Outright Favoritism Chapter 1080: : What do you call me?



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Yin Mo retracted his gaze and looked at Cheng Li calmly, still holding the coffee cup in his hand.


Cheng Li still sits upright, and as He Chen gets closer and closer, she whispers softly: “Miss Yin, I say so much, not to provoke you, you don’t have to be so big to me. Hostility.


Back then, I made the mistake first and failed to accompany him to the end. I didn’t have the face to see him, so… I will tell you everything about him. I hope you can love him for me, too. I wish you happiness. “


Cheng Li’s words were sincere and sincere, even Yun Li, who walked slowly, couldn’t help raising his eyebrows.


This is a standard performance personality.


At this moment, Cheng Li picked up the purse after he said it, and paced forward abruptly in the direction He Chen came.


Yin Mo kept watching with cold eyes and analyzed Cheng Li’s trajectory.


If nothing happens, she will crash into He Chen’s arms in two seconds.


Two seconds later, Cheng Li, who bowed his head and walked quickly, bumped into a wall of meat as expected, and the clear smell of tobacco on the opponent made her trance.


He doesn’t seem to have changed, he still likes to smoke like before.


Cheng Li leaned on the man’s chest with a grievance and stubborn attitude, and raised his head with tears in his eyes, “Is that right…”


Before she could say the last word, she was stunned as if struck by lightning.


Cheng Li was stunned for a long time before regaining consciousness, and quickly took a big step back, “You…”


Yun Li looked down at the shirt stained with coffee stains, raised his eyebrows calmly, “Thirty thousand, transfer or cash?”


Cheng Li looked around in a daze. She obviously rushed to He Chen. How could she accidentally bump into the arms of this strange man?


Behind him, He Chen’s recognizable voice sounded, “Let go.”


Cheng Li looked back, his eyes filled with incredible words.


His voice is more mellow than before, revealing the muffled and experience after the years have settled.


At this moment, He Chen is bending down to **** the coffee cup in Yin Mo’s hand, holding her finger in her palm and rubbing it several times, “If you have something to say, do it when you feel uncomfortable, how can you compare with yourself? “


In fact, Yin Mo didn’t realize it herself, she just unconsciously pinched the cup and continued to apply force, so that the joints were faintly white.


It doesn’t hurt, but He Chen noticed.


Cheng Li is still at a loss where she is. The development of the matter is quite different from what she expected.


She even felt that her eyes were dazzled, and she could even hear the delicate tenderness in He Chen’s tone.


And this kind of tenderness once belonged only to her.




Cheng Li looked sideways at his back, and the call was quite soft.


He Chen ignored him, still kneading Yin Mo’s fingers, his handsome face was obviously unhappy, “Baby, don’t you want to say anything to me?”


“No.” Yin Mo shook his head, looked behind him and reminded: “Miss Cheng is calling you.”


The temperature of He Chen’s eyes continued to drop, and suddenly he clenched her fingers, “So?”


Yin Mo was in pain, frowned slightly, but made no sound.


Seeing this scene, He Chen relaxed his hands at once, pulled a chair and sat down beside her, staring at her scorchingly, “What are you talking about?”


Yin Mo glanced at Cheng Li with a sad look, and an unprecedented resentment swept the limbs.


She has to admit that Cheng Li’s performance should easily arouse men’s desire for protection.


Yin Mo wants to compete with her, pretending that everyone is weak.


But, no.


Cheng Li said that every woman He Chen fell in love with has her shadow. If she has a way of learning, wouldn’t it be right?


So, Yin Mo suppressed the extra expression and gave up all thoughts. She is Yin Mo, not anyone’s shadow.


In this short moment, He Chen didn’t wait for Yin Mo’s answer, his face getting darker and darker.


He leaned forward, provoked her chin and rubbed lightly, “Aggrieved?”


He Chen seemed to focus all his attention on Yin Mo, no matter how many times Cheng Li called him, he turned a deaf ear.


Yin Mo slowly raised her eyes and looked directly at the man’s focused and worried eyebrows. She said no, but her tone was far-fetched.


He Chen’s long and narrow eyes were steeply covered with fierce and yin-birds. He clasped Yin Mo’s back neck and pressed her to his shoulder, and his fingers passed through her hair to gently soothed, “It’s okay, don’t be afraid. Brother will be fair to you.”


Yin Mo blinked suspiciously under his shoulder. Why didn’t he ask her why she came to see Cheng Li?


He Chen tilted his head and kissed Yin Mo on the cheek, holding her with one hand, and finally looked back at Cheng Li, who was dull for a long time.


He licked his cheeks and mocked frivolously: “You asked me to come out just to show her how stupid I was back then?”


Cheng Li’s face changed slightly, “Achen, I am not…”


“What do you call me?” He Chen fixed his eyes deeply on Cheng Li, he still held Yin Mo in his arms, and he stroked her head with his palms unconsciously, as if he was giving a pet a furry.


“You don’t like me the most…” Cheng Li’s breath condensed, and the light swept over Yin Mo, and said pointedly: “Call you Achen.”


She paused deliberately in one sentence, which was enough to make you think.


“How big is your face?” He Chenxie raised his lips coldly, and glanced at Cheng Li aggressively, “What do you like? Do you like you having **** with others with your legs crossed in front of Lao Tzu? Or like your shriveled A Cup?”


He Chen looked at Cheng Li’s eyes, ruthless and loveless, only endless ridicule and contempt.


That’s his true nature. He regards women as a plaything, even his old love is not immune.


Now Cheng Li has become a dispensable plaything in He Chen’s eyes.


Even if his words sound harsh and even suspected of personal attack, He Chen doesn’t care because she bullied Yin Mo.


No matter how deep the love is, it has gone through the vicissitudes of the situation, tried the love between men and women, and it has long lost its original purity.


He once hated Cheng Li, but at this time, only disgust remained.


At this moment, Yin Mo pulled He Chen’s hand away, straightened up his eyebrows and asked: “How do you know that she is A?”


The data she investigated clearly showed that He Chen did not touch Chengli.


Other people, Yin Mo, can be generous, but Cheng Li is the product of He Chen’s emotions, and she is a little bit minded.


He Chen unhappily re-circled Yin Mo’s shoulders and pulled her to his side very domineeringly, “Your man has eyes, if you don’t believe me, ask you Li brother.”


Yun Li was inexplicably drawn into the battlefield. He dusted his shirt with disgust, and his tone was very rude, “Don’t ask me, I’m blind.”


Several people communicated with no one, but Cheng Li stood in awkwardness.


The anger and shame made her feel uncontrollable. Cheng Li walked up to He Chen in two steps, raised her hand and greeted him on his face, and her voice was extremely sharp, “He Chen, how can you say that to me, you Did you forget how you knelt and beg me not to leave?”


In this sentence, anyone can hear the inexplicable sense of superiority in Cheng Li’s words.


Perhaps she was used to being a queen in front of He Chen, even if time passed, Cheng Li, who was out of anger, still exposed her nature.


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