Marvel With Zanpakuto Chapter 1073: The founder’s mourning





“Only exists, what does it mean?”


Lord was a little surprised that this was the first time he had seen it.


[The ‘only’ existence, that is, the only special individual in the Marvel multiverse. ]


[In countless multiverses, there is only one such special individual, which meets the definition of ‘unique’. ]


[Such as Vishanti, the three ancestors of northern Europe, the five creation gods, the observer, the ancient **** of the earth, the court of life, the conqueror Kang, etc., all meet the definition of ‘unique’, but the host needs to pay attention that ‘ Unique’ doesn’t mean ‘strong’, just some kind of special case. ]


“Is that so, even in the multiverse, there is only one special individual?”


Lord twitched his chin, thinking about the meaning of the system’s words, but he didn’t expect to dig out a new thing.


Also, the store exchange that the system just mentioned also interested him.


“You…what did you do?!”


At this moment, an exclamation interrupted his thinking.


After returning to normal time, looking at the faces of Ymir, Bully and Odumbra, whose heads were pierced by a knife, a rare look of panic appeared on the faces.


An unknown fear, like a beast in the dark, madly devours their remaining reason.


“Huh? Isn’t that obvious?”


Hearing this, Lord turned his head slowly and said lightly: “As you can see, I killed the ancestor of the giant giant, Mir.”


“No… not right!”


“You must have…did something we didn’t see!”


The calmer his tone, the more fearful Bully and Oldhambra were.


From start to finish, they didn’t see what was going on.


In their perspective, Lord suddenly appeared, and then Ymir died immediately. The process in the middle seemed to be forcibly edited out of the frame, which should be continuous reality and time, but was forcibly edited. torn apart.


“Yeah, what did I do?”


Lord smiled, and the spirits condensed into a sword: “Why don’t you, let you experience it this time.”


In the eyes, the future is reflected.


The power of omniscience and omnipotence gushed out from the depths of his pupils.


“Bully, I feel very wrong.” Omdebra said in horror: “The continuity of time and space seems to have been forcibly torn apart just now. He must have used some means to kill him suddenly. Ymir!”


For a split second, Bully felt a thorn on his back, and his brain gave a frantic warning.


Will die! will die! will die!


“It’s not that easy to kill me!”


Buli, the ancestor of the God Race, integrated his mind into the World Tree, and took this opportunity to control one of the branches: “Ymir was only careless, so he was killed by you sneak attack. Since we are ready, you can’t think about it anymore. Success!”




Lord’s eyes narrowed, and between the electric light and flint, he pulled back.


But I saw that at the moment he disappeared, a branch of the world tree, like a dragon breaking out of the sea, from the crack of the broken void, at a speed that is difficult to detect with the naked eye, with a terrifying will that penetrates the world. Come.


In an instant, the Void was whipped into a gulf by the branches.


In an instant, the pure golden divine power bloomed, and the terrifying power poured out like a river, and it seemed that thousands of squares of smoke and dust were emptied.


“I underestimate you.”


Lord looked at the World Tree thoughtfully, and then said thoughtfully: “I didn’t expect that you could actually borrow the power of the World Tree.”


However, compared to his ease, Bulley felt more stressed at the moment.


He can barely control one of the branches of the World Tree, and consumes a lot of divine power every time. If he continues to consume it like this, he will soon be the second person to die.


“I get it! I finally get it!”


Omdebra seemed to understand something, with a hint of disbelief in his tone: “You are in a certain future timeline, affecting what happened in the past, so it appears, the continuity of time and space is cut off. !”


Hearing this, Bully’s face froze, and his heart almost fell to the bottom.


“Um… who knows.”


Lord smiled slightly, he didn’t bother to explain to others, he was ready to hack the two with his sword.


“Wait…wait! Don’t rush!”


Buli spoke suddenly, a tangle flashed across his face, and said bitterly: “You are here, it should be for the World Tree, if you kill us both, you know how to control the World Tree and intercept its Source power?!”


Lord stopped for a while, thought for a moment, shook his head and said, “I don’t know, but I will hack you to death, and you can test it slowly.”


Speaking, he was about to continue to do it, and Bully was so frightened that he hurriedly said: “Wait wait, don’t do it, we can cooperate, we can help you intercept the origin of the World Tree, as a price, you can’t kill us!”


“Oh, cooperation?”


Lord is interested.


“Yes, it’s cooperation!” Bully wiped his cold sweat secretly and continued: “Otherwise, without our help, even if you spend tens of thousands of years, you may not be able to find a solution!”


“I can attest that Bully didn’t lie to you.”


At this time, Oudembra also understood the situation and said to the side: “The World Tree is the source of Norse mythology. Without our assistance, it is impossible for outsiders to intercept its origin. Just try it out and you’ll see, we’re definitely not lying to you!”


It doesn’t seem like I’m lying.


And if it was a lie, it would be too obvious.


As for the cooperation they mentioned, it seems to be considered. After all, if you kill these two people, you can only get two special souls, but if you leave them alone, you may be able to intercept the origin of the World Tree.


“You two, aren’t you going to avenge Ymir?” Lord asked teasingly.




Bli and Oldhambra, with an awkward but polite smile.


At this moment, the two of them are scolding wildly in their hearts. You **** asks, everyone has lived for tens of thousands of years, who wants to die for others!


If you can’t beat it, then admit it, it’s not ashamed.


It would be a shame to rush up to send you to death if you know you won’t be able to beat him!


How could Bully and Oudmbra, who know this well, give up their good lives for a dead Ymir.


“Okay, I probably understand what you both mean.”


Lord scattered the swords condensed by the spirit son and asked: “It’s okay to cooperate, but how can I be sure that you will help me, instead of deliberately concealing it in the middle?”


“We can swear to the World After finishing speaking, Bully was afraid that Lord would not know, and hurriedly explained: “You should know the effect of Gungnir’s gun, right? The oath restraining effect of the World Tree is tens of thousands of times that of Gungnir, and even we would not dare to violate it. “


Gungnir’s material is taken from the World Tree, and it has the effect of oath restraint, which is reasonable.


Lord nodded and said, “If that’s the case, then swear.”


Lord, who got the branches of the world, was not in a good mood.


This wave can be said to have made a lot of money, not only from getting the branches of the World Tree, but also hearing important secrets from the mouth of the three ancestors.


“The power of the World Tree… It’s really exciting.”


Lord squinted his eyes, and the corners of his lips rose slightly: “I remember Saul’s side, it should be almost Ragnarok. Taking this opportunity, I should be able to intercept some of the original power of the World Tree.”


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