Omnipresent God of War: Three hundred fifty-three variables above



“Choose…Science or Religion…”


Wei He stood up and paced back and forth in the cave.


If the rest of you might not have such troubles, but he is different.


Many gods on the earth for thousands of years, as well as various great concepts developed by modern science, made him fall into the trouble of happiness for a while.




Suddenly, after walking for a while, he noticed a problem.


“Completely fictitious, existing in reality, the difference between the power and difficulty of the two kinds of gods, I don’t know yet. Maybe you can try it out and see the price-performance ratio before making plans.”


He made a decisive decision, and immediately began to cross his knees, closing his eyes, and visualizing a completely fictitious, weird twisted **** in his mind.


‘First, let’s have nine heads, the more heads the more scary. Um… the nine heads are the most scary. My opponent estimates that the majority of humans. ’


‘Then, there must be a rotten, distorted body, plus a dense phobia of colorful tumor blisters, so that it can arouse people’s fear. Viruses and disease decay are scary to life. ’


‘Then, you have to have wings around you, um, let’s have twelve pairs. The more wings, the higher the personality…’


Wei He began to give full play to his imagination as a modern person.


Soon, a terrifying monster with a hideous face, nine-headed human body, and pus all over, appeared in his heart.


“Just call the **** of corruption.”


He made up a so-called deity, and he immediately began to pour his energy into it, which was really energetic.


The method of infusion is very simple, that is, keep thinking, and inject all the fear, majesty, tyranny, and strong emotional thoughts in your heart.


Such self-hypnosis, and then use real energy to nourish.


The so-called nourishment means that real energy will continue to flow around more than a dozen special orifice points in the brain, forming a cycle.


These more than ten acupoints are the core method of the Xuanmiao Sect for the preservation of the gods, and they are called the heart and acupoints of the gods.


According to the records in the secret book, the gods who have successfully preserved the gods will temporarily dormant in these acupuncture points.


Nourishing them for a long time will cause a small part of themselves to be really vigorous and qualitatively change.


The qualitative change in this part is really strong, and it will naturally lurch in these tricks**.


Just wait for the user to call out, and then burst into use.


When the whole body’s real energy is turned into the energy that has changed its spirit, then it is the day when the fourth layer of Xuan Suo Jin arrives.


That is when the power of the whole body is sealed.


Wei He worked hard to preserve the gods, fantasize, construct, and tinker for a long time, and the fictional gods, the conversion efficiency is extremely low.


He worked hard for a long time, not even a trace of strength changed.


In desperation, Wei He gave up this fictional god.


“Norally speaking, the conversion rate of the gods, as well as the power of transformation, are related to their authenticity, number of believers, and long history.”


“A completely fictitious deity does not have these at all.”


He looked at the twelve pictures of gods in the secret book.


“Then, try these again.”


Keeping God can be discarded.


As long as there is no supply of real energy and mental strength, the deity that preserves the gods will quickly become weak, dissipate, and disappear.


Wei He chose another image of God at will.


What he tried this time was a **** named Tianluo Sanmu the Great.


This deity is good at observing and exploring the concealed fog, and belongs to the deity of the exploration class.


Wei He quickly constructed the image of a **** in his heart, and then began to pay attention to his mental strength and spirit to stimulate the acupuncture points.


This time, it is completely different from the previous one.


He obviously felt that in the real energy that he passed through the acupuncture points, ten units of real energy could transform into a new unit of energy.


“Well…it seems that there are quite a lot of people who believe in this Emperor Tianluo Sanmu.”


The gap between the front and the back is a bit too big.


Wei He tried again to make a fictional deity a second time.


As before, there is no conversion rate at all. And the twelve Taoist pictures in the secret book, any deity on it, can have a conversion rate of about one-tenth.


This conversion rate is extremely high.


In other words, after the energy of the Cunshen Acupuncture Point, if there are 100 units a day, ten units of the energy of the Cunshen can be transformed.


“It’s no wonder that the twelve road pictures are recorded in the secret book. Think of it as the twelve gods that are the easiest to succeed.”


Wei He understood in his heart.


‘Next, it’s time to try, Earth God…’


Wei He closed his eyes, relaxed his body, and then the first choice was the well-known Taoist deity on earth.


The first Pangu.


Wei He closed his eyes, then opened them again suddenly.


He can’t remember what Pangu looks like… and forgot what he looks like.


‘Forget it, make one yourself, it’s probably a match. He closed his eyes again, and quickly formed an extremely strong, majestic, magnificent giant covered with dark golden lines.


Then start to inject really vigorously into the acupoints…


No response….


“Well…. It seems that either the image gap is too large, or there are other problems.”


Wei He had no choice but to change another.


“Next, it’s Nuwa.”


Snake heads, this is probably not wrong.


Unfortunately…the result is the same.


He didn’t move at all at Cunshenqiao acupoint.


After thinking about it, Wei He picked up the secret book again and read it carefully.


He suddenly found a key.


That is, none of the gods in the twelve pictures is very powerful.


They are all supernatural powers that are quite close to the ground.


For example, what kind of boxing technique increases by 30%, and the eye power increases by 50%.


Compared with the gods of Taoism on the earth, one by one is the power of moving mountains and overwhelming sea…


“Well…. It seems that the strength is too far away from reality…”


Wei He was speechless.


He also understands that this should be because his own strength can’t support that kind of power, or even an empty shelf, so it’s useless to save God.


Thinking about it, he changed it again.


“Then, try science again…”


The range of scientific options is very large.


The first choice is naturally the sun above the head.


The sun really exists, and Wei He probably knows that it is the principle of nuclear fusion.


Understand the general principle, plus be able to look up at any time.


And no details are needed, just imagine a cloud of light.


Wei He tried again.


This time, it succeeded!


Although not many, after a hundred units flowed through the Cunshenqiao acupoint, only one unit barely completed the conversion.


But no matter what, he did succeed!


With the first step, there will be the second step.


“It seems that the influence of authenticity is greater than the influence of all other conditions. Even if the sun’s power far exceeds many gods, this can be offset.”


Wei He knew it well.


Then try another real deity image.


That is the huge mountain-the Black House Mountains.


He has lived in Heiwu Mountain for a long time, and he is naturally familiar with it, both in terms of overall and internal details. He traveled more than half of the area because of collecting poison.


So it is logically feasible to keep the God Black House Mountain.


No one stipulates that living things of God must be kept.


Wei He held his breath, and soon he constructed the image of Heiwushan and kept it in his heart.


Then stimulate the acupoint with Huanzhen Jin.


This time, the real energy only flowed once, and it was transformed into most of it.


Ten units, six units have been converted.


It’s just that the new energy that has been transformed is really useless, and it has no effect unless it becomes a little thicker.


Wei He looked through the next secret book, and there was nothing recorded on it.


So he made a decisive decision, got up and put on his robe, left the cave, and rushed towards Yunxiantai.


In the interior of Yunxiantai, you must first go through the Xuanjia Jade Bi conversion before you can enter.


In the inner mountain of Xuanmiaozong, after Wei closed his eyes, he has not been in for a stroll.


The interior of Uchiyama is pitch black everywhere.


There is no light, nothing can be seen, there are only inexplicable views and Yunxiantai, standing in the dark, clearly visible.


Wei He leaned on the token to show the way, all the way to Yunxiantai, which was faintly white in the dark.


Here is divided into three areas, three veins, and no one likes to come here to salute on weekdays.


After all, this is a place frequently visited by senior elders.


Unxiantai has three gates.


The door to the area of ​​Suoshan was open at this time. When Wei He arrived, there happened to be two groups of people facing each other not yielding, and were confronting each other.


One group of people looked angry, their hands were already faintly flowing, and they seemed to be ready to do it at any time.


The other few have cold faces and their eyes are cold, and they don’t seem to pay attention to the other people at all.


“This is the Xuanmiao Sect, I can’t tolerate you waiting to be wild.” A few people said indifferently.


“What a Xuanmiao Sect! Today I have seen it.” The angry man loosened his strength, stared at the opponent deeply, turned and left.


Along with him, there are several others, none of whom seem to belong to the Xuanmiao Sect.


It’s the person who came to worship the mountain by the Waizong.


When Wei He entered the gate of Suoshan, the few people with cold expressions saw him, and their expressions became gentle, nodded towards him, and then turned and left.


Wei He is inexplicable, but he is never a person who likes gossip, so he doesn’t bother to care about anything.


I went straight into the gate and turned around stairways. Soon, I found the master sister Yuan Duzi in a jade dojo.


Yuan Duzi is talking casually with a white-haired old man, in a leisurely posture, seemingly just chatting.


We can feel Wei He coming from a distance.


The two turned their heads slightly and looked here.


Wei He approached a little and acted politely.


“Wei He met the big sister, brother.”


“Are you here?” Yuan Duzi waved his hand to signal the old man to leave on his own.


The old man smiled friendly at Wei He, then turned and left.


“What’s the matter with you? But there are doubts in the practice?” Yuan Duzi looked at Wei He and asked softly.


“Senior Sister, I am about to save the gods now. Entering the second level of Xuan Suo is only in terms of saving the gods. I still have some questions about choosing gods.” Wei He said seriously.


“Do you have any questions?”


“It’s about the connection between the fictional deity and the real deity, and the key to the deity’s power. What are the keys?”


“This is actually a problem.” Yuan Duzi gave up a smile, “Fictional gods are prone to excessive power, they require too much attention and energy, they cannot be completed, and the conversion efficiency is too low. .”


“The real deity will have insufficient power, even if the transformation is completed, it will not be of much use. The enhanced effect is too weak.


Be aware that it’s too weak. When you wait for the fourth floor, you can’t stop the ghost wind. “


“This is indeed the problem.” Wei He nodded.


“You have to know that we save God for the purpose of power, the power we can use.


So everything must be based on this. The deity is just a substitute for the external image, you only need to pay attention to: what power to choose? Can it be practiced? How long does it take to practice? These three questions are enough. “


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