Marvel With Zanpakuto Chapter 1257: Happiness Train (4)



The beginning of the beautiful manga is a Zanpakutō chapter one thousand two hundred and fifty-seven the train of happiness (four)


Doctor Strange…killed by Fist!


Looking at the pile of ruined seats, the lump of rotten flesh that could hardly be seen as a humanoid, Iron Man Tong Kong shrank violently.


The whole process is really fast.


It’s almost time for him and Reed to step in and help.


From meeting to hands-on to the end, it took less than two minutes, faster than a TM boxing match!


Oh no, can’t say that.


It should be faster than his uncle, Obadiah’s old stuff, at least that old stuff can last a few minutes.


Now… what to do?


Iron Man shuddered, realizing that there was a big problem.


Originally, among the three of them, the most powerful one was Doctor Strange.


But now, even the most reliant Doctor Strange can’t stop this fierce werewolf, aren’t the two of them dead?


It doesn’t matter if he’s dead or not, he’s already mentally prepared anyway.


But the key point is that even death has value, and they also shoulder the heavy responsibility of opening a new world!


A plan flashed through his mind, but he rejected them one by one.


Iron Man bit his lip, desperately trying to figure out a way of hope in this desperate situation.


But soon, Mr. Fantastic turned around and pushed him hard, pushing him towards the corpse of Quicksilver, with a look of determination on his face: “Then, it’s up to you, Tony Stark, don’t let him We are disappointed!”


“Come on—!


! “


With a roar, Mr. Fantastic took out a tube of potion and plunged it into his chest.


I saw that his eyes were blood-red, the surface of his skin was lined with earth-like lines, his saliva flowed out uncontrollably, and his whole body screamed in pain, as if he was suffering great pain.


After the large blood beads seeped out of the body surface, they were evaporated by his body temperature, forming a scarlet blood mist.


“Ah ah ah ah…”


And Reed, who was in the blood mist, let out a beast-like roar, and slammed the ground with a hammer in both hands.


The hard carpeted floor was cracked by his hammer.


“I…get it, Reed!”


Iron Man’s heart twitched and his lips were bitten after seeing this scene.


He knew very well that after the injection of the potion, Reed was completely cut off from life, waiting for his final result, which was only death.


“As I said, no one can leave!”


Hawk smashed the ground with one step, fluttering his arms and swinging the golden chain, like a steel whip to Iron Man.




It seemed like a thunderstorm exploded out of thin air in the cabin, and the bursting airflow even shattered the windows.


Even though Iron Man has battle armor and body protection, if he is hit with such a whip, I am afraid that he will be cut in the middle by the one who was beaten.


However, something surprising happened to him.


When the chain was about to hit Iron Man, it was firmly grasped by a hand, and the owner of that hand was Mr. Fantastic Reed Richards, whom he had underestimated before.


Hawk was slightly shocked, but he didn’t take it seriously, and tried to pull the chain back.


But when he tried harder, he found that the chain didn’t move at all, it stretched straight and made bursts of creaks, and the other end was firmly grasped by Mr. Fantastic, as if it was tied to a mountain and was extremely heavy.


Compared to strength…he actually lost?


Hawk looked at Mister Fantastic in shock.


It was such a stupefied effort that Iron Man picked up Quicksilver and quickly fled to the front of the car.


Hawk was anxious to catch up, but before he could leave, he saw Mr. Fantastic shoot a laser in his eyes, hitting him directly in the chest, and the whole person immediately flew upside down and slammed into the door frame. superior.


The gray hair was burned in a large area, giving off an unpleasant burnt smell.


A large piece of flesh and blood was scorched. Hawke clutched his hot chest and stood up slowly, his eyes becoming even more horrified: “This is Scott’s Cyclops… what did you just do? What was injected?!”


“Compound No. 7… so, you probably don’t understand either.”


Reed threw the reagent on the ground, walked slowly to Hawk, and sneered: “In words that you can understand, it is to extract the X gene of mutants and make a new genetic medicine, which can be used in In a short time, I have the power of a mutant.”


Hawk Tong Kong shrank suddenly, as if thinking of his persecuted companion, his anger intensified again: “In order to get this power… How many mutants have you killed – Reed!”


“Shit…pointless question.”


Reed moved his neck and made a crunching sound. There was a ruthless look in his eyes, and the corners of his lips were hooked with a smirk: “If you can ask such a question, it proves that you are still too naive, you will remember …how many slices of beef have you eaten?”


“Reed Richards!


! “


This sentence is like pouring hot oil in a burning fire.


In an instant, anger broke through the shackles of reason, and Hawk roared and rushed towards Mr. Fantastic. The golden chains were wrapped around his arms, like fists made of steel, with a heart-wrenching terrifying coercion. blasted out.


“Hawker Orphans!


! “


Mr. Fantastic stood still, spreading his arms and roaring likewise.


Under the genetic medicine of Compound No. 7, the body size of the whole person has skyrocketed several times, and the solid muscles are glowing with a steel-like color, and they also return the color with a heavy punch.


Fist to fist!


The next moment, the fists collided, no less than the explosion of two cannonballs.


The violent gust of wind shook the entire carriage, and a huge shock wave centered on the two of them spread, uprooting the surrounding seats, and the iron nails, iron sheets, and broken wood hit the surrounding people like The side walls of the carriage.


Soon, a complete carriage became tattered, like a honeycomb.


In the carriage with holes everywhere, the two seemed to be completely transformed into demons, banging against each other desperately, regardless of whether they were injured or not.


No dodging, no evasion.


Let every fist full of anger hit the opponent fiercely.


The tragic battle made blood spilled into the ruined carriages as if they didn’t want money. The dull sound of flesh crashing, accompanied by bursts of roars, intertwined with the sound of the rails rubbing against each other, like a passionate symphony.


Hawke and Reed have only each other in their eyes.


In the eyes of anger and anger, it is the killing intent to completely destroy the opponent’s body at all costs, so that the opponent’s vitality will be wiped out.


Humans and mutants, Avengers and X-Men.


This period of hatred that has lasted for several years and accumulated countless blood debts is about to come to an end today.


Boom! boom! boom!


Crimson scorching laser light collided with chains that blasted the air.


The aftermath of the overflowing energy spread like a huge ring, further destroying the carriage, and the whole train swayed, finally unable to withstand the fierce battle between the two, and rolled over from the rails.


Squeaky – rumble!



The entire train flipped off the track and eventually stopped.


For a time, the world is spinning.


Hawk and Reed rolled out of the shattered carriage, glanced at each other, and rushed towards each other.




! “




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