Rebirth of Wild Fire Chapter 2121: The Battle of Returning to Yanshan (3)



The latest website: “Warriors of the Jagged Brotherhood, it’s time for us to dedicate our lives for the race. Looking at the enemy ahead, they are them. They want to subdue our country and exterminate our nation for the sake of our family and our children. Return to life on the ground again, Brotherhood of Iron and Blood.” Lu Yang raised the snake bone sword in his hand and shouted loudly.


“Kill~!” 20,000 people shouted in unison, and everyone’s face was full of blood.


This neat shout made the dark demons on the opposite side show surprised expressions. They thought that humans were just a group of cowardly creatures, but they did not expect that they could burst out such courage. For a while, their morale On the contrary, it was suppressed.


Lu Yang saw the change in the expression of the dark demon in front of him, he snorted, staring at Lorraine and said loudly: “Lorraine, your biggest failure is that your race has no armor, and the archers are prepared.”


Although the two armies are 100 meters apart, the range of the snakebone bow is 300 meters. If it shoots upside down, it can shoot more than 400 meters.


The first 10 rows of archers hold the snake-bone bow in their right hand and the arrow in their left hand. After infecting the venom in the backpack, the angle of elevation is 45 degrees.


“The first row is ready.”


“The second row is ready.”


“The third row is ready.”




The tenth row is ready.


The leader of the ten rows of archers shouted almost simultaneously. Lu Yang pointed his right hand forward and shouted: “Elevation angle 45°, shoot~!”




More than 4000 archers shot the arrows in their hands at the same time, like a rain of locust arrows, drew a beautiful parabola in the air, and landed precisely in the team of the dark demon.


A puff sounded, the dark demon’s side, countless members were shot by arrows, only a few powerful, dark demon like Lorraine, can hold up the protective shield, or react extremely fast, you can use your arm The pointed nails will fly the arrows.


Lorraine never thought that the Jagged Brothers would have such a dense rain of arrows, because there are very few bows and arrows in the other world. The strong either use spells or fight in close quarters. Bows and arrows are despicable. People use things.


In the battle yesterday, the number of people using bows and arrows in the Iron-Blood Brotherhood was not large. When the nine hundred teams sent out to fight the Dark Demon, most of them were not good at archery, mainly close combat and magical attacks.


This created an illusion for Lorraine and the others, that among the members of the Jagged Brotherhood, there were only a small number of shooters, and most of them were melee fighters and long-range mages.


Lorraine’s idea is to block this place and confront the people of the Jagged Brotherhood. The brave talents match the title of the strong, and those who flinch are the cowards.


Korolin had forgotten that the dark demons were famous cowards in another world. They came to the earth and saw that human beings were weak and small. At this time, they remembered honor, and remembered what is the joy of the strong, but they don’t. Knowing that in the thousands of years of human evolution, in order to win wars, it is hard to say that bows and arrows, more insidious weapons of killing are countless.


One face to face, Lorraine suffered a big loss, but he didn’t take it too seriously, because the dark demon’s powerful self-healing ability made them fearless of this kind of injury, but at this moment, countless hysterical pains The voice came from behind him.


Lorraine looked back and saw that countless dark demons had fallen to the ground, covering their wounds with painful expressions on their faces. It didn’t take 3 seconds before they all fell to the ground and died.




Lu Yang’s roar came in the distance, and the second wave of arrows arrived. With the arm strength and reaction speed of the second-order fighters, he was able to achieve 5 arrows per second. However, for accuracy, Lu Yang asked them to Reduce the rate of fire and conduct group shooting.


Lorraine watched the flying arrows and quickly used his arm to block it. In the chaos, he caught an arrow. Looking at the sharp snake valley covered with venom on the front of the arrow, Lorraine’s face was furious. Only then did he know that the bows and arrows of the Jagged Brotherhood were all poisoned.


“Despicable, shameless humans, you not only use bows and arrows, but you also use toxins. What about your sense of honor? What about your human dignity?” Lorraine snarled at Lu Yang frantically, because the two waves of prison came down, The dark magic warrior behind Lorraine had at least two or three thousand deaths.


Lu Yang stared at Lorraine and said, “Killing you is our greatest sense of honor. Archers let out arrows~!”




The third wave of arrow rain arrived, and Lorraine showed a panic expression on his face. He quickly blocked the arrow rain. At the same time, he issued the final order and roared: “Dark Demon Legion, attack~!”




The remaining 20,000 dark demons heard the order to attack, and collectively roared towards the team of the Jagged Brotherhood.


This is Lorraine’s most helpless order, because more than 20,000 people are stuck in Taniguchi’s position. If he wants to run, it is too late. If he orders to escape, the number of people who died from trampling on him will probably be more than More people died in the battle, and once an order was given to retreat, it would be difficult to organize the dark demons. He knew that Lu Yang would never give him this opportunity.


Now Lorraine can only fight to the death and use their “honor” to defend the glory of the dark demons, but when they charge, they know how wrong they are.


“Flame Storm”


“Lightning Storm”


“Earth Dragon Earthquake”


“Flame Rain”




The spells of various schools instantly covered 100 meters in front of the space, and the dark demons rushed into the spell area, and suffered a tragic loss. They had no armor on their bodies and could only use their skin to resist the spells.


If it is a first-order spell, the damage to them is not great. The human wizards that can release spells are all second-tier. A total of 1,200 wizards are hidden behind the first row of shield battles, although they are all They were able to squeeze, but their goal was achieved, deceiving Lorraine, thinking that the front row of the Jagged Brotherhood only had shooters and no mages.


Lorraine was the first to charge, so he was also the first to be attacked by spells. In the face of countless spells, even Lorraine at the second-tier pinnacle was still defeated by all kinds of spells. Under attack.


When the following dark demon rushed up and stepped on his body, he didn’t even know that it was the elder of their dark demon clan who was stepping on it.




The dark demons were also aroused at this time. Relying on their large numbers and strong personal strength, a large number of dark demons rushed forward like this.


The distance of 200 meters, at their speed, is 5 seconds. Soon, a large number of dark demons rushed to the front of the first row of shield battles, but just before the dark demons thought they could counterattack. time.


Lu Yang commanded loudly: “Pike Team, attack~!”


The shooters and the wizards have retreated from the front row to the back row at this time. Standing behind the shield battle, there are countless Jagged Brothers fighters holding ironwood kind of special. The spear is eight meters long, and the spear head is also made of snake bone. When the dark demons rushed to the shield battle at a distance of 10 meters, the shield warriors suddenly opened their shields, and three rows of second-order soldiers holding long spears roared at Before launching a charge.


“Kill~!” Muddy Wine, White Lion, and Half a Life of Love, all in steel armor, took the lead and rushed into the first row with a spear.


The dark demons had no idea that humans had such a way of playing, and they were stabbed through their bodies by eight-meter long spears.


After the dirty wine stabbed through one, he didn’t stop, but continued to dash forward with a long spear. He stabbed five people with a face. When the power in his hand was no longer able to support it, he dropped the one in his hand. The spear, at the same time, pulled out his left hand vigorously, pulling out the snake-bone sword from his waist and attacking the Dark Demon.


The other spear warriors were also like turbid wine. After the number of dark demons on the spear exceeded 4, when they felt that their arms could not support them, they dropped the spears and drew out the snake-bone sword to slash forward.


Lu Yang stood behind Shield Zhan. He was very satisfied with this attack. In just one spear charge, he killed at least 5,000 dark demons.


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