Rebirth of Wild Fire Chapter 2219: Jianbi Clearing Field Project



After getting the necessary things, Wang Shijie and Manding quickly withdrew from the secret stronghold, leaving only a flower demon clone in place, waiting for Xue Renyi’s return.




   It’s a pity that Wang Shijie and Manding’s thoughts are in vain. In front of top spies like Xue Renyi, their thoughts have no meaning at all.




   The cautious Xue Renyi only searched the surrounding neighborhoods. After finding the secret code on a street lamp pole, he didn’t follow the secret code to contact Lu Yang and returned to the secret stronghold, only to find that there was only a flower demon inside. .




  ”Where is the person?” Xue Renyi asked curiously.




   The Juli Flower Demon Warrior said with satisfaction to Xue Renyi: “Wang Shijie and Manding left early. They want to test your loyalty. Now it seems that you are indeed a new human who has taken refuge in us. I accept you. .”




   Xue Renyi thought in his heart: “As expected to be the Juli Flower Demon, it is true that this kind of thing has been told to him so generously, although he can analyze it, but the other party can tell it directly, which makes people more happy.”




   Xue Renyi asked: “How do I find them?”




   The Juli Flower Demon Warrior said: “Give me the watch.”




   Xue Renyi handed the watch to the Juli Flower Demon Warrior, and then the other party pressed the button on the side of the watch, and a chip popped out of it.




   is next to the projector. The Juli Flower Demon Warrior inserts the chip into the projector, presses the switch, a beam of light hits the wall, and the projector checks the area that Xue Renyi has just walked through.




  In a mountain far outside the city, Wang Shijie and Manding are standing next to Kenny. At this time, they are watching the screen shot through the camera in the corner.




   Xue Renyi’s route is entirely a sentry route. Check whether there are other humans around, and then expand the scope of exploration. There is no irregularity at all.




   After watching them all, Wang Shijie and Manding relaxed, and they took people back to the basement in a relaxed manner.




  Wang Shijie patted Xue Renyi on the shoulder and said: “You really are my good brother. After the red moon night, I will definitely let the otherworld gods help you upgrade to Tier 3 strength, and then give you an elf.”




   “Thank you.” Xue Renyi said with a smile.




  Mandin also took back the Dark Demon Seed, and said: “I will let you lead an army. You are worthy of our trust.”




   Xue Renyi became more and more happy. He didn’t expect that his caution would actually earn the absolute trust of the two.




   “The two bosses don’t worry, I will definitely live up to your trust.” Xue Renyi said loyally.




   Wang Shijie said: “In the future, you will be left to patrol. Only you can do this. We are in danger of being discovered when we go out.”




   The Iron-Blooded Brotherhood has not withdrawn from Dan City, but Wang Shijie no longer wants to live in the deep mountain and old forest. Even though his appearance is ugly now, he still wants to live a human life.




   “Okay.” Xue Renyi nodded. During this period of time, he had already figured out Wang Shijie’s weakness, which was his desire for pleasure.




   now has the trust of everyone, he can finally use patrol to contact Lu Yang blatantly.




   At the moment, Xue Renyi found a room and fell asleep. When Wang Shijie used the satellite phone to contact the people in the temple on the grassland, he went out to be alert until noon the next day.




   Taking advantage of this opportunity, he quickly walked through more than a dozen streets and came to a building where there was a group of Jagged Brothers soldiers led by Han Fei.




   Seeing Xue Renyi, Han Fei immediately pulled him into the next room with excitement. After a while, Lu Yang controlled Hong Ye to fly over.


  Meeting again, Lu Yang excitedly grabbed Xue Renyi’s arms and said, “Great, you are still alive.”




   Xue Renyi was also very excited and said: “Boss, Wang Shijie and Manding are hiding in a nearby secret base. There are only 20 flower demons, 50 dark demons, and 6 human traitors.”




   Lu Yang smiled and asked: “Why did they come to Dan City?”




   Xue Renyi told Wang Shijie’s plan to use the Red Moon Night and said: “Boss, you can’t let Wang Shijie do this. It’s too dangerous.”




   Lu Yang thought about it. After thinking for a long time, he still shook his head and said: “Compared to killing them, you stay inside them and help us even more after the red moon night. You can go back with peace of mind. “




   Now that the next batch of enemies arrive, Lu Yang needs to know what races the enemies have, how strong they are, how long they attacked, and how their forces are distributed.




   These things can only be done by Xue Renyi. The rest of the people have no such ability. Compared to Wang Shijie’s coordination, these things are more important. He would rather let Wang Shijie jump for a while than let their side The incoming enemy knows nothing.




   Xue Renyi realized that he was thinking a little short-sighted, and nodded clearly, and said: “Boss rest assured, after the red moon night arrives, I will deliver the news in time.”




   Lu Yang said: “If there is an emergency to report to me these days, you can come here anytime. When you leave Dan City, you remember to leave a mark and I will always pay attention.”




   “Yes.” Xue Renyi looked at the time and said, “I have to go back, otherwise it will cause suspicion.”




   Lu Yang patted him on the shoulder, and said: “Protect your safety, all the news is up to you.”




   Xue Renyi gave a hum, turned around and ran out quickly.




   Lu Yang walked out the door, looked at Han Fei who was welcoming him, and said, “Remember, this incident must not be exposed, otherwise, Xue Renyi will definitely Fei said, “Brother, don’t worry. They are my closest brothers, none of them are talkative. “




   “Boss, don’t worry, we won’t talk too much.” Several guards said together.




   Lu Yang looked at them and said in a solemn voice: “Even your parents and wives can’t say. Whoever asks you about this, immediately grab him and **** him to Han Fei. If the other party wants to run, he will be killed on the spot. Kill.”




   “Yes.” Several of the guards said in shock.




   Lu Yang summoned Red Night with his mind. In the distant sky, Red Night quickly flew back. When he approached Lu Yang, Lu Yang jumped onto the dragon’s head and controlled Red Night to fly towards the East China Sea.




   At this time, the railway from Dan City to the East China Sea has been cleaned up twice by the 30,000 new members of the Jagged Brotherhood. In the short term, there will be no more monsters here.




   What Lu Yang has to do now is to prepare for the upcoming red moon night. Compared with the arrival of the next batch of enemies, Lu Yang is worried, but he is not too worried, because he already has something to deal with. Method.




   The more the next batch of different world races arrives, the more food will be needed. Thanks to the destruction of the orc army, when the red moon night arrives, the races from the different world can only find food by themselves.




   Lu Yang now only needs to carry out a sweeping sweep of the area around the twisted time and space outside the East China Sea defensive position, and kill all the monsters, so that the creatures in the different world will not eat after they come, and dare not launch an attack.


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