Rebirth of Wild Fire Chapter 2216: Soul gems



“It’s great. With you here, things will be easy.” Lu Yang was a little surprised and told the story of what had just happened. Then he threw the banshee’s body in front of everyone.




   Before Ye Ziqiu and the others got closer to watch, a white-lighted soul flew out of the banshee’s corpse, screamed harshly, and fled towards the distance.




   Blazing Demon God said: “Unexpectedly, it is still a high-level banshee, grab him, to you, this is a treasure.”




  ”Fire Snake Bound”




   Lu Yang’s biggest advantage is that he listened to persuasion, aimed at the high-level banshee, and chanted the spell. Nine fire snakes appeared around the banshee. No matter how the banshee dodges, she was still trapped by the two fire snakes. body.




   “Come back.”




   Lu Yang made a move with his right hand, and the nine fire snakes entangled Sasha’s white soul at the same time, and drew it to Lu Yang.




  ”Forgive me, forgive me~!” Sasha’s voice contained a harsh bewitching sound, and Ye Ziqiu and others who stood not far away were recruited in an instant. When they looked at Sasha, they seemed to see The one they love the most is suffering, and everyone’s face is unbearable.




   Lu Yang even saw Shen Mengyao being trapped by his fire snake, and kept crying for help. Unfortunately, Lu Yang had already withstood this kind of test when he entered the second stage from the first stage, this kind of attack. The way does not work for him.




   “I don’t know it until I die.” Lu Yang muttered silently, and a dozen pink lotus petals fell in the sky, right in the middle of “Shen Mengyao”‘s body.




  In an instant, “Shen Mengyao” who was begging for mercy let out a painful scream, the spell was interrupted, and Sasha revealed her original form, still the white-rayed soul.




   Ye Ziqiu and others also woke up from the spell, looking at the white soul in front of them, expressions of horror appeared on their faces.




   “Boss, I have heavy firepower. I will ask someone to take it over and smash the monster’s soul.” Ye Ziqiu said with a cold sweat.




   The people around nodded repeatedly, and they were also shocked by the scene just now. They understand the fighting styles of red and green skins. They can also understand the fighting methods of orcs, fire demons and flower demons, but this monster’s fighting methods They couldn’t understand. If it weren’t for Lu Yang, they wouldn’t even know how to die.




   Lu Yang smiled at their expressions and said, “It doesn’t have to be that way, he is dead.”




   The red lotus he just released fell on Sasha’s soul, completely burning out the light of Sasha’s soul, leaving only a white stone wrapped in white light.




   Blazing Demon God said: “This stone is called the Soul Gem. It is of the same grade as the Dragon Demon Core in Hong Ye’s head. Only the banshee who can evolve into the Necromancer can possess it.”




   “What’s the use?” Lu Yang asked.




   Blazing Demon God said: “You can put it in the soul of an undead and store it in this soul gem, so that the undead can continue to practice and grow into an existence of the undead king level.”




   “This is a good thing.” Lu Yang received the magic core into his backpack, looked at Ye Ziqiu and others who were not far away, and said, “I don’t need to explain more, order the heavy artillery troops to do it. Get ready, I will give you the coordinates and attack the designated location.”




   “Yes.” Ye Ziqiu said in a solemn voice.




   Lu Yang turned around and jumped on Hong Ye’s head, controlling Hong Ye to fly into the air, and flew in the direction of the red and green skin outside the city.




   Ye Ziqiu and others on the ground quickly ran back to the command post. Various orders were issued in turn. The residents of the city entered the Tibetan soldiers’ cave to escape. The soldiers guarding in eight directions in the suburbs prepared for defense. Once Sigma and Ge The Lang clan was defeated and might rush to Dan City in a panic.






   in the sky.




   Hongye quickly took Lu Yang to the plain outside Dan City, where 50,000 or 60,000 people of Sigmo and Gelang warriors were forming a charge formation.




   Their purpose is very clear. They are to prevent the Jagged Brothers from escaping when they bombard the Jagged Brothers formation.




   Lu Yang sat on the faucet of Red Night and dialed the phone on his arm to Zhuojiu and Baishi. The next second, everyone connected to the video at the same time.




   Muojiu said first: “Boss, we have ran out of the tiger’s mouth and are gathering on the plain. The enemy is gathering in front of us, and we have the intention of actively attacking us.”




   Lu Yang smiled and said, “Be prepared, they will be bombarded by heavy artillery.”




   “Why are they so stupid?” asked for half a lifetime.




   Lu Yang said: “I’ll tell you the specifics later. You only need to prepare for a full-scale attack now. Don’t let these red and green skins escape into the mountains.”




   This plain area is very large. It belongs to a grain-growing area between the Laohukou Mountain Range and Dan City. As long as the front and rear directions are guarded, the left and right are still large plains. No matter how the red and green skins run, they will all run. There is no pursuit of the Jagged Brotherhood.




   Muddy Wine, White Lion and others are very clear about the impact of letting the red and green skins escape. Several people quickly issued orders, and the 40,000 members of the Iron Brotherhood formed a formation and prepared to launch a counterattack against the enemy.




   the other side.




   On the battlefield between the Sigma and the Gran Clan, Balados, the head of the Sigma Clan, saw the formation laid by the Jagged Brotherhood and screamed with excitement and said: “What a stupid human being, they still I don’t know that Dan’s command system has been controlled by us, and I want to launch a counterattack against us.”




   The Grand Patriarch, Doge, took out the satellite phone and dialed out. After a few times, the phone was connected. Doge said triumphantly: “Queen Sasha, please quickly order the Dan City Heavy Artillery Corps to attack the predetermined location. The enemy has all Enter the designated area.”




   There was no news from the other side of the was a little confused, and said again: “Your Royal Highness, have you heard me?”




  Unfortunately, no one spoke. Just when Doge felt something was wrong, there was a sudden violent shelling from the city of Dan in the distance.




   A salvo of eight hundred heavy artillery fires, the sound of which is like a thunder explosion, can be heard clearly in an area more than ten kilometers away.




   Doge showed a relaxed expression on his face. Since the heavy artillery was shot, it means there is no problem there. He feels at ease that it is the queen who is busy with other things and does not care to talk to him, but a few seconds later, when When the ear-piercing sound rang out, Doge was dumbfounded.




















   The battlefield formed by the Sigma and the Gelang warrior is like a purgatory, with smoke and fire intertwined. Even the dazzling sun in the afternoon cannot cover the dazzling fire.




  More than 40,000 soldiers of the Iron-Blooded Brotherhood looked at the red-skin and green-skin positions a kilometer away. They could only hear the sound of cannons. As for the screams inside, they couldn’t hear them at all.




   bitter love for half a lifetime and said: “It’s miserable.”




   Zhuojiu said: “The white lion led the team to the left, Zhou Tianming went to the right, the enemy may be routing, everyone is ready.”




   “Yes.” The two returned to the team separately, spreading towards the wings with the main force.


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