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Judging from the wounds, the sharp weapon penetrated from the left and came out from the right, killing Yang Sanlang with one blow, so that Sanlang Yang didn’t even have time to scream.

Pei Yongji and Luo Wuyan were horrified because Yang Thirteenth Lang was right beside them and they didn’t even notice it. If the target was them, their fate would be the same as Yang Thirteenth Lang’s.

“Be careful, everyone, this is the king of the iron-needle dead mosquitoes, the gold-needle and golden-edged dry mosquitoes.” Bian Liuzhi frowned deeply. No matter what species, the kings are the most difficult to deal with. Their strength can no longer be simply Use grades to evaluate and measure. Judging from the fact that Golden Needle and Golden Edge Dry Mosquito killed Sanlang Yang with one blow, its strength has exceeded level four. It is hard to say whether it has reached level five.

There is too little information available.

Everyone saw the strength of Yang Thirteenth Lang. Even he couldn’t block the blow of the Golden Needle and the Gold-rimmed Mosquito, and everyone couldn’t help but feel a sense of crisis. Especially Zhang Wuhe, whose back was covered in cold sweat. If Liu Wei’an hadn’t pushed her, she would have been the one who fell at this moment.

She was able to hunt level five monsters alone, so she thought she was already strong, but she didn’t expect that she was still so fragile among the monsters and could fall at any time.

Of course she knew Yang Thirteenth Lang. They had studied together when they were young. Yang Thirteenth Lang was very scheming and had liked reading books such as “The Art of War”, “Thirty-six Strategies” and “Gu Guizi” since he was a child. If If he could put more thought into martial arts, his achievements today would definitely be no worse than those of Zheng Shudong and Snake Eagle Zongdi.

However, I am glad that he was distracted, otherwise, I would have another terrible opponent.

“What’s wrong with you?” When Zhang Wuhe looked at Liu Wei’an, he realized that he was injured. There was a blood stain on his forehead. It was very thin and could not be seen without looking carefully.

“Mosquito bite.” Liu Wei’an’s expression was strange, as if he was suppressing something.

“Golden needles and gold-rimmed mosquitoes?” Zhang Wuhe asked.

“Yes!” Liu Wei’an nodded.

“How…how do you feel now?” Zhang Wuhe asked gently.

“Itchy!” Liu Wei’an became unwilling to speak.

“How itchy?” Zhang Wuhe was curious.

“I wish I could scratch my scalp.” Liu Wei’an said.

“Miracle doctor Bian should——” Zhang Wuhe closed his mouth before he could finish his words.

“I want to give it a try myself.” Liu Wei’an used strong willpower to control himself from making painful sounds, but his muscles twisted uncontrollably and the left half of his face beat irregularly.

The toxin of Golden Needle and Golden Edge Mosquito is very strange. Liu Wei’an can’t tell whether the itching comes from bones, muscles or nerves. He even used the “Dark Emperor Sutra” to no avail. , it’s just a little less itchy, but still unbearable.

The “Immortal Heritage Sutra” circulates throughout the body. Logically speaking, this small wound on the forehead should heal instantly. However, the actual situation is that the wound heals extremely slowly, and the snail is overspeeding at this speed.

Liu Wei’an was unwilling to allow Bian Liuzhi to be treated. It was not because he had a tendency to commit suicide, or because he wanted to analyze the toxins of golden needles and golden-edged dry mosquitoes. It was because he had too many secrets that he could not let outsiders know, even if the other party was a famous person. Bian Liuzhi, the miraculous doctor in Jianghu, is not good either. When Bian Liuzhi treated those four people just now, he saw clearly.

Bian Liuzhi’s technique is to use profound internal force to force out the toxins from iron needle dead mosquitoes, thereby achieving the purpose of saving people. He knows this method himself, but he doesn’t know how to perform acupuncture. If he uses golden needles to assist him, the effect will be much better.

The iron-needle dead mosquitoes flew lower and lower, the light became darker and darker, and everyone’s pressure increased exponentially. Everyone tried their best to attack, but the iron-needle dead mosquitoes not only did not decrease, but became more numerous. Some Iron Needle Dry Mosquitoes that were preparing to fly in other directions saw the fighting here and flew over in a swarm.

There are more monks than porridge, and the iron-needle dead mosquitoes are extremely crazy. They are piled up in layers. If a dumpling is thrown, it can hit dozens of iron-needle dead mosquitoes.

The golden light flashed, and another master died. This time it was a member of the Zong family. Zong Di and his aunt teamed up to catch the golden needle golden edge dry mosquito, but failed. The golden needle golden edge dry mosquito was too fast. In a flash, Zong Di and his aunt were in tandem, blocking all possible angles for the Golden Needle and Golden Edge Dry Mosquito to dodge, but the attack still failed.

“Everyone, back to back, formed a circle.” Lei Ling was angry. A mosquito killed two masters. He was very angry. Everyone shrank their defense and formed a circle.

Golden light shot out from the dark clouds. This time, everyone could see it clearly. Lei Ling shouted: “Well done!” The meteor hammer shot out with lightning.


The meteor hammer shot back, and with a flash of golden light, Zhang Zhengang let out a shrill scream and fell to the sky. Everyone turned around, feeling cold in their hearts.

Zhang Zhengang’s heart was pierced and he lost at least two-thirds of his blood. In an instant, such a master died.

Lei Ling on the side grabbed the meteor hammer that was shot back. He was speechless. There were a pair of deep footprints under his feet, which were left by him. The power of the meteor hammer shot back was too terrifying. , almost caused him internal injuries, and his arms are still numb now. This is why he cannot support Zhang Zhengang.

The palm-sized golden needle has a golden edge and is so powerful that it is terrifying.

“Be careful, everyone, the power of Golden Needle and Golden Edged Mosquito has at least reached the level of a fifth-level monster.” Lei Ling tensed up, not daring to be careless at all.

He thought he could kill the golden-edged and golden-edged mosquitoes, but now it seems that he underestimated the golden-edged and golden-edged mosquitoes. Everyone only saw him being knocked back, but they didn’t notice the tiny hole on the meteor hammer, which was left by the mouthparts of a mosquito with a gold needle and a golden edge. His meteor hammer was a gold weapon, which meant that the shield of the gold weapon was used to block the attack. Those who cannot live in golden needles or golden rims have dry mosquitoes.

“Is it better?” Zhang Wuhe unconsciously moved a little closer to Liu Wei’an. She had experienced the speed of golden needles and golden-edged mosquitoes before, and she was not sure how to avoid them.

“Do you believe that saliva can detoxify?” Liu Wei’an suddenly asked.

“…” Zhang Wuhe looked at him puzzled.

“In my hometown, if you are accidentally bitten by a mosquito or ant, you will immediately apply a little saliva on the wound, and then the wound will no longer hurt or itch.” Liu Wei’an said.

“What do you want to say?” Zhang Wuhe asked.

“Let me borrow a little of your saliva.” Liu Wei’an said.

“…Are you serious?” Zhang Wuhe had a strange expression.

“Do you think I’m trying to make a joke?” Liu Wei’an’s expression was serious.

“Did I throw up?” Zhang Wuhe asked.

“Don’t…just kiss me.” Liu Wei’an said quickly.

“You’re welcome. As for our relationship, I’m still happy to have a little saliva.” Zhang Wuhe said.

“Be careful-” Liu Wei’an punched out with lightning, causing thunder.


The huge collision sound made everyone’s ears buzz, and Liu Wei’an’s face showed a look of pain. Before he could swing his fist again, the golden needle with golden edge turned into a golden light and shot into the dark clouds. The naked eye couldn’t catch it at all. If it weren’t for the devil’s fairy eyes, Liu Wei’an’s punch would have failed.

Zhang Wuhe looked at Liu Wei’an’s fist and was secretly shocked. A blood hole penetrated from the finger bone and penetrated the back of the hand. Blood spurted out from the front and back.

Liu Wei’an had already cultivated a body of copper skin and iron bones. It was difficult for ordinary swords and guns to harm him. Later, he obtained the “Immortal Inheritance Sutra” and his body was strengthened to an extremely terrifying level. After the ‘Great Judgment Fist’ With the blessing, he could forcefully connect the spiritual weapon, but he was pierced by a golden needle and a golden-edged mosquito.

“Do you smell better?” Liu Wei’an was puzzled. The Golden Needle and Golden Edge Dry Mosquito attacked Zhang Wuhe twice. His perception was not wrong. The Golden Needle and Golden Edge Dry Mosquito’s target was Zhang Wuhe. It wasn’t him, nor was it the Tiger Leaping Mountain next to him.

“Are you smelly? Why doesn’t the Golden Needle and Golden Edge Mosquito **** your blood?” Zhang Wuhe asked. Zhang Zhengang was pierced by the Golden Needle and Golden Edge Mosquito through the heart, and two-thirds of his blood was drained away in an instant. There was only a small amount of blood on Liu Wei’an’s fist, but it was not drained away, so you could see the scene of blood spurting out.

“This city lord is different.” Liu Wei’an thought for a moment, as if he thought of something. Zhang Wuhe said it unintentionally, but he thought about it for a moment. He had the ‘Curse of Weeping Blood’ in his body, the inheritance of the blood clan. Poison curse, this thing is so powerful that even golden needles and golden-edged mosquitoes can’t be offended.

“It could be an accident.” Zhang Wuhe was thinking about the Great Judgment Fist. Under the power of this judgment, it was possible that the Golden Needle and Golden-edged Dry Mosquito had no time to **** blood.

“I know.” Liu Wei’an suddenly shouted.

“What?” Zhang Wuhe looked at him.

“The Golden Needle Phnom Penh Mosquito is male.” Liu Wei’an said.

“Be serious, this is a battlefield.” Zhang Wuhe was speechless, what time was it.

“Mosquitoes are not hermaphrodites, that is to say, if you have one golden-edged golden-edged mosquito, you are likely to have a second one.” Liu Wei’an said.

“Ah!” Zhang Wuhe looked around uneasily. Liu Wei’an’s speculation was very reasonable. It is definitely not something incomprehensible for such a huge group of iron-needle dry mosquitoes to evolve into two golden-needle dry mosquitoes. .

“Do you have any good ideas? If you can’t let the golden needles and golden-edged dry mosquitoes attack you unscrupulously.” Lei Ling said nonsense.

If you have a way, you must tell it ~IndoMTL.com~ At this time, no one will hide it. Since there is no opening, it means there is no good way.

“I have an idea.” Yu Xuelong suddenly spoke, and everyone looked at him curiously. No one had a good idea, but he actually thought of it?

“The Golden Needle Golden Edge Mosquito stared at her twice. It should be that her blood type is more suitable for the Alloy Golden Needle Golden Edge Mosquito. Use her as bait. As long as the Golden Needle Golden Edge Mosquito appears, we will attack together and we will definitely kill the Golden Needle Golden Edge Mosquito. Dry mosquito.” Yu Xuelong pointed at Zhang Wuhe.

Zhang Wuhe’s face immediately darkened, Hu Yueshan’s face was full of murderous intent, his knees were slightly arched, and he waited for Liu Wei’an’s order to immediately launch a violent attack on Jade Snow Dragon.

“If this is not the time for cooperation, just for saying this, I will send you to hell.” Murderous intent appeared in Liu Wei’an’s eyes.

“In a team, someone must sacrifice.” Yu Xuelong said calmly, “If there is a time when I am asked to sacrifice, I will never hesitate.”

“The existence of the team is not about sacrifice, but about protection. Don’t say such things.” Lei Ling would definitely not accept such a suggestion. It was inconsistent with his outlook on life.

He can sacrifice himself to help others, but he is absolutely unwilling to watch others sacrifice for himself.

“Think about it again. No matter how powerful the golden needle and golden edge dry mosquito is, it is essentially just a mosquito. There must be a way.” Lei Ling said.


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