Nightwatcher Chapter 118: Desperate (2)





After a long battle walking on thin ice, Xu Qi’an gradually grasped the balance and survived this tightrope-like battle.


The two super products have their own pros and cons, and the Gu God methods are changeable and weird.


And Huang is a slant sword, terrifying and deadly, but also extremely shortcomings, such as speed. He can’t control the shadow jump like Gu God, coming and going without a trace.


Xu Qi’an used the mobility of the big eyeballs to fight against the Gu God. Most of the time, Huang could only watch.


In order to improve thinking ability and deal with the dangerous situation, Xu Qi’an used the Great Wisdom Dharma in the Buddha Pagoda, and the light wheel turned positively to enhance his wisdom.


I do feel smarter, but it consumes more physical energy to use my brain……..


Fighting is meaningless, it’s just a waste of time, and the witch **** has broken away from the seal, and the great danger is in danger. I must find a way to cut off the horn of the wild and rescue the prison before I can be promoted to the half-step martial arts… ..


But being close to the wasteland is a dead end, what to do…


Xu Qi’an’s brain function has almost reached its limit, and the sense of urgency, crisis and anxiety are triple tormented.


The situation now is that a group of black holes float around, chasing him.


A Roshan is awkward, and the control methods are weird and difficult to prevent, haunting him.


Up to now, he can barely defend against two super products, and he has to rely on the help of the big eyeballs. If he didn’t have the big eyeballs, he would have been taught by Gu God and Huang to be a man in turn.


“The “Blindness” of the Gu God only affects me for one second, and can only be used every ten breaths. He has not yet used other Gu techniques, but they are not as difficult as the Dark Gu…”


“The speed of Huang can’t keep up with me. It seems safe at first glance, but if I make a mistake, I will be finished……..”


“If you want to save the prison, you must face the wild talent and supernatural powers. It is difficult to do…”


“You must not be able to beat the two super products. Since the strength is not enough, then think about other methods. The strategy of war, the attack is the lower attack, the heart is the uppermost, the Gu God has the heavenly Gu, the wisdom is superior, it will only be better than me. Smarter.


“Well, although Huang has a qualified IQ, he is greedy and violent, and has obvious flaws. You can take advantage of it…”


Xu Qi’an glanced at the rapidly coming black hole, snapped his fingers, and immediately teleported to the distance, speaking loudly:


“Just now, the Qi Luck in my body has been warned. This can only prove that either the Buddha started to devour the Central Plains or the witch **** broke away from the seal.


“How long are you going to fight with me here?”


The Gu God was indifferent, but Huang was obviously affected, and the black hole condensed slightly in the air.


Gu God has calm and wise eyes, and makes a majestic and vigorous voice:


“Don’t be fooled by him, it will take time for the super product to swallow the Central Plains, and as long as we kill him, we can directly take away the luck in his body.”


The black hole stopped hesitating and continued to pounce.


At the same time, the Gu God once again deceived him and the Pagoda Pagoda, but this time, Xu Qi’an was like an unknown prophet, flashing and passing away, appearing hundreds of feet away.


Immediately, his original location was replaced by a black hole.


The great wisdom of the Buddha Pagoda is not only to increase wisdom, it is also a signal device. Once the Gu God deceives him and the Buddha Pagoda, the wisdom plus achievement will disappear.


Xu Qi’an can receive the signal and transmit the jump ahead of time.


Because the blinding time is only one second, it is basically equivalent to dissolving the blinding effect.




Huang’s angry roar came from inside the black hole, and he rushed into the air again. .


He could walk sideways in ancient times. Even the strong at the same level, like Gu God, were unwilling to provoke him. The reason was that Huang was strong and vulgar. The strong was because of the innate supernatural powers and the level of power that were troublesome.


The vulgarity is that his shortcomings are too obvious, and the strong at the same level can deal with and avoid it.


Like a taker!


“I can’t get out of prison, but you can’t kill me. How can I plunder my luck?”


Xu Qi’an said loudly: “Witch God and Buddha are cannibalizing Dafeng. You two are still overseas. It will take time to go back. You have lost the opportunity to fight for the way of heaven.”


The strength of the black hole swallowed up suddenly.


At this moment, Xu Qi’an took the initiative to rush towards the Gu God. In the process, twisted and complicated lines appeared on his body, and his muscles swelled violently, filled with the terrifying force of moving mountains and filling the sea.


The surrounding void twisted, seemingly unable to withstand his power, and the Divine Demon Island below violently moved, cracking cracks in the ground.


He slammed his head towards the Gu God.


When Gu God saw this, he immediately made a piece of muscle swell like steel, and the stomata of his back sprayed with blood mist—blood sacrificial technique!


The air around him is also twisted, unable to withstand the power of this Roshan.


Compared with the savage impact of Xu Qi’an, a vulgar martial artist, Gu God was not in a hurry for the needle tip to collide with the wheat mang. He opened his mouth and spit out a beautiful woman.


There are about a dozen of them. These beauties have the alluring face, they are not covered with strands, heavy breasts, slender thighs, tight and flat abdomen, perfectly round buttocks…


They swaggered their heads toward the charging half-step Martial God without fear, and put on a sultry pose.


In an instant, Xu Qi’an’s magic sound filled his ears, blood spurted, and only left in his mind: word is very big, you can bear it…


Gu **** aroused his lust.


This move seems to be born to restrain Xu Qi’an, and it succeeded in causing him to chaotic his measures, disrupting the attacking rhythm, and killing his will.


The shadow at the bottom of the Gu God’s body trembled, and the “blind” was ready to go. When it was, Xu Qi’an burst into a brass sword light from his back, beheading more than a dozen coquettish goods.


The Zhen Guojian, which has been hidden for a long time, has been shot, and it has solved the temptation of beauty for him in a fierce way.


They turned into pieces of squirming crimson flesh and blood, which suddenly swelled and turned into a purple mist that obscured the sky and the sun.




Xu Qi’an’s skin quickly emits purple smoke, the skin is corroded severely, his eyes are tingling, and his vision becomes blurred.


The poisonous gu of the Gu God is so extraordinary that it easily hurts the Valkyrie for half a step.


Xu Qi’an immediately sank in the wind, rushed through the air, rushed out of the range covered by the poisonous mist, and held the Zhen Guo Sword.


Immediately afterwards, he settled all the Qi, condensed all the emotions, his dantian “black hole” collapsed and gathered great strength.


But just as he was about to swing his sword, his arms were suddenly out of control and his body became stiff.


Those toxins that invade the body are given life at some point, and they degenerate into tiny black worms. They take root in the flesh and blood, control their rooted parts, and compete with Xu Qi’an for control of the body.


The Corpse Gu…Xu Qi’an’s thoughts flashed, and the next moment, his eyes went dark and he was blinded again.


This is the method of Gu God, endless and unpredictable.


Seizing the opportunity, the black hole quickly floated over, trying to swallow Xu Qi’an.




Suddenly, Xu Qi’an, who was blinded by his five senses and six senses, took the initiative to crash into the Gu God with his sense of direction, and roared in a deep voice:


“Huang, even if you die, I won’t let you die in the hands of **** like you.”


The huge crimson body of the Gu God fought hard, and immediately threw Xu Qi’an from the air to the surface. The God and Demon Island “boomed” and broke into a cobweb-like seam.


Even with the physique of a half-step martial arts god, the sternum and ribs will inevitably break and pierce the organs.


The Gu God who possesses power Gu means has even more power than Wu Fu.


More than that, the ant colony of Zigu crawled out of the Gu God’s body and got into Xu Qi’an’s body. A stream of venom was secreted and soaked his skin.


In just a while, countless raised particles appeared under Xu Qi’an’s face, crawling quickly, and at the same time, the complexion turned dark purple, and the flesh was ulcerated.


All the great Gu techniques came out, and he successfully controlled this half-step Martial God.


When he saw this, Huang was anxious, and slammed into Gu God and Xu Qi’an.


The surname Xu’s body is full of luck, swallowing him, and the battle for heaven is half won. How could he watch the Gu **** pick the peaches, and Xu Qi’an’s previous words are not unreasonable.


The wizard **** and the Buddha are already devouring the Central Plains and occupying the territory, but he is still overseas, extremely far away from the mainland of Kyushu.


No more time wasting.


Gu God’s magnificent voice is serious:


“Don’t fall into his aggressive method, I can divide your luck in half.”


The coming of the black hole is unabated, and the sound of waste comes from inside:


“Okay, you give him to me first.”


What kind of virtue is Huang, of course Gu God knows that if you give Xu Qi’an to him, then the bamboo basket will be completely empty.


Gu Shen didn’t explain it any more, because there was no need to accept it. The two were competitors themselves. When they joined forces to deal with Xu Qi’an before, he was ready to fight the fruit of victory after capturing this kid.


Now that Xu Qi’an has been captured and Huang is uncompromising, there is nothing to say over there.


While maintaining the blood sacrifice technique and suppressing Xu Qi’an, he cast empathy and blindness spells toward the black hole he smashed into, spitting out extremely high-volume purple poisonous mist.


Destroy the wild desire for mating.


This success made the black hole that hit it stagnate. Seizing the opportunity, Gu Shen led Xu Qi’an to perform a shadow jump.


But at this moment, his huge body suddenly froze, and then he lost control of the body, and his fleshy body appeared to be corroded.


Jade broken!


Xu Qi’an returned the original damage to the Gu God.


Instead, Huang seized the opportunity and ran into the Gu God desperately. At this time, it was too late to think about the shadow jump.


The Gu God made a decisive decision, and the muscles quickly contracted and tightened, and the huge Roshan arched up and suddenly popped out.


He took the initiative to crash into the black hole, and with Xu Qi’an, a flesh-and-blood monster comparable to a mountain, he took the initiative to crash into a black hole with a diameter of over 100 feet.


The physique of the Gu God is definitely the strongest among all super grades. Even Xu Qi’an, who possesses the spiritual accumulation of symbolic power, is simply relatively brawn and absolutely impossible to beat the Gu God.


His collision is unimaginable.




Under the impact of the majestic strange force, the wild black hole suddenly twisted, and the cyclone turned into a chaotic gust of wind, almost directly collapsing.


Huang immediately settled his emotions, fell into a state of “fake sleep”, and stimulated his talent to the peak.


The black hole stabilized, and successfully attracted the Gu God and Half-Step Valkyrie.


In an instant, the qi and blood of Gu God and Xu Qi’an were pouring toward the black hole like a flood that burst a bank. In addition to the power of qi and blood, the former also had the power of six kinds of Gu techniques, which was the power of his spiritual accumulation.


If we continue to develop in this way, within a quarter of an hour, Xu Qi’an and Gu God will turn into flying ashes and be deprived of their spiritual accumulation.


In the half-step Martial God cell, the “textures” that symbolize immortality began to curl up. After the individual lines curled up to the extreme, they dispersed into the power of blood and energy, and became the “food” of waste.


This means that the foundation of Xu Qi’an as a half-step martial arts **** is fading, and maybe within a quarter of an hour, he will first fall into the half-step martial arts realm, then first and second grades, until he perishes.


Sure enough, Huang can kill the half-step martial god, but the Buddha could not kill the super grade before. This ancient **** and demon is extremely terrifying, and the shortcomings and advantages are obvious…Xu Qi’an didn’t panic at all. Instead, he grinned and said:


“Gu god, you have no choice.”


This strategy is called to put the dead to the next life, and it is a strategy thought out under the blessing of the Great Wisdom Light Wheel.


First of all, use his greedy and violent personality to confuse him with words to increase his anxiety.


Afterwards, he smashed with the Gu God. Of course, he could not be the Gu God’s opponent, so let it go and become the “prey” of the Gu God.


At this time, Huang and Gu God must be in conflict.


Because it is related to the dispute between the heavens and the Tao, no one will trust each other, even if they know that Xu Qi’an may have a plan, they can only bite the bullet.


Even if Gu God is calm, he can still win, because Huang is greedy by nature, Huang cannot resist the fat in his mouth, nor can he tolerate the cooked duck being snatched away.


The two super products inevitably go to opposite sides.


Of course, at this point, the plan can only be half-successful, and the next step is crucial.


“Join me with you!”


After Xu Qi’an finished speaking, let the spiritual accumulation that symbolizes the authority of “power” emerge on the body surface, causing serious corroded flesh and blood regeneration, and muscles full of strange power.


In an instant, the sky and the earth changed color, the clouds were surging, and the fire rain fell. All the gold spirits precipitated from the earth, condensed into patches of mottled ore, and the water spirits condensed into ice, falling together with the fire and rain.


The intangible spiritual power is disordered.


The special field of Takeo unfolds.


The Gu God’s huge body twisted, and a scarlet blood mist spurted out of his back. After being swallowed up with a huge amount of blood, his size did not decrease but increased, and his breath rose instead of falling.


Half-step Martial God and Gu God both exerted their strength at the same time, hitting the black hole with full force.


These terrible attacks were also swallowed by the black hole. In the next second, the black hole collapsed from the inside to the outside and turned into a terrible hurricane that swept all over the place.


An ancient behemoth with a sheep body and human face appeared, with cracks in its body, and thick blood flowing continuously.


In his eyes, there are anger, unwillingness, anxiety, and greed.


The full blow of the half-step Valkyrie and Gu God was too terrifying and surpassed the limit of his talented supernatural powers, so the “black hole” was directly interrupted.


Xu Qi’an dared to take this dangerous move, which is sure to combine the power of him and the Gu God, and it will definitely break Huang’s talented supernatural powers.


There are no spells or spirits in the world that can kill a super-grade and half-step martial arts at the same time, because these two are the ceiling of the transcendent world, and there is no such power in Kyushu.


The force of the collapse of the black hole bounced off the three peak powers at the same time.


The Pagoda Pagoda in the distance seized the opportunity, let the big eyes light up, cut the space where Xu Qi’an was located, and moved it over Huang’s head.


Xu Qi’an, who was flying up to the sky, instantly stabilized his body and mind, using the martial arts means to remove the inertia between the electric light and flint, then he grabbed his chest and grabbed the Taiping knife.


Lifted the Qiqiang machine and poured it into the peace knife.


Strive to cut it down!


Now, the Qi Ji of the Half-Step Wushen, as a magic weapon, the Zhen Guo Sword is already a bit unbearable, and consumes a lot of the sword, only the Taiping Sword can easily withstand his Qi Qi instillation.


Huang and Gu God are still flying backwards, the amber fierce eyes of the former shrink fiercely, and he knows Xu Qi’an’s plan-cut the horns and save the prison!


But at this time, the differences between the different systems were highlighted. Although Huang had a strong physique, he didn’t have the martial arts skills and couldn’t let go of strength in an instant.


The long horns on the top of his head suddenly swelled, trying to use his talent and supernatural powers again.


On the other side, the shadow under the Gu God rolled, casting a shadow jump.




Sparks splashed, and the long horn that sealed the guard was cut off.


Several tens of meters long, a huge horn comparable to a city gate was smashed down heavily, and the seven great Gu powers sealed in the long horn slowly dissipated.


In the long horns, the white-bearded and white-haired supervisor is floating out standing with his hands in his hands, calmly looking into the distance.


It became….. Xu Qi’an was ecstatic in his heart. He unlocked the seal of Supervisor and got his approval, and he completely satisfied one prerequisite and two conditions, and he would become the **** of war.


However, at this moment, his pores suddenly exploded, and there was an uncontrollable sense of fear and crisis. Every cell and every nerve in his body seemed to transmit dangerous signals.


This is not a warrior’s premonition of a crisis, this is a warning of luck!


There is only one explanation for this situation:


Dafeng is going to subdue the country!




A huge sigh echoed in the sky and the earth, a gust of wind blew by, and Jian Zheng’s figure disappeared like ashes.


At this time, Xu Qi’an realized that all he saw was an afterimage, and Jian Zheng had already returned to heaven.


The number of Dafeng Qi has been exhausted, the nation’s fortunes have disappeared, and the foundation that supports Jianzheng’s “immortality” no longer exists.


Xu Qi’an was stunned.


The voice of Gu God is majestic and majestic:


“Before going to sea, I manipulated the Gu beast to go to Jingshan City, and asked the witch **** to make a hexagram. The hexagram indicated that it was good fortune, but I did not believe in him.


“I went to Jingshan City just to see how far he had broken away from the seal. At that time, I decided that he would take advantage of me to break the seal and benefit from it. Gua Master can always seize the opportunity.


“Desperate Dafeng, what choice will he make when facing the witch god?”


Gu God didn’t continue to speak, joking flashed in his wise and clear eyes:


“You have been fooled, I just accompany you to play for a while, waiting for the time when the supervision is over.”


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