Reigning Supreme With Pets Chapter 631: The Mirror of the Universe in the Northern Underworld Array





Seeing Qin Feng taking away all the Kunpeng Lingyu, Li Qing couldn’t help yelling!


He was full of unwillingness, anger, and despair!


In order to obtain the Kunpeng essence and blood, he waited for three thousand years. Not only did he make various preparations for this, he put in the treasures accumulated over the years to calculate the black dragon king and other monsters, but also delayed his promotion to become a demon immortal. time!


Otherwise, he could achieve longevity a long time ago, why would it be so difficult to survive a catastrophe like now!


After the encirclement and suppression of demonic repairs broke out in the practice world, he can be said to have been driven to a dead end, putting all hope on Kunpeng’s essence and blood.


Moreover, getting Kunpeng essence and blood is only his first plan. As long as he refines Kunpeng essence and blood, he will not only be sure to survive the catastrophe, but also may refine this Northern Underworld Immortal Mansion!


This cave world has not been under the control of its owner for tens of thousands of years. It was originally hidden in the sea of ​​Beiming, but it was born nine thousand years ago because of various chances and coincidences. It happened to be when he came in last time. Knowing that you can refining this cave world with the breath of Kunpeng essence and blood, how can you not be heartbroken!


This is also the reason why he started plotting to kill the Black Flood King and other big demons a long time ago.


Whether it is a more solid foundation for his own achievements or the refining of the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace, a lot of Kunpeng essence and blood are needed. How can he be willing to distribute the essence and blood to others.


As a result, the dust had settled, but an accident happened because of a Qin Feng who was killed halfway. Taking all Kunpeng Lingyu away was equivalent to completely extinguishing all his hopes of promotion.


He has been several thousand years old. Normally, his cultivation level has not reached the end of his life, but don’t forget that he is a magic cultivator. What he has cultivated since his childhood is the magic power that destroys the body and stimulates its potential. Fa, life span is incomparable with Taoist monks, if you don’t advance to the longevity, you will die of old age within a few hundred years!


So Li Qing’s eyes were red, and he stared at Qin Feng as if he was bloodshot. His figure was like an illusion. He wanted to break out of the encirclement of the nine-headed ghost fire flame dragon and the spirit beasts, and kill Qin Feng to regain it. Kunpeng blood!


Now that Qin Feng’s Fa is outside, and the spirit beast is not by his side, if he really wants to be close to him, according to common sense, it is really possible that he will be killed by his cultivation base of the original spirit realm.


But he rushed several times and didn’t break through the encircling circle. On the contrary, Qin Feng used his eager emotion to break through and inflicted him severely.


“Ah, damn, you all die for me…”


Almost desperate, Li Qing suddenly opened his mouth and swallowed a handful of spirit pills, and at the same time used the Heavenly Demon Disintegration Method to stimulate his own potential. Originally, he was not as strong as 30% in his heyday due to the loss of his true essence and his injuries. When he surpassed his peak state, his tyrannical combat power exploded. Even the hellhound with the highest realm was beaten back again and again, and the spirit beasts in the realm of Dharma stage such as Bailong were even worse.


The elixir of rising elixir was originally something that Li Qing had prepared, and of course he still had it, but in order to accelerate the effectiveness of the medicine, it was rare that he dared to swallow so much directly.


As for the demon disintegration Dafa, the secret technique that stimulated the potential to cause great damage to the body, he did not hesitate to use it.


If he can’t regain the Kunpeng essence and blood today, then he won’t have anything to say about the future. It’s useless to keep this body, so it’s better to try his best now.


If he loses, he will have nothing. If he wins, he will lie down for a few more years and slowly cultivate. As long as he can refine this cave, he will naturally have plenty of heaven and earth treasures for him to use. It is not difficult to recover from his injuries.


So at this moment, Li Qing directly displayed the last method he could think of, ready to fight Qin Feng!


“The magic way is really cruel!”


Qin Feng shook his head when he saw this.


This cruelty is not only for others, but also for themselves!


It can be said that this is a kind of cruelty that has been rooted in their bones since childhood, a temperament that has been tempered after life and death struggles!


However, Qin Feng dare not relax in the slightest.


Li Qing was originally the Demon Cultivator at the pinnacle of the Primordial God Realm. Although it was previously extremely worn and injured, the effect of the Immortal Ascension Pill combined with the Heavenly Demon Disintegration Dafa is absolutely amazing, and its combat power is even better than the original peak state.


So Qin Feng went all out, manipulating Faxiang to use all the laws and supernatural powers one after another.


Such a variety of methods not only made Li Qing feel a headache, but also stared at the eyes of the other prisoners next to him.


They really didn’t expect someone to be able to practice so many magical powers at the same time, so that some people who watched them were ashamed, thinking about the only one law and a few magical powers in their own body, they really didn’t dare to talk to Qin. The wind is on par.




Li Qing’s offensive became more and more violent, all kinds of powerful magic magic skills were used madly, forcing the nine-headed ghost fire flame dragon to retreat continuously, and with the help of the other spirit beasts, it did not completely fall under the wind.


However, Qin Feng is not in a hurry, he is more willing to be safer than the moment of the limelight.


Anyway, time is on his side now. Whether it is the elixir of elevating or the disintegration of the demon, there are huge restrictions. After a certain period of time, it will naturally lose its effectiveness. According to the violent attack method of Li Qing, can it be Even if you can bear the backlash, there is no need to fight for the limelight with a dying person.


As expected, although Li Qing was getting more and more crazy, after a quarter of an hour, Li Qing, who was still violent, suddenly stiffened, and his original strong aura shrank like a deflated ball.


Even he didn’t even have the strength of Yukong, and he fell into the hall with a plop. Not only his face was gray and without the slightest blood, but his hair was white. The whole person seemed to have lost all vitality in an instant. Very old.


If it were just to perform the disintegration of the heavenly demon, it was not so serious, but the backlash brought to him by the elixir ascending pill was too serious, and the combination of the two directly swallowed almost all his vitality.


However, Qin Feng knows that the magic way is the most weird. Even if he sees them dead, he can’t believe it all, so he urges the nine ghost fire flame dragons, one head spurts out the soul-burning flames, and the other spurts out. Purifying the world sacred flame, completely dividing it into nothingness, and then rest assured.


If he didn’t want to expose too many things in front of outsiders, he originally wanted to summon the water of the yellow spring and involve Li Qing in it, so he wouldn’t be afraid of any more accidents.


It’s just that the few prisoners in the palace didn’t die in the aftermath of the fight just now, and they stared at him one by one. Qin Feng hadn’t thought of killing people, so he didn’t call Huang Quan!


This is the Northern Territory. The captured monks are either in the spirit or the realm of Dharma. Even if you haven’t seen Huangquan surrounding the ghost city of Shifang, you must have heard many rumors. If he summoned Huangquan, he would definitely Being recognized, it will definitely cause him a lot of trouble if it is passed out.


When the flames burned Li Qing’s body into nothingness, Qin Feng breathed a sigh of relief, but not everything could be purified by the holy flame, and there were still a few spiritual treasures left on Li Qing’s body.


The rest of Qin Feng didn’t care too much. He just turned on the yin and yang ghost eyes to check it, and then put it away with the magic talisman. What really caught his eye was a bracelet shaped like a snake. Connected, with a strange shape, is the magic weapon of the demon’s body.


Qin Feng refined the prohibition above, and took a look at the divine sense.


Originally, he just took a look, but he really found a treasure!


That is a roll of pictures.


The array map itself is nothing, but when Qin Feng glanced over and was about to look at other things, his heart suddenly moved, vaguely felt that the array map felt a bit familiar.


I took it out and looked at it carefully for a long time before I was sure that this scroll was actually used by the Kunpeng clan when they sacrificed the Northern Underworld Mansion, and it not only marked the prohibited formations in various parts of the Northern Underworld Mansion. , And even the core place.


After seeing this, even with Qin Feng’s city mansion, there was a burst of ecstasy in my heart!


According to common sense, even if he finds the core place with his strength, it is not enough to refine this cave world, but he can use clever means!


After seeing this scroll, Qin Feng immediately understood why Li Qing had to calculate the Black Flood King and other great demons to obtain all the Kunpeng essence and blood.


Because he also thought of using Kunpeng’s blood to refine the core of the cave sky!


This cave world was originally made by Kunpeng. He used Kunpeng essence and blood to sacrifice the core of the cave. He will certainly not be resisted and will soon be recognized as the new master of this Northern Underworld Immortal Mansion!


Even if you have become a powerful person of the golden immortal, it is impossible for everyone to have a world of caves, so this opportunity is not to say that for the monks like Qin Feng and Li Qing that have not yet proven to have endless The good thing is that even the immortal or even the mighty Jinxian would be happy to get such a treasure.


Even though Qin Feng’s chaotic air map that was integrated into the first layer of the Demon Refining Pot was also a magic weapon in the cave, it was a half-remnant cave. Although the space is large, it is mostly empty and turbulent, and it is a place suitable for survival. Only one floating land remains.


And this Northern Mingdongtian is not only a vast area, suitable for the survival of ordinary spirit beasts, but more importantly, there are many treasures of heaven and earth.


With these treasures, not to mention that Qin Feng can easily cultivate into an immortal, even if there are ten more, he will have no problem.


“Friends of Dao…”


An old voice came from the side: “Please help us.”




Qin Feng then remembered that there were other people nearby, and quickly put away the joy on his face, put the array in his sleeves calmly, and turned to look at the guys who fell on the ground.


“Friends of Daoist help, I also hope that fellow Daoists, poor old Dao, have not been easy to practice for thousands of years, and help us untie the spirit ropes.”


“Yes, the old Dao has finally achieved the current level of cultivation. I did not expect to encounter such a calamity today, and almost died. It is really dangerous. Fortunately, the Daoist is powerful and killed. With that magic cultivator, fellow daoists should be really good at it!”


“Also ask fellow daoists to help, Mr. Han has his own generous reward!”


Qin Feng listened to the careful compliments of several people, looked at their expectant eyes, and nodded: “A few dao friends are polite, I belong to the righteous way, and I will help each other!”

说着他上前帮助几人解除了身上封禁灵力的缚灵索,拔下禁锢元神的禁神针。 He stepped forward to help a few people lift the spiritual cord that bans spiritual power on their bodies, and unplug the god-forbidden needle that confines the soul.


“Thank you fellow daoists.”


Several monks got up and didn’t care about recovering from their injuries, and hurriedly bowed to thank them.


Especially the monk whose surname is Han, is even more grateful: “In Xia Hanshan, I don’t know who your friend’s surname is. I also ask fellow daoists to give me the name so that I can know the name of my benefactor!” /


Qin Feng waved his hand: “You don’t need to be polite. Qin just traveled here by chance, and happened to meet the opportunity of the opening of the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace. Now that several fellow Taoists have recovered their freedom, it is important to quickly find a place to recover from their injuries. “


“It turned out to be Friends of Qin Dao!”


Han Shan took out a precious mirror from his sleeves and offered it with both hands: “Father of Daoist Han has no retribution. This is a top-level spiritual treasure modeled on the celestial mirror. The realm is only one step away, and it is also a treasure of the highest value in Han Mou. I will give it to fellow daoists today to thank fellow daoists for his life-saving grace!”


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