Omnipresent God of War Chapter 674: Change the next





After a while waiting for the tone.


“Sri Lanka, how many points badges do you have?”


“Sister Ivy, points? I was told by my comrades to go to my family….Sorry…who did you buy for Sister Ivy?” Sri Lanka seems to be shooting training. , The sound of gunshots and laser cannons continued to be heard.


From Sri Lanka’s point of view, the Shadow Worm-class Ivy, with her strength, can work normally for a few years, and the points are absolutely sufficient.


Now looking for him must be for someone else to buy.


Evey fell silent, trying to explain, but still suppressed it.


She felt a little hot in her face, so she suppressed her throat and lowered her voice.


“Yes, I still lack about 80 points. Can you think of something…”


I’m getting older, and I have to ask a little guy who is younger than his own leader. Ivey has felt this embarrassing sense of shame for the first time in so many years.


“Sorry Sister Evie…I can’t do anything here. My comrade-in-arms, he saved me twice, and asked me to help take care of his sister and brother before he died. All my points were transferred to them. …” Sri Lanka apologized. “In fact, that’s it, I didn’t have enough, and I paid some money to make up the number…”


“Really…” Ivey held the personal terminal’s hand tightly.


“But Sister Yiwei, why don’t you go to Wei when you buy points? He only needs to take care of Sally. He works in the Ministry of Security and is also an assistant researcher and professor at the Research Center of the University of Warsaw. I have published two papers, one of which was signed by a top professional journal, and has more points than us. I heard that he even has a bronze badge, which is super powerful.”


A passage from Sri Lanka made Ivi tremble slightly.


“Well, thanks…I won’t bother you.”


“Where, Sister Yiwei, you must hurry up to find it, otherwise it will be too late if you turn back to Brother Wei and sell all the points. Also, don’t tell Brother Wei that I call him brother. I don’t know why. He dislikes me the most. Call him Brother Wei. That’s weird.”


The call hangs up.


Ivey put down the personal terminal, swiped the address book, and quickly saw Wei He’s column.


It’s just the avatar that I was familiar with before, but now it’s actually different.


When I saw Wei He’s portrait, Ivey was taken aback, and then he thought he had read it wrong.


She blinked, and her psychic energy whirled around, brushing away the dust floating in the air.


Look again.


It’s still the same as I just saw.


At this time, Wei He’s portrait, like Sri Lanka, has a small black mark of tornado on the side.


Click on the avatar, and a line of authentication information will automatically pop up below.


‘Researcher, Assistant Professor, Warsaw Officer of the Department of Security, Warsaw University, 228 Star Silver Zone, Psionic Level: Storm. ’




He actually broke through? ?


Ivey looked at the line of messages blankly, and sat in the seat for a while, and the music around him seemed to be gone.


In the end, she still didn’t click on Wei He’s communication profile picture.


She liked Wei He, maybe she didn’t want him to see how embarrassed she was now.


Putting down the terminal, Ivey breathed a sigh of relief, looking at the drinks and snacks on the table, suddenly felt the same as chewing wax.








University of Warsaw.


Wei He walked quickly into the gate of the research center, and the stellar light above his head shone through the celestial crystal in the silver zone, warm and bright.


“Good morning, Teacher Wei.”


“Morning, old Wei.”


“Old Wei is refreshed today, he is indeed a model who can break through in his age!”


“Lao Wei must be a treat today! The great event of promotion is definitely not to be missed.”


“Uncle Wei, you are amazing! You broke through silently!”


One by one, students, researchers, and staff greeted Wei He enthusiastically.


For so many years in the research center, Wei He has already won the unanimous respect of everyone for his superb knowledge.


In the entire research center, a few professors dared to think that they would dominate Wei He together in academics.


The rest, including the rest of the researchers, all admitted to themselves in front of Wei He.


Wei He smiled and responded to everyone one by one.


Break through the storm level and make him feel good, which means he is getting closer to the light level.


As long as it reaches the light, it can basically be said that it has entered the middle and upper circles of the real silver belt area.


Be aware that Liwa class, Stormwind class, Shadowworm class, etc., are all included in the sonic class.


The light level is a new level.


At the Sonic level, they are all soldiers. Even a warrant officer captain is just a stronger soldier.


Only when it comes to the light can you be called an officer.


Of course, what makes Wei He feel good is not just because of the storm.


There is also the combination of the Hongling Potion and the Ancient Recipe Potion, which is still useful at the Storm level.


This means that he can still use the Red Ridge Potion to improve his psionic energy all the time.


Although the effect is worse than before, it is better than replacing the psionic potion.


After all, Hongling Potion is already the cheapest psionic prescription…


Enter the office.


Professor Freud and professors from the other two research centers stood together and were chatting about points settlement.


The other two professors, one is Professor Yilan with gray hair, responsible for the research of optoelectronic physics. I don’t meet very often.


The other is Professor Xue Ling, a young and strong red-haired Great Han. It is a great expert in structural chemistry.


The three professors are surrounded by several graduate students and college students who want to get close to each other.


A group of people seemed to have a lively discussion.


Seeing Wei He coming in.


Floyd smiled and waved at him.


“Xiao Wei, yes, yes, but at this age, he can still have this kind of self-motivated and enter the storm level in one fell swoop, not bad! Very good!”


“Professor is too acclaimed.” Wei He approached.


“This is Wei He, isn’t it? Nice boy.” Professor Yilan on the side looked at Wei He with a smile.


This is an old antique who is over 400 years old, and she is the largest in the entire research center.


“It’s really rare.” Professor Hongmao Xueling rarely praises people, but at this time he also praised Wei He’s breakthrough.


“This point liquidation is about to start again, Xiaowei, is there anyone in your family who wants points?” Freud asked casually.


“No.” Wei He shook his head.


He was responsible for a Sally before, but now Sally is no longer in contact with him.


He won’t take the initiative to post again.


His favor for Assam has already been paid. At the beginning, he was only asked to bring Sally up to the Silver Belt. There was only one condition.


He not only brought people up, but also helped take care of them for so long. I have done my best.


A while ago, he finally gave Sally the communication method to Assam, and told Assam about the situation.


So what happens to Sally next is up to them.


“Yes, your home is empty and you don’t have a person. No wonder you run to the library every day. Apart from studying and practicing, there is really no way to pass the time alone at home. You don’t like playing games, drinking, and entertainment.”


Floyd sighed.


He didn’t expect Wei Hehui to suddenly break through the storm level.


His own daughter is only this level. Although he had long thought that Wei He would have a future sooner or later, he did not expect that this day would change so quickly.


Accumulate thinly…


But this is just right. I would like to mention it again to my daughter. Maybe this time my daughter will be able to catch her eyes?


For this little daughter, he was so heartbroken.


Wei He exchanged greetings with several professors, chatted with the other researchers for a while, and then went to the analysis room.


The new research project has come down, and he needs to make miscellaneous preparations for Freud in advance.


Waiting for someone to leave, Freud also found an excuse to leave and went to the bathroom.


After he finished going to the toilet, he thought about it, washed his hands and clicked on his daughter’s communication number to send out Wei He’s message.


Before, my daughter said that she had high-sightedness and she didn’t like it. Now that Wei He has broken through, should she be able to see it this time?


On the other side, after handling the miscellaneous preparations, Wei He couldn’t wait to leave the analysis room and went to the colony simulation training ground at the end.


After possessing the storm-level certification, he is now finally qualified to officially drive the storm-level colony!


His flesh and blood martial arts have been looking forward to this day for a long time.


Follow the corridors where people come and go, all the way in.


Wei He’s silent figure is not eye-catching among the college students coming in and out.


The identity badge he wore on his chest allowed him to pass through the layers of protective scanning doors smoothly.


Soon, he turned left and walked to the end of the corridor. Outside was a huge space with a snow-white semi-circular zenith.


The space is divided into transparent square force field grids, and there are already many colonies in the grid fighting each other.


Among them, there are Liwa level, most of them are Shadow Worm level, the Storm level is very few, and there is no light level.


Wei He quietly came to the console.


“Hello, I want to apply for a storm-class colony for data collection and driving.”


“Please show your personal terminal.” The sweet-looking part-time college student smiled.


Wei He took out the personal terminal and swiped it on the metal sensing area in front of him.




‘Verified, the usage fee is 1,000 yuan per hour. Please pay attention to driving regulations. Temporary venue number five. ’


‘Since this area is a colony confrontation zone, please choose whether to increase opponents? The electronic sound rang quickly.


“Opponents?” Wei He squinted, “I’m sure to increase opponents.”


Only in actual combat can we see the strength of the colony. Some data, such as resistance data and resistance data, must be tested with the cooperation of the opponent.


So the need for opponents is inevitable.


‘Please use your personal terminal to enter venue five. The Warsaw University Research Center wishes you a happy battle. ’


“Thank you.”


Wei He picked up the personal terminal card, turned around and followed the signs on the ground, until he came to the fifth field.


At the entrance there, two stone pillars have automatically risen on the right side, and two fist-sized spiked black **** are placed on the top of the stone pillars.


Wei He walked over, grasped the ball with his hand.




In an instant, the orb melted automatically and turned into a black liquid. Starting from Wei He’s palm, it quickly spread upward.


In the blink of an eye, he completely covered him.


In less than two seconds, Wei He’s body was wrapped in a black like a tight-fitting black leather armor.


His elbows, heels, back, and even the back of his head all have square jets.


The whole body is densely packed with a total of eighteen jets for acceleration.


The body surface of the colony is as smooth as fish scales, which is obviously a special design for acceleration.


A red crystal light band on the head covers the eyes, and the shoulders have black arc-shaped spikes extending to the sides.


This is actually not a spike, but two combat weapons, a beam gun, and a cold blade. Respectively correspond to close combat and long combat.


And these are the second things. The moment Wei He puts on the colony, the blood and blood martial art cells throughout his body begin to quickly recognize, perceive, and observe the structure of the colony.


Wei He’s psychic energy also began to run through the body along the fixed circulation channel of the colony, carefully understanding the structure and characteristics of the storm colony.


Ten times the speed of sound… if such a terrifying speed can be transplanted to itself…


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