Outright Favoritism Chapter 1079: : Treat an ex-girlfriend as a dead person



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The next day, at seven in the morning, Yin Mo woke up in He Chen’s arms.


The quiet bedroom is dark and dim, and the man lies beside her, holding her tightly even in his sleep.


Yin Mo’s eyes were clear, he looked at He Chen steadily, turned over gently, and carefully drilled into his arms.


He Chen didn’t sleep deeply, and when he noticed the movement around him, he hugged her very naturally.


He hasn’t woken up yet, Jun’s face is full of sleepy confusion, he closes Yin Mo into his arms, and soon falls asleep again.


At half past eight, He Chen was awakened by the vibration of the phone.


He subconsciously touched the pillow next to him, but he didn’t touch the soft woman, and suddenly frowned his eyebrows.


The phone was still buzzing on the bedside table. He Chen pinched his eyebrows, picked up the phone and brought it to his ear, “It disturbs people’s dreams in the morning, do you want Lao Tzu to teach you how to be a man?”


At that end, Yun Li was silent for a few seconds, “It’s almost nine o’clock, are you embarrassed to say early morning?”


He Chen stood up and leaned against the head of the bed, picked up the cigarette case and delivered a cigarette in his mouth, “I have something to say, there is a fart.”


“You come to the old house.”


He Chen narrowed his eyes, “The old man is looking for me?”


Yun Li replied vaguely: “You will know when you come, hurry up, time is waiting for no one.”




He Chen cursed and glanced at the phone that was hung up. Was it swelling from the poisoning?




Downstairs, when He Chen walked into the restaurant in her nightgown, he saw Yin Mo busy near Liuli Terrace.


The sunshine is fine, falling on her, and the room is warm and seductive.


He Chen walked over lazily, his chest pressed against her delicate curve, “When did you wake up?”


“At half past seven.” Yin Mo turned his head and smiled at him, then looked at his chest, “I have cooked up the Chinese medicine that the owner of the merchant prepared for you. I will apply some ointment later, it should be well soon. .”


He Chen followed her gaze and looked at her and raised her lips frivolously: “You are better than medicine.”


Yin Mo glared at him, gestured at the dining table, urging him to eat quickly.


After the meal, it was less than nine o’clock, He Chen turned his head and let out a sigh of mist, “Go change your clothes and take you out.”


Yin Mo suffocated his breath, frowning with embarrassment, “Now?”


“Why?” He Chen looked at her without a smile, leaning over to the corner of the table, “I wore all my underwear last night, just to follow me out today?”


Yin Mo pursed his lips and corrected him with a serious face, “Don’t talk nonsense, it’s just ordinary underwear.”


“Other people’s clothes are called ordinary, you’re called seduce.” He Chen clicked twice at her with a cigarette in his hand, then narrowed his eyes, “Don’t want to go?”


Yin Mo hesitated to explain: “It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s something. I have some hands down with Parma, I’m going to pick them up.”


He Chen’s mouth gradually drooped, “Man?”


“Well, it is a member of the second team who may have been on the border before.”


He Chen frowned dissatisfiedly, “How big their faces are. Since they are subordinates, let A Yong pick them up.”


Yin Mo shook his head, his eyes were very firm, “I haven’t seen you in many years, it’s better for me to go.”


He Chen replied in silence, but the unpleasantness between his eyebrows became more noticeable.


When I saw this, Yin Mo got up and walked to him, tugging at his arms, “Or else, you are waiting for me in the Shang family’s old house, and they will find you after I pick them up.”


He Chen pressed his cheek, his eyes suddenly became unpredictable.


Yin Mo didn’t think anything was wrong. Seeing He Chen didn’t speak, he bent over and kissed him on the cheek again, “Okay?”


“Okay.” He Chen raised his thin lips intriguingly, “Then I will wait for you in the old house.”


Just like that, in less than twenty minutes, the two of them went out one after another.


Yin Mo drove the Maserati to the north of the city by himself, while He Chen was standing on the doorstep, his handsome face seemed to be smiling rather than smiling.


His baby has a secret!


Together with Yun Li to calculate him!


He Chen never said from beginning to end that he was going to the Shang family’s old house, but this woman didn’t make a move.


Not long after, A Yong got out of the car and opened the rear door, and then reported responsibly: “Brother Chen, there was news from the airport last night that Miss Li’s confidant Achang arrived with six people. Parma, currently settled in the east of the city.”


He Chen stepped into the car on one leg, tilted his head to stare at A Yong, his eyes were inexplicably gloomy, “What the **** did you report to you last night?”


A Yong lowered his head in mourning and whispered, “I wanted to report last night, but… I’m afraid to disturb you and Miss Yin.”


“What did you say?”


A Yong kept doing it and pointed towards the floor-to-ceiling windows of the villa, “Next time…remember to draw the curtains.”




He Chen raised his leg and kicked him, and said gloomily: “If you don’t want your eyes, just donate it.”


Last night…Yin Mo’s dress…


He Chen’s temple jumped twice, staring at A Yong’s eyes, trying to dig.




On the other side, there is a coffee shop in Litang Bay, north of the city.


Yin Mo parked the car on the side of the road, pushed the door faintly, got out of the car, walked into the coffee shop, looked around, and soon found a figure with her back facing her in front of the wooden table by the window.


It was not ten o’clock in the morning, and there were not many people in the cafe. Except for the men and women who chatted in twos and threes, only the woman by the window was sitting alone.


Yin Mo walked forward, pulled the chair away and sat opposite her.


Even if I investigated Li’s information in the past, Yin Mo was still amazed when I saw him in person.


Cheng Li is indeed very beautiful, a pair of hooking fox eyes, accompanied by the movement of raising willow eyebrows, invisibly reveals aloof and seductiveness.


Yin Mo is looking at her, and Cheng Li is also looking at her.


Three seconds later, the corners of Cheng Li’s lips curled up, “Miss Yin, what would you like to drink?”


Yin Mo did not respond to her politeness, but instead recruited a waiter on her own and ordered a cup of black coffee.


At this time, Cheng Li picked up the coffee cup and took a sip, feeling a little sad: “It turns out that he has always liked women who drink black coffee…”


Yin Mo raised his eyelids and caught the black coffee in Cheng Li’s hands, with a plain tone: “There are thousands of women drinking black coffee, and he can’t like them all.”


“Yes, but there is always one special.” Cheng Li raised her glass, as if to imply that she was that special person.


Yin Mo did not speak, but looked at the ring finger of her left hand, and could vaguely see the traces of wearing the ring.


She said: “You were divorced and had three men. It is really special among women who drink black coffee.”


Cheng Li quickly squeezed the coffee cup, embarrassing and embarrassed to be exposed.


The air has solidified a bit, Cheng Li raised her eyebrows, her posture revealing superiority, “Miss Yin investigated me?”


“No.” Yin Mo looked back at her lukewarmly, “He Qing gave me your details.”


Cheng Li gathered the long burgundy hair on her cheeks, smiling slightly, “Really? The information shouldn’t say how many men I have had.”


Obviously investigated her, but dare to do it or not?


Yin Mo nodded calmly, “Yes, so you know everything, why bother to ask more than once?”


Cheng Li was momentarily dumb.


In this first round of collision, she was obviously crushed by Yin Mo’s IQ.


At the same time, He Chen arrived at the old house.


When he got out of the car, with a cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth, he strolled to the backyard in a leisurely manner. Not surprisingly, he saw Yunli and Shanglu sitting in the pavilion drinking tea.


He Chen bit his cigarette holder and blew out a mist, “Call Lao Tzu over, if there is nothing big, don’t you see if I smoke you.”


Shang Lu silently put down the tea cup, looked around, got up and patted the stone bench, “Brother Chen, sit down, talk to you, I’m going to the pharmacy.”


It’s not that he persuades, it’s mainly Chen Ge that he can’t afford either.


This man who can tie his own brother, if he fights with Yun Li, he is afraid of hurting his innocence.


He Chen tilted his eyes on Shanglu, and said with his chin held up, “Have a good study and try to heal yourself as soon as possible.”


Shang Lu snorted slightly, turned around and fled.


At this moment, Yun Li took a sip of tea and bends his lips quite deeply and said: “You are such a poisonous tongue, can your second wife be able to stand you?”


He Chen licked his posterior molars and sat down, took off the cigarette from the corner of his mouth, and sneered playfully, “You got kicked by Xia Laowu because you are nosy?”


Yun Li: “…”


The two men’s eyes met, and the smell of gunpowder was quite strong.


After a while, Yun Li grabbed his mind and knocked on the desktop meaningfully, “You will come, does it mean you guessed something?”


“Need a guess?” He Chen threw his cigarette **** on the ground and ran it over with his heel. “Let’s say, what are you doing for my woman?”


Yun Li curled the corner of his mouth, “You want to point your face, call you a woman if you are not married?”


He Chen threw him a chilly look, “Do you want me to send Xia Laowu to someone else’s bed?”


Yun Li slammed his hand on the desktop, and muttered with a calm face, “He Chen–“


He Chen raised his eyebrows wildly, “You have one minute left.”


“Your ex-girlfriend made an appointment with Yin Mo. They should have met by now.” Yun Li was straightforward, and there was no lack of lively teasing in his words.


He Chen’s teeth scratched the corners of his mouth, and the bottom of his eyes was surging.


Yun Li narrowed his eyes to examine the opposite man, and asked in disbelief, “Don’t say you don’t know which ex-girlfriend it is.”


It’s not impossible, after all, He Chen has a lot of dark history.


“Cheng Li.” He Chen once again took out a cigarette and played with it on his fingertips, “I really gave her a face.”


When Yun Li saw his understatement, he couldn’t help chuckles out, “I hope the second wife of Yin won’t become your ex-girlfriend, and you have loved her once, so you scolded her like that?”


“Otherwise, I should confess and give her three sticks of incense every day?” He Chen stared at him displeased.


Yun Li: “…”


He has seen countless men with poisonous tongues, but He Chen made him admire the five-body cast.


Is this treating an ex-girlfriend as a dead person?


Yun Li smacked the tip of his tongue, so he looked at He Chen for a while, “Aren’t you going to see it?”


He Chen dropped the crushed cigarette in his hand, and said to his side: “If my woman is bullied this time, you’d better pray that I don’t offend Xia Laowu.”


Yun Li shook his head helplessly, and then stood up, “If you want to say this, I will be with you with my gun. If Cheng Li dares to bully Yin Mo, I will just destroy her.”


This is like a joke, but also like a temptation.


He Chen walked ahead calmly, and sneered at the sound, “It’s not your turn.”


Yun Li’s slightly stagnant eyebrows gradually softened a bit. He could see that He Chen was not acting.




On the other side, the coffee shop.


Yin Mo sipped the black coffee, while Cheng Li, who was opposite, spoke faintly about her and He Chen’s past.


There are some things that I can’t think about or ask.


Even if every word Cheng Li said, Yin Mo had seen it with his own eyes on the materials, but hearing it with his own ears still made Yin Mo’s heart difficult for a long time to calm down.


It turns out that He Chen once loved her so much.


I love sheltering her from the wind and rain, making soup for her personally, and even holding an umbrella to pick her home every rainy night where she can see her.


These little things in love are not worth mentioning, but she and He Chen have never experienced it.


But no matter what the mood is, Yin Mo’s expression is always the same, there has never been the slightest fluctuation.


A few more minutes later, Cheng Li seemed to say that she was tired. She looked at the street outside the window and said a summary that made Yin Mo angry, “Miss Yin, whether you admit it or not, every one he fell in love with later Everyone has my shadow, like you.


Didn’t you find out that we are alike? In other words, we are all beauties of the same type, but…you are younger than me. “


Yin Mo could hear the contempt in Cheng Li’s tone. She looked at Cheng Li, who seemed cold but proud, “You said so much nonsense to tell me that you are older than me?”


“Of course not.” Cheng Li smiled without anger. She turned her head and looked out the window. She swept to the European car from far and near on the street, her eyes scorched slightly, “Miss Yin…”


Cheng Li said, looking at Yin Mo, and holding her wrist holding the cup, “I just want to tell you, no matter how many years in the past, as long as I beckon, he will come back to me.”


In the next second, she raised Yin Mo’s wrist, and the remaining half of the cup of hot coffee was splashed on her face by Cheng Li’s self-direction.


Yin Mo’s face is like a Pinghu. He didn’t stop it, nor did he show any surprised expression.


At this time, Cheng Li’s beautiful cheeks were stained with stains, and her red dress was soaked in coffee. In such an embarrassing situation, the corners of her mouth rose more and more delicately, “Miss Yin, you probably don’t know that he is the most I love my pitiful appearance after being bullied…”


As soon as the words fell, the door of the cafe was slammed open.


Yin Mo took a look, and was surprised to see He Chen walking towards him with dark eyebrows and frosty eyes.


Cheng Li had turned her back to the door, but she seemed to know that He Chen was here.


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