Supreme Pupillary Master: Peerless Eldest Miss Chapter 1: Buying life at sky-high prices!

Published:,最快更新至尊瞳术师:绝世大小姐最新章节!, the fastest update of the Supreme Pupilist: The latest chapter of Miss Peerless!


“Thirty million! I want Luo Qingtong’s life!”


Among the world’s No. 1 ability assassination guilds, the highest price in the entire game was offered that day.


However, these thirty million did not attract anyone’s attention.


A cold voice turned it back.


“Not enough!”


“50 million!”


The other party seems to be unwilling to give up without reaching the goal, and continues to increase.


“Not enough.”


No one looks back yet.


The cold voice continued to refuse.


“80 million! No, one hundred million! One hundred million dollars! Is this always enough?! I must make Luo Qingtong die!”


There was a hysterical voice from the other side.


The cold voice paused, and when the person behind the opposite computer thought he was going to agree, the voice was cold and despised: “Sir, check the price before you go on the task next time, sir. Okay?”


“Luo Qingtong’s assassination mission has always been ranked first in the world assassination list, with a reserve price of one billion… U.S. dollars!”


One hundred million? Want to take the life of Luo Qingtong? Are you kidding me? !


The last time they assassinated, their Supervisors’ Guild sent out three of the world’s superb super masters, including the vice president, to besieged Luo Qingtong!


The names of each of these three people are enough to cause a huge sensation in the world of supernatural powers all over the world.


Even heads of state must be cautious and take precautions with all their power!


But to the last Luo Qingtong, he lost the message easily!


Until now, they still don’t know whether those three people are alive or dead!


Since then, the price of Luo Qingtong has risen to the first place in the assassination rankings of the world’s ability unions.


Moreover, until now, no one has surpassed it!


No one dared to take this order!


The high price of one billion is only because the price of one billion is enough to drive a country crazy.


If any country is on the verge of a crisis and needs such a large amount of funds, it may be possible to activate the national missile system to directly target Luo Qingtong’s position and carry out bombing!


Perhaps, there is a certain possibility, that terrible woman can be killed!


In other words, the starting price of one billion is not the price of an assassination, but the full effort of a country!


But even with a country’s full effort, it may not be able to win that peerless evildoer of Luo Qingtong!


After all, she is the only supreme pupilist in the world!


A pair of monster blood pupils can almost see through everything in the world!


Said she can see through the trajectory of the missile and avoid all this in advance, he will believe it!


One hundred million dollars, just want to take her life?


If it weren’t for the customer first, he would want to spray the other’s face with “hehe”!


But speaking of it, 100 million U.S. dollars, if the target is not Luo Qingtong, it is already a sky-high price!


The average small country, with all the efforts of the whole country, can’t get so much money!


I don’t know what Luo Qingtong did to make the other party so crazy?


When the assassinators were surprised, on a private beach in the Caribbean Bay, Luo Qingtong lay on her back on the ground, facing the sun looking at a bead between the two in her hands.


The beads are round and jade-like, looking like crystals, but the churning color and light inside are as dazzling as the stars.


“This is what the 51st District of Country M sees as the root of life? It’s nothing special.”


Luo Qingtong raised his eyebrows and looked at the round bead in his hand. He really didn’t know how the people of Country M regarded it like fate.


The defenses of the third and outer layers in the 51st District were almost exposed when she sneaked in with her ability.


You know, under her pair of blood pupils, the defense of the 51st district is almost useless.


In this case, she was almost exposed and caught.


This bead is so important?


Luo Qingtong looked left and right, but couldn’t see what was special about this bead.


The girl lay on her back on the white sand, facing the sunlight.


The light of the sun shines on the bead in her hand and then reflects the colorful brilliance, setting off her perfectly proportioned figure, making her look like a moving muse in ancient Greek mythology.


What is even more amazing is that Luo Qingtong’s beautiful Eastern face, which looks like a jade doll, reveals the mystery and subtle beauty unique to the Orientals.


But when the sharp edge of her eyes appeared, the smile on her lips curled up, instantly turning her into the dark goddess described in Western hell.


It deceives people’s hearts, arrogantly evil, just like the blooming flowers of hell.


“Hey, it’s useless.”


No clue, Luo Qingtong felt quite boring in her heart, and flicked the bead at will.


As the first person in the 24th century supernatural power world, the supreme pupil master, the entire superpower world and even the countries of the world are afraid of the existence, Luo Qingtong has seen so many treasures, it is countless.


In her eyes, such a thing that is highly valued by the people of M is nothing more than a pretty gadget.


However, no one thought that when Luo Qingtong raised his hand and bombed the ball that made the 51st district ordered her to kill her at a high price, several lines of ancient seal characters suddenly appeared on it.


The next second, with a bang, thunder was thundered on the ground!


Luo Qingtong’s figure was instantly involved.




People on the beach thought it was a terrorist attack, and fleeing in fright.


No one noticed that the center of the explosion, the figure of a girl, completely disappeared into the world.


ps: Some people have always said that billions of dollars are worthless! Check how many GDPs are in Africa! Think every country is that kind of superpower? Jack Ma went to an African country and was welcomed by the whole country! One billion dollars is enough for a small country to be crazy!


Again, one billion U.S. dollars is equivalent to the total economic output of several African countries! And the assassination amount of the heroine is just the starting price! If you have no education, you can check the news first, thank you, and you will come when you encounter open mouth, I will not be polite!


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