Number One Player of Time and Space Chapter 966: Interrupted special training



Chapter 966 Interrupted special training


Sakakino Academy, 4 classes a year.


The school bell rang, “Gui Yanye” routinely packs up his schoolbag and prepares to go home, but one hand is heavily patted on her desk.


It’s “Kato Otome” who is also a member of the class committee, and the dragon set trio who always follows her.


“Classmate Gui, it’s been less than a week since the Academy Festival. As an executive committee member, haven’t you prepared the necessary costumes and props?”


“Gui Yanye” hesitated for a moment, and explained in a low voice, “The preparations needed to make a haunted house are very tedious, and now many schools are doing school festivals. I ran to many costume shops and did not rent clothes. …And, I’m the only one who’s too slow, if Kato-san can help…”


“Shut up! I don’t want to be directed by you who seduce men everywhere!” “Kato Otome” unceremoniously refused “Katsuyuki’s request.”


“Seduce…I didn’t.”


“No? Didn’t you go to the swimming pool with “Itou Makoto” from Class 3 yesterday? “


“That…that is…”




A slap was slapped heavily on the face of “Gui Yanye”, and the clear sound echoed in the empty classroom.


“Do you know how much trouble you have caused Itou? Itou is obviously uncomfortable, and you can barely go swimming with you. Now the whole school is laughing at him!”


“Gui Yanye” has messy hair, covering his face and bowing his head in silence.


“Break up with Itou as soon as possible, you bad star girl!”


“Kato Otome” took the dragon-suit trio and left proudly, and a few people could still hear the piercing laughter.


“Gui Yanye” stood alone beside his seat, and after a long time he picked up his schoolbag and walked out of the classroom in silence.


After 3 classrooms a year, I happened to ran into “Itou Makoto“, who had just finished his duty.




“Gui Yanye”‘s gray eyes lit up a little, and the spirit of fighting showed “Itou Makoto” a smile.


“Huh? Gui? Haven’t you come home so late?”


“Because I am the executive committee member of the class school festival, things have been a little bit more recently… Itou-kun, do you have time now? Can you accompany me…”


“Sorry.” Before “Gui Yanye” had finished speaking, he was interrupted by the “Itou Makoto” who was thinking of “special training”. Gu left and right said to him, “That…will it be another day? Today? I have something.”


“Yes… alright.”


“Well, then I will go first.”


Looking at the back of “Itou Makoto” hurriedly running downstairs, “Gui Yanye”‘s eyes dimmed again.




Under the golden sunset, “Gui Yan Ye” walked out of the deserted campus alone.


On the side of the road opposite the school gate, a familiar military green Hummer H1 was parked there.


“Gui Yanye” was stunned, looked around when there were no cars passing by, speeded up the pace and trot forward, and said in surprise: “Ye Yan senior? Why are you here?”


“It just happens…well, I admit, I was waiting for you specially.” Luo Jie looked at “Gui Yan Ye” with a smile.


“Wait for me? Ye Yan senior, what’s the matter?”


“Well, didn’t you say that the rental of the costumes for the academy festival has not yet arrived. I will go with you. It will be more convenient to drive a car.”


“Gui Yanye” did not expect Luo Jie to come here for a sentence she accidentally mentioned. Looking back on the hardship and helplessness of the preparations for the school festival alone these days, she couldn’t help but feel sore and wronged. Tears rolled down silently.


“Yanye, what’s the matter with you? Did you feel wronged at school?” Luo Jie handed over a tissue and asked softly.


“No…nothing, thank you, Ye Yan senior.”


The two have been outside to the evening.


Unfortunately, it seems that God is going to be right with “Gui Yanye”. The only few shops in the city that have haunted house props for rent have indicated that they have been booked by others in advance, even if they are temporarily rushed. It’s too late to do it.


In desperation, the two can only return empty-handed.


In front of the house, “Gui Yanye” once again bowed to Luo Jie to thank Luo Jie after the car stopped.


“Thank you Ye Yan senior for running so many places with me.”


“It’s nothing, I have a lot of free time…but you, can’t rent clothes, what about the school festival of your class?”


“This… there is no other way. I will talk to others tomorrow. If it doesn’t work, I will temporarily switch to other projects, such as a maid cafe…”


“That’s a shame, actually I still like haunted houses.”


After chatting for a few more words on the topic of the school festival, Luo Jie suddenly changed the topic and mentioned “Itou Makoto” again.


“Yanye, although I know this is your personal privacy, I still want to ask–how are you and Itou classmate? Why didn’t he stay with you?”


Speaking of “Itou Makoto“, “Gui Yanye”‘s mood fell again, and his tone was uncertain: “Maybe… Itou classmate is still troubled by the incident in the pool yesterday. It is all my fault. I should have noticed that Itou is not feeling well…”


“Do you know the home of classmate Itou?”


Luo Jie’s words made “Gui Yanye” stunned, and subconsciously said: “…I know, I heard it from Itou classmate once before.”


“I’ll send you there.” Luo Jie started the car again without saying anything. “As a person, you must learn to face your own heart honestly. Whether you are responsible for this matter or not, tell the Itou classmates face to face. At least you will It will make your heart feel better, and it will also reduce the misunderstanding between the two of you.”


“Gui Yanye” seemed to hesitate, and finally put on his seat belt again, and gave Luo Ring the address of “Itou‘s home”.




An apartment, Itou.


Itou Makoto” lay down on the bed dejectedly, and the floor was filled with strangely smelling facial tissues.


“Why it still doesn’t work… It’s absolutely okay when I am alone.”


The newly dressed “Xiyuanji World” sat down by the bed, placed the head of “Itou Makoto” gently on his thigh, and patiently advised: “It’s okay, I’ll accompany you to the hospital for a check-up. , Maybe it’s just a small problem.”


Itou Makoto” put his arms on his eyes, and said with a pained expression: “I have been there… The doctor said that I have no problem with my body. This situation may be psychological.”


“How do you treat it?”


“The doctor said that I may be over-excited. You can try to be with someone you don’t like so much, and then slowly adapt to this kind of thing.”


“Xiyuan Temple World” is unbelievable: “What kind of treatment is this?”


“I think the doctor’s words have some truth, and he has no need to lie to me.” “Itou Makoto” got up from behind and circled the waist of “Xiyuanji World”, and said in a low mood: “World, I can’t do this forever. Go down…”


“Xiyuanji World” raised his hand and stroked the head of “Itou Makoto“, his eyes softened again.


“Then…try it, I will keep my classmate Gui, you are so kind.”


The love is deep, and the two are about to embrace and kiss again, but at this moment the doorbell rang horribly.


“Strange, I didn’t order takeaway…”


Itou Makoto” put on his pajamas annoyed and walked to the door of the room, looked out through the door mirror, and instantly a layer of sweat burst out of his forehead.


“What’s the matter?” “Xiyuanji World” poked out his head strangely from the room.


Itou Makoto” hurriedly turned around nervously and made a booing motion, waved his hand for “Xiyuanji World” to hide quickly.


“Gui Yanye, she is outside the door.”


?? The second one is here.






(End of this chapter)


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