Matriarch is Pretty and Cool Chapter 1484: The God of Creation is restored! Bai Zong, long time no see

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Is it okay for the ex to die consciously?


Isn’t this conscious of it?


Su Jing shrugged and stared straight at the direction of the bedroom like Xueqiu.


Snowball’s eye beads are about to fall out, guessing: “You are fox clan so many fox-mei kung fu, is it possible to go to the fox clan to get some double cultivation method? My ancestors and Duan Zong are practicing?” /


The more Xueqiu talked about, the more he felt that he was right. You must know that Mr. Duan couldn’t do it. He didn’t have the ability to make his ancestor pregnant.


It’s difficult for men to accept this situation. I guess they are calm on the face, but in fact they are secretly looking for various methods.


It just so happens that the fox clan is an expert in this area, maybe the fox clan’s holy thing is such a thing!


Listen, is there a strange noise inside? !


Snowball thinks they are a bit bad? If the Tingfang was discovered by the ancestor, he would be beaten to death, right?


Xueqiu thought, pulling Su Jing to run quickly, turning his head and almost frightened to death, his legs softened.


The next moment, Snowball was furious: “One million, what are you doing? Do you want to scare me to death?!”


A big snake with a length of tens of meters and a thickness of two or three meters quietly huddled in a ball, and spit out the snake’s letter from the side, using those two sharp teeth to bite down the flowers and grass in the flowers, hearing the snowball’s fury The sound, one million glanced at it, hissed like a mockery.


This one million recently made its global debut, and there are always archaeologists who want to study it, so it has been very busy recently, not at Kunlun College, and I don’t know when it slipped back.


Snowball is incredible: “Stupid snake, are you crazy? The flowers and plants in this yard belong to the ancestors, why did you eat them?”


This stupid snake was asked crazy by outside reporters and experts? Already eating flowers and grass?


Another hiss of contempt.


The snowball was furious and was about to rush up to pull a few large snake scales. Su Jing on the side grabbed the snowball and frowned, hesitatingly said: “It seems that something is wrong.”


There is something really wrong.


Snowball moved his nose, and said in amazement: “So strong aura…”


The powerful spiritual power is like a boundless wave, flooding over the sky and the earth.


The ordinary potted flowers and plants on the side grew wildly in the shocked eyes of Xueqiu and Su Jing.




What’s going on here?


The students in the Kunlun Academy at the foot of the mountain were even more confused, as if something was wrong, but they couldn’t tell what was wrong.


“Fuck, Jinguang! It’s Jinguang!”


A student looked up at the top of the mountain and couldn’t help but let out a foul language.


Everyone looked up and took a breath.


The golden light was extremely dazzling, and like sunlight spreading over the earth, it stimulated them to shed physiological tears.


The dean of Kunlun College and the monks and teachers looked at the changes in the surrounding flowers and plants. They pressed their hearts and looked at each other in shock:


Go up the mountain and find Vice President Bai!


This matter must have something to do with Bai Chuwei!


There are two pairs of sunglasses on the bridge of Snowball’s nose to block the light, still feeling sore in his eyes, but he is reluctant to leave the bedroom for a step.


With a “creak”, the bedroom door opened from the inside–


Golden light spreads from the inside to the outside, the young man is handsome and tall, with impeccable features, and the long golden hair is scattered. His eyes are full of majesty, as if the gods are here, the brilliance is infinite, and the face The beautiful girl in white stood beside him.


Su Jing and Xueqiu were just silly.




Who is this?


Bai Chuwei looked at the man beside her with a small smile: “Bai Zong, long time no see.”


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