Otaku Engineer in Great Tang Dynasty Chapter 2087: Be overwhelmed!



  Chapter 2106 is beyond self-reliance!


  ”…you bribed Taiyuan officials and generals for other purposes besides the intention to manipulate food and cause riots in the city~?”


  In the prison of Taiyuan Prefecture, Lin Jiang alone interrogated Kang Qu. He put the charges previously drawn by Kang Qu on the table and looked at the latter and asked in a deep voice.




  Kang Qu replied lightly.


  He did not regard Lin Jiang in front of him as the same thing. It can also be said that he did not even regard the state capital’s prison as a thing, because he was from Kangguo and he did not commit any heinous crimes in the Tang Dynasty. The accusation is just bribery of officials. This kind of crime is not big or small. Eventually they will be transferred to the Datang Honghe Temple, and then exiled from Honghe Temple back to Kangguo. Anyway, they will not be because of this. Lost your life for a small sin!


  ”Huh! I advise you to think about it again!”


  Lin Jiang didn’t give Kang Qu a good face, he said with a blank face.


  Kang Qu was silent for a moment, and said: “I am waiting to bribe officials and generals in Taiyuan to cause riots in the city. The main reason is to seek justice for the deceased Brother Chang’an! The tragic death of Brother Chang’an who caused the death and harm of the Taiyuan government is even more excessive. However, after the death of Brother Chang’an, the government not only prevented me from bringing the body of Brother Chang’an back to Kangguo, but also blocked the city gate so that we could not pass the news to Brother Chang’an’s family!


  We created riots, just to teach Wang Cishi a lesson, let the government see the strength and unity of our Kangguo businessmen, and let the Tang Dynasty court show justice to Brother Changan! The cause and effect of the matter I have already explained to the state official, you keep saying that we have other purposes, I don’t know what your intentions are~? “


  ”Huh! To teach the government a lesson, you are so breathtaking!”


  Lin Jiang’s eyes condensed, and he said angrily: “This is the boundary of the Tang Dynasty. When you do business here, you must abide by the laws of the Tang Dynasty. Don’t say that you are from Kangguo, even if you are a Turkic businessman. When doing business in Datang, you must act in accordance with the rules of the government! You are so bold to instigate civil chaos and bribe officials~!”


  Kang Qu strongly argued: “I was forced by the government to wait for this action! Taiyuan government to persecute brother Chang’an first, and not let me wait to pass the news of brother Chang’an to Kang Guo. I was trapped. In the city of Taiyuan, this is the only way to force the government to open the city gate!”


  ”Hmph! Then you know, why the city of Taiyuan is closed~?”


  Lin Jiang had no good airway when he heard this.


  Kang Qu thought for a while and said: “The official notice said that in recent days it was for the purpose of catching Turkic spies, so the city was sealed off! But in the eyes of the old man, these are all pretenses, and the government tried to cover them up and harmed Brother Changan. The news of the crime was leaked, so the city gates were closed!”


  ”You can really value Kang Changan, and you really value yourself!”


  Lin Jiang immediately couldn’t help but sneer: “To tell you the truth, Kang Changan colluded with the Turkic spies. Before the incident was about to be revealed, the Turkic spies killed them! At this time, the government has definite evidence! Today! I arraigned you because I wanted to know if you and others bribed officials and disrupted the city’s public security. Was it the instruction of a Turkic spy?”


  ”A Turkic spy? What kind of a Turkic spy? I’m just a businessman. How can I know a Turkic spy?”


  Hearing this, Kang Qu’s eyes widened in shock, and he quickly shook his head in denial.


  Just kidding, he can confess the crime of bribing officials, but he cannot confess the crime of colluding with Turkic spies, otherwise his life is likely to be surrendered to the land of Datang!


  ”Huh! Don’t admit it? That’s easy! Come on, get tortured!”


  Lin Jiang didn’t have the patience to talk with Kang Qu here. Li Junxian was still waiting for him to reply. Seeing that Kang Qu was so ignorant of good or bad, Lin Jiang shouted directly outside.


  Kang Qu’s complexion changed drastically, and he was full of anger and said: “Do you dare!? I am from Kang Guo, you can’t impose torture on me! You are trying to bend it into a move, I don’t accept it, I want to see your cunt!”


  Since entering the state capital jail, Feng Tau has only limited questioning to Kang Qu and others. He has never been tortured. This is also a formal process. After all, he is a Kang Guo, and there is no such thing in the government. For the slightest evidence of collusion between him and the Turkic spies, it is common sense that the Cishi Mansion cannot impose torture on him, otherwise, he will definitely end up with a false accusation that abuses the Kang Guoren and turns his beating into a trick!


  But Lin Jiang did not play the card according to common sense. He was to be sentenced before he came up to say a few words. Kang Qu didn’t think his body could withstand the torture of the state capital prison, so he hurriedly “protested”!


  Outside the execution room, Feng Shutou walked in with two servants. The two servants were holding whips and stoves in their hands. When Kang Qu saw it, his face turned pale and he wanted to turn around and run away. , But the two yamen standing behind him clasped his shoulders tightly.


  Feng Catou glanced at Kang Qu blankly, and didn’t say much.


  Although Lin Jiang did not comply with the rules for Kangqu’s grand punishment, Wang Liaoyuan had confessed to him before coming to the cell and asked him to cooperate with Lin Jiang with full authority.


  ”Why don’t I dare?”


  Lin Jiang faintly glanced at Kang Qu, and said, “I’m not afraid to tell you, I’m Datang Baiqi. This time there were a large number of Turkic spies in Taiyuan City. Our general came to Taiyuan because these Turkic spies hijacked an identity. Very noble people, if you can’t catch all these Turkic spies in one go, the saint will be furious. Many people will die in Taiyuan City, and you will never leave Datang alive!


  So, don’t talk about torturing you at this moment, even if you kill you directly, the court will not say anything, and you, Kang Guo, dare not say anything in the past! “


  Lin Jiang’s tone was very plain, but Kang Qu listened like a bolt from the blue, he looked at Lin Jiang in shock with a look of shock~IndoMTL.com~ There was a storm in his heart!


  Hundred rides? Lin Jiang in front of him turned out to be the most mysterious army from Datang-Baiqi! Moreover, the reason why Taiyuan City was closed down was because the Turkic spies had taken a distinguished hostage!


  As for who the hostage is, although Lin Jiang did not say clearly, Kang Qu can guess one or two. After all, Baiqi can come to Taiyuan to participate in the rescue. The hostage taken is either a court official or Noble Kings and Suns!


  And a few days ago, King Wei of Tang Dynasty happened to come to Taiyuan City…


  Thinking of this, a layer of cold sweat broke out on Kang Qu’s back. He then understood why Lin Jiang didn’t care about his identity as a businessman in Kang’s country from the beginning to the end, because compared with rescuing the Tang Dynasty King Wei, Not to mention him, even if King Kang is here, as long as he prevents the government from rescuing Li Tai, he will be arrested!


  At this time, Kang Qu realized how ridiculous his previous arrogance was!


  ”I…I…I recruit, I tell everything I know! Don’t use punishment! Don’t use punishment~!”


   Realizing the seriousness of the situation, Kang Qu left infinite regret and fear in his heart, and he quickly spoke.




  (End of this chapter)


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