Overriding the Heaven Chapter 3641: When beating a dog, it depends on the owner (Part 1)


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Chapter 3641: When beating a dog, it depends on the owner (Part 1)

“Oh? What’s your reaction? Zhang Cuitian, with this expression on your face, could it be that you want to rebel?”

After Zhang Nailu realized that Zhang Cuitian was very unhappy with him, he sneered and said: “I am giving you a chance for the sake of our fellow tribesmen, but you actually bit Lu Dongbin and don’t know a good heart… Zhang Cuitian, what do you think? Should you do this yourself?”

“As I just said, this pathfinder is very important! It is even related to whether we can successfully repel the demon clan this time and destroy the demon clan’s conspiracy. It can be said to be extremely important. That’s right! Once you complete the task properly, you will definitely get a lot of credit!”

“Now I give you the credit with good intentions, but you treat me like this…disappointed, really so disappointed! Zhang Cuitian, Zhang Cuitian, doesn’t your heart hurt? You are so slanderous. I, is this your attitude towards your fellow racers? You tell yourself, should you do this? Is it appropriate!”

“You really hurt my heart! I gave you and your companions the opportunity with good intentions, but you treated me like this. Zhang Cui, if you have any objections to me, you can always speak out. , I won’t blame you! But what you did, ignoring the safety of our human race and the great justice, do you think it is really appropriate? Zhang Cuitian, answer me!”


Facing Zhang Cuitian’s unkind look, Zhang Nailu was just aggressive. He was not prepared to give Zhang Cuitian the slightest chance.

Because Zhang Nailu clearly understands a truth.

Some things, some people, either don’t do it, but once they decide to do it, they must crush the other person to death!

Don’t leave them even the slightest chance to survive!

That’s it. Now that Zhang Nailu has made up his mind to kill Zhang Cuitian, there is no need to continue hiding it, he can just do it!

Seeing this scene, everyone was eye-opening!

None of them thought that Zhang Nailu could be so shameless!

“He was clearly trying to harm Zhang Cuitian and Chu Yan, right? How could he act as if he was giving them great benefits? Let’s not mention that Zhang Cuitian and Chu Yan didn’t say anything, even if he That’s fine, I just don’t want to be a fool. Is it wrong? I think it’s right!”

“Isn’t that it? They just want to trick people. Can they be more professional and serious? The current attitude of treating others as fools is unacceptable! Even us passers-by look like I feel extremely embarrassed!”

“However, let me tell you something, this Zhang Nailu is very narrow-minded! Either don’t offend such a guy. If he is offended, the best way is to beat him to death with a stick! If he can’t be beaten to death, haha, I think it must be There will be endless troubles!”

“I really want to see how Chu Yan and the others will respond next! After all, this situation is more or less a dead end! First of all, the hatred between Zhang Nailu and Zhang Cuitian is definitely irreconcilable. It cannot be resolved! Otherwise, it would not have evolved into the current situation! Secondly, Zhang Nailu represents the imperial army, which is very difficult!”

“It’s just that Chu Yan hasn’t spoken out yet, and I don’t know how Chu Yan will react, whether he will agree obediently, or what! After all, the Imperial Army is still very threatening! It’s different from the team that Chu Yan and the others dealt with before. , now the army is pressing down on the territory, and the prince is still in charge!”


Many of the monks from Xiaoyao Immortal Palace present knew Chu Yan’s great reputation, so they wanted to know what Chu Yan would do when faced with the current situation, whether he would give in, or what.

They can even be sure that Chu Yan’s choice now will affect Jiuzi’s view of Chu Yan!

Zhang Cuitian was furious when he saw Zhang Nailu treating him like this and implicating Chu Yan and the others!

Especially Zhang Nailu’s arrogant attitude, bossing them around, asking them to be pathfinders, and acting like they were giving alms, Zhang Cuitian simply couldn’t stand it!

“That’s enough! Zhang Nailu, you just want to take revenge on me! If so, just come directly, why bother with so many twists and turns! I, Zhang Cuitian, am not afraid of you!”

Zhang Cuitian was furious and said.

That’s right, Zhang Nailu is taking revenge on himself, so he can just endure it.

But Zhang Nailu also deliberately targeted Chu Yan and the others, which made Zhang Cuitian intolerable!

“Hehehehe! Zhang Cuitian, what do you mean? I am now representing the Imperial Army. If you say that I am targeting you, doesn’t it mean that our Imperial Army is also targeting you?”

“Do you think I have this need? Is Zhang Cuitian really that important? You, stop being funny! Zhang Cuitian, you think too highly of yourself!”

“In addition, you are involved in insulting our imperial army, so I must give you some color to let you know that our imperial army is not easy to mess with!”


Zhang Nailu’s eyes lit up and he directly refuted Zhang Cuitian and said.

What he has been waiting for is now!

As long as Zhang Cuitian dares to refute, then he dares to target Zhang Cuitian!

Now that Zhang Cuitian has arrived at his door, he feels that he has come at the right time!


Zhang Cuitian snorted coldly and went straight to kill him.

Because Zhang Nailu’s aura may not be stronger than his now. If they really fight, they may not be able to suppress Zhang Nailu!

If Zhang Nailu can be suppressed, we can take the opportunity to suppress the arrogance of their imperial army!

However, Zhang Cuitian still thought of things too simply!

In the past, Zhang Nailu was indeed not as good as Zhang Cuitian.

But now that Zhang Nailu has been the prince’s henchman for a long time, he has received many rewards.

Even a dog or a pig can become stronger if fed like this.

Therefore, as soon as the two started fighting, the winner was decided.


Bang bang bang bang bang!


Zhang Cuitian was directly blasted away by Zhang Nailu. He vomited blood and kept falling backwards. Many bones in his body were broken!

“Puff puff puff puff!”

Zhang Cuitian spurted blood continuously and almost fainted!

“Hahahaha, Zhang Cuitian, you are too weak! You dare to provoke our imperial army like this, you are seeking death!”

Zhang Nailu laughed loudly and said.

As he spoke, Zhang Nailu showed murderous intent. He wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to kill Zhang Cuitian directly!

Anyway, a weak chicken like Zhang Cuitian is destined to die anyway. Let them simply let the imperial army kill chickens to scare monkeys. There is still some meaning in dying like this!

Seeing this scene, everyone sighed. Although Zhang Nailu was a bitch, he must be capable after being the prince’s **** for so long!


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