Rise From Doomsday Chapter 1787: , Nine tripod formation (Part 2)


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“What kind of monster is that!” The player’s voice was full of extreme fear. Logically speaking, it is impossible for a player who has experienced an indigenous attack to be in this situation. Zhou Chaoyuan, Murong Xiubing and others all felt that something was wrong. They had already The extremely fast speed increased again, turning into two lightning bolts that appeared on the top of the city. Just as the two of them landed, they suddenly found that there was another person beside them. They didn’t know when Liu Wei’an would appear.

The two of them had no time to think about these issues. Their eyes were completely attracted by a huge magical beast. It was an earth-splitting bull, a level four monster.

In the last attack, the fourth-level monster was regarded as the finale, but now, the fourth-level monster is regarded as the forward. The distance of half a kilometer is only a few breaths for the fourth-level monster. Black Players below Iron level can only see a black shadow shooting from a distance, and can’t tell what it is.

Along the way, all barbs, hidden arrows, and traps were destroyed by the Earth-cracking Barbarian Bull like a bamboo. They were useless. Most of the traps that Black Dragon City had worked hard not to know were destroyed by the Earth-cracking Barbarian Bull. In the blink of an eye, they had reached the foot of the city wall, and the terrifying aura came overwhelmingly. The hundreds of players on the wall all turned pale, and even the gold-level masters could not help but shake.

How terrible!

The impact of the Earth-Splitting Bull is especially stronger than that of the Colorful Black Tiger. At close range, everyone can see clearly that the two horns of the Earth-Splitting Bull are more than two meters long and are extremely sharp. When it is about to open a mountain, The body length is nearly six meters and the shoulder height is more than two meters. The round body contains explosive power. It is difficult to imagine that such a huge monster can possess such speed.

Murong Xiubing and Zhou Chaoyuan had already put their hands on the weapons, but when they saw that Liu Wei’an hadn’t moved, they suppressed the idea of ​​taking action. When other people who came later saw this, they also resisted the idea of ​​taking action. , everyone is curious. What is the power of the defensive formation created by Liu Wei’an, who did not hesitate to offend everyone in the city?

It’s a long story, but in fact, in just an instant, the earth-cracking bull hit the city wall like a meteorite falling to the ground.


The moment the horns of the Earth-Splitting Bull came into contact with the wall, the thousands-meter-long spear lit up with weak fluorescence, and the place where it collided with the horns was dazzling, and a cloud of earth-yellow light bloomed. Come. The surface of the entire city wall seemed to be covered with a layer of plastic wrap. At this moment, the plastic wrap vibrated at a high frequency. The force of the Earth-cracking Barbarian Bull, which was enough to break mountains and crack rocks, was quickly decomposed, and the remaining part bounced back. The Earth-Cracking Barbarian The cow shot backwards for seven or eight meters, leaving four deep marks on the ground.

There was deathly silence on top of the city. It was quiet for more than a second before a deafening cheer broke out.


Everyone stood on the top of the city and clearly felt the vibration from the collision. It was as weak as a heavy truck passing by on the road. There was vibration, but such vibration was completely within the acceptable range. . You know, before this, the shock caused by even a first-level monster was ten times stronger than it is now.

I don’t know how long the formation Liu Wei’an has set up will last, but as long as he can block the earth-cracking bull, no one will have any objections to him killing Bald Qiang and his group.

“Kill——” Liu Hanxing turned over and fell from the top of the city, grabbing the earth-cracking bull.

The earth-cracking bull is scary, but it also represents wealth, which can be encountered but not sought. The third-level monsters are all covered with treasures, and the preciousness of the fourth-level monsters can be imagined with the heel. Last time, the beautiful black tiger was snatched away by Liu Wei’an, and they didn’t even get a cup of soup. However, the last time the situation was urgent, they wanted to Drinking soup won’t kill you, but it’s different now. The large force of Warcraft is still hundreds of meters away from the huge chunk of Earth-cracking bull impact. It’s the best time to kill the Earth-cracking bull.

The important thing is that everyone’s combat effectiveness has returned to its peak. Liu Hanxing believes that no one will miss such an opportunity. Sure enough, when he landed, Zhou Chaoyuan, Murong Xiubing, gold-level masters from the Black Dragon Chamber of Commerce, Yang Jun and the Kyushu Chamber of Commerce All the gold-level masters jumped down.

Liu Wei’an was the most promising person to **** the Earth-Splitting Bull, but he didn’t move. If you want these people to contribute, you must give them some sweetness, although this sweetness is huge.

But for him, what he cares about more is the formation. Such a formation can withstand ten or twenty earth-cracking bulls. He figured out the formation from the soul-suppressing monument. The formations and spells are all thought out, and they all use the medium to induce the power of heaven and earth to serve themselves. The difference is that the talisman relies on mysterious symbols, while the formation is a bit more like a talisman. In addition to the symbols, there are other things. But in essence, the talisman is actually a formation, the smallest and most basic formation.

No one will believe it, but Liu Wei’an’s formation is actually a stone spell. Hundreds of small stone spells form a large stone spell. This big stone spell is the formation.

He himself doesn’t know if this is a formation, but he thinks it is a formation. Because it was his first time setting up the formation, he was not sure how effective it would be, so he refrained from taking action. Using a level four monster to test the formation, those formation masters probably wouldn’t have had such an opportunity.

Powerful formation masters can use the power of heaven and earth for their own use. Liu Wei’an, a half-skilled person, naturally cannot do this, so he needs power seeds as a source of energy. He couldn’t bear to give out so many power seeds by himself. He was very short of power seeds, so he could only share them equally. With so many people in Black Dragon City, one seed per person is enough. I believe that after this war, it will be much easier to collect power seeds next time.

The battle below the city has entered a fever pitch, with more than a dozen gold-level masters besieging the Earth-cracking Barbarian Bull. This kind of battle is the first time for the players of Black Dragon City. Everyone is excited to see it, and they want to jump down and participate.

The Earth-Splitting Barbarian Bull was scarred, but the gold-level masters were even worse. Basically everyone was injured, either with a broken arm or a lame leg, or with a hole in his stomach and his intestines flowing out, but These people didn’t blink an eye and kept fighting.

The distance between the monsters is getting closer and closer, their footsteps are like thunder. More than a dozen monsters were lost in the trap. The monsters behind them kept walking, and dust rose into the sky, blocking out the sun. Through the smoke and dust, behind them were the black masses of indigenous people, densely packed all over the land, no one knew how many there were.


Liu Wei’an took action, and when the melodious trembling sound of the bowstring spread throughout the city, the arrow had already exploded on the head of the earth-cracking bull.

Bang, bang, bang…

With nine consecutive arrows, the huge head of the Earth-Splitting Barbarian Bull was blasted full of cracks, like a spider web, but it was still alive. The head is harder than a colorful black tiger.


The Earth-cracking Barbarian Bull roared into the sky, and the sound was like a muffled thunder coming to the world. The dozen or so gold-level masters were all shaken by the shock, and their bodies and minds stopped for a moment. At this moment, the Earth-cracking Barbarian Bull’s huge head shook left and right. After a moment, the extremely sharp horns flashed through two trembling rays of light. The two gold-level masters cut them off at the waist and quartered them on the spot. The incision is smooth, more clean and crisp than a magic weapon cutting through it.

Others were scared out of their wits. The roar of the earth-cracking bull was so terrifying that the whole space was shaken. They tried their best to avoid it, but their minds and bodies were delayed for several beats and could not react effectively. Between the lightning and stone fire, a silver flash appeared. The light burst through the air and disappeared in an instant.


The first explosion was loud.


The second explosion was dull, accompanied by broken bones, broken meat, brains… splashing everywhere, the head of the earth-cracking bull exploded, and half of it was missing. The body of the Earth-cracking Barbarian Bull, which was missing half of its head, stiffened for a few seconds before falling to the ground. Its limbs twitched a few times and slowly stopped moving.

“Excuse me, please bring up the earth-cracking bull.” Liu Wei’an smiled and said to the gold-level master who saved a life. There is no brotherhood among Warcraft. As long as they see their dead companions, they will be shocked and eat them in their stomachs.

In the last battle, a lot of monsters died. In the end, only about two-thirds of the corpses were obtained, and the other third was eaten by the two-thirds.

“Get up!”

More than a dozen gold-level masters took action together and threw the earth-cracking bull onto a city wall more than ten meters high. It would have been impossible for one person to do it.


The body of the earth-cracking bull fell on the city wall, causing this section of the city wall to shake. A dozen gold-level experts returned to the city wall. They were still in the air, and the army of Warcraft had already hit the city wall.


The city wall shook, the light flickered like circles of water, and the terrifying impact force quickly decomposed. Players on the city wall can rest assured ~IndoMTL.com~ This way, the city wall cannot be destroyed, and there is no need to worry about the future. The first wave of impact is the scariest and most powerful. Although there are a lot of impacts from behind, the sprint distance is lacking and it is difficult for the power to reach its peak.

The players’ confidence increased greatly and they pushed rocks and rolling logs weighing more than 1,000 kilograms down. Under the acceleration of gravity at a height of more than ten meters, it produced terrible lethality, smashing the monster’s skin to pieces.

Warcraft are all thick-skinned. The last time we defended the city so passively, it was because of lack of preparation. The rocks weighed one or two hundred kilograms. Although they were powerful, they did little harm to the Warcraft. It would cost more than a thousand. kilograms, the lethality skyrocketed.

The members of the Heian Team are shooting arrows. These are talisman arrows. When they hit the monster, they will explode. Although the explosion will not kill the monster, it can basically injure the monster.

There were blazing flames burning under dozens of cauldrons on the top of the city, and the fat inside quickly melted and turned into scalding hot oil. In siege battles, hot oil is generally regarded as the weapon of the defender. If you splash the hot oil on your face, it will burn someone to death. Even if you are lucky enough to survive, you will be crippled. In addition to being harmful to people, high temperatures can also fuel combustion. Hot oil was poured on the fire, followed by rockets. After two attacks, there were basically no living creatures left.

The players on the top of the city each performed their duties and were all thinking. This looked like a siege.


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