Rebirth After Being Abducted: 1.01. Abducted


“Are you clean?”

“I can fool others, but can you fool me? I got this girl from outside the middle school in the city. Look, she is still wearing her school uniform. On the way back to the mountains, our second child wanted to touch a finger. I won’t let you go. Second aunt, it’s not me who told you, it’s enough to have a baby, do you care if the girl is a baby?”

“You don’t know, my star baby has been in the city for a few years and has a high vision. I have to buy him a clean one.”

“Hey, you cultural people are different, you pick and choose.”


Nightmare. Su Qin heard a familiar voice and felt that he was having a nightmare.

She was in pain all over her body, and when she moved, her bones seemed to crack.

She was lying on the ground with her face pressed to the ground, the stench of moss under the tip of her nose. She opened her eyes in a trance and found herself in a small log cabin that was almost completely closed. The only light came in through the crack of the door.

Someone spoke outside the door, and she would never forget those two voices.

That’s the two women who kidnapped her and bought her. The woman who kidnapped her was named Zhang Feng, and the woman who bought her was named Li Yunzhen.

Even if she was rescued from Dashan by the police, married to Professor Li and started a new life, she would never forget the names and voices of these two women.

The “Xingwa” in Li Yunzhen’s mouth is the rural man who bought her as his wife – Zhang Xing.

The pain in the body, the smell at the tip of the nose… It’s too real, it’s not a dream.

Su Qin was stunned.

She…wasn’t she burned to death? Wasn’t she and her daughter’s bag burned to death at home? How could… go back to this place where her nightmare started?

Could it be… she’s going to experience that nightmare again?

Her heart was beating so fast it almost popped out of her throat.

She tried to control her heartbeat to calm herself, holding her breath to listen to the conversation between the two women outside the door.

Li Yunzhen said: “Feng, this is 6,000 yuan, you can count it.”

“No need to count, no need to count, it’s all a family, don’t be polite to me,” Zhang Feng unbuttoned his padded jacket and stuffed 6,000 yuan into the inner layer of the padded jacket.

Place the money, she took Li Yunzhen’s hand and said solemnly, “This girl has a strong temper. She tried to run away several times on the way, and she bit my ear. Your requirements are high, so I didn’t dare to let go. Fight hard. Second aunt, according to me, before your Xingwa comes back, you will discount her legs. If you discount her legs, she will not be able to run away. Your Xingwa just wants a clean body , did not say not to be lame, what do you say?”

Li Yunzhen was still hesitating, but Zhang Feng added: “Look at the daughter-in-law of Zhang Xiuhua’s family. As soon as her legs were broken, she gave up the idea of ​​running. She took the children to do farm work at home, and she was honest no matter what.”

Li Yunzhen’s son is the head of the family, she is not assertive. She thought for a while and felt that Zhang Feng was right.


The voice outside made Su Qin confirm a fact.

She’s reborn, back at 15. Back to the day when Li Yunzhen broke her leg.

On this day in her previous life, Li Yunzhen listened to Zhang Feng’s advice, and two women came in with a pole and knocked her legs frantically. Later, she broke her right leg and fainted from pain.

She has been spoiled by her parents since she was a child, and she has never suffered, let alone been beaten. Being beaten like this, how can she bear it when she is only fifteen years old? In the end, he confessed and followed Zhang Xing to live a “steady” life.

She appears peaceful, but she is always looking for an opportunity to escape.

Five years later, the police brought her home only after she tipped off a letter through Professor Li, who came to the mountain village to teach.

After she was rescued from the mountain, with the help of Professor Li, she re-entered the school. After graduating from university, she became a fashion designer and married Professor Li.

Professor Li never despised her past. Even if the Li family pointed at her, Li Chuan never despised her. Their husband and wife are very loving, and the daughter’s bag is also very cute.

In her last life, she was set on fire by the man who bought her in the mountains. She was burned to death with her, as well as her and Professor Li’s three-year-old daughter, Bao Bao.

The picture of the fire is vivid, and the pain of being burned by the fire seems to have just been experienced. Daughter Baobao cried in her arms and told her: “Mom, I hurt so much, I hurt so much…”

She was in pain too. Her body was aching and her skin was burning, but she was lame in one leg and was trapped halfway through the escape while holding her daughter.

The moment she closed her eyes, she saw Li Chuan rushing in.

The man’s figure was as tall as ever. The moment she saw him, she felt at ease and finally closed her eyes.


Su Qin closed his eyes, opened them again, and returned to the day when he was 15 years old and arrested in Dashan.

She hated the people here, the village, and the air made her sick. Her hatred for this village was deep in her bones.

She’s reborn, as if there’s only so much she can do. She has no power to tie the chicken, can’t kill Zhang Xing, and can’t take revenge.

Since God gave her a second chance to go back to the time before the tragedy, she must cherish this opportunity.

With her limbs tied and unable to escape, she quickly calmed down and began to recall Li Yunzhen’s character.

In her previous life, she lived with Zhang Xing’s mother and son for five years, and she knew their personalities well.

Li Yunzhen lost her husband at an early age. She is obedient to her son and has no opinion on her actions, but she is suspicious by nature. She and Zhang Feng are relatives, Zhang Feng is mean, she has never trusted this woman very much, and often speaks ill of Zhang Feng behind his back.

Zhang Xing worked in the city for a few years and went to primary school, and thinks that only clean women are worthy of him. When Li Yunzhen bought a daughter-in-law, her first requirement was to be clean. She can take advantage of this to provoke a conflict between Zhang Feng and Li Yunzhen, and escape the current crippling hurdle first.

With a “pop”, the firewood door was pushed open, and light poured in.

Su Qin shrank inward, his face was pale, his whole body was shaking like a sieve, and his spirit seemed abnormal.

She looked at Zhang Feng with a terrified face, and said nervously: “Auntie, Auntie, please let me go, I will sleep well with Brother Stone, and I won’t beat him in the middle of the night. Auntie, don’t beat me, don’t beat him. Hit me, I must sleep well with Brother Stone, sleep well with him…”

Stone is the name of Zhang Feng’s son. On weekdays, everyone calls him “Erwa, Erwa”. Over time, few people know the name of Zhang Shitou.

In the past few days, Zhang Feng had never called her son’s name in front of her. She was also surprised. How did this girl know that the second baby was called Shishi.

The little girl was trembling violently, her face full of fear, and she looked terrified.

Li Yunzhen felt uncomfortable. She didn’t care that the girl was unclean, but what she did care about was that the old lady Zhang Feng actually lied to her.

Thinking of her son’s request, she only gave three thousand more, but she didn’t expect to be touched by Zhang Feng’s son first.

Li Yunzhen turned her head to look at Zhang Feng: “Feng’er, you usually take advantage of others, and the second aunt doesn’t say anything. Why do you even lie to the second aunt? Do you have any heart? Give me four thousand dollars, this is I don’t care about you anymore.”

Zhang Feng glared at Su Qin, then turned to Li Yunzhen, holding her back: “No, second aunt, this girl is talking nonsense, why can’t she sleep. My second baby has never touched her at all.”

“Don’t be the second aunt stupid.” Li Yunzhen shook off her hand, looked at the little girl with a pale face huddled in the corner, and continued: “I don’t know you yet? People, I don’t care anymore, you pay me four thousand!”

The more fearful Su Qin expressed, the more determined Li Yunzhen was to be deceived by Zhang Feng. She grabbed the pole and hit Zhang Feng: “Otherwise, I don’t want this girl anymore!”

The two quarreled fiercely, and Su Qin looked like a frightened little girl.

After all, she has a thirty-five-year-old soul in her body. She has experienced abduction and workplace battles in her previous life.

Zhang Feng was beaten, angry, clutching the money in her chest, yelling at Li Yunzhen as a “melon lady”, and quit Li Yunzhen’s house all the way.

Li Yunzhen stood at the door of the house, holding a pole, yelling at Zhang Feng for “no conscience” and “a white-eyed wolf who is deceived by her relatives”.

After Zhang Feng left, Li Yunzhen returned home and drank water and scolded her.

She took her anger out on Su Qin, grabbed her hair, dragged her out of the woodshed like a beast, and threw her into the yard.

Fortunately, it was spring and the cold had not yet passed, so she wore a sweater and pants so that she would not be scratched again.

She was dragged into the yard, her eyes stabbed a little in the sun.

Her feet and hands were tied, and she was unable to fight back. Li Yunzhen has been doing farm work all year round. She is thin but has brute strength. Even if her hands and feet were not tied, she could not beat Li Yunzhen. Even if she beat Li Yunzhen, she could not run out of this village.

People in this village are used to buying a daughter-in-law. If any “daughter-in-law” wants to run away, the whole village will come out to help, and then interrupt the girl’s hands and feet, torture her with cruel methods, so that she can’t run, and she won’t dare to run again.

The air here is clear and sunny, but in Su Qin’s eyes, this is purgatory on earth, and the air is full of disgusting evil aura.

In backward places, there are beautiful scenery and troublesome people.

She was thrown to the ground, and the bones all over her body hurt as if they were broken.

In the yard, there are vegetables grown by Li Yunzhen, shallots, spring celery and coriander.

Su Qin felt uncomfortable when she smelled the spring celery, but a way to save herself flashed in her mind, and the spring celery became the straw for her life.

Zhang Xing is a man who is afraid of getting sick. She will not tolerate her daughter-in-law getting sick. She can take advantage of allergies and give herself hives.

In a previous life, she told Zhang Xing that her mother and son were allergic to celery. Zhang Xing and her mother did not believe it and forced her to eat it, so that she developed hives.

At that time, Zhang Xing suspected that she had an infectious disease and wanted to resell her to others. How could she bear the pain of being resold? Repeatedly begged, and assured their mother and son that these symptoms would disappear within two days.

The mother and son locked her up for two days, and they didn’t let her out until the red bumps on her body subsided.

And in this life, she can take advantage of allergies before she is tainted to escape the immediate disaster. As for where she will be sold next, she will make other plans.

In short, buy yourself time first.

She is only one meter away from the vegetable field.

Li Yunzhen crouched down and looked at her face.

The girl’s face was swollen, and she couldn’t see her original appearance. She didn’t take a bath for so many days, and her body also stinks, just like the smell in a pigsty.

Su Qin was terrified and mad.

She kept shrinking in the direction of the vegetable field, and said nervously in her mouth: “Don’t hit me, don’t hit me, I’ll have a baby, have a baby, don’t beat me…”

The girl burst into tears and looked like she was going crazy after being stimulated.

It looks like a little girl, not yet fully developed. If it wasn’t for the second child of Zhang Feng’s family, how could it be possible to say such a thing? The more Li Yunzhen thought about it, the more angry she became, but she couldn’t get more angry than the 3,000 yuan given!

However, it doesn’t matter if the girl is clean or not, she can just give birth to a grandson. She planned to take her son Zhang Xing to Zhang Feng’s house to make trouble and get the extra 3,000 yuan back.

This kind of white-eyed wolf relative, don’t worry!


While Li Yunzhen was not paying attention, Su Qin shrank into the vegetable field, buried her face, grabbed a handful of celery growing in the field, and swallowed the smelly soil into her stomach.

At this time, Zhang Xing came back from outside and called out “Mom”.

As soon as the man stepped into the yard, he saw the shivering girl with a bruised nose and a bruised face huddled in the vegetable field.

He walked over, looked at Su Qin like a plaything, turned his head and asked Li Yunzhen: “Zhang Feng brought it? How much did it cost?”

This tone is like asking how much it cost to buy a pig.

Because of all year round farm work, the man is strong and tall, with dark and shiny skin, strong facial features, and thick eyebrows. He was wearing a white-washed dark plaid shirt, wrinkled and two patches stitched.

Zhang Xing graduated from elementary school. In the eyes of the villagers, he is an intellectual, and the men in the village belong to him with the highest culture. He is 30 years old this year. After working in the city for a few years, he has gained some insight and was recommended by the villagers to be the village head.

Li Yunzhen explained the incident to Zhang Xing, and then cowardly asked her son, “Would you like to give her a discount for her legs? To avoid running away.”

Although Su Qin’s nose is bruised and her face is swollen, she can’t see her original appearance, but she is still a woman.

“Fuck, this Zhang Feng, cheating money and cheating on my head? I’ll find her later!” Zhang Xing glanced at Su Qin, lifted his pants, and said, “She is already a money loser. , is it worth it to be lame again? Even if you add a pair of wings to her, she won’t be able to run out. Mother, I’m hungry, give me a bowl of noodles.”

Li Yunzhen: “Okay. What about her?”

Zhang Xing has lived in the city for a few years, and he has a sense of superiority over the villagers. He wants to be different, wants to be special, and feels that he is different from those ignorant villagers.

He glanced at Su Qin and said, “Throw it in my room, and then **** her when you’re full.”


Su Qin was thrown into Zhang Xing’s house, next to the main room, where the mother and son were talking, she could hear it clearly.

Zhang Xing was sitting in the main room eating noodles, and Li Yunzhen talked to him every time: “Xingwa, the village chief of Liujia Village, what did you ask you to do?”

Zhang Xing said: “Oh, it’s the mayor of Tongluo Township, who called a meeting of the village heads of our villages. It is said that there is a master surnamed Li who came to teach in Tongluo Township. All of my children go to class. After this master came to Tongluo Township, I don’t know where he heard that our village has a beautiful scenery, so he insisted on coming to our village to collect the wind… You also know the situation of our village, how can outsiders be come in?”

Li Yunzhen asked him: “Lockstone? What is that? What is Fengfeng?”

Zhang Xing glanced at the ignorant mother with disgust: “It’s a master’s degree! High-cultural intellectuals, the meaning of collecting wind is to visit our village.”

Li Yunzhen snorted: “Gao Wenhua intellectual? Then… can you be more literate than you?”

Zhang Xing took a sip of noodles, “I’m a college student, what do you think?”


Listening to the voice next door, Su Qin’s chest was full of excitement.

A master surnamed Li? Is that Li Chuan? Is that Professor Li?

Even though she has been married to Li Chuan for five years, she still likes to call him “Professor Li”, which is difficult to change.

But…the timeline is wrong.

She remembered that when Li Chuan came to teach in her previous life, it was five years later, when Li Chuan was already an associate professor.

Li Chuan graduated as a graduate student at the age of 21, became an associate professor at the age of 26, and became a full professor at the age of 28. His family conditions were good, but he gave up inheriting the family business and chose to teach and educate people and engage in research.

It’s spring now, and Su Qin’s body soon has an allergic reaction. Her body started to itch, dense pink bumps all over her body.

Her neck, face, and the back of her hands were densely packed with pimples, looking terrifying.


Zhang Xing and Li Yunzhen came in and saw Su Qin huddled on the bed in pain. Looking at the pimples on her body, her scalp was numb.

Even if a man can talk to an ugly woman, he can’t talk to a woman who is densely packed and looks like a ghost.

Li Yunzhen took her son and said anxiously: “This Zhang Feng who killed a thousand knives gave us such a sick mad woman. Xingwa, we don’t want this girl, go return it! Such a sick mad woman Son, you can’t have any good boys, let’s go, we need money!”

Su Qin’s face was swollen from the beating, and it was terrifying to look at. In addition, the dense bumps on her arms, neck, and face made Zhang Xing shudder. It’s not that he dislikes this tool for giving birth to a baby, he is afraid that this “tool” will have infectious diseases.

He felt that this symptom was very similar to the… AIDS in the city?

The more Zhang Xing thought about it, the more frightened he became. He copied the guy with his mother and went to find trouble with Zhang Feng.


It is said that Zhang Xing was in the city before and killed people. Zhang Feng is not afraid of Li Yunzhen, but is afraid of Zhang Xing.

Zhang Feng agreed to give them 4,000, and said: “Second aunt, Xingwa, now the city is very strict, and it’s really not easy to kidnap a girl. You can make do with it, you can have a baby, you can shut up. Eyes sleep, aren’t they all the same?”

Zhang Xing remembered Su Qin’s red bumps all over her body, and insisted on not wanting her, “No. You refunded the money to Laozi, this bitch, Laozi, don’t want it!”

Zhang Feng saw that he insisted, and then gave them an idea: “Second aunt, Xingwa, it’s not easy for me to get people back from a long distance, I can’t do a loss-making business, right? In this way, you sell this girl To the fool’s house at the end of the village. Before the fool’s father died, he left a sum of money to buy his daughter-in-law. Their fools, how can they know whether the girl is sick or not? What do you think?”

Li Yunzhen thought it was feasible, and then said: “Then you go to negotiate with the fool’s mother, two thousand, and sell it to them.”

Zhang Feng slapped her palm and smiled, “Okay. I’ll go!”


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