The Delicate Lady Coroner Chapter 209: Ten Flowers 23

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Chapter 209 Ten Flowers 23

The wind was freezing cold, and the carriage was galloping on the snow-covered official road. Half an hour later, it approached the villa of Zhongyi Bofu. However, before approaching the village, a jumping fire first appeared in their field of vision.

Soon, a fast horse galloped over. When the sound of hoofbeats came closer, he saw that the person coming was Lu Ke. He raised his voice and said: “Master Marquis, it was a coincidence that we met halfway. We are responsible for moving. The person carrying the coffin is the Imperial Army, and they are currently facing off.”

Huo Weilou’s eyes narrowed slightly, and when the carriage moved forward for more than ten feet, he saw clearly where the fire was that the embroidered cloth envoy and more than a dozen forbidden troops were locked in a stalemate.

The person riding the horse at the front was a knight of the Forbidden Army. Seeing the carriage approaching, he knew that Huo Weilou had arrived. He quickly got off his horse and came forward. When the carriage stopped, Huo Weilou lifted the curtain and revealed himself. The expressions of the Forbidden Army members all changed.

“Meet the Marquis——”

Everyone knelt on one knee and saluted. Huo Weilou remained silent and only looked behind them. A few steps away, two carts were pulling the coffin. The coffin was covered with a straw mat and tied with hemp rope. Huo Weilou Weilou said, “Go back to Zhuangzi!”

The embroiderer responded and went to lead the horse. The expression of the knight at the front changed several times, and finally he couldn’t help but get up. He walked forward quickly, and when he reached the window of the carriage, he bowed his hands and said in a low voice: ” Marquis, my subordinates are carrying the coffin under His Majesty’s order. If the Marquis wants to cut off the coffin, my subordinates will not be able to explain it.”

Huo Weilou watched the embroidered envoys turn their horses and said softly: “I am also investigating the case under His Majesty’s orders. If Your Majesty blames you for anything, I will take full responsibility for it. You can rest assured.”

The heroic cavalry officer hesitated to speak, but did not dare to contradict him. Finally he asked hesitantly: “Then…then my subordinates…”

“Come back together. If the body in the coffin has nothing to do with the case, I will naturally let you continue to **** it.”

Xiao Qiwei gritted his teeth and nodded in agreement.

Huo Weilou led a group of people back to Zhuangzi.

The carriage stopped in front of the village gate. Huo Weilou and Bo Ruoyou came down together. The embroiderer in front had untied the hemp rope. When the straw mat was lifted, there was a tightly fitted ice coffin underneath. He pointed to the door, ” Carry it to the courtyard!”

The ice and snow on the road just now was not a good place for an autopsy. After the ice coffin was carried into the atrium of the front yard, many lamps were found to light it. After a while, the front yard was brightly lit.

This was the first time that Bao Ruoyou saw these two ice coffins. The shining light fell on the coffin surface, reflecting a thin light from Luli. Huo Weilou asked which coffin contained Feng Yu, and then personally closed the coffin lid. Pushed away.

Seeing the body inside, Bo Ruoyou frowned more and more, “Bring out the eldest son’s body first.”

The corpse in the coffin was the same as what was seen that day, and because of the bright lights today, the corpse was even more pale in color. The embroiderer moved Feng Yu’s corpse to the straw mat in the room. After grinding, it was broken into pieces. Bo Ruoyou put on his gauntlet and cleaned up the strands of clothes stuck to the body. The body that had been parked in the ice cave for seventeen years was revealed in full.

The surface of the corpse was covered with patches of mold. When the light was turned closer, you could see the spots and filamentous mold covering the facial features and skin folds, thus even blurring the face of the deceased, making it difficult to distinguish the appearance. His hair was half off, his cheeks were close to the bone, and his eye sockets were deep-set. Because he was well preserved, there were no obvious wounds on his body. At first glance, his expression seemed peaceful, as if Feng Yu was just sleeping quietly when he died. On fire.

“The body has been parked for seventeen years. Because it has been in extremely cold places all year round, it has not rotted. However, because the ice in the underground palace will melt, the body is kept in a cold and humid environment. Therefore, in addition to mildew on the surface of the body, Some corpse wax is also produced.”

As Bo Ruoyou spoke, he carefully wiped away the mold spots on the corpse’s surface, “The corpse wax keeps the corpse roughly in its original shape, but the loss of water from the corpse will still cause the skin and flesh to wither and shrink, and the water vapor will also cause the corpse to grow extremely slowly. Decomposition, so the mouth, nose and lower body of the corpse, and mold spots are even worse. Corpse wax may preserve traces of injuries during life, such as strangulation marks, rope grooves, etc.——”

Patches of mildew are attached to the surface of the corpse. They have grown over the years and are no longer easy to remove. The waxy surface of the corpse is easily dented. Bo Ruoyou must wipe off the mildew very carefully to remove the original corpse surface. exposed.

“If there are only light scars, they will be covered up when the corpse wax is formed. Only the deeper marks before death may remain until now.”

After Bao Ruoyou finished speaking, he had cleaned up the face of the deceased. The lovely child’s cheeks that should have been Yuxue had long turned into a piece of pale wax leather. Looking at it suddenly at this moment, it was quite scary, but it was only visible at this time The appearance of the deceased in life, with the alternating eyebrows, eyes and bones, did have some shadow of Feng Qin. Bo Ruoyou started cleaning from the neck of the deceased, and after cleaning the entire upper body, no suspected injuries were found.

There were no obvious wounds, and there were no signs of strangulation or other injuries. If no clues were found on the body, not only would it not prove Feng Qin’s guilt, but their suspicion that Feng Qin had harmed Feng Yu would be wrong.

The water in the room was so cold that it turned into ice. Bo Ruoyou was bending over while wearing gauntlets, but there was sweat on his forehead. No one else could help him during the autopsy, so he could only wait quietly without disturbing her. Huo Weilou stood close by, and Sun Zhao He and Wu Xiang were guarding the door, and the imperial guards were also guarding outside with anxiety. They really didn’t know why Marquis Wu Zhao came to inspect the bodies of Uncle Zhongyi’s wife and children.

“Master Hou——”

In the silence that filled the room, Bo Ruoyou suddenly opened his mouth. Huo Weilou hurriedly came forward and saw that Bo Ruoyou was cleaning the mold spots on the child’s feet. However, there were three fingers on the outside of the child’s left foot. A wide rotted wound.

There were no obvious injuries on the entire body, which made the injury particularly weird. After Bo Ruoyou removed the mold spots, even after many years, it could be seen that the original wound had turned out and rotted. Scab.

Huo Weilou’s eyes darkened, “What kind of injury is this?”

“It was a traumatic injury. The original wound was probably only the size of an inch-long knife. However, after the death of the deceased, he was not immediately sent to the underground palace. Therefore, the injured area where the blood had been seen began to rot. Later, the body was moved to the underground palace and the body stopped. The rot preserved the wound.” There was a cold look in her eyes, “Everyone knows that the child died of the plague, but Feng Yu was so rich and noble at that time that there was absolutely no possibility of external injuries on his body, and the wet nurse and nurse beside Feng Yu The maidservant was beaten to death with a stick. This was to deceive others and kill people.”

“Later, he was probably responsible for the child’s burial and burial. Naturally, no one knew about the child’s abnormality. Moreover, most of the children, including Wen Jin, were injured at the bloodline area on the outside of their ankles. The wounds were not large. I just thought it was a scratch and didn’t think it was the murderer. Feng Yu also had a wound on his foot.”

Wu Xiang knew this best and immediately came forward, “What’s the cause of death? Could it be that he was bled to death?”

Bo Ruoyou stared at the corpse. The body was pale, but it may have been due to years of freezing and mildew. It could not be treated as excessive blood loss. Feng Qin claimed that the child died of the plague. The plague caused a sore throat and cough. He coughed so hard that he could still see blood. Bo Ruoyou pondered for a moment, “The cause of death cannot be determined.”

She looked at Huo Weilou again, “Master Hou, I want to do an autopsy to see if this child has really suffered from the plague. According to what the director of the lighting department said, if he could cough and bleed and dye his clothes red, this child would There must be a lot of residual blood in the lungs and esophagus and trachea, which can be seen as long as the organs have not completely decayed.”

Having reached this point, of course Huo Weilou did not need to ask what Feng Qin meant. He made a decision immediately, “Then let’s do an autopsy.”

Bao Ruoyou opened the box, picked out a handy autopsy knife, and quickly pierced the corpse’s chest with the blade. The corpse had been frozen all year round. Even though it was moved out of the underground palace, it was still cold outside, so the corpse was not exposed. Changes occurred, and the waxed flesh felt like candle grease. The blade cut into it, but no corpse water was seen flowing out. Soon, the throat cavity and the entire chest cavity of the corpse were opened.

The moldy corpse is different from the rotten corpse, and the smell of corpse is also weak. However, this is the corpse of a child. It has been dead for many years, and now its chest has been cut open. For anyone who has never seen an autopsy, Feeling a little creeped out, Sun Zhao’s eyes trembled and he turned around and took a few steps outside. Bao Ruoyou was half-kneeling on the edge of the straw mat, the sharp sword as firm and steady as her eyes.

The cold wind howled outside the door. In order to prevent the body from being heated and changing, neither Bo Ruoyou nor Huo Weilou had any intention of lighting a fire. After half an hour, Bo Ruoyou straightened up and said, “The internal organs of the deceased are also there. Mildew, but no traces of residual blood were found in the left and right lungs, lung tubes, trachea and throat of the deceased. Not only that, even though the deceased’s organs were moldy, they were quite different from the tuberculosis organs I had seen. On the contrary, they looked like It’s because I haven’t had any lung disease.”

Although the plague is not tuberculosis, according to Ming Zhonghuai’s description, Feng Yu’s lesions were mostly in the lungs. But now, according to the autopsy, Feng Yu does not look like someone who has suffered from lung disease. He is Bo Ruoyou and determined. Said: “I speculate that Feng Yu should have just contracted the cold, but Feng Qin said that he had the plague, and the plague needed to be isolated separately, which made it convenient for Feng Qin to attack him.”

Wu Xiang was overjoyed, “So, Feng Qin is lying! Based on this alone, we are justified!”

Huo Weilou’s cold eyes darkened, “Feng Qin kept the bodies of his wife and children as a cover for himself, but he probably wouldn’t have thought that in this way, he could also keep the evidence of his crime!”

Bo Ruoyou was also frightened for a while. If they had been buried, or if Feng Qin had used other methods to preserve the corpses, if the corpses were corrupted, there would be no evidence of these crimes now!

Huo Weilou turned around and asked Lu Ke to come in, “Capture Feng Qin!”

Whether it is the Buddha case or the case of several children being murdered, they have been delayed for several years. Everyone has been working **** this these days, but the real murderer is always hiding in the dark. Feng Qin was finally found, but he was almost killed. He turned a big crime into a small one and escaped punishment. Now the four characters Huo Weilou make everyone feel refreshed!

“Yes! I will go back to the city to get someone right now!”

Lu Ke called several embroidery envoys to accompany him, and soon left Zhuangzi. Bo Ruoyou arranged Feng Yu’s body, stood up and asked Huo Weilou, “Is there any obstacle to taking the person now?”

Huo Weilou had already thought of this, “I will enter the palace immediately after returning to Beijing to meet the saint.” He then looked at the body on the straw mat and the ice coffin outside, “The body of Princess Anyang is still here temporarily, Feng Yu was the victim, and his body was sent back to Yizhuang, the capital, for resting.”

Bao Ruoyou had already started to take off the gauntlet. When she heard this, she looked thoughtfully at Princess Anyang’s ice coffin.

Before coming, they only speculated that Feng Yu was the victim, so the target of the inspection was Feng Yu’s body. Now that the inspection of Feng Yu’s body was completed, they only needed to put it in a coffin and then they could leave here and return to Beijing. But Bo Ruoyou Suddenly I felt a little uneasy.

She walked up to the ice coffin, “I want to see the body of Princess Anyang.”

Huo Weilou ordered the embroiderer to put Feng Yu’s body back into the coffin, and then came over and pushed the coffin lid open. The next moment, the body of Princess Anyang appeared in front of Bo Ruoyou’s eyes.

The water-red palace dress is bright in color, almost like a wedding dress. Bo Ruoyou looked at this face covered with mildew spots, and seemed to be able to think of how beautiful she was during her lifetime. Her pupils suddenly shrank, “Ming The hospital said that when the imperial doctor went to the uncle’s house, Princess Anyang’s condition was originally stabilized, but after the imperial doctor left, the princess’ condition worsened, and she died anyway.”

Huo Weilou naturally remembered this, “Yes… you suspect that there is something strange in the death of the princess?”

Bo Ruoyou frowned, “There is no evidence. It’s just that although postpartum hemorrhagic collapse is dangerous, the imperial doctor said that the condition has been stabilized, so he should not die suddenly.”

“If you have any doubts, let’s check.” Huo Wei immediately ordered the embroiderer to take Anyang’s body out and put it back on the straw mat in the house.

Bo Ruoyou naturally wanted to find out what was going on so that he could feel at ease. He put on his gauntlet again and examined the corpse’s head and face first.

Having been parked in an extremely cold place for several years, Princess Anyang’s body was also covered in mildew. She had been carefully dressed up, wearing a tall bun with a golden hairpin ring. However, due to age and fatigue, most of it had fallen off, and the remaining hair was withered and fragile. After a little stroking, it broke off from the top of the skull. Bo Ruoyou habitually cleaned away the broken hair on the top of the skull, and then went to check the hair that was supposed to be tight. Skull, but soon, an obvious depression under her fingertips made her expression change.


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