Marvel With Zanpakuto Chapter 1271: Create your own future (7)


The beginning of the beautiful manga is a Zanpakutō chapter 1271 to create your own future (seven)

Located near the Earth’s equator, somewhere in the mysterious Great Broken Valley.

For the indigenous people who have lived there for generations, the Broken Valley is the most sacred place in their eyes, a place to worship the gods.

This is a small tribe, and in the modern age of technology, they belong to the uncivilized type, stubbornly rejecting any modern aid, and even expelling outsiders by cruel means.

Human sacrifice, breast cutting, tongue piercing, etc., the cruel punishments in the eyes of modern people, are all the traditions of this tribe.

The United Nations has repeatedly sent peacekeepers, doctors, scientists, and technicians to try to help this tribe, recognize the outside world, and correct this wrong, backward, and cruel thinking.

But the result is no exception. All the people who stepped into this place were brutally killed in the end.

Even, the corpses were cut and mutilated and thrown into the mysterious broken valley for some unknown ancient sacrifice.

It was not that the United States did not want revenge, but considering the strangeness of the place, it finally chose to give up the ‘freedom liberation’ movement that interfered with this tribe for some special reasons, and this information was sealed up.

Until…for some ‘special reason’, the material was seen by Lord.

Lord is naturally not stupid enough to not see the timing of this information’s appearance, it’s a coincidence that it seems like it was intentional, all kinds of factors add up, and the other party just wants to transfer him away.

However, despite seeing through such a boring trick, he chose to check it out.

As for the reason, it’s actually not that complicated.

As soon as it came, since the other party had sent out a warm invitation, he naturally wanted to go over and take a look.

Secondly, the crack in the void that spans the earth is just near the equator of the earth. It is hard not to remind him that it has something to do with this mysterious tribe and the broken valley.

There is nothing to do here for the time being in the left and right trials, and the ‘back hands’ that should be buried are also buried, and Lord simply set off for the equator.

But to be conservative, he explained a few things to Michael before he set off.

This trip to the equator, he does not intend to take Michael, because the latter has not fully recovered and is not suitable to participate.

But when he found the location marked on the document and saw the ancient African tribe, waves of waves arose in his heart.

Although it was expected, the ancient African tribe had a deep connection with the “outer gods”, and even suspected that the “gods” they worshipped should be the incarnation of a certain “outer gods”.

But what he never expected was… the people of this tribe are not ‘human beings’ at all!

Although it looks indistinguishable from a human being, it leans forward when walking, and the forelimbs hang down naturally without any force. The movements and demeanor are extremely strange, and the whole body exudes an unpleasant stench.

In the eyes of normal people, although they behave strangely, considering the wisdom of the uncivilized people, they belong to the category of understanding.

But in Lord’s eyes, it’s just their disguise. Under that thin human skin is a canine-like face and sharp claws. Although many places are similar to humans, they are more like A group of dogs walking upright.

No wonder…..the United States, which must be reported by Jairus, would kindly let this tribe go.

After seeing the true colors of these guys, Lord knew why the United States would give up. This group of canine-like upright walking creatures was a mythical creature he knew well.

“Oh, I didn’t expect to see so many ghouls outside the Middle East.”

Lord looked at the ugly ghouls with great interest, and became more and more interested in the mysterious broken valley.

The ghouls spotted the ‘suddenly appearing’ outsider and roared and ripped off the human skin, revealing an ugly appearance, and the stench in the air became stronger.

However, unfortunately, compared to what Lorde has seen in the world, the ‘ugly’ of ghouls is rather beautiful.


For a time, the roars one after another hovered over the tribe.

The ghouls who heard the sound surrounded him with filial piety, bared their teeth and grinned with a hideous face, viscous saliva dripping from their teeth, and they were eager to rush up one by one.


The rough hoarse sound was dense, and countless crows were flying in the sky.

The ferocious scarlet eyes showed that they had eaten a lot of human flesh, staring thirsty at Lorde below, as if waiting for a ‘meal’.

The crow’s cry, like a signal, urged the ghouls to rush up.

Dozens of ghouls are like hyenas in Africa. Their movements are so fast that ordinary people can hardly reflect them. With their strong hind feet, they can easily break the Olympic sprint record.

The ghoul’s claws can easily tear through steel, as sharp as a laser.

Although they are only the lowest creatures among the mythical creatures, they are still not a race that humans can match.

But…that’s just for ordinary people.

As in the eyes of ordinary people, ghouls are mythical creatures, completely unmatched.

The same is true of the ghouls.


Lord snapped his fingers gently, and a crisp voice echoed through the tribe.

Afterwards, streaks of cyan flames, like giant fire dragons, rose from the ground, and the ultra-high temperature flames devoured all the ghouls in an instant. In a short scream, dozens of ghouls turned into fly ashes. .

The ignited flame of the spirit child was extinguished in a single thought.

There is a hot breath in the The temperature is almost approaching the oven, and the crows hovering in the sky are also burned to ashes.

Clap clap… clap clap…

After getting rid of these stinky guys, Lord clapped his hands, nodded with satisfaction, and walked into the tribe.

In the center of an ancient tribal building with African characteristics, stands a stone pillar that has been carefully polished and covered with evil patterns. It is about five or six meters high and three meters wide in diameter.

It is worth noting that the pillars are tied with hollowed-out corpses that have been sun-dried and dehydrated.

The disc-shaped gray stone platform below was dyed crimson with blood, and was covered with mottled traces. There were signs of being dragged, torn, cut by knives, etc., and so on.

Just get a little closer and you can smell a pungent, bloody, rancid stench.

Lord frowned slightly, but still endured the discomfort, and focused on the stone pillar. If he guessed correctly, the stone pillar should be a product used by ghouls for sacrifice.

Because ghouls are greedy and bloodthirsty, they will never leave corpses for nothing.

It is hard to imagine that the exquisite patterns on the stone pillars, as well as the lifelike sculptures, are all from the hands of these ugly ghouls.

When moving his gaze upwards, Lorde’s expression was relaxed, but he froze slightly.

At the top of the stone pillar, he saw two familiar figurines, the shape of a sphere like bacteria, the surface covered with twisted tiny hairs, and the slender limbs like cilia used to support the body and walk .

“Nag…with Yeb?!”

Lord, with a solemn face, revealed their names. +Bookmark+


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