Supreme Celestial Devil Chapter 844: Confronting the demon queen



The thin white thread flew out from nowhere, with a tyrannical demon spirit, stronger than a dragon rope, and could not be broken no matter how much force it exerts. [More exciting novels, please visit]


“What is it?”


Xiao Hong spit out a flame in her mouth, trying to burn the thin white lines, but the surface of the thin white lines was wrapped with a layer of white light, which actually blocked the God’s Extinguishing Dragon Fire.


The Orb Jizo also summoned a middle-grade supreme weapon-level flying knife, which was cut on the thin white line but only sparks appeared, and it was impossible to cut the thin white line.


“Don’t resist, it’s useless to resist. I know who it is. Let’s follow it.” Ning Xiaochuan took the initiative to give up the resistance, and the thin white line immediately supported him to fly and flew towards a certain direction in the night sky.


Both Baozhu Jizo and Xiaohong trusted Ning Xiaochuan, so they also gave up resisting them, letting the thin white lines drag them away.


The thin white lines are more than a hundred miles long. When Ning Xiaochuan, Baozhu Jizo, and Xiaohong were dragged to the end of the white thin lines, they discovered that the white thin lines were all just the Shiji Demon Empress. s hair.


At this moment, the Shiji Demon Empress sits crouched at the bottom of a deep canyon, her colorful brilliance flickers, she seems to have suffered a severe injury, her face is very pale, and her whole figure is transformed into a crystal clear beauty. Lingshi.


After dragging Ning Xiaochuan, Baozhu Jizo, and Xiaohong into the canyon, the Demon Empress Shiji slowly opened her eyes, revealing a pair of rather dim eyes, and said: “I didn’t expect that the three of you actually escaped. .”


After a pause, she said again: “The other subordinates are dead, right?”


“Earth Centipede Demon Emperor and Thunder God Demon Emperor are here prepared. I am afraid that few of the Demon Empress’s subordinates will survive.” Ning Xiaochuan said again: “The Demon Empress seems to have suffered serious injuries? “


“Hmph! If the empress hadn’t been hurt by evil first, even if Thor and the centipede joined forces, they wouldn’t be able to injure a single hair of the empress.” The demon empress Shiji covered her chest with her palms, and a mouthful of blood came out of her body. The vitality has become weaker.


“Human kid, you take this queen to the Fengshen Dongfu now, and when the queen’s cultivation base breaks through, they will definitely let them return today’s account, even with the benefit.” Shi Ji Yao Empress said.


Ning Xiaochuan said: “The Demon Empress, I can take you to Fengshen Dongfu, but you must first give me the antidote to the fossil beads in the Orb Jizo.”


Fengshen Dongfu was originally a Jedi, Ning Xiaochuan and King Qing almost died in it. From Ning Xiaochuan’s point of view, even if she took the Demon Empress Shi Ji, it was not a big deal.


“You are qualified to negotiate terms with the queen? Even if the queen’s vitality is severely injured, it is definitely not difficult to kill the three of you!” Shi Ji’s demon empress exudes a chill.


She has always been aloof and does not allow anyone to negotiate terms with her.


Ning Xiaochuan was not frightened by the aura of the Shiji Demon Empress, but took a step forward and said: “The Demon Empress, in your current state, it is really not easy to kill us. Thing. Although you are a master of the great wilderness, after all, you have been seriously injured. I will not take the risk of people and fall into the limelight. I will fulfill my promise and take you to the Fengshen Dongfu. However, please put the fossil beads as the antidote Leave it to me.”


He was determined and said again.


“You are looking for death!” All the white hair on the head of the Demon Empress Shi Ji floated up, and each one was like a sharp sword, stabs towards Ning Xiaochuan.


However, every white hair stopped in the air, blocked by a wave of blood.


A powerful blood qi radiated from Ning Xiaochuan as the center, forming a mighty sea of ​​blood, which swept the Demon Empress Shiji into it.


I don’t know when, Ning Xiaochuan wore a blood robe, with a faint spirit of spirit on his body, magnificent, just like a living second **** standing in front of the Shiji Demon Empress. Completely suppress the demon energy of the Shiji Demon Empress back.


“How is it possible…Where is this time **** blood robe?” The Demon Empress Shi Ji asked in amazement.


Ning Xiaochuan wore a blood robe of the second god, just like wearing a tens of thousands of catties, shaking the mountain every step of the way.


He walked to the front of the Shiji Demon Empress, staring at the stunning fairy face of the Shiji Demon Empress, and said, “Because I never put the blood robe of the second **** into the stone box you gave me. The blood robe of the second **** does not belong to you, it should belong to the descendants of the Zijin Emperor. Shiji Demon Empress, do you think I am qualified to negotiate with you now?”


The Demon Empress Shiji stared at Ning Xiaochuan coldly. Suddenly, a smile appeared on her beautiful face, she retracted her white hair, draped it softly behind her, and smiled: “What a Ning Xiaochuan, Ben Then I suddenly admire you!”


Before, the Shiji Demon Empress only used Ning Xiaochuan as a tool, using Ning Xiaochuan to find the Fengshen Dongfu, to force Ning Xiaochuan to pass on her “Earth Classic”.


That’s it.


To say how much Ning Xiaochuan has in her heart, it is totally impossible to talk about.


However, until this moment, the Demon Empress Shiji really appreciates Ning Xiaochuan a little bit.


First of all, Ning Xiaochuan, who wore the blood robe of the gods last time, had absolute power to kill her.


This is a great opportunity to become famous!


To kill a demon empress, among the human race, what great honor and feat is this?


However, Ning Xiaochuan did not do this. He still chose to negotiate with her, hoping to find the antidote to the fossil beads and relieve the life crisis of his friends.


Secondly, Ning Xiaochuan is not a person who has no scheming at all. Once she scheming, even she has been deceived.


If Ning Xiaochuan is a person who has no scheming at all, no matter how high his talent is, the Demon Empress Shi Ji will not appreciate him, but will only think that he is too stupid.


There are principles and means, so that people can achieve great things.


The Demon Empress Shi Ji smiled and said: “To tell you the truth, I will not even bother to use threats to deal with you two human juniors. The so-called fossil beads are just a cover to make you surrender.”


“What do you mean…The gems under the Tibetan clothing are not fossil beads at all?” Ning Xiaochuan said.


“That’s right! That’s a Zhanyan Pill that was made by collecting hundreds of magical psychic medicines, which is cheap for her!” The Demon Empress Shiji’s eyes raised slightly, as if she was right. Ning Xiaochuan said, you know how to play tricks, and you also know how to play tricks.


The Orb Jizo said: “Why should I believe your words?”


“I believe what she said.” Ning Xiaochuan stared at the Shiji Demon Empress, and instead of killing the Shiji Demon Empress, he let the Orb Jizo to record the north. The skins of the terrain of Xinjiang were taken out, and a mark was marked on the skins.


“I will mark the location of the Fengshen Cave Mansion on the map.” Ning Xiaochuan handed the animal skin map to the Shiji Demon Empress.


The Demon Empress Shiji glanced at the animal skin map, her eyes narrowed slightly, she didn’t doubt Ning Xiaochuan, and smiled: “Ning Xiaochuan, the queen remembers this name! But you have to remember, You still owe Ben a life.”


The Baozhu Jizo said: “Ning Xiaochuan didn’t kill you today, so he repaid your favor.”


The Demon Empress Shiji doesn’t look at the Orb Jizo at all, she stares at Ning Xiaochuan, and smiles, “Ning Xiaochuan, do you think so too?”


“I won’t owe anything to anyone.” Ning Xiaochuan threw a thumb-sized jade book to the Demon Empress Shi Ji, and said: “This is the first chapter of the “Earth Classic” and I will hand it over now You comprehend.”


The Demon Empress Shi Ji took the jade book and praised: “It’s really a good plan. Once the book queen has cultivated the first chapter of the “Earth Classic”, if he wants to practice the next eight chapters, don’t he still have to come to you? “


“If you don’t practice, give it back to me.” Ning Xiaochuan said.


It is naturally impossible for the Shiji Demon Empress to return the first chapter of the “Earth Classic”. Even if it is not used for cultivation, but only used for enlightenment, it will definitely make her cultivation level go further.


Ning Xiaochuan said: “There is one more thing, I have to remind you. You’d better not take that drop of the so-called “sacred lotion”, otherwise, it will not do you any good. I will do my best from now on. Later, our grievances were wiped out.”


After saying this, Ning Xiaochuan, Baozhu Jizo, and Xiaohong left the underground canyon immediately.


When the Demon Empress Shiji heard the last words of Ning Xiaochuan, her eyes were completely frozen, she took out the jade bottle containing the “Holy Water of Heaven”, held it in her hand, and observed it for a while.


The expression in her eyes gradually became playful, revealing an unprecedented smile, “What a Ning Xiaochuan, I will definitely go to you later.”


After leaving the canyon, Ning Xiaochuan took off the blood robe of the second **** on his body, his body was soaked with sweat, the vitality in his body was consumed a lot, and he almost collapsed.


“Wearing this gown of the second **** can indeed give me great power in a short period of time, but it consumes too much of my own power. If I stay in the canyon for a while, I’m afraid I will be crushed by the blood robe of the second **** on the ground.” Ning Xiaochuan recalled, still a little scared.


The Baozhu Jizo said: “Ning Xiaochuan, why didn’t you kill the Shiji Demon Empress just now? For you, that is a matter of fame in the world.”


Ning Xiaochuan shook his and said: “The Demon Empress Shiji is not as weak as you see. If I really fight with her, I might be able to kill her, but you and Xiaohong Too close to us, once the fighting breaks out, you will undoubtedly die.”


The Orb Jizo said: “Even if you don’t kill her, you don’t have to give her the “Earth Classic”! If she really understands the great road in the “Earth Classic”, she will definitely come to you again. , To ask you for the insult to her today.”


Ning Xiaochuan smiled and said: “Don’t worry. I only gave Shi Ji the Demon Empress the first chapter of the “Earth Classic”. Even if she really understands something, it may not be a bad thing. Because of the’sacred liquid’ The matter, she has completely and Bei. When the Xinjiang Demon Race stands on the opposite side, the Earth Centipede Demon Emperor will not let her go, the Thunder God Demon Emperor will not let her go, and the Tianmeng Demon Emperor will not let her go. Use her to deal with the demon. Clan, wouldn’t it be better? The stronger her cultivation base is, the greater the restraint on the North. The border monster clan will be more restrained.”


The Baozhu Jizo finally understood Ning Xiaochuan’s intentions, and couldn’t help but admire Ning Xiaochuan a little, and said: “The coordinates of the Fengshen Dongfu you gave her are also true?”


Ning Xiaochuan nodded and said: “It’s true, but even if she goes to Fengshen Dongfu with her cultivation base, the probability of surviving is very low.”


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