Seven Evil Slips: 224【Fanwai】


After ten o’clock in the evening, more than three hours after the accident, the temperature on the mountain continued to drop, and snow began to entrain in the broken rain, rustling the top of the tent.

The magic stick wrapped his clothes tightly, and wrote word by word in the notebook that he carried: ** sealed the fierce letter, all five people lost consciousness, their bodies were stiff, there was no heartbeat, no breathing, but they must not be dead.

Under the six big characters “It must not be death”, there are two horizontal lines drawn heavily.

He is not an expert in the study of human death, but he understands common sense.

It is said that one minute after a person dies, the skin of the whole body will change color due to blood, but they did not, and they always kept a smile at that moment, and their complexion was full of vitality.

After about five minutes of death, there is no blood pressure in the body, and the eyeballs will gradually flatten from the sphere. They still don’t have any, and the light in their eyes is still bright. If you look closely, you can vaguely see yourself holding a mobile phone to take pictures.

It’s as if time is an invisible and hidden river. Everyone, bustling with people, walks on the bottom of the river from birth to death, and the five of them are suddenly lifted out of the river.

Looking at the inside of the tent, there were five people. He spent a lot of effort to move them in. It seemed that he was working hard to move the statues on display. He also arranged them according to their original positions and covered them with blankets. .

Cao Jiefang was very excited at the beginning. He probably felt that he had discovered some novel game. He walked around a few people and hit Cao Yanhua’s **** with his head. In the end, he lost interest and lazily got into the blanket and nestled in the bed. Ten thousand crossed legs.

Comfortable and warm, it is a natural chicken coop.

The curtain of the tent was not tightened, and the wind kept coming in from below, sending howling wolves in the distance. The magic stick grabbed three or two from the bag of fireworks, opened the curtain, and threw them all Into the dwindling bonfire.

The firecrackers were actually dumb, but instead there was a small, gorgeously packaged firework that swished like a sky-drilling monkey. Wear lonely flowers to Fenghuang.

The magic stick waited for two days. Except for sleeping, the observation records on the notebook were updated every two hours. There was no new content, and it was all “same as above”.

I didn’t expect this kind of situation before, I didn’t bring much food, and I ran out of food after eating a few compressed biscuits. On the second night, I had a dream. I dreamed that many winters and summers had passed, and thick dust had accumulated on several people, like plastic models that had been placed in the old warehouse for many years and were dusty. He took a hair dryer To blow, the windshield is turned to the maximum, dust and snow drift away, revealing a familiar clear outline, and every face is still smiling.

In the middle of the night, Tong County ushered in the first snow, not too big, just as Luo Ren expected, the three peaks in Fengziling were the first to turn white, and the branches picked up were all wet, and the fire could not be ignited for a long time. The tent was full of water vapor, and there was no way to dry it, and the temperature inside and outside was almost the same.

After waking up, Shenzhu was dizzy from hunger, drilled new holes in the belt, tightened it again and again, rubbed his hands and stomped his feet and ran around, Cao Jiefang showed amazing adaptability, the pheasant was cold and tough At minus thirty-five degrees, he was able to forage for food in the ice and snow. When the magic stick was extremely hungry, the idea of ​​Cao Jiefang turned in his mind, but he gave up later. There are three reasons.

1 What Cao Pangpang told him is to find a good home for Jiefang. The so-called good home must not be his stomach.

2 His legs and feet were weak from hunger, but Jiefang became more and more dexterous, and he might not be able to catch him, and it is said that Cao Jiefang launched a surge, and his combat effectiveness was quite amazing.

3 Even if the liberation is caught and the hair is plucked, the conditions here are poor, and it can only be cooked and eaten without any taste. A chicken loses its life. If it cannot be treated with the seasoning standard of KFC’s family bucket after death, how aggrieved it is .

The magic stick said to himself, wait and see, it will be late to say whether it is cloudy or sunny, and nothing can be concluded until the last moment.

He had another night.

It rained lightly this night, mixed with sleet, and the tent was damp and cold, but it was indeed the time. The weather forecast must have repeatedly broadcast the first wave of strong cold air, reminding the general public to keep warm.

Shen stick was so cold that he couldn’t sleep, his stomach was distorted like a mouth waiting to feed, when he heard a wolf howling in the middle of the night, he realized that the distance was much closer than the night before, so Gu Lu turned over and sat up.

I heard that when it’s cold and snowing, wolves can’t find anything to eat, so they will take the initiative to take risks, attack people, or sneak into the nearby villages.

He gripped the stun gun tightly and didn’t dare to close his eyes again. In the middle of the night, the rain turned to snow again, and the soft sound of snow falling on the tent was like an eternal sigh between heaven and earth.

Finally it was dawn, the tent door was opened, and the mountains and plains were filled with light whiteness. Looking back at Luo Ren and the others, my heart skipped a beat. I rubbed my eyes and looked again: yes, their faces seemed to be different. the red.

Is this sentient? With his heart pounding with joy, Shengun grabbed the notebook and ran over. When he saw it clearly, his heart skipped a beat. He quickly lifted the blanket and looked at their hands.

It is frostbite, the temperature is too low, they are inactive, and they are exposed to low temperature and humidity stimulation for a long time, the blood vessels on the body surface spasm, and the skin becomes red, swollen and congested.

Everyone has it, and the degree is different. It may be because the girls are afraid of the cold. The situation of Kiyo and Hongsha is more serious. The more severe it is, the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles and even bones may be necrotic.

They are not dead, but their bodies will still die, like fragile reeds, they can be harvested by a round of cold.

Before entering the mountain, Luo Ren handed over the decision-making power to him.

You have a decision to make, corona and tie up, or…clean up.

God stick quickly made a decision.

Even if they can’t wake up for the rest of their lives, they should take good care of their bodies. The most important thing now is to go out, otherwise the low temperature and severe cold and lack of food will kill everyone.

He has to hurry up and go to the village to find someone to help.

The magic stick fastened the collars of everyone, one next to each other, and wrapped everyone in blankets. All the things that could be used to heat and keep warm were wrapped in the blankets, and after getting out of the tent, Fasten the zipper.

Cao Jiefang was strolling around. At this time, he swung over, spread his wings, and stood on the top of the tent.

The magic stick said: “I’ll take it as if I’ve set you free, so do whatever you like.”

He picked up a thick wooden stick, stuck Luo Ren’s dagger in his back, put a few strings of firecrackers on his shoulders, and walked back along the way he came from. After walking for a while, he saw a mess on the snow. The footprints are like plum blossoms, with sharp claws on the toes.

My heart sank, and I quickly ran back to the precarious little tent. Even though the zipper door was closed, I still felt anxious no matter how I looked at it. After working for a while, he moved a lot of larger stones and built them around the tent In a circle, tightly blocked the zipper door.

Cao Jiefang was still standing on the top of the tent, looking down at him condescendingly, and the magic stick said: “It would be great if you could only watch the dog in the house.”

He also said: “The rice that is usually fed to you is not for nothing. Be smart and serve it when it is time for you. Do you understand?”

After finishing speaking, he took a string of firecrackers from his shoulders, pressed the lighter to light it, and then turned and left.

This time, there were no squibs. Behind him, there was a loud crackling firecracker. The broken firecracker paper mixed with the snow foam on the ground flew randomly in the sulfur smoke. Cao Jiefang fled far away, screaming loudly. : “Heh… Duo… La…”

Shen Chou walked for more than six hours without stopping, and it was already evening when he arrived at the village. He went straight to Ding Laojiu’s house.

In a daze, Ding Laojiu helped him onto the kang, wrapped him in a quilt, and drank two mouthfuls of soju. After recovering from his body, he felt the noise was terrible. Here, most of them heard the news and came to watch the fun.

Ding Laojiu expressed in embarrassment that if he did not enter the mountain, he would not enter for any amount of money. When the weather is good, the villagers will not enter the depths of the Lingzi, let alone now, when it is raining and snowing, besides Yes, he pointed to the people who watched the excitement, and said, there are no young people in the village, and young people who are not disabled or sick have all gone to work outside. It’s a matter of life.

The magic stick doesn’t want to waste words, time is tight, and he doesn’t have the time to wait for foreign aid: “Then I will go in by myself, and prepare me some wine and medicine oil for frostbite. Also, how do I get people out? The car drives If you don’t go in, what are you going to do?”

The old men and women who watched the excitement offered their suggestions one after another.

“Mule, use a mule to carry it. My family has two of them. They are cheap for you to use, but they have a stubborn temper. I’m afraid you won’t be able to tame them well.”

“If you want to be strong, I have a cart at home, the narrow one, you can push it or pull it.”

In the end, Ding Laojiu led the magic stick to the backyard and showed him a big green cow **** in the shed.

“This cow has a gentle temper and is obedient. The whip is on its back and it walks straight, left to the left and right to the right. If you don’t mind, I will help you put the cow on the cart and pull four or five people It’s okay to come out.”

Don’t dislike it, it’s settled like this.

It was cleaned up very quickly. The cart was covered with a reed mat, a layer of quilt, and a quilt with large flowers. In case the quilt would be wet by rain and snow, it was covered with a large oilcloth. Ding Laojiu He was filled with two jugs of hot water, and the bag contained a dozen steamed buns, as well as pickles.

Someone else brought a big flashlight, an oil-soaked torch, an old oil lamp hanging on the shaft, and even a steel fork of a forked wolf.

The people in this village are actually…not bad.

Wrapped in an old sheepskin padded jacket with a magic stick, and with a bamboo hat on his head, he drove the cattle into the mountain. Unexpectedly, the speed was faster than he thought, probably because the cattle looked slow, but in fact they walked steadily and slowly. Persevere with pride.

It was getting dark soon, and the rain and snow stopped at some point, but the wind was as cold as ice knives. Shenzhu chewed a steamed bun, lit a torch, and put his hand on the handle of the cart.

Halfway through the journey, the howling of wolves came faintly again. Passing by the side of the dense forest, I felt that there were shadows in the forest but they were probably afraid of fire, so they never dared to show up.

In the middle of the night, when we finally approached the camping point, the wind was getting stronger and stronger, and the cow was gradually struggling. The magic stick got out of the car, holding a big flashlight, and the bull’s nose pull rope was tucked on his shoulder, and he pulled it forward desperately, and just left After a few steps, when the flashlight was illuminated again, he suddenly shivered.

There is a wolf, prostrate on the ground, the blood around the body is almost black, the fur is sticky with blood and frozen into messy pinches, the big green bull behind him seems to be a little cowering, breathing from his nose, The four hooves hesitated to move back, but the magic stick held on desperately to pull the ox cart.

He took the steel fork, turned the wolf’s body over to the side of the road, and continued on his way.

On the last part of the road, on the thin snow, there are dots of bloodstains. Going further, there are chicken feathers, one by one, one by one, and the magic stick almost suspects that Cao Jiefang has been given by the wolf. I ate but there were too many chicken feathers, and it might not be possible to squeeze them all out just by liberating them.

When it arrived, the magic stick took two steps and shone the flashlight on the tent, but it didn’t shine on the tent’s arched roof as expected.

What’s going on? His heart tightened all of a sudden, was it crushed by the snow? Impossible, the snow here is far from reaching such a raging level.

He started running there, the beam of the flashlight was shining on that place, the wind kept blowing, blowing away the snow foam on the heights, as if it was still snowing, suddenly for a moment, the broken puff skin of the tent was blown up.

Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, the brain of the magic stick is buzzing, unless the five people come back to life, cut open the tent and leave, otherwise, the tent is already broken, and they are no different from being in the open air, So cold, such a strong wind, the body will really freeze to death.

When you get close, you stop suddenly.

He boasted that he has seen many strange scenes that ordinary people have never seen before, and felt that what happened was “mountain Taishan pressing on the top and not changing color”, but at this moment, he was still stunned.

I actually saw a lot of pheasants, gorgeous fur, brocade-like color, five people clinging to each other wrapped in blankets, squeezed together, Cao Jiefang was nesting next to Cao Yanhua, stupefied by the flashlight, When they saw that it was a magic stick, they actually forgot the grievances they had with each other before, and flapped their wings excitedly.

God stick noticed that Cao Jiefang’s two wings were raised in different sizes, as if he was injured, and his neck was high. Only one of the two small signs that were originally hanging was left. Look closely, it says “A good chicken”.

The tent was probably scratched by wolves. There are bite marks on the edges, the stacked stones are half down, and there are scratches from wolf claws on the ground beside the door. It is said that wolves are very smart. If you can’t stand it, it will dig a hole in the ground and get in under the door.

The magic stick was stunned for a long time before saying: “Liberation, are these all your friends? When did you get to know them well?”

He remembered that before, ten thousand three hated iron and steel, saying that Cao Jiefang lost his morals after drinking, and was almost paralyzed by wild pheasants in the mountains.

Cao Jiefang held his head high, his chest puffed up, and his whole body exuded a kind of heroism that he did not know each other, was friends from all corners of the world, shared enemies, and united with one heart.

The magic stick said: “That’s it, thank you, I took them out, it’s so cold, you go home and sleep.”

He couldn’t explain why, but he suddenly bent down and bowed.

After a second or two of silence, except for Cao Jiefang, all the pheasants suddenly flapped their wings and flew out. He made a mistake, for a moment, he felt that the light was like the light chasing the protagonist on the stage, and the group of pheasants, when they flew away, looked like a meandering fenghuang.

The **** stick drove the ox cart over, spread out the quilt, and put five people into the cart one by one, the small bag was the lightest, the **** stick stuffed her into Luo Ren’s arms, and said to her: “You, you need to eat more No matter how thin you are, it won’t look good.”

She had a smile on her face, her long eyelashes were covered with snow particles, and the magic stick blew away the snow particles.

Cao Yanhua was the heaviest, and it took the most effort to carry him into the car. He even staggered under the pressure of the magic stick, and jumped to his feet angrily, saying, “Why eat so much when you have nothing to do?”

Cao Yanhua had a smile on his face, looking silly, as if he was saying, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, forgive me.

After tidying up, the tarpaulin was put up to cover the car, and the old sheepskin jacket was tied tightly with hemp rope. Finally, Cao Jiefang was carried into the car.

Looking in that direction, Shenstick saw several pheasants flying back.

He understood: “Liberation, are you not leaving?”

“It’s fine if you don’t leave, it’s boring to stay with people, and you can’t tell a joke together, tell a ghost story or something, okay, stay with your friends, it’s lively.”

He took two steamed buns, broke them into pieces and scattered them on the ground: “We will come to see you later, Jiefang, when the time comes, you will marry a wife, have a baby, and live in a mansion. Us.”

The pheasants came over hesitantly, pecking tentatively, but Cao Jiefang didn’t move, he looked up at the magic stick, and the magic stick touched its head and said, “Let’s go.”

He got into the car, and the bullwhip was on the back of the big green bull. After a journey, he turned his head and saw Cao Jiefang limping a few steps in this direction, with the hair on his tail standing up, Stare at the car.

Suddenly felt uncomfortable, he grabbed the cow, took out his mobile phone and got out of the car, trotted over, and said, “Jiefang, I will take a photo of you as a souvenir. From now on, Cao Pangpang and Xiao Sansan will I will miss you.”

He took a picture, and Cao Jiefang took the initiative to change his posture, as if he knew how to look at the camera and change his posture when he was praised as a cute little bar in the bar of the gathering and reunion.

After the filming was over, the magic stick waved goodbye to it, got into the car, sniffed, and drove forward with the bull, telling himself that it was all over, don’t look back.

But after walking a long distance, I still couldn’t help but look back once: this time, I couldn’t see anything.

He pulled out the photos on his phone, turned to the most energetic one of Cao Jiefang, and stuffed it into Cao Yanhua’s arms.

The cow is tired, and the people are also tired. The magic stick is curled up on the seat, in a daze, and will occasionally give the cow a whip. Domestic animals don’t run wild, don’t jump violently, no matter when they open their eyes, they walk in a leisurely manner, and stop when they reach a fork in the road.

I forgot how many times I opened my eyes, suddenly I couldn’t open them, and the sky was getting brighter.

It’s another day, how many days has it been since you entered the mountain?

In the blink of an eye, a thought suddenly popped into the mind of the magic stick: It is today, and the number of sevens has expired

Is the fierce Jane sealed or not? If they escaped, would Luo Ren and the others have wounds that looked like rectangular wooden slips like what happened to Ping Ting before?

He quickly stopped the car, climbed onto the cart and lifted the quilt. Girls are not to be offended, so let’s just be a little radish.

Running around in a hurry, he unbuttoned his clothes, flipped the skirt to the side, and suddenly froze.

That’s right, under Luo Ren’s shoulder blades, faintly, there is a silhouette of a fenghuang, with the fenghuang head raised high, as if looking back.

Shen stick’s eyes were suddenly wet, and his nose twitched. He helped him button up his shirt, and after a while, he went to see Cao Yanhua again.

Yes, but I don’t know if it’s because Cao Yanhua is fat, the originally slender and graceful fenghuang is stretched like a fat goose on his body.

Shen stick sat on the side of the road, leaning on the wheel of the car, and ate another steamed bun. After gnawing, he plunged into the mouth of the plastic bag and stuffed it under Luo Ren’s head.

From this point of view, the Seven Fierce Letters should be sealed.

But the five of them, when will they come back and when will they wake up?

It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter how long you sleep, as long as there is hope, there is hope.

He was in high spirits again, and drove on the road.

Lingzi has recovered. After the first snowfall, the sun rises, and there are all kinds of sounds that belong to the natural mountains and forests. The axles have not been used for a long time, and they make creaking sounds. He still walked unhurriedly, with a large chunk of thick meat on his back heaving up and down.

After walking for a while, he actually felt a little confused.

More than 2,000 years ago, Lao Tzu rode a green bull through Hangu Pass. This area is the area of ​​Hangu Pass. Did Lao Tzu also walk through the same road?

It’s just that Lao Tzu is alone, and they are a group of people, driving a car, creaking.

But they may be doing the same thing, walking in the same direction and passing by in the interlaced time and space.

Lonely and uninhabited, the old mountain is empty, and there is no need to close the holy pilgrimage. Where does the white horse grandson go, and the old man Qingniu will not return.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t pay back, there will always be successors.

Flicking the whip of the magic stick, it hit the back of the bull straight, and there was an obscure sound of the axle. He raised his head and looked at the unglamorous sun in the mid-air.

Say loudly: “The sun is out, get up when you’ve almost slept, otherwise this day will pass again”

Going another way, I hummed a little tune to entertain myself.

They are all old songs, one will be “I will go my own way without complaints and regrets, and I will never go to the end of the world”, and the other will be “Time does not know the world, so many sorrows, why not go for a while”.

Luo Ren later said that one of the most unforgettable memories in his life was that time when he woke up on the way out of Fengziling.

I found myself lying on a rickety cart that I didn’t know what it was used to pull, with a plastic bag of steamed buns on the back of my head, Kiyo in my arms, and a blanket covering my body. A quilt with peonies sprinkled on a bright red background was common decades ago.

And the magic stick is singing.

Sing: “Pigs, sheep, where to send them, to the cooking pots of the people…”

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