My Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Levels Up Infinitely! Chapter 1128: The first launch, it’s a terrifying support!


The output was almost five times greater than expected, which was a perfect answer from Madman Weapons Factory.

According to this efficiency, if the factory’s production line had not been expanded three times during the disaster, the current output would have been fifteen times what it was before.

Quantified into the production of a gun, the production time of this gun is only one-fifteenth of the original time.

This is too exaggerated. It is as if the steam age suddenly jumped to the industrial age. There has been huge progress.

For the first time, Sumo called Zero and called up the factory surveillance video from last night, trying to find out the cause.

But as the scene played, a look of understanding appeared on his face.

“It seems that my thinking is still limited by modern industrial cognition.”

A high-precision assembly machine in a modern super factory can assemble 30,000 to 50,000 rounds of ammunition in one hour.

The simple machine tools in the wasteland cannot achieve this efficiency, and it is difficult to even achieve one third.

But so what?

If one machine can’t do something, use two machines. If two machines don’t work, use three or four machines until the demand is met!

This guy, the Doomsday Madman, spent all the production increase budget and invested it in machine tools.

In the past, the weapons factory could only have three machine tools operating at the same time, but last night, not counting the repaired mother machine, Sumo saw at least 30 machine tools running crazily in the factory workshop, and many of them were even from Borrowed from other factories.

Compared to before, the capacity has increased more than ten times.

Crazy budget spending has resulted in workers’ wages being in arrears.

Is this possible in modern times?

Which factory would dare to be crazy enough to use this “big bricks to fly” method to increase production. If there are no more orders to supplement the income, the factory will probably close down soon.

Which worker would risk no income and be willing to devote himself to work, even giving 120% of his enthusiasm?

The unique wasteland industry completely subverted Sumo’s understanding of industrialization.

Under this theme of concentrating efforts on big things, increasing the speed of weapons production by five times is really not a big deal.

Even according to what the doomsday madman said, wait until the workers are proficient in the use of machine tools and this production system.

Output is doubling, and it is not impossible to reach thirty times the previous level.

“Feng Long, please arrange for them to learn how to use these weapons. I suddenly remembered something.”

“Ah, okay.”

Sumo hesitated for a moment, then turned around and left.

Previously, he only planned to send a hundred veterans with some weapons to assist Bao Lei in stabilizing the situation at the roots of the giant tree.

Then the routes between the two places will be gradually opened up through land transportation, and support will be provided in waves, and the post station will eventually be gradually included in the territory.

This process is gentle and can be terminated at any time and the speed can be increased at any time.

But now, his mind has changed.

Since the supply of weapons is so strong, the ammunition and guns delivered at one time are enough for a war involving tens of thousands of people.

What are you waiting for?

When the migration tide passes, the giant tree root sea area has turned into a pool of stagnant water. Are you taking action?

Or wait until all the talents are plundered by other survivors, or die at the hands of aliens?

It might as well be now.

When this wave of migration breaks out, add a handful of new firewood to this blazing fire to make it burn even brighter.

Route grant card, use it!

Each of these 100 veterans will have level 10 route abilities, and even the person who chooses to copy, Sumo, has thought about it.

They are the people who escaped from the research institute before. Their ‘fighting enthusiast’ route can provide the most basic attributes, which can completely make up for the disadvantage of the veterans’ age.

And one of them happens to be stuck at level 10, which meets the copying requirements.

In addition, with an armed force facing a front-on attack and suppression, a weapon that can bring deterrence is also needed.

Sumo rode on the airship and soon landed near the Nengshi mining field.

“Lord, why are you here?”

“That thing can be dug out!”



As soon as the person in charge of the mining site blew the whistle, more than a dozen workers came up from the mine.

When they heard that it was for the lord, excitement suddenly surged on the faces of these people. Without saying a word, they picked up their tools and went to dig.

The excavator ‘King Kong’ was also driven over, and soon a large hole was dug out of the ground.

Lying inside was naturally the “armed helicopter” captured just two months ago!

“Big guy, lying underground is not your return, soaring into the blue sky is your mission.”

Looking at the helicopter that had been dismantled into parts, Sumo couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth, showing a satisfied look.

I still remember that night when the helicopter formation from Qinggang Shelter came over, even though the hunting tiger had all kinds of abilities, it was nowhere to be used.

But now, there is neither fog cover nor air defense.

Even if there is only one armed helicopter, its deterrence will reach a terrifying level.

Besides, near the territory, it will be difficult to drive this garish helicopter out until the Sunny Harbor Sanctuary is completely resolved.

Once discovered, the war that had just subsided will probably reignite.

But the giant tree root sea area is different. The two sides are thousands of kilometers apart, and Sunny Harbor Shelter will never notice it.

Well, that’s right.

Before there were no air defense facilities, the deterrence brought by this helicopter was simply too sufficient.

If only Bao Lei could be smarter and label himself a ‘mysterious power’.

It will probably be easier to conquer the Giant Tree Root Station, and there may be a lot of losers who will just bow down to it.

Thanks to the strong memory and system error correction capabilities, almost everyone in the entire institute came to work overtime.

It only took one morning and one afternoon to finally assemble the armed helicopter that had been dismantled into parts and restored it to its previous appearance.

But just like this, you can’t get into the delivery room.

After thinking about it, Sumo used the space force instiller he had made long ago to add a touch of mysterious power to the helicopter.

For fear of the tragedy of the previous chariot, not much power was instilled this time.

After finishing it, Sumo spent another 300 special survival points to upgrade it to ensure that it would not self-destruct after one use.

Now, the armed helicopter has been reduced to the size of a model and can be easily entered into the delivery room and taken away.

After the placement is completed, you only need to press the activation button to restore it to its original state.

Of course, this operation can only be done once.

If you want to become smaller again, you have to input energy and use survival points to stabilize the structure.

But Sumo didn’t care about this. After taking it there, he didn’t think about bringing the plane back.

At night, the veterans who have been familiar with it for a day are already able to skillfully use various new weapons and are also familiar with the unique characteristics of these weapons.

Although it sounds incredible, when that critical hit effect really appears before your eyes.

A group of forty-year-old veterans are still as happy as children getting new toys and have found a new kind of happiness.

Many people even walked to the canteen to eat with their rifles in their arms.

When the unsuspecting residents came in and saw it, they thought a war was about to start in the territory, and their faces were full of worry.

“You should be careful in the future. Bringing guns into the cafeteria will have a bad impact.”

While Feng Long was eating his lunch, he gave some advice in an old-fashioned way.

The construction of the military camp over at Desolate Bone Village is progressing rapidly. The foundation has been laid in the past two days, and they are just waiting for the weather to warm up to pour the cement.

But it will take at least three months for the main structure to be completed, so the old military camp is still in use.

Normally, Tianyuan Army soldiers and veterans come to the canteen of Hope Village to have their meals.

However, the veterans accepted the criticism and education humbly on the surface, but in their hearts they said: I will dare to do it next time.

Looking at how stubborn they were, Feng Tianmin, who was holding the rice tray, originally wanted to scold them.

But then I thought about it, they were going to be released at night anyway, so I just let them do what they did.

After the relatively joyful farewell meal, there was no sad atmosphere in the cafeteria.

First, these veterans are all old bachelors, and it makes no difference where they go after being sent away by Pingtan.

Secondly, the territory has made a promise to everyone and given them the opportunity to take on important responsibilities.

If you can perform the mission perfectly in the Giant Tree Root Sea, then you will at least start at the level of a platoon leader when you come back.

These guys, who have been soldiers all their lives, were so excited at the thought of having more than a dozen people under their command.

“No, aren’t we going to leave in the evening? Why are we back to the dungeon again?”

Seeing Feng Long leading everyone towards the dungeon again, Yu Ran couldn’t help but asked in surprise as he walked in front of the team.

The person in charge of leading the team this time is Wu Xin, because the system possessed and modified the memory.

Wu Xin’s loyalty has been maxed out and he can basically trust him 100%.

As for the vice-captain, Yu Ran, as an old scout, Sumo had observed his abilities at close range.

Very strong. If he could be a few years younger, he would be enough to join the ranks of military kings in modern times.

“Don’t worry, the lord hasn’t given you rewards for the expedition yet.”

Feng Long said without looking back, and the group of people followed the stairs to the B6 floor.

Su Mo wasted no time and waited until everyone lined up for a while before walking out of the elevator.

Behind him, followed the only Earth player on this trip, a nuclear rifle.

That armed helicopter cannot be operated by veterans. Because of the Hunter Tiger’s unique training policy, these people are almost all semi-illiterate and have extremely weak learning abilities.

Even if the operation of that helicopter is very fool-proof, it cannot be learned overnight.

It takes at least three to six months of training, plus a lot of real machines or simulations, to be considered a “meeting”.

If you want to reach the level of a nuclear-powered rifle, you will probably have to learn it for another two and a half years.

“You can regret it again before it is announced yet.”

“You have to think carefully. Once you leave the territory, the route ability you have worked so hard to accumulate will be wasted.”

Sumo’s voice was serious and he didn’t mean to be joking at all.

If the nuclear rifle is unwilling to go, he will immediately choose someone else to come, and will never force him.

This is the principle.

After all, everyone knows the importance of routes, which will be the highlight of the next few versions.

“Well, I’ve already thought about it.”

“And when I leave the territory, don’t I just deduct my attribute value? Even if only half of it is left, I will be back to the level of an ordinary person.”

“It’s not a problem at all. There may even be more opportunities to upgrade over there.”

Nuclear Energy Rifle smiled and shook his combat uniform in a cool manner.

The pure black one-piece design can maximize defense capabilities without affecting flexibility.

The special fabric is made of K21 high-plastic material, which is difficult to cut even if it is chopped directly with a sharp weapon.

With the addition of the bulletproof suit inside, it can withstand ordinary small-caliber bullets.

“Lord, this is the latest good thing produced by the research institute. If we stay in the territory, we won’t be able to use it.”

“Just fulfill me.”

Looking at the handsome face of the nuclear rifle, he looked clean, gentle, and a little shy.

Su Mo sighed in his heart. It was hard to imagine that even though he was about the same age as him, he felt as worried as an old father sending his son to the battlefield.

“Oh, I wish I could be as cool as you.”

“Yes, when we secure the giant tree root sea area, I guarantee that Lord, you will be as friendly as coming home.”


Although it was flattery, Sumo couldn’t help but feel happy.

This feeling is even more obvious when seeing all the veterans wearing black combat uniforms.

This kid Bao Lei definitely didn’t expect that the territory’s support would be so abnormal.

One hundred wrong, now it should be ninety-nine.

Ninety-nine have more than ten years of life-and-death combat experience, and have top-notch combat awareness comparable to that of the King of Soldiers.

Now there is a super combat power added by the basic attributes of the tenth level route.

Letting this group of people enter a sea station full of ordinary people was like a tiger falling into a rabbit’s nest.

It’s really exciting just thinking about it.


With a loud roar and taking out a thick **** card from his arms, Sumo couldn’t bear it anymore.

Finally he laughed wildly.

Ten o’clock at night.

Two rainbow-like light pillars appeared quickly one after another above the dungeon, and they did not dissipate for a long time, like a miracle.

Sumo was a little nervous when he used the delivery function for the first time, and even doubted whether this thing could really send people thousands of kilometers away. However, as a product of the system, its consistent quality assurance quickly made him feel relieved.

Even if the delivery is not that accurate, the minimum scale can only be two hundred kilometers, and it is impossible to directly send the one hundred people to the center of the Giant Tree Root Station.

According to the worst-case scenario, the deviation is only two hundred kilometers at most, which is not a problem at all.

Even considering releasing such a big noise, it would be better to be farther away.

Otherwise, it would be embarrassing if the veterans were surrounded by unknowing survivors as soon as they arrived

“Hope everything goes well.”

Looking at the halo hanging directly in the sky, which finally began to show signs of dissipating, Somo’s eyes were distracted and he murmured.

If everything goes well in the giant tree root sea area, then the plan to attack the research institute can also be put on the agenda.

At that time, even if something unexpected happens, there will be a way out and you can leave calmly.


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