s aristocratic family could have imagined that Uncle Zhongyi, who devoted himself to cultivating Taoism, killed his wife and child, and was also a murderer who specializes in murdering children!

Although Emperor Jianhe said that he did not want to spread rumors, Huo Weilou did not react at all when he heard that the news was leaked. If the truth is like this, why can’t it be made known to the world?

When the public was in an uproar, Ming Zhonghuai and his son entered the Hou Mansion. It was already the 28th of the twelfth lunar month, and the main facts of the case had been found out. As one of the victims, they naturally wanted to know what happened.

Huo Weilou informed the two of Feng Qin’s motive for the murder, and why he chose Ming Guilan was exactly what he had speculated earlier. Since Feng Qin wanted to find a child with a lucky fate in Sanyang, his first target was Among the acquaintances of the aristocratic families, through daily social interactions and without leaving any trace, he would find out who was from a noble family and had relatively good friendships, so he would not take precautions. If there was anything he could not find out, he would start with the servants and go back and forth. Naturally, you can figure out your birth date and horoscope.

Lin Huai and Sun Zhao were also there that day, and everyone gathered together. Sun Zhao said: “In the past few days, I have interrogated the servants of the uncle’s house. At that time, Feng Yuan was indeed quite obsessed with practicing Taoism. Although Mrs. uncle died of illness, there is still a mother-in-law. She said she had seen wounds all over her body, and she often beat and scolded Feng Qin and locked her in a dark room. Feng Qin’s twisted mind began to develop from then on.”

Lin Huai is the minister of the Ministry of Justice. Now that the murderer has been identified, he is also quite sad, “Feng Yuan was still an official in the Ministry of Personnel back then, and he seemed to have good manners, but he didn’t expect that he practiced evil arts. You still treat your wife and children like this in the mansion.”

The Ming family had been quite familiar with the Feng family earlier, and Ming Zhonghuai was naturally even more angry due to the fact that Ming Guilan was injured and left disabled. When asked when the case would be finalized, Huo Weilou said: “It will be after the new year. We still need to find witnesses, Feng Ye is a little crazy now, and he can’t explain many details, so he can only let the direct envoy and the Yamen investigate, and also inform several relatives of the murdered children.”

Ming Zhonghuai also knows that the Zhishi Division has its own rules for handling cases, and now that the murderer has been found, his long-cherished wish has been fulfilled. However, Ming Guilan’s leg will definitely be a lifelong regret for them. It is conceivable that several people were murdered. His child had long been turned into a pile of bones, and he felt that it was a blessing in misfortune that Guilan was still alive.

When leaving the house, Lin Huai asked: “Is the child Youyou okay?”

Asked about Bao Ruoyou, Huo Weilou’s eyes softened, “She has always been tough-minded. Now that the truth of the case has been revealed, she has been relieved of the heavy burden on her heart. However, she is always traumatized when she thinks of her brother’s death.”

Lin Huai sighed, “It’s almost the New Year, so our family will go visit them again after the New Year.”

Huo Weilou didn’t say anything. In the early morning of the next day, he rushed to Cheng’s house early and accompanied Bo Ruoyou to worship his parents and Bo Lanzhou outside the city. Cheng Yunzhi did not follow because he was infected with the cold.

On the carriage, Huo Weilou told Bo Ruoyou about the new progress, “When Feng Qin woke up, he told everything he could. According to what he said, he did find Po Wen who delivered babies for wealthy families in the capital. But there is no trace of that Wen Po yet. He has never committed a murder in his village. He also built a house in Baijia Village back then, and the case in the city was also committed in a house in the demolished Pingningfang. This means that he told Most of Li Shen’s confession is true.”

The best lies are usually hidden in the truth. As Li Shen took the blame, he would not be subject to strict investigation and interrogation by the yamen. Naturally, he had to have nine truths and one lie. Thinking of this, Bo Ruoyou asked, “Then who is he?” How did you meet Li Shen?”

“It’s a long story here. Feiyun Temple and the Taoist temples outside the city are all familiar with Bofu. This also starts with Feng Yuan. Before he practiced Taoism and became a demon, he actually practiced Taoism for a while. , it was common for Taoist priests to preach about Taoist scriptures. Later, he gradually came up with the idea of ​​becoming a Heavenly Master and Holy Master. At that time, he had an official position and was reluctant to leave it behind. In addition, he knew that what he practiced was not worthy of the highest standards. He secretly built a Taoist palace in the mansion because of his evil skills. Feng Qin has been with him since he was a child, and he can be regarded as his first apprentice.”

“Feng Qin was young at that time and was afraid of his father, so he was naturally very obedient. He followed Feng Yuan to the Taoist temples outside the city many times, and he became quite familiar with the Taoist priests. Later, Feng Yuan wanted to collect knowledge of Buddhism, Shintoism and Taoism. Dacheng, even dabbled in witchcraft and shamanism, Feng Qin was also influenced by it, and Li Shen’s bad conduct also led to the investigation of evil ways in Feiyun Temple.”

“Feng Qin was offering incense at Feiyun Temple sixteen or seventeen years ago when he accidentally discovered that Li Shen was reading a Taoist forbidden book. There were some evil ways of practicing Taoism in the forbidden book. He knew that Li Shen was not a true Taoist. So I quickly won him over.”

At this point, Huo Weilou’s voice was tainted with a chill, “There are not many people who practice evil arts. Feng Qin not only wanted to find a confidant, but also wanted to be worshiped like his father, so he asked Li Shen became his follower. At that time, Li Shen could only use some Taoist forbidden books to practice Taoism, and he did not dare to dabble in the method of human blood sacrifice, so Feng Qin told Li Shen this method. Li Shen was horrified and only He felt that Feng Qin was superior to him in Taoism, so he was willing to obey his orders.”

“Li Shen asked for money, so he gave it to Li Shen. Li Shen wanted to return to secular life, so he also helped a lot. Li Shen even obeyed his words. Later, Li Shen went to Yizhou, but was arrested by the government because of his arrogance. Being targeted, he was scared in his heart and asked Feng Qin for help. Although Feng Qin was angry, he had to help. Later, when Li Shen got the blood, Feng Qin found a way to control him.”

Bao Ruoyou never expected that these two people would have such a long-term relationship. At this time, Huo Weilou said: “We thought that the money for Li Shen’s treatment came from the Taoist temple and his deception of believers, but we In fact, the money he got from his heresy was limited. It was Feng Qin who helped him. Feng Qin not only gave him money to buy medicine, but even told Li Shen that only by becoming his believer could he protect Li Shen. And this time Li Shen Shen took the blame because he said that Li Shen’s time had come and he could ascend and become enlightened.”

Bo Ruoyou was surprised when he heard this, “Li Shen actually believed it?”

Huo Weilou shook his head, “It’s unknown. Without Feng Qin, Li Shen wouldn’t have been able to use Jingui medicinal materials, and indeed he wouldn’t be alive today. There’s nothing he could do without relying on Feng Qin. As for whether he really believed in Feng Qin. Only he himself knows the true God in this world.”

Bo Ruoyou suddenly said, “No wonder, no wonder Li Shen is willing to take the blame, and he has no shame in murdering Wen Jin. I’m afraid he really regards killing people as a way to practice Taoism. The two of them are the same!”

As he spoke, the carriage left the city. In the twelfth lunar month of winter, the snow outside the city had not yet melted. The fields were full of enemies and Haoran. Bo Ruoyou wanted to lift the curtain and look outside, but Huo Weilou raised his hand and put it down. , “It’s very cold. I’m afraid I’ll catch typhoid fever again. How will I get married next month?”

Bao Ruoyou’s heart skipped a beat, and she felt inexplicably embarrassed. Her wedding ceremony with Huo Weilou was scheduled for the third day of February. In all, it was only a month away. She said softly, “Oh”. He put down his hand honestly and said, “Time flies so fast.”

Huo Weilou looked at her with a half-smile, “I think it’s slow, but you think it’s fast?”

Bo Ruoyou’s face was slightly red, but his words were very candid, “The Marquis knows that I also want to marry him.”

These words pleased Huo Weilou. He put Bao Ruoyou’s hand to his lips and kissed it heavily.

The carriage went up the official road to Fengming Mountain. Bo Ruoyou didn’t know what he thought of, and suddenly sighed: “I have followed my adoptive father to count the dowry these days, and I have just realized that treasures are precious, especially those blessed by the Buddhist sect. It’s a pity. Those Buddha treasures——”

Feng Qin did melt the Seven Treasures Relic Pagoda. Not only that, the other Buddha treasures he found were also melted in the elixir furnace, and the Buddha bone relics had long been refined by him in elixirs and consumed .

The embroidery envoy later found several pieces of unmelted chalcedony among the gold and silver nuggets retrieved from Zhuangzi, and sent them to Xiangguo Temple and the Treasure Department for inspection. Sure enough, they were definitely the ornaments on the Seven Treasures Relic Pagoda. Feng Qin was interrogated and he also confessed.

Huo Weilou said warmly: “Whatever you like in the future, I will find it for you.”

Bao Ruoyou is not a person who likes gold, silver and jade, but Huo Weilou said it sincerely. She also knows that Huo Weilou will do what he says, and he himself is the one who truly enjoys wealth but does not care about mundane things. So she softly responded “Okay”.

The carriage went up the mountain road and soon arrived at the Bo family cemetery. The two followed the path to the tomb of Bo Jingxing and his wife. They first worshiped his father and mother, and then went to worship Bo Lanzhou. Bo Ruoyou squatted in front of the tomb and whispered. , after explaining the cause and effect, he took out the paper boat brought from the house.

Some of these paper boats were pure white, and some had crooked ink characters written on them. She burned them along with the incense candles, and the fireflies illuminated her eyes, and the fear of that long night seemed to dissipate. point.

After the last paper boat was reduced to ashes, Bo Ruoyou left the cemetery with Huo Weilou.

The next day was New Year’s Eve. During the day, Bo Ruoyou accompanied Huo Weilou to visit the eldest princess, and in the evening, he accompanied Cheng Yunzhi to have New Year’s dinner.

Father and daughter have been living together for several years. This year has been as peaceful and happy as in Qingzhou. But now they are in the capital. Bo Lanzhou’s case has been solved, the Cheng family has been rehabilitated, Bo Ruoyou’s wedding is approaching, and the future is full of new things. , Cheng Yunzhi drank a few more drinks when he was happy, and took a break before the second watch. Bo Ruoyou was hesitating whether to stay up late when Huo Weilou came.

There was a banquet in the palace on New Year’s Eve. Huo Weilou had a faint smell of alcohol on his body. Hearing that Cheng Yunzhi had rested, he took Bo Ruoyou out.

The carriage went all the way to Weiyang Lake. Tonight is New Year’s Eve, every household is celebrating the New Year, and the West Market is quite deserted. However, the restaurants and buildings along the street are all hung with bright lights, shining like beautiful buildings and jade buildings.

Huo Weilou took Bo Ruoyou to Weiyang Lake.

There were fewer drinkers laughing and joking on the balcony of the boat, but there was still the sound of silk and bamboo orchestral music. Huo Weilou drank wine, but his eyes were very clear. When the carriage stopped by the lake, Bo Ruoyou said suspiciously: “Master Hou brought me here. What to do?”

She was about to lift the curtain and get out of the carriage, but Huo Weilou held her back, “It’s cold when you get out, just stay in the carriage.”

Bo Ruoyou looked at him strangely. At this moment, a “whoosh” sound broke through the air suddenly, and soon, another “bang” exploded. Bo Ruoyou was surprised, and saw Huo Huo in front of him. The ink-like eyes of the dangerous building reflect a radiant light!

The curtain was lifted at some point, and Huo Weilou motioned for her to look outside. When Bo Ruoyou turned around, she saw colorful fireworks rising into the sky on the Weiyang Lake that had frozen into an ice mirror!

The colorful flames shot up and scattered in all directions. It was originally a starless and moonless night sky. At this moment, a dazzling river appeared out of thin air. The stars fell like rain, and they looked like crimson fire trees, colorful catkins and thin silver flowers. Ruoyou stared blankly for a moment, then slowly she began to feel a sense of surprise, and a bright light reflected in her pupils. She couldn’t help but pull Huo Weilou’s wrist, “Is this prepared by the Marquis?”

She was lying on the window, and Huo Weilou took her into his arms from behind, and said with great satisfaction: “What I saw at the palace banquet, I didn’t feel anything in the past years, but this year I feel it is very beautiful, and I want to be with you. Look.”

His words were a little vague, and Bo Ruoyou looked back at him, “Is the Marquis drunk?”

Huo Weilou’s eyes were filled with light and warmth, and he looked straight into Bo Ruoyou’s heart. Seeing her snow-skinned appearance so close in front of him, he couldn’t help but get closer, “Youyou, I wish you a happy New Year and stay with me forever.” Companion.”

Huo Weilou pressed his lips towards him, and Bo Ruoyou was covered by him, and soon the two of them were entangled together.

The thirty-second year of the founding of the People’s Republic of China came quietly in this sky filled with fireworks.


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