Supreme Celestial Devil Chapter 842: 2 demon kings



“Good boy, in front of your Lord Niu, you dare to be so arrogant, watching me not beat you into meatloaf with one punch. [For more exciting novels, please visit]” Prince Qi Niu’s five-finger squeezed punches, every time Electric lights are flowing in one finger.


Shi Ji Demon Empress said: “Prince Qiniu, step back!”


Prince Qiniu raised his arms, and heard the words of the Demon Empress Shiji, his face was embarrassed, and said: “Demon Empress, this human kid is too damn…”


“The Empress tells you to retreat!” The eyes of the Demon Empress Shi Ji became extremely cold.


Prince Qi Niu trembled with fright, he immediately closed his fists, knelt on the ground and worshipped the Shiji Demon Empress three times before crawling and retreating from Ning Xiaochuan’s side.


After seeing the attitude of the Demon Empress Shiji, the old monsters of the demon race seemed to have noticed something. It seems that the human kid is of great value in the demon queen’s heart! Don’t offend him now!


“Let’s go!” The Demon Empress Shi Ji glanced at Ning Xiaochuan, and lifted the slender jade. Leg, took a step, boarded the Jiulong Feiye, ready to leave Guixu immediately, and went to find the Fengshen Dongfu.


Suddenly, above the sky, a demon cloud of thunder and lightning flew.


A sound of deafening thunder came from the clouds, causing the profound energy between heaven and earth to vibrate constantly.


“Shi Ji, where are you going?”


A giant black centipede with a length of more than a thousand meters, flying in the demon cloud, with dense demon feet, exudes a breath of suffocating emperor.


The black centipede, condensed into a black figure, suspended in the void.


After seeing the black figure in the sky, the Demon Empress Shiji’s eyes were cold, and she said: “It turns out to be the Demon Emperor Earth Centipede! I’m afraid you can’t control where the Empress is going?”


The Centipede Demon Emperor smiled hoarsely, and said: “This emperor is naturally out of control, but if you want to leave Guixu, you must first leave behind the thing you snatched from the emperor.”


Ning Xiaochuan stared at the Centipede Demon Emperor who was standing in the sky, and said inwardly, it seems that the Heavenly One Sacred Fruit was taken back by the Shiji Demon Empress.


However, the Earth Centipede Demon Emperor is obviously not the opponent of the Shiji Demon Empress, why does he dare to come and seize the Holy Water of Tianyi?


Does he know that the Demon Empress Shiji was injured by the evil force of the blood robe? Or does he have other means?


Anyway, this is the matter of the Shiji Demon Empress, Ning Xiaochuan is like a okay person, quietly watching. At the same time, his heart began to be on guard, observing the surrounding wind and grass, the appearance of the Centipede Demon King was definitely not a simple matter.


“Xiaohong, if something happens later, join me immediately.” Ning Xiaochuan spoke to Xiaohong with heart and soul.


As for the appearance of the Centipede Demon Empress, the Shiji Demon Empress remained unchanged, and sneered: “The Centipede, you’d better leave immediately, otherwise, don’t blame the queen for being rude to you.”


“Really!” The Centipede Demon Emperor smiled coldly and said: “This emperor admits that you are worse than you, but there is always someone who can suppress you.”




With a loud thunder and lightning, countless thunder and lightning gathered into a huge humanoid movie, like a gleaming giant, holding a thunder hammer and electric cone, and said: “Shi Ji, since you got the’sacred liquid’, you must enter Dedicated to the Tianmeng Demon King, do you want to embezzle it yourself?”


The body of that lightning giant exudes a tyrannical and fierce aura.


After he appeared, the entire space was enveloped by the evil spirit, and countless electric lights shuttled in the evil spirit.


Thunder God Demon King!


Ning Xiaochuan took a deep breath of cold air, and the murderous master came! Master Guangming was killed by him, and he was definitely a more terrifying and ruthless character than the Earth Centipede Demon King.


The look in the eyes of the Demon Empress Shiji has also changed a bit, but she is still strong, and she said coldly: “Thunder God, do you want to intervene in this matter? What benefits did the centipede give you?”


Thunder God Demon Emperor said: “As long as you teach the’sacred liquid’, the emperor will leave immediately, and will not interfere with the grievances between you and the Earth Centipede Demon King.”


The Demon Empress Shi Ji said: “This queen thinks that you want to swallow the’sacred liquid’ by yourself, not to give it to the Demon King of Heaven.”


The Centipede Demon King sneered: “Shi Ji, if you don’t hand over the divine liquid, it means you have betrayed the Heavenly Demon Emperor. We can only take your life on behalf of the Heavenly Demon Emperor and forcefully seize it.’ Divine liquid’, you must not force us!”


The Demon Empress Shi Ji stood on top of the Nine Dragon Feiye, her robe fluttered constantly, her long white hair was blown by the cold wind, her starry eyes were firm, and she said coldly: “I want I’m afraid I have to show some real skills to seize the sacred liquid.”


“Well, the Shiji Demon Empress was hurt by evil spirits. It is definitely not the opponent of the Earth Centipede Demon Emperor. What’s more, there is an extra Thunder God Demon Emperor. If the Shiji Demon Empress does not compromise, I am afraid that all the humans here and All monster creatures are dead.” Ning Xiaochuan looked at the Demon Empress Shi Ji. At this time, it is almost impossible for her to hand over the Holy Water of Tianyi!


What to do? How to do?


Two powerful killing auras erupted from the bodies of the Earth Centipede Demon Emperor and the Thunder God Demon Emperor, forming two huge vortexes in the sky.


The two demon emperors put pressure on the demon empress Shiji at the same time.


“If that’s the case, then we are not welcome.” The Centipede Demon Emperor held a black barb in his hand, and when he moved his body, he rushed to the top of the Nine Dragon Feiye in an instant.




The entire Jiulong Feiye fell to pieces immediately, and the Shiji Demon Empress and the Earth Centipede Demon Emperor soared up at the same time, rushing to the sky, and continuing to fight.




At the same time, in the jungle, in the sky, and in the ground, countless creatures of the demon race rushed out and attacked the subordinates of the Shiji Demon Empress.


An old man of the demon race with four pairs of black wings, standing in the void, holding a scepter, said: “The Demon Empress Shiji betrayed the Demon Emperor of Heaven. His sin is to blame. The one who saw Demon Empress Shiji All subordinates will be killed.”


After saying this, the old demon clan pointed his scepter towards the ground, and a beam of light fell and hit the body of Lingyun, the personal disciple of the Demon Empress Shiji.


Ling Yun screamed, and her Jiao body was pierced by the beam of light, torn apart and turned into a cloud of blue mist.


However, her body is a cloud of spiritual fog, which belongs to the innate demon spirit. She did not die under the beam of light, and soon re-condensed the demon body. However, she had obviously suffered severe damage and was very depressed.




From the sky, a strange bird flew up and turned into a man with a human bird’s head. He stared at Ling Yun and let out a strange laugh, “The disciple of Demon Empress Shiji, just caught it. This king’s concubine.”


“Lingjiu King, if you dare to attack me, Master Demon Empress will definitely take your life.” Ling Yun said while escaping.


“The Shiji Demon Empress cannot protect herself, I am afraid that she will not survive today.” The Lingjiu King’s back stretched out his wings, carrying thousands of Lingjiu monster birds, like a black cloud, chasing and killing Lingyun. Go up.


Obviously, in order to seize the divine liquid, the Earth Centipede Demon Emperor and the Thunder God Demon Emperor have made a comprehensive plan. They also want to swallow the “divine liquid”, so they must cut the grass and roots, and will not let any Shiji Demon Empress’s The subordinates run away.


Countless demon creatures rushed out from all directions, and Shiji Demon Empress’s subordinates were besieged by enemies ten to a hundred times, and they were all killed. It was only a matter of time.


“Let’s run away!”


In the first time, Ning Xiaochuan and Xiaohong became one, unfolding a pair of dragon wings full of flames, and they were about to flee the place immediately by pulling the Orb Jizo.


However, when Ning Xiaochuan saw the five human monks imprisoned by chains, he stopped again.


Because the iron chains are engraved with demon patterns that imprison human cultivation, they cannot escape at all, they can only stand there and wait for death. Almost each of them had a look of despair on their faces. If the Earth Centipede Demon Emperor and the Thunder God Demon Emperor really wanted to steal the “sacred liquid”, they would definitely be put to death.




Ning Xiaochuan summoned the magic sword, swung the sword and slashed it, cutting off the iron locks on the five people.


After the iron lock was dropped, the cultivation of the five of them immediately recovered, and each of them burst out with ray of light, and wisps of vitality emerged from the body and flowed around the body.


Ning Xiaochuan threw five three-turned Yang Dan to them.


The five of them were all seriously injured, but after taking three turns to return the Yang Pill, the injuries healed more than half immediately.


Aoki Lingmai’s beautiful eyes blinked, and her voice was soft and pleasant, “Thank you for the life-saving grace of Young Master Ning. If Ning Xiaochuan comes to Middle-earth in the future, the little girl will definitely meet him in person.”


The other two old men were very ashamed and said: “Master Ning is righteous, and the old two apologize for the previous insults to Master Ning.”


Yan Mie also stared at Ning Xiaochuan deeply, and said: “Ning Xiaochuan, you killed my brother, I and you have a vengeance, but since you saved my life, Then the grievances between us have been cleared up. I will not count the grudges between you and me. I owe you the kindness I owe you, and I will not pay it back.”


Ning Xiaochuan looked at the five of them and said, “If you just kneeled on the ground and begged the monster race for mercy, and were willing to be slaves to the monster race, I wouldn’t be too lazy to save you. Now your injuries have almost recovered and you can break through by yourself. Come on!”


After saying this, Ning Xiaochuan ignored them, and immediately rushed into the demon group with the Orb Jizo, and had to escape here before the Shiji Demon Empress was defeated.


Although Ning Xiaochuan has enemies with the ghost-raising family, Yan Mie is indeed a good human arrogant. When he was in the sacred land of light, he dared to fight the nine king lions for the human race, although he was defeated The hands of the nine lions. At least he dared to go to the monster clan to fight to the death, not a person who would compromise with the monster clan, he had his own persistence.


That’s why Ning Xiaochuan will rescue him.


Ning Xiaochuan unfolded his supernatural powers quickly, summoning nineteen war swords at the same time, killing all quarters.








Where Ning Xiaochuan passed, a piece of monster creatures died at his no one could stop him.


A demon beast king of the ninth stage of heaven and human, transformed into a body, punched out a tiger claw the size of a house, and wanted to shoot Ning Xiaochuan to death.


With a kick on the sole of his foot, Ning Xiaochuan leaped to the top of the Halberd Tiger King’s head, slashed it with a sword, and split the Halberd Tiger King’s monster body in half. A demon as big as a human head flew out of the Halberd Tiger King’s body and was taken away by Ning Xiaochuan.


Since Ning Xiaochuan has entered the ninth state of heaven and man, under the real person, no one is his opponent. Even the creatures of the ninth realm of the heavens are not his enemy of one move.


The Orb Jizo followed closely behind Ning Xiaochuan, stepping on six reincarnations, and six world spaces suspended around her body. Each world space contained a supreme artifact. All monster creatures near her were crushed. Blood sludge.


After absorbing the power of the gods in the stone temple, her cultivation level also broke through to the ninth state of heaven and man!




On the last day of the double pass, continue to ask for the pass!


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