Seven Evil Slips: 192【Fanwai】


Everything is going according to plan.

Zheng Mingshan sprinted two steps, jumped up in mid-air, firmly caught the gun thrown by Yan Hongsha, aimed at a minion whose muzzle was already facing upwards, and pulled the trigger.

Hundreds of secrets, he still forgot to explain to Yan Hongsha that this gun is a submachine gun, the rate of fire can reach more than ten rounds per second, a gun has a limited amount of ammunition, she can play freely on it, There is really not much “rice” left for him.

But after thinking about it, it’s useless to explain it. A novice doesn’t have a sense of a gun. If she is restricted, she will be afraid to use it.

Two of them were knocked down, their bodies were barely touching the ground, and the ammunition had just run out. Zheng Mingshan turned over and stood up, rushing towards the remaining one. Without hesitation, with a wave of his hand, the submachine gun in his hand hit the top of the man’s head like a whirlwind dart.

This throw was so powerful that the man fell backwards, and the muzzle of the gun fired a burst of bullets into the sky. Zheng Mingshan kicked the man’s chest, and with this force, he roared and jumped To the cheetah coming out of the cage.

These rabbit ups and downs were done in one go, the cheetah was waiting for work with ease, and the reaction was extremely fast, the two had already passed a move between their bodies, and each stood on time, when Yan Hongsha just landed, the door slammed, Cao Yanhua also rushed in with all his might.

Zheng Mingshan shouted: “Leave the cheetah to me, you two clear the field, those who lie down, don’t give them a chance to snipe.”

Yes, it has to be handed over to him. Although he did not inherit the mantle of the teacher, he was the first to start, and he was Meihua Jiuniang’s first disciple. This confrontation should start with him.

As soon as the words fell, Kiyo cried and called him: “Brother, save Luo Ren”

Zheng Mingshan’s heart trembled, and he glanced inside the cage, the scene was shocking, not to mention that Luo Ren had become a blood man, even Kiyo’s face and hands were almost covered in blood.

Zheng Mingshan knew in his heart that for similar accidents or injuries in field operations, whether the on-site first aid is reasonable and fast is the key to a person’s subsequent survival.

One is the enemy who indirectly killed Master, and the other is Luo Ren…

Damn Zheng Mingshan gritted his teeth: The dead can’t live, and right now, stopping the loss is **** more important than revenge.

He said “try to hold her back” and quickly rushed into the enclosure.

Just knelt down next to Luo Ren, the smell of blood almost rushed to his face. In his early years, Zheng Mingshan had seen many similar dangerous situations. Whether a person can survive can be seen at a glance. When it came to Luo Ren’s situation, he felt a bit cold in his heart.

The knife wound was fine, and the artery was not injured. He told Kiyo sharply: “Use your clothes to press the wound, if it doesn’t work, put the cloth head inward to stop the bleeding first, and press the other hand Hold him close to his heart, his heart won’t beat, you help him jump”

Muyo was buzzing in his head, nodded with tears in his eyes, cut off a large part of his shirt with a dagger, folded and pressed Luo Ren’s wound.

Looking at the gunshot wound again, my heart fell to the bottom of the valley in an instant: it seems that… an artery was injured.

Zheng Mingshan took a deep breath, tried his best not to be distracted by Kiyo and the scene of fighting in the cage, stretched his hand up along the bleeding wound, found the pulsating artery, and pressed the blood vessel firmly with the palm of his hand He stopped the bleeding on the nearby bone, took a knife in the other hand, cut open the clothes, bit and tore them apart, pulled them into balls, groped to the hole of the gun, and stuffed them in forcefully.

Of course, this is not the most suitable method. He knows that it should be disinfected and bandaged properly. Now that the wounds are all exposed, the bleeding continues, and the risk of infection is too high, but this is the most brutal and effective way to treat headaches under the current situation.

He continued to press the blood vessels with his palm, and quickly ordered Kiyo: “I want to be sent to the hospital, immediately.”

When I looked up, I saw Yan Hongsha and Cao Yanhua fighting the cheetah desperately. It was true that I was burning with anxiety, but I couldn’t let go.

Neither of them is a cheetah opponent.

Only Yan Hongsha can barely use some moves, Cao Yanhua is out of order, just because he is fat and can withstand beatings, he either hugs her legs desperately, or hugs her waist desperately, only lasted for a while, Cheetah With a back kick, Cao Yanhua was kicked out. Fortunately, Cao Yanhua just hit the chain net on one side of the cage, which relieved a lot of the momentum.

This time, only Yan Hongsha was left to fight the cheetah, Cao Yanhua wiped the blood from his mouth, and was about to charge forward, when Zheng Mingshan ordered him sharply: “Leave Hongsha alone, take the gun”

Cao Yanhua suddenly realized: yes, there are still guns in this factory

He limped and trotted towards the nearest place where the gun fell. At the other end, the cheetah was fighting the red sand like a beast fighting a rabbit. After only two or three strokes, she had already strangled Yan Hongsha by the throat. , so powerful that he grabbed her neck and lifted her off the ground.

Yan Hongsha’s eyes turned white, and she stretched out her hand to grab the cheetah’s face, but she couldn’t catch it, and Muyo trembled when she saw it. Zheng Mingshan gritted his teeth and ordered her: “Stay where you are, and do what you do”

At this moment, Cao Yanhua had already got the gun, and rushed over with blood red eyes, aiming at the back of the cheetah, it was a shuttle.

He didn’t have a sense of a gun and couldn’t aim. The cheetah seemed to have eyes on its back, so it only made a wrong step, and Cao Yanhua’s shuttle was completely empty.

Yan Hongsha couldn’t breathe, her legs were convulsed in mid-air, she suddenly thought of something, with the last of her strength, she reached into her pocket and took out a plastic bag of blood, grabbed it in her palm and approached the cheetah, using all her strength a grip.

The plastic bag burst, blood splattered everywhere, and one of them sprayed into the cheetah’s eyes, and white smoke billowed up. Rolling and crawling, he came towards the cage.

As far as the cheetah is concerned, it is really a character, judging the situation, without delay, it rushed towards the gate.

Zheng Mingshan sighed in his heart: It seems that the cheetah is going to escape this trip.

In movies and TV shows, the villain’s boss will always fight to the last moment, or kill or be killed, but Zheng Mingshan’s actual combat experience is not like this: those difficult characters, when danger comes, the most common The action is actually to evacuate quickly, not to flee in embarrassment, but to evacuate to a safe area to ensure their own safety, and then make a comeback.

Wicked people have harmed too many people, and they tend to spare their lives even more.

Cao Yanhua followed behind with another shuttle, which seemed to be hit. The cheetah staggered on its legs and almost knelt down, but immediately stood up straight again. Cao Yanhua was overjoyed, and pulled the trigger again, the chamber was empty.

The cheetah stopped, turned its head, and stared at the group of people inside and outside the cage, with a ferocious smile on its lips.

Said: “Let you see… the fireworks bloom.”

Yan Hongsha panted heavily, wanted to chase but couldn’t muster up the strength, looked puzzled to see the cheetah’s expression changed, and after flipping around for a second or two, it quickly disappeared at the door.

She asked: “What is she looking for?”

With a bang sound, Cao Yanhua’s legs became weak, he swung the gun and sat down on the ground. Slowly, he took out a few things from his arms and threw them on the ground.

There are lipstick blades and something like a switch.

Said: “I don’t know, let’s find these things.”

“Did you steal from her? When?”

“When I was beaten to death by her.”

Zheng Mingshan interrupted them: “Luo Ren’s situation is not right, immediately, let the 13,000 car drive in, and at the same time call for an ambulance. If there is a little time, we will send it here, and the ambulance will go here.” Hurry up, meet halfway, you can rescue as soon as possible, hurry”

Cao Yanhua responded, and took a look at Muyo, who was crying like blood and tears. He didn’t dare to look at Luo Ren, stumbled and ran out, trot to the edge of the iron gate of the factory, and looked out through the gap of the iron fence .

Front left right.

Suddenly dumbfounded.

What about the car?

What about the **** car?

After a long while, he yelled angrily: “13,000 you bastard!”

One thousand three has been working hard to make Aoki wake up.

He has self-knowledge, people have different values ​​in different situations, and in this situation, Aoki alone is worth several of him.

Tried many ways, slapped his face, pinched his nose, and even opened a bottle of mineral water to pour on his head. Aoki was still a little dazed. Consciousness, raised his hand and slapped him.

The **** little devil is so arrogant

Thirteen’s heart was full of fire, and when he saw Cao Jiefang with a glance, he suddenly had an idea in his heart.

He pointed to Aoki’s people and told Cao Jiefang: “Peck him”

Given several times, Cao Jiefang hesitated, finally understood, and pecked at him.

This stroke was so powerful that it almost pecked a blood hole on Aoki’s upper lip.

Aoki sighed in pain and covered his lips: “Who? Where is this… Luo? Where are you?”

13,000 admired him a little, professionally trained people are indeed different, and they can quickly adjust in a short period of time.

He hurriedly explained the matter briefly, trying to get to the point: “They have been in the factory for a long time, and the elder brother said, if possible, I want your help…”


Aoki’s eyes crossed his shoulders, staring fixedly at the distance, his facial expression was weird, his brows were almost knit together.

Thirteen’s back felt cold, and he quickly turned his head to look, and saw the figure at the top of the other wall of the factory area, quickly jumped off and disappeared.

Who? Brother, have they come out?

Aoki burst out two words from between his teeth: “Cheetah.”

“Are you sure it’s a cheetah?”

Yan San’s hands couldn’t help shaking: They were all in the factory building, why did only the cheetah come out? Could it be that big brother and the others are… finished?

Aoki pushed him away, stepped directly from the back seat to the driver’s seat, and quickly started the car: “I recognize her even when she turns into ashes.”

Thirteen is confused: “What do you want?”

“Shh…don’t talk.”

The car started and did not chase after it, but drove directly to the nearest high place and stopped.

From a high point of view, you can see the position of the cheetah, the direction she left, and the criss-crossing roads.

One thousand three hugged Cao Jiefang, so nervous that he could almost hear his own heartbeat, he swallowed his saliva and repeated the question again: “What do you want?”

Aoki smiled at 13,000 in the rearview mirror: “From the fork in the road, go around to the opposite side of her, pretending to meet her by chance, then speed up and hit her to death”

Before he finished speaking, he suddenly stepped on the accelerator.

Thousand will never forget this scene in this life.

In the past, he bluffed and deceived, but he never thought of killing people.

Dawn gradually rises, and the early morning mist permeates all around. This is a field road with a small river beside it, and the surrounding fields are turquoise. silhouette.

Is that the cheetah? Ten thousand three held his breath, and subconsciously, stretched out his hand to pinch Cao Jiefang’s **** in his arms. Cao Jiefang’s small eyes were dripping, as if he knew the serious situation, and he was abnormally quiet.

Aoki fixed his eyes on the approaching point, the car drove unhurriedly, and even calmly chatted with Yisan.

“Even if we don’t hit her, she will probably steal the car.”

“What do you do if you run her over to death? This is… a murder.”

He seems to have heard the funniest joke: “I’m here to kill her, do you think I’m here to make friends?”

The distance is getting closer and closer.

13,000 grasped the handle of the car with all his strength, lowered his head as much as possible and curled up into a ball. When the car accelerated suddenly with the accelerator pedal fully pressed, he felt a whistling sound of wind in his ears, as if the car body had hit something heavily , and then went straight ahead, bumped violently, and stopped.

Is this… run over?

10,000 was terrified, sat in the car for a long time without moving, after a while, he heard the door open, Aoki got out of the car.

He swallowed his saliva, and hurriedly followed, seeing Aoki walk to the side of the cheetah, squatting down.

13,000 was a little apprehensive and didn’t dare to look over.

Is that the cheetah? The vicious cheetah that Luo Ren and the others spoke of? Just like that, he was hit and killed by an ordinary minivan on a country road?

A funny sentence popped up in ten thousand three’s mind.

You are domineering while you are dead.

Aoki stretched out his hand, probed the cheetah’s breath, wiped her heartbeat, watched her convulsion indifferently, then opened his eyelids to look into her eyes.

Said: “This eye seems to have been burned.”

While speaking, she took off her blindfold.

The blind eye, with drooping lids, was lifeless.

There was the melodious cry of a morning bird not far away, Cao Jiefang staggered, walked down the embankment to the river bank, and happily pecked left and right with his buttocks up, and 13000 slowly moved to Aoki’s side , looking at the cheetah’s body with some trembling.

“Is she… dead?”

Aoki smiled, took out the crumpled cigarette case from his pocket, took out a cigarette, lit it, took a puff by himself, then squatted down, dug a small hole, inserted the cigarette obliquely in it, and said: ” Almost.”

Is it almost there? Always feel that something is wrong.

In the blink of an eye, Yiwan suddenly thought of something: Didn’t the cheetah have a murderous Jane? Shouldn’t the fierce Jane be forced out, what about the fierce Jane?

He lowered his head, and when he saw what he saw, his mind suddenly exploded.

He saw a blood-red eye suddenly opened

“Be careful”

It was too late, the cheetah’s hand was like lightning, and instantly grabbed Aoki’s throat, ten thousand three could almost see the veins on the back of her hand bulging.

Aoki’s face turned blue and purple in an instant, his eyes were almost bulging, and ten thousand three also gave it up. He picked up the stone from the ground and smashed it on the cheetah’s head. It’s just dirt and rubbish.

It’s over, there is no one around, if you don’t want to recruit, Aoki will be abandoned here.

10,000 three roared, and used the momentum to bump into the cheetah, but the cheetah really couldn’t stand firmly, and the three of them rolled down the river bank together, and Cao Jiefang, who was pecking food by the river, flew away in shock. go.

Finally stopped, Wan San wanted to stand up, when his throat suddenly tightened, and Cheetah’s other hand strangled his throat.

13,000 couldn’t breathe, struggling to shake his head from side to side, saw Cao Jiefang not far away, stood in a daze for a long while, then suddenly flapped his wings, and rushed towards the cheetah with quick, small steps .

He bumped his head against the cheetah’s calf, knocked himself staggeringly, then desperately lowered his head to peck at the cheetah’s feet. He was kicked out like a ball, rolled several times in mid-air, and lost a lot of chicken feathers.

Thirteen’s eyes were bloodshot, I don’t know why, but I think Cao Jiefang is very funny, I feel like laughing, but my nose is sore and I want to cry.

It’s not in vain to raise it, good chicken.

The body dragged suddenly, and it was the cheetah that held their throats, one left and one right, and pushed their heads into the river.

In the early morning, cold water soaked into his mouth, nostrils, nostrils, and ear holes, and Shisan’s feet kicked around in vain, causing blisters to appear on the surface of the river.

The cheetah looked up to the sky and laughed.

At this moment, Ten thousand three heard the loudest sound that I have ever heard in my life

Hah… duo…

He opened his eyes suddenly.

The river water flowed above his eyes, icy cold and stinging, and had a strangely deforming effect.

He saw that the cheetah was smiling happily with its head up, and in the mid-air, Cao Jiefang was rushing towards it, with its wings spread out, and after being deformed by the river, the wings were like an eagle flying away. Lowering its head, the sharp beak pecked at the cheetah’s eyes, and then flew away.

Through the layer of flowing river water, Yiwan saw that Cao Jiefang was holding something in his chicken beak, and a blood-red, ribbon-like strip was pecked out from the cheetah’s eyes.

The clamping force between the throats suddenly weakened, the cheetah’s body convulsed, and it fell straight forward into the river.

Blood spread in the river, Shisan coughed and struggled to sit up from the ground, Aoki’s groan sounded beside his ears, he felt relieved: Fortunately, Aoki is not dead.

Turning his head again, he saw Cao Jiefang who had fallen to the ground.

The rooster is still clutching the fierce stick in its beak, the hair all over its body is raised, and it looks menacing, with a fierce little expression on its face, as if to say

I told you to just kick me

The end of the sixth volume


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