Overriding the Heaven Chapter 2891: Dead is better



At the same time, in a secret room, Prince Bailu was practicing.


As Prince Bailu breathes and breathes, countless spiritual energy of heaven and earth melts into his body.


Prince Bailu’s aura is very mysterious, and it is a kind of power that is indescribable.


This kind of special, inborn! Because he is the son of Emperor Bailu, the current crown prince! A tiger father has no dog.


Emperor Bailu was once invincible in the world. He, as a son, was naturally not to be outdone.


Speaking of which, Prince Bailu is actually very satisfied with Emperor Bailu.


This one is really satisfying and satisfying.


Except for one thing, let him be the prince for a hundred years! There are several princes in the world who have been for a hundred years.


Looking at the empires of comparable strength, but there is none.


Therefore, in the eyes of some people, the centennial celebration of Prince Bailu’s canonization is simply a joke! After sitting on the throne for a hundred years, we still have to celebrate. Are we waiting for the next hundred years to come?


That’s right, Prince Bailu doesn’t want to wait anymore.


He originally wanted to inherit the throne safely and steadily, but unfortunately, his father did not give him this opportunity. The reason why he did this was also helpless.


But it doesn’t matter, future generations will understand him as Prince White Deer.


Because, history books are always written by winners.


Prince Bailu believes that this time he will be the biggest winner! When Prince Bailu had just finished his cultivation, a figure who had been waiting outside hurriedly came to report.


If Chu Yan is here, he must be able to recognize who he is.


Because in a sense, Chu Yan and this person can also be called acquaintance.


He is the gloomy old **** who usually serves Prince Bailu closely, and he has also dealt with Chu Yan.


“Is this information found?”


Prince White Deer asked.


He sensed that someone was waiting outside. He probably found out some news, so he ended his practice to see if anything happened.


“Reporting to His Royal Highness Prince, there is indeed a situation.”


The gloomy old **** replied respectfully, “Uncle Huang’s plan to deal with the lich has been sabotaged.”




Prince Bailu was surprised, “The plan was ruined?


What’s going on here? “


Uncle Huang wants to unify the abyss of holy demons, and the biggest obstacle is the lich.


Therefore, this time, Uncle Huang used the power of Prince White Deer to fight the lich and clear the obstacles.


But isn’t it all good now that the plan was ruined?


What happened?


“There is a human cultivator who sabotaged the uncle’s plan and may even kill the general king. Now that the uncle is going to deal with this cultivator, does His Royal Highness want to help?”


asked the spooky old eunuch.


Hearing this, Prince Bailu said decisively: “No!”


“Why should I help?


Uncle, it’s better if he’s dead! “


Prince Bailu smiled slightly and said, “I’m just taking advantage of the uncle. If the uncle dies, then it will be even better. I can also take the opportunity to collect the treasure of the uncle for my own use!”


“However, I am very interested in the situation of Uncle Huang. You pay close attention to it so that I can make follow-up countermeasures!”


At the end, Prince Bailu reminded.


“Yes, His Royal Highness!”


The gloomy old **** should be respectful, and then withdrew.


At this time, Chu Yan was fighting against the battleship giant beast.


Bang bang bang bang! Chu Yan and the behemoth of the battleship are coming and going, and they will not give in to each other. He has been fighting fiercely with the behemoth of the battleship for a while, leaving all the magic cultivators stunned.


“He, he, is he still human?


To be able to fight the battleship behemoth for such a long time! “


“Yes, normally, they should have been killed by the battleship behemoth, or consumed to death, right?


But he’s totally fine now, what’s the matter! “


“If I hadn’t known that he was a monk and a man of flesh and blood, I would have doubted whether he was also transformed by a battleship.”


“It’s no wonder that such a character can kill a lich. If you have such combat power, you really have the capital to fight a lich!”


Everyone was amazed and shocked by Chu Yan.


Over the years, they have followed the emperor’s uncle to fight in the north and south, killing many powerful characters, but no one has ever been as powerful as Chu Yan, so powerful and frightening! If they had dared to take advantage of the crowd and besiege Chu Yan before, they would not dare to provoke Chu Yan even if they were given ten courage.


This is a ruthless, fierce man who can fight with the battleship behemoth! What kind of virtue are they capable of, and what qualifications do they have to fight against such a fierce man?


If the uncle hadn’t been here, the scene of the battle between Chu Yan and the battleship giant beast would have scared them back and scared them away.


Chu Yan is fighting the battleship behemoth, but it is not a complete battle.


Chu Yan is now constantly attacking the battleship behemoth, intentionally or unintentionally destroying the formation on the battleship behemoth! The battleship behemoth is not a living creature. In fact, it is like a magic weapon. It is driven by the formation. As long as the formation is destroyed, the battleship behemoth will be abolished.


Regardless of attack and defense, it will be greatly reduced. When Chu Yan has to deal with it, it will be easy.


The uncle frowned.


He felt vaguely that the situation was not good.


However, no matter how bad the situation is, he still doesn’t believe that Chu Yan can defeat the battleship behemoth.


These battleships have also been spliced ​​and merged into giant beasts. How can they be dealt with by mere flesh and blood?


To be honest, the battleship behemoth is actually for the Lich! The lich’s body is very powerful, like a magic weapon, and even more than that, the uncle knows all about it.


Therefore, he gave the Lich the great gift of the Battleship Behemoth! It is a pity that the lich has been killed by Chu Yan, so let Chu Yan enjoy this great gift! “I don’t believe it?”


Uncle Huang hasn’t finished thinking about it yet. The battleship behemoth that was fighting against Chu Yan suddenly moved. It lost its previous swiftness, just like the formation in the body, and a considerable part of it was destroyed by Chu Yan. Big reduction! Immediately afterwards, Chu Yan took advantage of the momentum and directly exploded the battleship behemoth, destroying the rest of the formations.


Without the formation method to provide energy, the so-called battleship behemoth is actually a pile of scrap metal, useless! Rumble boom! The battleship behemoth collapsed and disintegrated, and many demon cultivators were heartbroken! “This battleship behemoth lost, he was destroyed by Chu Yan!”


“How is it possible, this is a battleship behemoth, it shouldn’t be a problem to slaughter thousands of demon cultivators, but now it’s been killed by a Chu Yan!”


“My God, his combat power is unfathomable. I’m afraid only the uncle can deal with him. The others, if they go to more, are just to die!”


The demon cultivators present changed their expressions one after another, fighting back and forth between the two groups, and they were unable to avoid Chu Yan.


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