Opening Reward 100 Million Lives Chapter 1746: Dragon Vessels



Chapter 1746 Dragon Vein Order


The dragon veins on the three people were bright at the same time, emitting a dazzling light.


Accompanied by their three origins, they all blasted at Lin Ning.


The origin of the Heavenly Venerate level is just borrowed.


This kind of weak attack is nothing to today’s Lin Ning, and he can easily withstand it with only the immortal body.


However, at this moment, the three seemingly weak origins, under the blessing of the dragon veins, actually disintegrated her law space little by little.


She quickly mobilized her source totem to bombard the three sources.


But I found that my source totem has begun to melt slowly before it touches the source of the other party.


“How could this be?”


This scene made her and Qiu Yuxuan feel completely incomprehensible.


It is basically useless to attack the opponent by yourself.


And the opponent’s attack that hurts single digits, but I can’t prevent it no matter what.


If it weren’t for her strong will, she would have doubted her own strength at this time.


The three Heavenly Venerates are full of self-confidence.


“Hahahaha, what about Dao Sheng?”


The three of them pushed the source, and the dragon veins on their bodies became more and more insane.


“The lowly people will always be trampled under our feet!”


“Here, even if you are a Taoist saint, you have to lie down!”


“In order to take you down, we made an exception to use the power of the dragon veins. I’m sorry for the loss if we don’t torture you severely in the future!”


There was no panic on Lin Ning’s face.


I didn’t become impatient because of the trash talk of these three people.


At this point, she had to sacrifice her holy power.


The holy power of the Taoist sage cannot be supplemented by medicinal pills. Although it can be cultivated, it takes time.


Before this, she really didn’t expect to do this against the three Heavenly Venerates.


When her dark holy power spread out, the aura created by the dragon veins around the origin of the three people quietly became much thinner.




“What’s that?”


The smiles of the three Heavenly Venerates disappeared.


Their realm is too low, and their knowledge is not enough. Although they have heard the word holy power, they have never encountered it.


“Dragon veins cannot be overturned!”






The three are still there to stimulate the dragon veins and the source.


But after just ten seconds, the aura of that layer of dragon veins finally dimmed as the holy power consumed.


Lin Ning seized the opportunity to stimulate his own origin, and in one fell swoop the weak origin borrowed by the three became scum.


The origin is destroyed, and a strong backlash strikes.


The three spit blood at the same time.




“Stop it!”


How could Lin Ning stop.


After destroying the opponent’s attack, her holy power also followed, and she simply hit the three of them.


When the dust dissipated, the three Heavenly Venerates had already turned into wreckage.


This battle ended with Lin Ning’s victory.


She wasn’t injured, but her holy power was severely depleted.


Next, without ten days and a half months of cultivation, it is impossible to fully recover.


Crack crackle crackle!


Sect Master Jiang smiled and applauded, fully affirming his disciple’s performance.


“Not bad.”


Lin Ning and Qiu Yuxuan both wondered if he was speaking the opposite way.


It took so much effort for a Taoist saint to kill three Heavenly Venerates. This can’t be said to be a poor performance, it can only be said to be very hip.


But in fact, Jiang Cheng really praised her.


Dragon Vessel is a system unique to the Heavenly Dragon Realm.


According to the rules of heaven and earth in this world, having a dragon vein should be able to ignore the realm and cause natural suppression.


Just now, Lin Ning was apparently fighting against the three Heavenly Venerates, but in essence, he was fighting against the rules of the world.


In the end, she won.


However, the group of Flood Dragons on the other side can’t be happy.


“It’s over.”


“This, this, actually killed those three immortals.”


They turned around in panic, as if the end of the world was imminent.


“How can this be good?”


“The people of the Hunju family will never let us go!”


Many Jiaolong looked desperate.


“They will bury us with us!”


“It will be…”


At this point, Jiang Cheng understood why they were enslaved.


After all, Lin Ning had to work so hard to kill the three Heavenly Venerates.


This group of Flood Dragons definitely can’t do it.


“Alright, alright, let’s put the trivial matters like burial aside for now, you’d better take back the blood and essence first.”


The blood of Lizhang’s blood is still floating outside. Brother Cheng really can’t stand it.


A group of Flood Dragons don’t know whether to complain or complain.


“Who can tell me what happened to that dragon vein?”


As soon as his question came out, all the dragons at the scene flew back hundreds of meters in unison, keeping a distance from him.


Because they heard it, this person is really not from the Heavenly Dragon Realm, let alone from the Heavenly Dragon Race.


In addition, Jiang Cheng and the others just killed three members of the Hunju family, if they get close to him again, what will be the consequences?


Looking at their guarded and evasive appearance, Jiang Cheng’s face was full of anger.


“Is it too late to draw a line with me now? Look at what you are doing, aren’t you just some half-dragons?”


“What a shame for the dragon family!”


“How can I have a subordinate like you?”


Li Zhang would like to say, when did we become your subordinates?


But considering Lin Ning’s sage-level combat power just now, he could only swallow those words.


“Dragon vein is the rank symbol of the Heavenly Dragon Realm. It does not appear at ordinary times, but it can be seen during battle.”


Jiang Cheng reasonably speculated: “So this world is a half-dragon race with dragon veins, but you real dragon race don’t have dragon veins?”




Li Zhang shook his head.


“We also have dragon veins, but they are only the lowest, and they are useless in battle.”


“Dragon veins are divided into three levels and six levels. High-level dragon veins have a natural suppressing effect on low-level dragon veins.”


Jiang Cheng asked again, “What about the third and sixth levels?”


“The highest is the imperial dragon vein, which can only be possessed by the Tianlong royal family in the Dragon Palace.”


Lizhang also has questions and answers, anyway, these common sense are not secrets in the Tianlong world.


“Below are the high-level first-class, second-class, third-class, and fourth-class dragon These dragon veins can only be possessed by the Tianlong family.”


“As for all of our dragons, we have only inferior bloodlines.”


“Whether the Wing Dragon Candle Dragon Yunlong or the Jiaolong Bailong Panlong, are all inferior?”




Brother Cheng said that you really didn’t take the dragon race seriously because of the division of ranks in this world.


“According to what you just said, the higher bloodline within the half-dragon race can also suppress the lower ones?”


“That’s right, there is a strict hierarchy within the Tianlong clan.”


Lizhang is still not used to him calling the Tianlong clan the half-dragon clan.


At this time, Lin Ning couldn’t help but curiously asked: “What is the rank of the dragon veins of the three people just now?”


“They are high-ranking fourth class.”


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