Number One Player of Time and Space Chapter 965: Social death internet celebrity Itou Makoto



Chapter 965 Social Death Net Red Itou Makoto


Back to the rented apartment, Luo Jie took out the [Heroic·Quiet Hassan’s Treasure Box].


He already knew his non-chief attributes well, and stopped doing metaphysics, so he opened the box directly.


The light flashed, and what was left in his hand was a jade-green bead.


[Hassan Sabah’s Antidote Beads]


Type: props


Quality: E


Introduction: The legendary orb that can avoid hundreds of poisons. Swallowing directly can increase your resistance to “poison” and immune to toxin damage below E level (including E level). It can also be taken after dropping a single toxin to obtain the effect of “poison absorption” of the toxin.


Well, this prop…a ​​bit embarrassing.


Although the “poisons” in the fantasy world are collectively referred to as “poison attributes”, in fact, almost every type is not identical.


All props or skills related to “detoxification”, most of them are universal, and can solve all the “poisoning” effects below the quality.


The effect of this [Hassan Sabah’s Poison Bead], some of which are from the [Reckless Clam] in the world of “Dragon Babu”, it can be taken without poison… well, This 100-poison non-invasion is limited, and can only be immune to attacks with the following quality poison attributes including E-level.


This means that beyond the second-order fantasy world, it is basically useless.


Fortunately, this item has another use-to specify a single toxin to obtain the “poison attribute absorption” effect.


You can use a certain toxin as a tonic, and the poisoning will increase HPMP.


Especially suitable for some BOSS or NPC characters who use aggressive poison as their attack method…Unfortunately, they can only be used once.


Finally, you can’t just throw away the waste of the market, let’s put it away first.


Throwing [Hassan Sabah’s Poison Bead] into the storage space, Luo Jie pulled the chair away and sat next to his high-profile computer, and took a memory card from [Ghost Tube Fox]. Insert it into the card reader connected to the computer.


The video file that lasted for more than an hour began to play, and the scene of the swimming pool during the day was clearly presented on the monitor screen.


Luo Jie roughly estimated the time, sliding the mouse to pull the progress bar to the back position.


That is the section where “Itou Makoto” pulls the yellow line in the swimming pool.


Cut off the unnecessary and long parts before and after, only keep the essence of the paragraph, and then put a mosaic on the face of “Itou Makoto“, showing that we pay attention to the privacy of the parties…anyway, you know everything you should know.


Open the most popular social networking site, sign up for a small account, and pick an eye-catching headline.


——”Shocked! A certain man is doing this kind of thing in the swimming pool under all eyes! 》


Upload, perfect.




There are no secrets in the Internet age.


The news that a teenager had a diarrhea in the swimming pool spread throughout the entire network in just one night, and the culprit was not the video of Luo Jie, but the videos and videos uploaded by many on-site witnesses. photo.


These good people do not have as strong a sense of infringement as Luo Jie, most of the uploaded video photos are high-definition and uncensored. Although the website has implemented urgent treatment afterwards, the original version has already been circulated, and even The second creation ghost animal version using this as the material appeared.


Because of the strong contrast between the handsome appearance and the unbearable behavior, the party “Itou Makoto” was also given a bandit title-“The Little Prince of Octopus” by the mind-bogged netizens.


In short, “Itou Makoto” is on fire.


If it’s not for doing something that is really faceless, with the current heat, you can make a debut as an entertainment star.


Well, it cannot be said that no entertainment company is interested at all. At least “Itou Makoto” has received calls from more than one film and television company, asking him if he is interested in taking some movies for XP special people-such as spray X, Two men and one X or something.




Deleting another olive branch from a “well-known” film and television company, “Itou Makoto” put his forehead heavily on the table and buried his head in the wall made of textbooks.


The work of making **** became an internet celebrity, and he began to regret why he didn’t just plunge into that **** yesterday.


Hmm…It is estimated that it might be even more popular than it is now. Maybe there will be psychologists who say with certainty that he is taking revenge on the society with such curious suicidal behavior.


——Hey, Cheng, are you okay?


The “Xiyuan Temple World” sitting next to her handed over a note. She also saw the videos on the Internet and was a little worried about the status of “Itou Makoto“.


——I said I’m fine, do you believe it?


Itou Makoto” replied with a wry smile.


“Xiyuanji World” sighed. She didn’t know how to comfort her. After all, this was a social death. “Itou Makoto” can still come to school normally, which is already a must for her courage. .


——Actually, those people on the Internet just follow the trend and join in the fun. When there are new hot spots, they will naturally forget about it.


——The new hot spot?


——Yes, haven’t you heard that Tokyo has started to spread a new urban legend “Steelman Nanase” recently?


Itou Makoto” was stunned. He usually pays attention to comic websites and small movie websites, and he never reads such supernatural forums.


——What is that? Is it like the armored man of the superhero in the American movie or the mutant with steel skin all over?


——Really an answer that fits the honesty style. Do you know “Nanase Hua Rin”?


——Huh? Is that pretty girl idol? Didn’t it mean that you were killed by accidentally falling steel bars?


Itou Makoto” remembers that I also bought this idol’s photo album, and was extremely impressed by the super-supreme pair who was not as close as “Gui Yanye”.


——Nonsense, how can immortality become an urban legend? … Recently, there have been many rumors that they saw the undead of “Nanase Flower Rin” wandering at a secluded intersection in the middle of the night and attacking passers-by, because the weapon used was a heavy I-beam, which was called ” Steelman Nanase“.


——Anyway, it must be an unsubstantiated rumor. It feels like the witnesses who have seen the urban legend with their own eyes are a legend in themselves.


Seeing “Itou Makoto“‘s tone improved, “Xiyuan Temple World” finally felt relieved a lot.


——By the way, take the time to visit classmate Gui. I heard that she is busy with the school festival recently. Go and see if there is anything that can help. It can also deepen the relationship between the two of you and create some Common good memories.


——I… forget it.


——Are you worried that classmate Gui will alienate you because of those videos on the Internet? I don’t think she is that kind of Makoto” He sighed, and his expression fell again.


——World, can you come to my house to accompany me at night?


The “Xiyuanji World” trembled in her heart. Of course she knew what this sentence meant, and she wanted to reject it subconsciously, but she could not help but feel a little soft when she saw the hurt eyes of “Itou Makoto” that “Sure enough, you also despise me” Up.


——Um… Don’t think about it, it’s just a special training.


?? Sharp-eyed readers should have discovered that the egg stamp of the fantasy Jin Ping Mei sent earlier has been deleted. The reason is that the machine has been reviewed, but the manual review has not been done. The conscience of heaven and earth, the code is marked as such and it is suspected of pornography, I I really don’t know where the red line is for the review. Maybe it’s like the one I joked before—it’s not good if it’s a woman. In addition, there is a chapter in the evening.






(End of this chapter)


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