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Wonderful book review (1) [Original] Youth Training—Youai


Supports great and good texts, which is quite wonderful and another kind of Swordsman! Come on for a stable update! Greatly


Yue Buqun and his wife love Yue Feng very much now, and Yue Feng wants to save them no matter what. (I really don’t know. Should he be happy because he became the protagonist of Da Wenwen, or feel sad for being the son of a hypocrite—Yue Buqun. I am entangled. I look forward to seeing Da Wenwen’s pen You can feel Yue Buqun in another way. Dive and see below.) After that, Yue Feng gained internal energy through his own efforts, and then Yue Buqun taught Yue Feng the sword technique. Yue Buqun’s “intentional and unintentional” made Yue Feng specialize in research, and then “enlightened Dao” for more than two years, and finally increased his internal strength. Swordsmanship also realized a lot! After waking up, Yue Feng learned of himself Lingshan’s sister, Lingshan, is already four years old. While playing with her, I saw my mother—Ning Zhongze and Tian Boguang, and the sinister Tian Boguang shot Xiaobudian Yue Feng and his sister.


At the very moment, what happened to Yue Summit? And how did Ling Huchong become the big disciple of Yue Buqun in the following article? And Yue Feng got a cheat book, what is it? Could it be the sword technique that Yue Buqun would practice later on to ward off evil spirits? And hey, it’s all suspense, not spoiler! Diving to see the wonderful following went! Hahaha. It’s going to be a great update!


Seeing the names of the personalities in the big text, how familiar is it, it reminds me that a long time ago, I was actually obsessed with Xiaoxiaojianghu, and I really liked “A Laugh from the Sea”. It was a very interesting song. Songs that people feel, especially when you listen to it with Swordsman, you feel more flavorful! And now I have written another kind of Swordsman, which is really good! So, I am going to keep up with the steady update, I am looking forward to a big masterpiece! Hey-hey.


Also, it’s good to have a good grasp of the traverse text! The traversal is fast and not long-winded, and it makes me feel refreshed, and I won’t feel procrastinated in the plot! Hey, I really like this feeling!


I think so, if I really write it artificially and disguise myself as an innocent child, I will get entangled. Fortunately, this kind of treatment is really good, secretly remember, learn! Hey


Then I have a small suggestion after reading the article, just for reference and examination: Although the big introduction is very straight and centered, do you feel that it still lacks a bit of flavor? Yes, it just feels lacking Attractive. Suggestion: Go to the forum to see what the video and text are about in the introduction, it will be helpful to the writing of the introduction! Hey-hey. come on! Looking forward to and waiting for a much better introduction!


There is a lack of foreshadowing settings in the plot, I don’t know if there is a lot of feeling? ! I personally suggest that if there is a small foreshadowing in each chapter, it will pave the way for the excitement of the next chapter, and arouse the urge of readers to read the following, it will be better! Hey


The big letters are pretty good, and the plot is intertwined. I look forward to a stable update. You must know that this is a direct impact not only on the signing of the text, but more seriously, it affects the reader’s follow. That’s not worth it, right? If you have time, I will choose the multi-cun manuscript. In order to make the prerequisite plan, it is the best! Hey


Publisher: Youai Published time: 2012-02-23


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Great, I want to update it! @Why break the class! Why!


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It’s going to be a ****, but in the face of your long comment, I will update it soon


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I’m so touched by such a long comment!


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