Nightwatcher Chapter 145: Crossing the robbery war



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The princes, nobles, and clan members of the royal family, all eyes are chasing the Tsing Yi.


Wei Yuan……….He is back.


The familiar Tsing Yi, the familiar appearance, the familiar temperament, the familiar… the white sideburns.


Inside the hall and outside the hall, at this moment, it was surprisingly quiet.


Da Yinxi sounded, after being overwhelmed, it was silence.


“Wei Yuan, see your majesty!”


Wei Yuan walked up to the throne and bowed his hands.


Huaiqing glanced across the officials, and the corner of his mouth was picked:


“Why don’t the officials speak?”


Until this time, the hall was still silent and no one answered the words of the Empress. They stared at Wei Yuan, some of them stared wide-eyed, trying to find evidence that it was a fake; some had red eyes. Tears are already brewing; some people are ecstatic, shaking with excitement.


“Wei, Wei Gong?”


Liu Hong, the current leader of the Wei party, with red eyes and tremblingly stepped forward, scrutinized carefully, and choked up:


“You, didn’t you die in Jingshan City.”


He asked the doubts of the officials in the hall, and the princes were skeptical about the Da Qingyi that appeared in front of him.


Wei Yuan has been dead in Jingshan City for a short period of time. Outsiders only know that Wei Yuan died for the country, and they know more details. When he died, he could not bring his body back.


The body is gone, how can this be resurrected?


Wei Yuan smiled gently:


“Resurrection from the dead, nothing strange.”


Resurrected from the dead, nothing?


The empress added:


“After Wei Gong died, Xu Qi’an has been thinking of ways to resurrect Wei Gong, reshape his body, refine his magical weapons and summon his soul. On the Spring Festival, I personally recalled Wei Yuan’s soul.”


It was only then that the princes realized that the female emperor was not present at the spring festival.


I thought she was in a bad mood and had no heart for the spring festival. Didn’t expect Wei Yuan to be resurrected secretly?


It was Xu Qi’an who reshaped his body and recalled his soul…The civil and military officials suddenly realized that a lot of doubts in their hearts disappeared.


It’s not that they can’t believe in the Empress, well, they just can’t.


Even though the female emperor is brilliant, she is a mortal after all. She said that she had resurrected Wei Yuan, and the princes didn’t believe it in their hearts.


But if it was Xu Qi’an, the public would be willing to believe it. Because Xu Qi’an is a second-rank, top figure in the world.


“It turns out that Xu Yinluo had a countermeasure long ago.”


“He has been working secretly to revive Wei Yuan, planning for a long time…”


“I knew it earlier, and I don’t have to worry about it every day.”


The complex discussions made the public feel confident.


It turns out that Xu Qi’an has already done so many things unknowingly, and the kid sometimes makes people hateful, but still the same sentence, when standing in the same camp with him, he is inexplicably at ease.


Seeing that the officials began to discuss again, the backbones of the Wei party were full of excitement and incoherent, the empress glanced at the palm print eunuch.




The middle-aged **** shook his wrist and drew his whip on the bright ground.


The officials calmed down.


The voice of the empress is cold and majestic:


“Recounting the past, save it to the San Dynasty.


“Wei Gong meant to retreat to the capital, what about the love of the people?”


The same question was asked a second time, but the public stopped talking.


They looked at each other, then looked at the Empress, and then at Wei Yuan. After a while, Liu Hong, Zhang Xingying and other members of the Wei party chanted:


“Everything is subject to your majesty’s decision.”


Next, Qian Qingshu and other royal party members expressed that they would obey the female emperor’s decision, retreat to the capital, and make a decision with the Yunzhou Army.


They are not succumbing to the general trend, but sincerely feeling hopeful. Even though the royal party, which used to be political enemies with Wei Yuan, the moment when Wei Yuan appeared, it was like a beam of dawn in the dim sky.


From the fledgling northern battle to the Shanhaiguan battle that shocked ancient and modern times, to the autumn harvest, a hundred thousand army pushed down Jingshan City, the general altar of the witch gods, and the great army **** was never defeated.


………Huaiqing pursed her lips, and said in a mixed mood:


“There are labors, all Aiqing, and Wei Gong, together to guard the capital.








The luxury carriage galloped through the streets of Kuancheng in the imperial city. The wheels were rolling, and the driver was still twitching his whip. It was not that he was anxious, but the first assistant in the carriage kept urging.


An ominous premonition surged in the coachman’s heart. He suspected that the old Shoufu Wang Zhenwen was running out of time, and Qian Shoufu was anxious to see the last time.


Soon, the carriage stopped outside the palace. Qian Qingshu didn’t give Hu Cong a chance to support him, so he steadily jumped out of the carriage and walked quickly into the palace.


Walking through the outer courtyard and winding corridors all the way to the outside of Wang Zhenwen’s bedroom, the royal housekeeper accompanied him all the way, saying:


“Qian Shoufu, Qian Shoufu…Rong Xiaoren went to tell the master.”


Qian Qingshu ignored him and went straight to the bedroom. Then he looked at the housekeeper and motioned for him to knock on the door.


The butler did so with a sad face, and whispered:


“Master, Qian Shoufu is here.”


He didn’t dare to shout too loudly for fear of disturbing Wang Zhenwen’s rest.


Not long after, a little servant girl opened the bedroom door and whispered:


“Master, please go in.”


Qian Qingshu stepped over the threshold and entered the bedroom. He saw Wang Zhenwen sitting on the bed with a gray face, looking sideways.


“Looking at your face, it seems that something big has happened.”


Wang Zhenwen let out a suffocating breath, and said in a deep voice: “Did Yongzhou fall into defense?”


After the fall of Xunzhou, Wang Zhenwen often suffers from insomnia, wakes up, and becomes more exhausted. Based on his experience and vision, he knows that it will be sooner or later that Yongzhou will fall.


I just didn’t expect it to be so fast.


After the fall of Yongzhou, the Yunzhou Army can come to the capital.


Qian Qingshu was silent for a moment and said:


“Yongzhou is indeed gone, but this was ordered by His Majesty to retreat to the capital and fight the Yunzhou Army to the death.”


Wang Zhenwen has a sad face:


“This is a dangerous move. I understand what your Majesty meant. It is definitely better to play in the capital than in Yongzhou. Regardless of the army, city walls, equipment, and materials, the capital reserves are very rich. It can last for a long time. War.


“It’s just that she ignores human nature. If the army is near the capital, it will inevitably cause panic among the people and officials. Once the hearts of the people are dispersed, they will be unable to fight.”


“Brother Wang sees it thoroughly!” Qian Qingshu sighed:


“Today I heard that your Majesty took the initiative to abandon Yongzhou and retreated to the capital. I also had a panic like the end of the day. But…Wei Yuan is back.”


After finishing this sentence, he saw Wang Shoufu’s expression stagnant, like a frozen picture scroll.


For a while, the old man twisted his neck, turned his ruined face, and stared at Qian Qingshu, saying every word:


“What did you say…”


Qian Qingshu said sternly:


“Wei Yuan was resurrected, and Xu Qi’an reshaped his body. During the Spring Festival, His Majesty personally recalled his soul. In the court today, I observed him repeatedly. It is indeed Wei Yuan. His appearance can be changed. You can’t imitate your tolerance, eyes, and conversation.


“Moreover, there is no shortage of masters among the honors. If you are disguised, you will have seen it. Your Majesty said that it is Wei Yuan’s decision to retreat to the capital.”


After listening to Wang Zhenwen, he was stunned for a long time and said:


“How did the civil and military officials react?”


Qian Qingshu answered:


“Now I am actively participating in the deployment of defenses, performing their duties, and when I was dismissing the court, I have carefully watched it. Although my complexion is still not pretty, no one is pessimistic. Alas, this is the case of leading the soldiers, as long as there is Wei Yuan. Yes, it just makes people feel at ease.


“He came back at the right time, and the people in the capital can be sure…”


While speaking, he suddenly found Wang Zhenwen tilted his head and closed his eyes, and hadn’t moved for a long time.


Qian Qingshu’s heart suddenly shuddered, and his lips trembled and shouted:


“Brother Wang?”


He stretched out his trembling hand, his eyes were sad, and he tentatively sniffed carefully.


The next moment, Qian Qingshu was relieved, his expression relaxed.


Just fell asleep.


The maidservant beside her whispered:


“The master hasn’t been sleeping well these days. Even when he is asleep, he often wakes up, and a person is in a daze with his eyes open.”


Qian Qingshu nodded slowly and said softly:


“Haosheng takes care of him, don’t disturb him.”


Before leaving, he stopped at the door of the room and looked back at Wang Zhenwen’s peaceful sleep.


You can finally sleep peacefully.




Northern Territory!


A figure in white clothes flickered in the clear light rising, and the distance of each flicker was three miles.


The appearance of this figure in white clothes is exactly the same as Xu Pingfeng. It is a clone of his refinement. Its essence is a puppet made of fine iron. It depicts 28 formations, and its combat power is about the same as that of the first four. The master of the product.


Xu Pingfeng separated a ray of spiritual thought, lodged on the puppet, and regarded it as a clone.


This kind of clone, he can only control two at most at the same time, one stays in Qianlong City, and the other carries it with him.


No matter how much it is, it will be easy to be distracted. Usually it doesn’t matter, but he still has to deal with Kouyangzhou, a second-rank martial artist, so it is impossible to separate too much spiritual thought.


The war in the North Territory involved the entire battle. Baidi and Jialuoshu did not win the battle for a long time, which made Xu Pingfeng smell a bit bad.


He must see for himself what’s going on.


Passing through the vast no-man’s land, looking far away, black clouds appeared at the end of the desolate plain, and sandstorms covering the sky and the sun.


Xu Pingfeng sensed the aura of heaven from the clouds in the distance.


Luo Yuheng’s thunder tribulation really did not end. Looking at this breath, it should be the earth thunder tribulation……….Xu Pingfeng reduced the transmission approached cautiously.


After all, this puppet is only a newcomer to Rank 4, and the breath of Heaven’s Tribulation, a touch of aftermath from the extraordinary battle, can wipe him out.




When it was three miles away from Jieyun, a terrible shock wave rose like a frenzy.


Xu Pingfeng immediately propped up the defensive array, forming a hexagonal barrier in front of him.




The defensive formation lasted only three seconds, and was torn apart by the violent shock wave. The puppet’s body flew on the spot, and his chest was deeply sunken.


Change to the fourth rank warlock, this kind of injury is enough to lose combat effectiveness.


But the puppet will not die, knowing the pain, Xu Pingfeng pressed against the ground, teleported twice, and finally came to the edge of Jieyun.


At the same time, he also saw two battlefields, Baidi Xu Qi’an, and Jialuoshu, Asura and Jinlian Zhaoshou.


The others just skipped it, and Xu Qi’an’s appearance left Xu Pingfeng at a loss.




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