Matriarch is Pretty and Cool Chapter 1483: The last thing I can do for her

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The big clan elders are still thinking about the words of the young master, and they are horrified by this ancient rumor in their hearts.


Be aware that there are a large number of experts in China who have been studying mythology all their lives.


If this shocking news spreads out, I’m afraid it will cause a shock to the Chinese academic community, right?


The old man touched his beard and murmured: “It has long been rumored that Fuxi and Nuwa were originally brothers and sisters of a human-headed snake god, and later married and created the world…”


Anonymous retracted his gaze and patted Su Qiqiu on the head: “Come with me.”


Su Qiuqiu looked dazed: “What are you going to do?”


There was a faint loneliness in the nameless expression, and he murmured: “The last thing I can do for her.”


Su Qiuqiu blurted out: “Give it to her? Give it to him? To whom? Give birth to a little fox?”


Anonymous: “…”


Su Qiuqiu, shut up.




It was the Spring Festival at this time. Except for less than a hundred students who are still staying at school, the rest of the students have already returned home for the winter vacation for the New Year. Kunlun College is much deserted than before.


The students in twos and threes ate a bowl of glutinous rice dumplings in the cafeteria, and they were ready to go for a wonderful practice.


A cloud of shadow passed quickly over his head. The students looked up, and it turned out that it was Deputy Dean Bai and President Duan, as well as Su Jing who was about to vomit.


All the way back to the bedroom of Vice President Bai on the top of the Kunlun College, the Feiyu blanket rolled into an egg roll contentedly.


As soon as Bai Chuwei and Duan Feihan came back, they walked towards the bedroom. Only Su Jing vomited with flying feathers.


He didn’t know why a predecessor like Bai Chuwei had such a weird flying spirit weapon, scurrying in the sky, and he had to show its superb flying skills.


Bai Chuwei ignored the excitement of the snowball that ran up, and took Duan Feihan directly back to the room.


Open the box, the fox holy relic inside is exuding a silvery white soft light, and a few clearly visible white fox hairs are pressed under the bead.


Bai Chuwei stretched out her hand, and the beads touched the skin of her palm, and her palms shook lightly as a wave of supernatural power surged.


It is said that the ancestor of the fox tribe has nine lives in total, and each life contains a powerful divine power. Now she has seen it.


In the age of the gods, there were nearly ten thousand gods, but when the gods went to the temple, the first sacrifice of the fox ancestor was able to sit on the first **** seat under the creation god!


He provoked the battle of the gods, so as compensation, the only life left was surrendered.


The life of the fox ancestor is enough to restore the memory and supernatural power of the God of Creation.


Bai Chuwei feels complicated.


Duan Feihan: “Weiwei.”


Bai Chuwei raised her eyes impressively, took a deep breath, and suddenly held Duan Feihan’s hand: “Time is not waiting, let’s hurry up.”


The Dao of Heaven is a regular bomb. If it is not resolved, the reappearance of the fall of the gods over five thousand years is still unknown.


And she… never wants to taste the loss of the most important person again.


Snowball looked at the bedroom with a weird face, and listened to the movement inside with his ears erected, his face full of horror:


“Su Jing, what did you do when you went to the Fox Clan? Why did my ancestor and Duan Zong have not been out for almost a week after they came back.”


Su Jing frowned, and sighed: “This is a bit difficult to explain, anyway, things are quite complicated. The pet of the predecessor of the white, turned out to be a powerful character…”


Snowball interrupted in an instant: “What awesome character? No matter how powerful it is, can I be better than Master Snowball? He is the predecessor! Well, don’t mention it, I don’t want to listen.”


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