Martial Peak Chapter 5943: The scene is out of control



The big Dawn city has sixteen gates. Although there is news that Holy Child will enter the city tomorrow, no one knows where he will enter the city.


The sky is still dark, and countless congregants have gathered outside the sixteen gates, looking forward to the outside of the city.


The Li Ziqi and the Gen Ziqi Expert are all out, with Dawn as the center, and a Heavenly Net ground net is placed within a radius of a hundred miles. Anything going wrong can be immediately responded to.


In a teahouse, Ma Chengze and Li Feiyu sat at the table, sipping fragrant tea.


Ma Chengze has a fat body and has a big belly. He smiles all day and looks extremely kind. Even if a stranger meets him, it is difficult to feel bad about him.


But everyone who knows him knows that his kind appearance is just a disguise.


Among the Eight Banners of Guangming Spirit Religion, Gen Ziqi is responsible for charging and entrapment. Whenever there is a battle to conquer the Mohist stronghold, they are always at the forefront. It can be said that all the people included in the Gen Ziqi are those who are brave enough to forget their deaths.


And how can the banner owner responsible for this banner be a simple and kind person?


He is holding the tea cup, his eyes narrowed into a gap, his eyes are constantly flowing on the pretty female who is walking on the street, he will even blow a whistle when he sees it, and draw the female glaring at each other.


Li Feiyu sat in front of him with a cold expression like a statue, closed pupil rested.


Younger Sister Yu son.” Ma Chengze suddenly said, “You said, from which direction will the fake Holy Child enter the city?”


Li Feiyu didn’t open his eyes, and said lightly: “No matter which direction he enters the city from, as long as he dares to show up, it is impossible to go out!”


Ma Chengze said: “With such a thorough arrangement, he certainly can’t go out, but he is a fake guy, why do he act so boldly? Whose interest is he, a fake Holy Child, touched, and he will actually attract a strong leader Assassinated?”


Li Feiyu opened his eyes sharply, staring at him deeply.


Ma Chengze spread his hands: “Did I say something wrong?”


“Where did you hear the news?” Li Feiyu asked coldly.


She was in the hall, but she never mentioned any banner master-level powerhouse.


Ma Chengze said: “This can’t tell you, hey hey hey, I naturally have my channel.”


Li Feiyu cold snort: “You fat fat guy only needs to charge for the battle, and dare to put in my hands in the flag of Lizi?”


The information on the manor outside the city was found out by Li Ziqi. All the news was blocked. Everyone now knows Li Feiyu’s rhetoric in the hall, but Ma Chengze can know some of her hidden information. , Apparently someone revealed the wind to him.


Ma Chengze immediately clarified: “I don’t have one, don’t talk nonsense, my old horse has always been upright and honest in pulling people from various banners, and will not act secretly.”


Li Feiyu stared at him for a long time, then said: “I hope so.”


Ma Chengze said: “There are only eight banner owners, who do you think it will be?”


Li Feiyu turned his head and looked out the window, and answered the wrong question: “I think he will enter the city from the three gates in the east.”


Oh?” Ma Chengze raised his eyebrows: “Because the manor is in the east? Then you have to know that the person who pretended to be Holy Child chose to make the news known all over the city in order to avoid some possible risks. It shows that he is wary of the senior Spirit Religion, otherwise there is no reason to act like this. How can such a cautious person enter the city from the three east gates? He must have moved to other directions a long time ago.”


Li Feiyu is too lazy to care about him.


Ma Chengze talked for a while, but he was boring, and continued to whistle at the pretty female people who passed by the window.


After a while, Li Feiyu suddenly changed his expression and took out a contact bead.


At the same time, Ma Chengze also took out the own contact beads.


two people checked the information passed by, Ma Chengze couldn’t help showing a surprised look: “Really came from the east! This person is so bold?”


Li Feiyu got up and said lightly: “If he is not courageous, he would not choose to enter the city.”


Ma Chengze was stunned, think about it, nodded and said: “You are right.”


“Let’s go.”


two people flew out of the teahouse one after another and flew towards the east of the city.


Holy Child has appeared in the direction of Dongermen. The Gen-flag and Li-flag Divine Movement Boundary Expert are escorted, and they will enter the city immediately!


The news spread quickly. The congregants who were guarding the location/position of the East Second Gate were very excited. The congregants from other gates also rushed toward this side after receiving the news, wanting to see Holy Child. Rong, for a moment, and the whole Dawn wakes up like a sleeping behemoth, and there is a lot of noise.


The number of congregations gathered at the East Second Gate is increasing, and even if the two banners are maintained by manpower, it is difficult to stabilize the order.


Until Ma Chengze and Li Feiyu two flag holders arrived, the noisy scene barely calmed down.


Fatty Ma wiped the sweat from his forehead, and said to Li Feiyu: “Younger Sister Yu, this scene is a bit uncontrollable.”


If you want him to lead people to charge into battle, even in the face of the sword, he will not frowned, it is nothing more than killing or being killed.


But now they are not facing any enemy, but their own Spirit Religion members, which is a bit tricky.


The prophecies left by the first generation of Saintess have been circulated for countless years and have long been ingrained in the hearts of every congregation. Everyone knows that when Holy Child is born, the suffering of all living beings will end.


Every congregation wants to admire the appearance of this savior. Now the situation is like this. There will be more congregations coming here. By then, the East Second Gate will probably be crowded. burst.


The Spirit Religion side can certainly take some tough measures to disperse the congregation, but there are so many people, once this is done, it is very likely to cause some unnecessary riots.


This is not good for the foundation of Spirit Religion.


Fatty Ma has a headache. He only feels that own has really taken a drudgery. He gritted his teeth and said: “I knew that, so I passed the news that the real Holy Child was born and told them that it was a fake.”


Li Feiyu also had a solemn expression: “Everyone will develop into this situation in didn’t expect.”


The reason why the news that the real Holy Child was born is not spread, one is that the fake Holy Child generation chose to enter the city, so it is equivalent to handing over the initiative to Spirit Religion. When he enters the city, Spirit Religion wants to kill If you want to stay, you don’t need to leak such important information in advance.


Secondly, Holy Child was born in secret for so many years. At this juncture, I suddenly told the congregation that the true Holy Child was born, and there was really no convincing power.


Furthermore, what happened to the fake Holy Child generation also made the senior executives extremely concerned.


A fake, who would secretly give birth to murderous intention and start secretly.


I wanted to go with the flow, but no one would have thought that the enthusiasm of the church members would be so high.


“Do you think he has already calculated this?” Ma Chengze said suddenly.


Li Feiyu didn’t seem to hear it, and she was silent for a long time before she said: “Now the situation can only be resolved, otherwise the entire Dawn congregation will gather here. If it is deliberately used, it will cause chaos! “


“Look at these people, each and everyone looks extremely religious. If you chase them away now and don’t let them pay homage to Holy Child‘s appearance, I’m afraid they will fight you desperately!”


“Who said that they should not be allowed to pay their respects!” Li Feiyu snorted, “Since you want to see, let them all have a look. Anyway, it is also a fake, and being watched by the congregation will not damage the majesty of Spirit Religion. .”


“Do you have a way?” Ma Chengze’s eyes lit up.


Li Feiyu ignored him, just beckoned, and immediately martial artist under the banner of Duizi rushed over.


Li Feiyu warned him for a while, and the man nodded and left quickly.


Ma Chengze listened to Li Feiyu and gave a thumbs up to Li Feiyu: “Gao, this trick is really high. I admire the fat man. It’s because you are more mindful of intelligence.”




Thirty miles away from the East Second Gate, Yang Kai and Zuo Wuyou flew straight towards Dawn, and beside two people, surrounded by many bright Spirit Religion powerhouses, guarding the Quartet, following them almost every step of the way.


These people are the two players who were scattered and searched outside. After finding Yang Kai and Zuo Wuyou, they stayed by the side and walked all the way.


More and more people join in constantly.


Zuo Wuyou completely let go of his heart, and his admiration for Yang Kai’s is beyond words.


So many Spirit Religion strong escorts all the way, it is impossible for the person behind the scenes to shoot at will, and the cause of all this is just to release some news, which can be said to be effortless.


Thirty miles away, I arrived soon. From afar, Zuo Wuyou and Yang Kai saw the dense crowd outside the city.


“Why so many people?” Yang Kai was a little surprised.


Zuo Wuyou pondered for a moment, and sighed: “All sentient beings under the world have been suffering for a long time. Holy Child was born, and the dawn is coming. They probably want to pay homage to the honor of Holy Child.”


Yang Kai nods slightly.


After a short while, Yang Kai and Zuo Wuyou fell outside the city gate together with a pair of eyes.


A cold-looking female and a fat man with a nice smile walked towards him. Zuo Wuyou saw him, his expression moved slightly, and he quickly transmitted to Yang Kai to inform him of the identity of two.


Yang Kai nodded without a trace.


When he got closer, the fat man smiled and said: “Little friend has worked hard all the way.”


Yang Kai responded with a smile: “With Brother Zuo taking care of, it’s pretty smooth.”


Ma Chengze raised his eyebrows slightly: “Zuo Wuyou is really good.”


On the side, Zuo Wuyou stepped forward to see the salute: “I have seen the owner of the horse flag, the owner of the Li flag!”


Ma Chengze raised his hand and patted him on the shoulder: “This time I did a good job. It is a great joy to me Spirit Religion to find Holy Child. After the matter is found out, your contribution is indispensable. .”


Zuo Wuyou bowed his head and said: “I don’t dare to take credit for things that belong to my subordinates.”


“Yeah.” Ma Chengze nodded, “You follow Li Qizhu, she has something to ask you.”


Zuo Wuyou raises the head looked at Yang Kai, and saw Yang Kai nodding, then he responded: “Yes!”


Li Feiyu led Zuo Wuyou to the side.


Ma Chengze waved his hand, and someone immediately led two horses forward. He stretched out his hand and signaled: “My friend, please, there is still some way to go to Divine Palace.”


Although Yang Kai has some doubts, it is safe to do so, turning over/stand up launched.


Ma Chengze rode on another horse, led him, and walked side by side in the city. The bustling crowd took the initiative to separate a road.


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