Opening Reward 100 Million Lives Chapter 881: You have to add money



  Chapter 881 You have to add money


  The Chaos Zone is divided into eight groups, and currently there is only one person left in each group.


  The next test is the competition between these eight people.


  Play three more games to determine the final winner.


  At this time, when the list of these eight people came out, everyone was unable to complain.


  The standard of this evangelistic conference is very high.


  Seven of the last eight people are Devil Emperors.


  It can be said that these seven people are placed in the past, and any one of them is a proper first name.


  But now, everyone’s most optimistic is Caiying, a little fairy.


  Although they are weak and don’t have any money-making ability, they have ‘tool ability’.


  The mixer opens the way, and there are a bunch of quasi emperors as cheerleaders, and you can’t accept it.


  And their expectations seemed correct.


  After   , in the eight-to-four and four-to-two games, the opponents Caiying encountered were all up and just shot directly.


  No way, they can’t afford to provoke so many quasi emperors.


  What’s more, the ninth-order immortal weapon is too temptation for these new demon emperors, and the choice is not difficult to make.


  The few demon emperors who didn’t meet Caiying, it’s very regrettable.


  I missed the perfect opportunity to immediately get a fairy, and I was very anxious.


  Finally, Caiying and Wushang Demon Emperor met together.


  ”This round is really hard to say.”


  ”Yes, the Devil Emperor Wushang already has a Tier 9 Immortal Sword. For him, the Immortal Tool may not be very attractive.”


  ”If it is really unattractive, he won’t come to attend the evangelistic meeting.”


  ”Yes, who would think that there are too many fairy tools?”


  ”But the problem is that he is far from the final top spot.”


  ”As long as he easily wins this game, he can still get the final reward. If you are him, how would you choose?”


  ”He dare!”


  ”Dare to kill Master Caiying, he will wait to die!”


  While the demons all over the world were talking about it, the temple demons were also anxiously communicating with the Wushang demonic emperor.


  Although the Chaos Group’s game has been ruined by the flood trades, it has been completely ruined.


  But the temple still has the last layer of underpants unbroken, that is, there is still suspense about the ownership of the championship.


  The meaning of first place and second place is the difference between Tianyuan.


  If you are really relied on by a **** to release the water and put on the highest podium all the way, then you will really be humiliated.


  At that time, the temple will become the laughing stock of the entire six realms.


  There will be no need to hold the next evangelistic conference in the future. Just having fun will be enough.


  ”As long as you can kill her in this last scene, you can save most of it!”


  ”Yes, she must be killed in this last scene to warn everyone!”


  If Caiying is killed in the last game, then the temple can stand up and tell everyone, see, this is no strength, only knowing the end of speculation!


  So the attitude of the Emperor Wushang is very important.


  ”As long as you can kill her, the first name is yours, you can’t hesitate!”


  ”The reward for the first name is not only a nine-tier immortal weapon, but also the best immortal treasure, martial arts insight, and nine-tier elixir!”


  ”You should know how to choose.”


  Listening to the secret voices of the high-level temple officials, the corners of the mouth of the Wushang Demon Emperor who wore a white robe like the dazzling Son of the World smiled, and his expression was inexplicable.


  ”Offending so many quasi emperors, the risk I have to pay is great.”


  He did not directly refuse, it means there is a door.


  The upper levels of the temple are all human beings, so naturally you can hear his subtext.


  The risk is too great, you have to add money!


  This can make the demon emperors in the temple angry enough.


  ”Damn, he actually sat on the ground and raised the price, taking advantage of the fire!”


  ”Facing our temple, how dare he be so bold?”


  ”Promise him first, and I will find him in the future to get back the account!”


  ”After everything is stable in the future, Wushang will be listed as the temple’s target for killing, and all he gets will be doubled out.”


  The demon emperors discussed it in private, and then they re-proposed the ‘quotation’.


  ”We can add another Tier 9 fairy armor, this is the bottom line!”


   Wushang Devil Emperor is still unmoved when he hears this.


   “Add another speed-type supreme-level fairy treasure, I am very courageous, I am afraid of being chased afterwards.”




  The great emperors gritted their teeth and nodded in the end, thinking that they could get it back sooner or later.


  ”Yes, but you must guarantee to kill her in the competition!”


   got the answer from the temple, and then the Devil Emperor Wushang showed joy.


  ”That’s natural, don’t worry, there will be no accidents to kill her.”


  ”But I have one more condition.”


  The Devil Emperor Tai’e, who had long been consumed with patience, was furious.


  ”I warn you not to get too far!”


   Wushang Devil Emperor shook his head: “If you don’t agree, then everything will be forfeited.”


  Nether Blood Demon Emperor calmly said: “Tell me your conditions first.”


  ”I want you to announce the full content of the top prize now.”


   Wushang Devil Emperor is not stupid.


  The transaction between himself and the temple took place in private transmission, without any evidence.


  What if the temple turns over and doesn’t recognize it after killing Cai Ying?


  Let the temple in front of everyone, and announce all the treasures just added.


  In this way, when you win the first place, you can securely get those treasures.


  The emperors almost got their noses crooked by his anger, what’s the matter, are you still worried that we will not be accountable?


  ”What do you think of our temple?”


  ”Be careful to sail the boat for ten thousand years!” Wushang Devil Emperor has always been very cautious in his work.


  He can actually guess that the temple will revenge himself in the future, but he has his own way to resolve it.


  For example, switch to Xianmeng.


  Anyway, for these idle magic cultivators, the idea of ​​the fairy magic is not that important at all.


  After some intrigue, the temple finally announced the change of rewards before the final competition.


  ”This year’s evangelistic conference, the heroes gathered, our temple decided to increase the first prize of the chaos group.”


  Suddenly and temporarily increase the reward?


  Do you still bring this?


  All the magic repairs were a little bit dazed, and they pricked their ears.


  ”The one who wins the final title will receive a Tier Nine Immortal Sword, a Tier Nine Immortal Armor, a Supreme Speed ​​Immortal Treasure, three Emperor Realm-level martial arts insight jade charms, and 10 bottles of Nine Tier Immortal Pill , A copy of the ninth-order fairy copy of the ninth-order fairy talisman…”


  As soon as this reward comes out, everyone can’t calm down.


  To tell the truth, the rewards of the previous chaos group’s first name are just an eighth-order immortal sword and some nine-level immortal pill.


  The reason why so many quasi-emperors and demon emperors signed up this year was because the rewards were so much richer than before, and the nine-tier fairy sword appeared.


  Who would have thought that such a generous reward would be even more expensive.


  ”Damn, the temple is really willing to bleed!”


  ”Nine-level fairy armor and supreme-level fairy treasure, these, these are all treasures that are enough to set off a **** wind!”


  ”Are you crazy?”


  ”It’s already this juncture, why did you suddenly increase the reward?”


  Not to mention the demonic cultivators present, even the demon emperors hiding outside, as well as the immortal alliance, were even more shocked by the temple’s handwork.


  After a long time, Emperor Jiujue, the helm of the Immortal League, slowly shook his head.


  ”In order to kill that Cai Sakura, the sanctuary has been spared.”


  (End of this chapter)


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