Rising: Ten Thousand Years Chapter 1: :Nuclear fission


The First World War took place in August 1914 AD. The main weapon is a rifle.

The Second World War took place in September 1939 AD. The main weapons are aircraft tanks.

The third time…

The Fourth World War took place in the 26th year of the ‘New Calendar’. The main weapons are spears, and stones.


Ten thousand years later.

“The Third World War has become a mystery. We have forgotten when it started and when it ended. It has just become a dividing line in history. The time before the Third World War is ancient times; after the Third World War, It is the New Era. From the ancient books, we can vaguely glimpse the human beings 5,000 years ago, struggling on a piece of scorched earth to survive, and the whole world united to resist something called radiation…

We can draw conclusions. After the Third World War, it took human beings five thousand years to heal such wounds. And we are still alive and healthy. This is the selfless and great contribution made by the medical ancestors of the “Xinli” for 10,000 years to mankind. It can be seen from ancient books that human beings in ancient times were tortured by diseases. However, the new calendar has developed from 10,000 years to the present, and diseases have become history. A medical pioneer once said that some kind of antibody appeared in the human body, but it is unknown…

From the ancient books, we can see some legends about the ancient times. It was a kingdom of gods, with highly advanced technology, but we don’t know exactly how advanced it is. But war scientists once came to a conclusion that the ancient humans before the Third World War were able to invent weapons that could destroy the entire world. Ten thousand years from now, we will not be able to.

Wars have become historical dividing lines.

Ten thousand years have erased the painful memory of mankind.

10,000 years have wiped out the beautiful memories of mankind.

We no longer remember any hurt that ever happened, and we can’t remember any good that ever happened? We can’t imagine what kind of paradise the ancient humans lived in before the Third World War. Even with extreme thinking, it is impossible to guess how happy human beings were at that time.

Students, this is “Introduction to World History”. Compulsory questions, remember a few of the most important key points: before the Third World War was the ancient times. Popularly known as “Paradise Age”. After World War Three, five thousand years before the new calendar, history called it “The Age of Pain”. Five thousand years after the new calendar, it is collectively referred to as the “Era of Rise and Rejuvenation”…”

Kyushu Empire, Southeast State, Hangcheng County.

The wind howled, and the sky was full of yellow sand. In that endless sand sea, there was an endless stream of pedestrians, all of whom were used to such wind and sand. Just covering the nose and mouth with a veil, nothing special.

It is said that in ancient times, this place was a place with beautiful mountains and clear waters. Modern people naturally don’t believe it, look at this continuous sand sea…

In the public high school of Hangcheng County, the classroom of the third year of high school was quiet, and every student listened attentively to the history teacher explaining the history of the world.

Five thousand years after the new calendar, everyone from princes and nobles to traffickers and pawns has a burning ambition in their hearts, and a great dream of revival is hidden deep in their souls. Everyone fantasizes about being able to bring this simple world closer to the ancient times 10,000 years ago and revive it.

If you want to revive, you must know enough about the history of the ancient times.

“Li Zhen, do you remember a key word in the teacher’s statement just now? According to the research of archaeologists, what kind of weapon was used to destroy the Three World Wars?”

The history teacher smiled and asked by name.

The students all turned their heads and looked at the last row with a kind of laughing eyes, the thin, almost naked boy, who was only tied to the key parts with a few rags.

Li Zhen stood up, his disheveled hair, sallow and thin face, but he couldn’t hide his burning and deep eyes:


“Ha ha ha ha.”

The class roared with laughter, and all the students laughed so hard that their stomachs hurt:

“Are you stupid!”

“He? What is He?”

“You are so cute, which history book said that there is such a weapon? If you want to talk about a legendary weapon like ‘guns’, we still barely believe it.”

“And? Or a river? What do you mean, is there such a weapon?”

“Li Zhen, what school do you still go to, why not obediently pick up trash?”


The history teacher looked like he hated iron and steel: “Oh, I have already said that it is something called radiation. What is it that is not compatible with it?”

Li Zhen’s face was flat, neither sad nor happy, and there was no change due to the ridicule of his classmates and the pain of the teacher. Word by word:

“Nuclear. The weapon that destroys the world is called nuclear. A kind of radiation that humans resisted five thousand years ago, the full name is ‘nuclear radiation’. Ten thousand years ago, humans invented a weapon that destroyed the world. The first generation The second generation is called “atom”. The third generation is called “neutron”. The fourth generation is called “three-phase”. , the world is destroyed by nuclear.”

The unhurried tone and tone made the students in the class a little quiet, looking at each other, not knowing how to react.

The history teacher pushed his glasses, and he was a little stunned. He couldn’t grasp the accuracy of this answer. There was a faint sound. I saw in an ancient book that someone mentioned that there was a weapon called ‘atom’ in ancient times.

And Li Zhen spoke in such a slow and steady manner, he didn’t seem like a person who made up things casually.

The mainstream of the world is like this, no one will easily and arbitrarily veto a piece of speech.

There are too many unsolved mysteries about the past in the 10,000-year-old modern human beings in the “New Calendar”. It’s hard to tell the correctness of what a person suddenly said, maybe he discovered some ancient books, maybe he knew something you didn’t know…

After a long silence, the history teacher frowned and asked, “Then what effect will the ‘nuclear’ you mentioned be released? Why can the whole world be affected? According to ancient books, the whole world was The sea of ​​fire is like the anger of the gods. It is said that the world used to be a vast oasis, but what kind of weapon can be released to turn most parts of this world into deserts? Can you explain?”

Without hesitation, Li Zhen moved his bare feet out of the desk and strode towards the podium.

Picking up the chalk and standing in front of the blackboard, looking at the silent students in the class, he said loudly:

“It seems that any weapon in the ordinary sense cannot destroy the entire world. No, it can. It’s just that we haven’t seen it today, and we can’t imagine what kind of thing it is. Teacher, now the most A great weapon is called a bomb, isn’t it? It produces a violent explosion and produces a flash of light.”

The history teacher nodded: “Yes. This is a concept proposed by a student of Imperial College fifty years ago, and it was researched by scientists twenty years ago. It is called a bomb. Something as big as a fist, after the explosion It can spread to a radius of more than ten square meters.”

“And the core. If it is the same size, it can destroy a city.”



“How is this possible?”


The students all exclaimed, this is a concept they can’t imagine at all.

The history teacher’s eyes widened suddenly, and he looked at the problem from a rational perspective. The weapons that destroyed the world in ancient times may really be unimaginable.

“You know?”

The history teacher asked in surprise.

Li Zhen picked up the chalk and wrote a few words on the blackboard-nuclear fission!

“What is nuclear fission?”

Li Zhen said lightly: “I don’t know what the atoms and neutrons contained in it are. But the principle is that after they collide with each other, a phenomenon of nuclear fission will occur. The terrifying fission of the posture, the geometric multiple rises. If one atom fissions, one, fission becomes two. Then continue to split, two will become four. Four continue to fission, four will become sixteen .Sixteen continue to fission, it will become two hundred and fifty-six.

It only takes a short moment for an atom to split into billions and billions. This is an extremely terrifying geometric multiple fission. This is called a nucleus. After the nuclear fission explosion, the high temperature generated can burn the world and turn everything into scorched earth. The area that has been visited by nuclear radiation will produce nuclear radiation, and no grass will grow here for thousands of years…”

Everyone opened their mouths wide, looking at the rows of Arabic numerals on the blackboard in disbelief. 2*2=4.4*4=16.16*16=256.256*265…

Is this the formula for nuclear fission?

The history teacher opened his mouth wide~IndoMTL.com~ excitedly slapped the table and shouted: “Yes, that’s right. That’s it!”

Everyone looked at the history teacher, and couldn’t figure it out. Could it be that Li Zhenmeng was right?

The history teacher said excitedly: “I once read an ancient book more than 9,000 years ago. At that time, it was not far from the ancient times. People at that time knew better what happened at that time. Someone mentioned that it was called’ Fission explosion’ is said to be a phenomenon in which ‘neutrons’ collide with ‘nuclei’ to cause fission… But so far, no one knows what neutrons and atomic nuclei are. I remembered, and you are right. It turned out to be such a calculation formula … No one has ever clarified exactly how fission is and what is fission. And the point of view you said is, I think, the closest to the truth so far.”

Li Zhen nodded: “So, the world is destroyed by nuclear.”

‘Papa Papa’

The students gave heartfelt applause, and they were all stunned, unable to figure out how such a young man who relied on picking up garbage for hygiene could tell so many secret things that were ‘unclear’.

Li Zhen stepped off the podium, and at this moment, the bell rang after school.

The history teacher quickly shouted: “Li Zhen!”

Li Zhen turned around.

“Where did you learn these things? Which book did you read them from? Tell me, this is very important. Maybe the scientists of the Kyushu Empire will be the first to study what the world is destroyed… “

After thinking for a while, Li Zhen revealed a somewhat inexplicable smile: “Someone told me.”


“The man of my dreams.”


That smile is brilliant, and the expression in his eyes is a touch of tenderness…


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