Overriding the Heaven Chapter 3642: When beating a dog, it depends on the owner (middle)


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Chapter 3642: When beating a dog, it depends on the owner (Part 2)

“Zhang Cuitian underestimated the enemy too much! This Zhang Nailu came prepared at first glance. If Zhang Cuitian fought with him impulsively, he would have fallen into a trap! He would be at a disadvantage, and he would want to make a comeback later. Counterattack is not that simple!”

“Isn’t that right? Zhang Cuitian shouldn’t be so impulsive! What should we do next? It will be difficult to come back now! This is an out-and-out bad move… However, there is still Chu Say, it’s not necessarily the end!”

“In my opinion, Chu Yan and the others are going to have nothing to eat today! With all the things Zhang Nailu has shown, he is not a character who wants to give up at all. He just deliberately wants to mess with Chu Yan and the others! If people from the imperial dynasty are targeting you, you will have to shed a layer of your skin even if you don’t die!”


Everyone was talking a lot. They all disliked Chu Yan, Zhang Cuitian and others.

The reason is very simple. Although Chu Yan and Chen Li are famous, they are disciples after all, and they are not Nine Sons level figures. The dynasty may not necessarily agree with them!

If so, in front of so many dynasty troops, Chu Yan and the others didn’t attack the stone with an egg or what?

“That’s too much!”

Seeing this, Chen Li was furious!

Just like what she said, what the other party did was going too far!

To be honest, Chen Li wanted to resist!

Chen Li has never been one to endure.

This is especially true after experiencing the near-death experience in the Immortal Ranking Competition!

That experience made Chen Li understand that there are some things that being timid about is of no use at all!

Instead of doing this, why not give it a try!

Chu Yan didn’t speak, he just took a step forward.

Although it is only one step, it makes everyone feel shocked!

Because everyone present was actually paying attention to Chu Yan’s every move!

Chu Yan’s every move is destined to lead the next direction!

“What’s going on? Is Chu Yan about to take action! Is he going to deal with the imperial army… But, that is the imperial army! If Chu Yan really takes action, will there be any good results? If so Wouldn’t it be very embarrassing to be killed in counter-attack?”

“Disgraceful? Haha! In my opinion, if you really attack the imperial army, if you succeed, then that’s it! If you fail, I’m afraid they will all die! Because it is taboo to attack the imperial army, It is not allowed, even if this person is Chu Yan!”

“Zhang Cuitian is not an opponent, so what about his leader Chu Yan? Will he be an opponent? This Zhang Nailu is extremely weak. If you underestimate him, you will definitely suffer a big loss! Zhang Cuitian is the best example. Maybe before At that time, Zhang Nailu had lost to Zhang Cuitian! So Zhang Cuitian felt that Zhang Nailu would also fail this time, but he didn’t know that those things happened a long time ago, and today is different from the past!”

“Will Chu Yan really take action? Taking action would mean breaking up with the imperial army and going against it! If he draws a clear line with Zhang Cuitian now, he may be able to stay out of it, but it’s just Jiuzi’s view of him. , I’m afraid it will be greatly improved!”

“Even if the Jiuzihui changes because of this, it will be a matter later! It is better to solve the immediate matter first, which is more priority! Otherwise, even the life will be lost, what is the future? Don’t underestimate the imperial army. The influence is still led by the prince, so it should not be underestimated!”


Everyone was nervous and looking forward to it, but without exception, they all looked down upon Chu Yan!

Yes, they are not blind. With so many imperial troops here, how tyrannical and defiant must Chu Yan be to defeat them?

Zhang Nailu is also very proud!

He is sure of winning now, how can he not be proud of this and how can he not be arrogant?


Suddenly, Chu Yan took action.

Chu Yan struck without warning, and Zhang Nailu was blasted into the air before he had time to react!

Puff puff puff puff!

Zhang Nailu vomited blood repeatedly, and he almost fainted as soon as his eyes went dark!

Because Chu Yan’s attack was too terrifying and too sharp!

Although Zhang Nailu is better than Zhang Cuitian, this gap is definitely not comparable between him and Chu Yan.

Therefore, now that Chu Yan takes action, it is a direct sweep and a direct suppression. Zhang Nailu has no power to fight back!


This scene made everyone dumbfounded!

Isn’t it?

What’s going on!

“Chu Yan directly suppressed Zhang Nailu? No! Based on the strength Zhang Nailu showed before, it is not difficult to see that he is definitely not a weakling! Otherwise, he would not be able to suppress Zhang Cuitian so easily, right? I can only say, This Chu Yan is too powerful and terrifying!”

“Yes, to be favored by Liang Goudan, one of the Nine Sons, he must not be someone like Yi. The problem is that Chu Yan is so powerful and terrifying, which is a bit unexpected. Ah! He is much more powerful than we imagined. No kidding, he is really powerful and terrifying!”

“No wonder you can be invited by Liang Goudan, one of the Nine Sons! And it is not unreasonable for the other Nine Sons to target Chu Yan so much! Just imagine, if such a number one person joins his opponent’s camp Among them, there are really big and small ones! It’s hard even for me to turn a blind eye!”

“However, if Chu Yan offends the imperial army now, he may need the protection of someone at the level of Jiuzi! Otherwise, it may not be easy to escape unscathed! In my opinion, Chu Yan This time he won’t get any favors! He always loses no matter what! It just depends on how much he loses, that’s all!”

“It’s hard to end this matter! After all, don’t the Imperial Army have no respect for face? If this matter is really exposed, in the future, everyone will come to provoke one or two, is this okay? It must be Chu Yan and the others must be killed to scare the monkeys! Otherwise, where will the Imperial Army’s face be?”


Everyone was amazed at Chu Yan’s power, but also felt that this matter would never end so easily.

Just as they analyzed, Zhang Nailu is indeed ineffective and incapable of talent!

However, the imperial army cannot be underestimated!

Now that Zhang Nailu is suppressed, he also severely slaps the face of the imperial army.

Zhang Nailu, a lackey around the prince, is nothing to say, but the imperial army is different!

Not to mention, this time the imperial army is no small matter, it is led by a prince.

Zhang Nailu is also the lackey of this prince. As the saying goes, when beating a dog, it depends on the owner!

Now Chu Yan does not take him as the master in his eyes, which makes the prince look shameless and it is difficult to turn a blind eye and not hear!


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